The BBC asks:

Kristallnacht 75 years on: How strong is anti-Semitism in Germany?


And reports:

“The significantly strongest agreement with anti-Semitic prejudices is found in Poland and Hungary. In Portugal, followed closely by Germany, anti-Semitism is significantly more prominent than in the other western European countries. In Italy and France, anti-Semitic attitudes as a whole are less widespread than the European average, while the extent of anti-Semitism is least in Great Britain and the Netherlands”.


Which is a bit inconsistent with this:

One person told the BBC she had experienced far worse prejudice in Britain than she had at home in Germany – in a Cambridge college, ham was sometimes placed in her postbox.


…and never mind that Jews were advised that it would be better for them to emigrate from the Netherlands:

Dutch politician urges Jews to ’emigrate to US or Israel’

Former European Commissioner Frits Bolkestein says no future for Orthodox Jews in Holland because of ‘anti-Semitism among Dutchmen of Moroccan descent’


Not a mention of Sweden or Norway.

Norway could soon come top of another ranking: as the first country in Europe to be Judenfrei or Judenrein (the Nazi terms for the ethnic cleansing of Jews). 

What I found was a mixture of cowardly cultural relativism, examples of rabid Jew-hatred and a liberal Left that had joined forces with radical Islamists.


No mention of Islam and the massive rise in anti-Semitism due to the influx of so many Muslims to Europe by the BBC (as admitted by Mehdi Hasan….‘Our Dirty Little Seceret’….‘anti-Semitism isn’t just tolerated in some sections of the British Muslim community; it’s routine and commonplace.‘)….just a mention of ‘youths of Middle Eastern appearance‘…..

A year ago, Rabbi Daniel Alter was attacked by a group of youths of Middle Eastern appearance as he walked with his young daughter. “They made threats of violence against female members of my family, including my seven-year-old daughter who was by my side,” he says.


And then there is this…

It has made him change his life. Seventy-five years after Kristallnacht, he feels he can no longer wear his skullcap openly in some areas of Berlin, and covers it with a hat. And he has re-doubled his efforts to visit schools and talk to children – often alongside an Imam from a mosque.


On first reading I took it to mean they were touring Muslim schools and mosques perhaps with an Imam to castigate the non-Kufars.


On second reading I actually think the author was trying to suggest a link between anti-Semitism and Islamophobia….and make out that Muslims are ‘the new Jews of Europe’.

Strange when you consider it is Muslims driving out Jews from so many places in Europe.

The BBC, God bless ’em.

Funny what they choose to turn a blind eye to.

‘anti-Semitism isn’t just tolerated in some sections of the British Muslim community; it’s routine and commonplace.





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17 Responses to Kristallnacht

  1. Ian Hills says:

    Considering the constant drip drip of BBC propaganda I’m surprised there isn’t more islamic antisemitism in Britain.


  2. Thoughtful says:

    When Rabbi Daniel Alter was interviewed on Radio 4 the interviewer just couldn’t help himself. Given the fascist lefts infatuation with Islam he had to ask during an interview about anti Semitism ‘And is there as much Islamophobia?’

    They just can’t get out of the mindset that all waycism emanates from nasty white people with skinheads and Doc Martins.


  3. Rufus McDufus says:

    Wonder if we’ll ever get to see the Balen Report we paid for?


  4. AngusPangus says:

    Ah, in La-La BBC land, there are two, very different types of anti-Semitism, you see.

    First, there is right-wing, neo-Nazi anti-Semitism. Let’s just call it white anti-Semitism for short. This anti-Semitism is a Very Bad Thing.

    Second, there is islamic anti-Semitism, practised by muslims. BBC types categorise this as brown anti-Semitism, which is Not A Bad Thing At All.

    The same rules apply to lots of other things like misogyny, homophobia, paedophilia, racism, corporal and capital punishment, genital mutilation, “militantism” and so on and so forth. In its white form, it is a Very Bad Thing. However, the brown version is Not A Bad Thing At All.

    Hope that helps.


    • leftapostate says:

      No. It’s only anti-semitism if it comes from right wing neo-nazis.

      If it comes from the left or has its roots in Islam, then it’s ‘anti-Zionism’ or ‘ an understandable expression of outrage at Israeli policies’.


  5. RCE says:

    I heard this on the R4 1 o’clock news yesterday and knew straight away it was an absolute doozy.

    Conflating Kristallnacht with Islamic Anti-Semitism, then suggesting that Islamophobia is not just of the same order but also a more acute problem, is the sort of perverse relativist bunkum that only the diseased minds of the BBC could even dream of getting away with.

    And get away with it they do.


    • Rob says:

      I heard part of it, and literally had to switch it off, it made me so angry with its lies and evasions about where anti-Semitism really resides in modern Europe. That’s the BBC, £4 billion a year to produce crappy propaganda.


      • RCE says:

        Did you notice that it was preceded by the Europhile Tory Michael Heseltine (you know, the one who helped bring down Margaret Thatcher?) saying how great and balanced the BBC are?

        Then straight into this bilge. It is beyond parody.


  6. DP111 says:

    Most if not all attacks on Jews in the UK and Europe, is perpetrated by Muslim immigrants.

    But the MSM cannot say that in open, as it is

    1. Racist

    2. Islamophobic

    3. Muslims are a protected group.

    So its much easier to blame White racist EDL


  7. Phil Ford says:

    Progressives like to forget one inconvenient fact: during world war II muslims were recruited by Himmler into special SS divisions. Why? Let’s just say that between them, the Nazis and Islam could agree on one common enemy.

    Awkward. But – shh! Nobody likes to talk about this ugly little corner of Islam.


  8. Methusalem says:

    You guys don’t seem to monitor BBC World Service. I tuned in to it last week to only hear how the broadcaster promotes Islam.

    First, I heard a report how “Christian militias” are slaughtering Muslims in the Central African Republic, “While Muslim Imams pray for peace”, and the next day, I’ve heard on “Outlook” an blatant Islamic propaganda interview with a former member of parliament from a right-wing party, Arnoud van Doorn about his conversion to Islam. And then, there was much talk about the Marvel Comics introduction of a new Muslim Female superhero.

    It’s bewildering to me, as a Mauritian, why Brits are incapable of destroying this, once great, broadcaster that has become a disgrace to your nation.


    • David Kay says:

      Hi Methusalem

      The BBC is a broadcaster that supporter Hitler, and it is dominated by extreme left wing fascists just like Hitler. The only difference is Hitler suported genetic purity, whereas the BBC supports genetic diversity.

      Like Britain was unprepared to fight fascism in the early 1940’s, we were unprepared to fight the extreme fascists at the BBC until the internet arrived.

      Now that we have the weapon (the internet) to fight the fascist BBC, we are beginning to win the war against BBC fascism

      There are many battles ahead of us. But we will win. And when that day comes. Beeboids will be held to account for their treason. We have enough lamp post to hang the fascists from


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This is not in the least bit surprising. Quite expected, really. After all, this is the same BBC which has censored all news of what Jews in Malmö, Sweden face (see here and here for starters), forcing some to flee the city, while they made not one but two different special reports about the discrimination Mohammedans in the town allegedly face. There was a third distinct report, but I can’t find the link now. This is not to mention the several reports and follow-ups about the trial for some nutjob who tried to shoot a few of them. BBC audiences will have no idea about the problems Jews face, but will know all about the Islamophobia and plight of the poor Mohammedans in the city. I guess I just have my priorities wrong as I’m not a professional journalist and don’t understand these things.

    The BBC did send one Beeboid to report on that violent protest against the Israeli tennis team, but, you know, that’s just legitimate criticism of Israel which has no relation whatsoever to anti-Jewish sentiment. The BBC averts its powerful and influential gaze from the connection.

    Not only that, but Helen “Hugs” Boaden has been quite explicit that the BBC adjusts its World Service reporting to appease its vast Mohammedan audience. This is the sort of thing Jeremy Paxman refers to as “spread(ing) influence”.

    No, most BBC journalists, like the mayor of Malmö, blame the Jews themselves, for their support of Israel. In other words, the Jews deserve what’s coming to them. Worse, most of the Beeboids also believe that placing any kind of emphasis on the dangers of Muslim anti-Jewish behavior will come across as appeasing Israel and being Islamophobic on some level (they get complaints from both sides, don’t you know), so the timid, emotionally biased BBC journalists leave it alone entirely. In general, they will shrug at worries over the rising anti-Jewish sentiment in Europe. Any fool knows that Jews are in general safe, protected by their power and money, right, BBC? They control the foreign and economic policies of so many countries (just ask Katty Kay about their influence in the US, for instance), nothing to see here, really, right BBC?

    Corrupt, biased, and harmful to society. Lurking and non-lurking journalists don’t care, though. They’ll simply roll their eyes at my “blanket statement” that the BBC has never reported on the Jews of Malmö, and use that and any other smokescreen they can think of to avoid commenting on the issue itself. I wonder if any of them will go so far as to ask their friends and colleagues about it.


  10. chrisH says:

    On the day when the BBC report that European Jews meet up in Berlin…but largely to hope that Muslims are not the victims of dress codes or discrimination/Islamophobia apparently….I Ithought that I`d put up this clip as filmed by Edinbugh Unis Junior Frieslers to PROMOTE their own cause.
    If this is their PR pitch…we ought to be afraid.
    The Israeli diplomat(Ismail Khaldi) is a Bedouin Arab Muslim..speaking to Jews in a Christian country(well, in theory)…yet this is what happens when Kristallnacht is a template to howl down opponents..either UKIP ir Israel.
    Would the European Jews have got their name check had they not “championed Islam”…and if Jews are so stupid as to fall for this one from the BBC, then Israelis will soon be needing water wings.
    I hope it ain`t so Bibi!


  11. ken says:

    Firstly, SHAME on the world for allowing the ghosts penetrate evil minds. Secondly, is it a wonder Poland and Hungary (in consecutive order) living a meager existence under communist rule for many years with no allies coming to their aide; (and) without political power and money feel scorn. Thirdly, it has always been my belief that Hitler was, as with many cynical leaders, not only after power but also money. And, the $Bn worth of stolen and hidden art proves it. Fourthly, Israel’s allies by light will be its foes in the shadows of the night; sadly, as history repeats itself. Fifthly, if Israel believes the percentages of anti-semitism(cs) of other identified countries, they surely are in a serious position of betrayal because, as they have learned, the sheep always follow. Sixthly, the Dutch have quietly produced as huge population of self-sufficient nationals around the world in many facets of survival with vast ownership of large land resources. And, the scriptures may prove to be incorrect when the next cleanse begins. Unlike the 1930-40’s, the polar shift of humanity has changed. Will Isreal really know the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’? Be careful, MY friend, “Things are not always what they seem”; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.’ I have (and my family has) been targeted, with much pain, and one can never be too careful.