You would need a heart of stone not to laugh at the collective mindmelt the BBC finds itself in as its former hero, Obama, is accused by Merkel and Hollande of outrageous invasion of privacy via telephone spying. Can you imagine the BBC anger had this revelation came out has Bush been President? But it’s President Narcissus in the White House so the BBC has to be nuanced and so it tries to keep Obama and the NSA well apart, even though the buck clearly stops on his desk. In a sense this is a non-story since nations have spied on each other throughout history, but the BBC likes to take a pro-European position on most issues but this one is a tad tricky for them.

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  1. deegee says:

    Jonathan Pollard remains in prison for spying for a friendly ally on (not against) America.


  2. Thoughtful says:

    Come on! The BBC has found easy ways to excuse this.

    It’s just a general trawl of calls, not targeted at Merkel.

    It’s Merkels fault for not using encrypted lines.

    She must have known what is going on, she’s almost certainly endorsed German intelligence to do this.

    She knows it’s been going on, it’s just that it’s been made public people expect her to react.

    The list above is far from extensive but there are several excuses available to choose from.


  3. lojolondon says:

    I must have a heart of stone, I think it is hilarious – the Germans and French pretending outrage when they spy all the time, Obama denying he knows anything about it, and the B-BBC taking his side!
    Meanwhile the whole of Europe is going to collapse into a muddy puddle and no-one wants to tackle that.


  4. Doublethinker says:

    What must be baffling the BBC is that Mr President has been caught with his ear to the wall. Tut Tut they all thought he was above the common herd but, like all heroes eventually do, he is turning out to have feet of clay. There is simply no one who can live up to the BBC’s high standards, with the possible exception of E Miliband of course. Lets hope we never find out if he does or not.


  5. Mark B says:

    They are all going through the motions. Its not like sensitive state secrets have been betrayed, just idle overheard pub gossip.

    The German and French Secret Services must always be telling politicians and the like about making ‘unsecured communications’ and the like.

    Children at play, me thinks.


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      Of course they are all simply going through the motions, it happens every time there is even a suggestion of one Government or another being accused of spying. Those making the claim pretend “shock horror” whilst those being accused claim innocence and act all contrite, meanwhile they all carry on busily spying on one another only making a fuss when they need to gain some sort of leverage.

      The real problem here is the way in which the BBC slants the story. Regan or either Bush then it’s nasty oppressive Americans with a Dictatorial, Out of Control
      President riding roughshod over the world but with Carter, Clinton or Obama it’s an unfortunate bit of a problem carried out by sneaky underlings without their knowledge and who they would most certainly have stopped had they had even the slightest suspicion.
      I can’t for the life of me think what the differences are between those in the two groups and, whilst I’m sure those more politically aware then me will have some idea, I am absolutely certain the BBC will never openly make clear the difference in order to enlighten me.


  6. David Kay says:

    Obama spying on people is of no concern to me. What is of concern to me is al beeb spying every single household in this country.

    Its all in the data base isnt it. And what about them detector vans they say they have. Bit like the gestapo in 1940s in occupied France trying to hunt down the resistance.


  7. John Standley says:

    Meanwhile, they’re too busy ignoring this:


  8. This spy business has been generated by politicians for a hungry media (BBC included) that laps it up and then spoon feeds us it. Everyone feigns upset and indignation. Everyone is happy except for the NSA. But its a non story. All intelligence agencies snoop (that’s what they do). The German chancellor is up to something. She is not stupid and neither are the French who have also been “indignant” at US snooping. The Beeb would better serve the public by asking why Ms Merkel and her French allies have come up with this nugget now…
    And the Beebs deference to the US President (who ticks all their political boxes) comes out strangely untarnished from this whole “affair” as the buck DOES stop with him. If it was President George Bush he would not get off so lightly with the Biased Broadcasting Corporation who’d be at his heels.


  9. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Bbc news is showing a video clip of a high tech aircraft delivering an explosive attack ( in dara? ) and saying that it shows the chemical gas attack.
    Does it? Has the chemical attack been proved or attributed to either side?
    Perhaps I have missed some news over the past month.
    The portrayal of tne high tech fighter of course points to the regime.
    The inferred responsibility is obvious.
    But is true?