Sloppy Or Just The Same Old Same Old?


From the Spectator:


Didn’t the BBC know that Will Straw is a PPC before his dad told them?

Former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw was on today’s Daily Politics, gushing with pride that his son Will is Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for the seat of Rossendale and Darwen in Lancashire. Yet it seems that this piece of dynastic info was news to Auntie.

Will Straw was on the BBC News Channel this morning, discussing energy prices, and there was no mention of his being a PPC. The presenter simply said, ‘Will Straw is Associate Director of the centre-left think tank the Institute for Public Policy Research.’

Mr S would have forgiven the presenter had he not asked: ‘the Labour Party is talking about a freeze on energy prices for two years. Would you go along with that?’ Straw is a candidate seeking office under Miliband’s banner; of course he goes along with the price freeze nonsense. But he neglected to mention his candidacy, and gave this reply:

‘I think it is an idea that has really caught the imagination of the public. It is the only policy so far that looks like it can actually put downward pressure on these price increases. And it is now in a sense supported by former Prime Minister Sir John Major because the windfall tax that he proposes is pretty similar to a price freeze.’

Tory chairman Grant Shapps declared open season on the BBC last weekend, and it’s sloppiness like this that riles the blue team.



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17 Responses to Sloppy Or Just The Same Old Same Old?

  1. Teddy Bear says:

    It’s a very common deception used by the BBC to promote their chosen line.

    BBC Watch has noted many times that ‘independent expert’ guests used by the BBC to explain or discuss events between Israel and the Palestinians, are anything but, and have their own recognised agenda. The BBC however makes no mention of the specific interests of that individual to promote a certain view. In this way the BBC makes it look like they’re being impartial when they’re purposefully using guests with known agendas under the guise of independent.

    Their most recent one is here, but they’ve also done an excellent breakdown here on the different NGOs used by the BBC without proper attribution of their agendas.

    In addition to this thread story, another one today from Daniel Hannan in The Telegraph also highlights the same insidious deception the BBC uses to promote their agenda.

    Is there a creature in discovered space more close-minded than a self-conscious liberal?


  2. George R says:

    And do Beeboids notice what’s going on with the DROMEYS-Labour Party-‘Unite’ union?:-

    “The Red Princes: Third Dromey Trying to Get on the Gravy Train”


    • richard D says:

      Well, there’s already a couple of ‘queens’ in the family, Harriet Harman, one of the left-wing Queen Bees at the BBC, and Jack Dromey, who managed to be chosen Queen of the prospective parliamentary candidates from what was supposed to be (announced with a huge fanfare by….HH ?) an all-female panel of candidates.


      • Rob says:

        Herman Goering once said “I decide who is a Jew.” Clearly, the Labour Party decides who is a woman.


  3. David Kay says:

    if only we executed drug dealers we wouldn’t be having this conversation about Will Straw


    • Mice Height says:

      If only they’d executed trench-dodging cowards in WW2!


    • F*** the Beeb says:

      If only they’d legalise and tax drugs we wouldn’t have drug dealers to execute. Besides, the Straw household has enough blood on its hands with Jack’s disgusting promotion of Islam and insistence that only men should go to prison, among other brainfarts.


  4. Prof Dingle Dangle Dongle says:

    Is he still into, how can I put it, marketing, distribution, nudge nudge wink wink say no more.


  5. stuart says:

    tommy robinson is on the daily politics show today,shame that jack straw was not on there today and tommy could of asked jack straw why his dad was jailed refusing to fight in world war 2 ,funny how the bbc never asked jack straw about his fathers treachery and past.


  6. Guest Who says:

    Though the mockery in the piece and comments is deserved and delicious, it is a shame it is so far restricted to being carried only as far as the Speccie.
    It’s the kind of thing to wind up a Shapps or IDS, but any complaint will be easily disarmed by a Casablank shrug from a BBC ‘spokesperson’ barely suppressing a fit of the giggles.


    • will says:

      Shapps’ & IDS’s complaints about the BBC appear to have only produced a pro-BBC reaction with the commenters on the Mail’s report. Mail online readership changing or is it that the Bedroom tax is Dave’s Poll tax?


  7. Erh…I applied for a 4 year Price Protector with N-Power yesterday. Just did it on line and took 10 minutes.

    I’m no fan of the energy giants but this scheme is offered by N-Power to anyone who cares to choose. So what is Labour rattling on about freezing prices? You can do it your self.

    By the way Jack Straw is the man who called the English “an aggressive race” and whose father as we know refused to fight Nazis. Luckily for him my (and probably your) grandfathers were “aggressive” AND willing to fight Nazis otherwise Jack Straw and his son (with his drug conviction behind him) might not be able to stand in a democratic election.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      ‘ Erh…I applied for a 4 year Price Protector with N-Power yesterday. Just did it on line and took 10 minutes.’

      Err……so did I at least 3 weeks ago. Then 3 days ago I received notification Npower prices are increasing ad of Dec 1st.
      Ho hum….awaiting a reply to my polite letter now.


  8. Really? Ill be very dischuffed if N-Power pull that stunt. Ill wait to see what happens.