Len McCluskey Tells Us The Daily Mail Was Correct



The BBC did another little puff piece in Ed Miliband’s favour:

Do people get their politics from their parents?

For some reason the lead in photo was this:

Statue of George W Bush and George HW Bush


That aside they come to the conclusion the Ed Miliband apple fell quite far from the Marxist family tree:

“There’s a volume of literature that says the more politicised your parents are, the more likely you are to become a politically engaged adult – but you’re also more likely to abandon your parents’ views,” he adds.

If true, this implies the best way to pass on your political opinions to your offspring is to keep quiet about them. In the Miliband household, this evidently wasn’t an option.


However also in Ed’s defence they perhaps foolishly linked to a speech by Len McCluskey:

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey once joked that Ralph Miliband “spent his life trying to convince our movement that there was no possibility of a parliamentary road to socialism, while his sons have been loyally putting theory into practice, and proving Ralph right”.


It was of course the Ralph Miliband Lecture.


It was foolish because it allows us to see exactly what McCluskey intends and where he gets his inspiration from….no need to guess…Ralph Miliband.


And who is the major donor to Ed Miliband’s Labour Party funds, who controls many Labour MP’s, who allegedly tried to rig the Falkirk elections?

The Unite Union.


This is how he started off:


‘Let me start on my subject, working-class politics in the contemporary world, with a quote from Ralph Miliband:

“All concepts of politics, of whatever kind, are about conflict──how to contain it, or abolish it.”

Let’s not pretend that we are “one nation”, or that we will become one without the conflict that Ralph Miliband placed at the heart of politics.

So if we are on a march towards “one nation” and ultimately “one world”, it is a road that leads through struggle and conflict.



What sort of Democracy does McCluskey believe in?  It would seem the power of  union militancy, strikes, ‘direct action’ and protest….

Guess he doesn’t mean to go down the road of bothering with elections if he can’t fix the candidate list.

He tells us exactly what he means by Democracy….


We are taught to believe that democracy is the cornerstone of a modern civilised society; but our Lords and Masters want to define democracy, limiting us to an ‘X’ on a Ballot Paper every 5 years.

This is not my definition of democracy.

They tell us strike action, civil disobedience, direct action and protest are all somehow unpatriotic.

Our history tells us they are not.

That is because our rulers are deeply afraid of Ralph Miliband’s assertion that politics is about conflict.


There will be those here tonight waiting to hear my message to the Labour Party.

Well I won’t disappoint. Here it is:

Put simply, workers need a voice, and they should not be taken for granted.

Whatever the upshot of electoral politics, working-class politics must grow and develop, based on the socialist education Ralph Miliband called for.



So let’s get that straight….McCluskey, Ed Miliband’s paymaster, the one who calls the tune in the Labour Party, is demanding they adopt Ralph Miliband’s Socialist Vision?


Strange that whoever in the BBC plucked out the one quote that they thought would be useful to Miliband but ignored the utterly damning 90% of the speech.


In other words the Mail was right to raise Ralph Miliband’s politics…they could have an enormous baring on events.

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14 Responses to Len McCluskey Tells Us The Daily Mail Was Correct

  1. RB says:

    Bush Sr. and Jr. are probably the most famous father-son duo in politics – who would you have chosen for the photo?


    • Alan says:

      A ‘father-son duo’?…they’re the same thing are they or one influenced by the other? So you’re agreeing with the Mail…what your father’s beliefs are is important in the development of the son’s beliefs?


    • Guest Who says:

      Not a Dimbleby, true.
      Actually, I don’t recall senior’s politics.
      But then, it was a different time..


  2. Dazed & Confused says:

    Well let’s be honest, the link below is where Len McCluskey hails from via his brand of politics…..Those nice people that never stand in British elections themselves, because they too don’t believe in democracy..


    They also have a franchise that includes, the UAF, Stop the war, love music hate racism, all payed for through funding from Len McCluskey’s “Unite….Just like the Labour Party….


  3. RB says:

    No, I’m not saying anything about their politics. But if you’re doing a piece on political fathers and sons then George Bush Sr. and Jr. seems like an obvious photo to use. Both held the most powerful position in the world within twenty years of each other – has there ever been any other father and son in politics in a position of equal power?


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Bush Sr. and Jr. are probably the most famous father-son duo in politics’.
      ‘No, I’m not saying anything about their politics’
      Lucky it’s all restricted to fathers and sons currently.
      Hilary will be relieved.
      Harriet Harperson possibly less so.
      Love the Star Wars carbonate imagery too.


    • Stewart says:

      Arguably Kim Jong-Il and Kim Jong-un or Hafez al-Assad and Bashar al-Assad


    • Alan says:

      Fair one…though as Guest Who notes perhaps the Dimblebys might have been just as suitable and closer to home.


    • Mark B says:

      I would not argue about ‘equal power’, but that is relative. But to answer your question, I think you might want to look at say North Korea. Its actually done rather better in the ‘hand-me-down’ stakes.


  4. George R says:

    ‘Telegraph’ (£):-

    “Whether he hated Britain or not,
    Ralph Miliband was one of the Cold War’s bad guys.”

    By Benedict Brogan.



  5. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    And the Saudi kings. And (nearly) the Gaddafis. And on the B-list the Benns. And looming out of the murky swamp are coming the progenies of Blair/Booth, Harman/Dromey, Straw, And others no doubt. Silver spoons and a good leg up for these Champers Lefties.


  6. chris says:

    Whats worrying me is how many conservative MPs are trying to discredit the Mail. Add to this the failure to take the BBC out following the pay offs and Jimmy Saville, leads me to believe the conservatives are riddled with Marxist.


    • Ian Hills says:

      Cameronians agree with Labour’s view that such personal articles should be censored, because censorship is EU policy. Not that you’ll get the BBC to admit that.