Luvvies Love In



Channel 4 poached Paul Mason and it seems they have given him wings to take his flights of fancy to ever greater heights…we shall miss him on the BBC.


His latest thought:

Russell Brand is ……one of the key voices of his age.

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8 Responses to Luvvies Love In

  1. Buggy says:

    It’s always helpful to have a heads-up on new language developments, so I’m pleased today to discover that “Jungian trickster” has replaced “Talentless, drug-addled crustie” as the go-to description for Mr Brand here.

    Thanks, Comrade Mason.


  2. Roland Deschain says:

    If Russell Brand is the solution, God help us all.


  3. Cosmo says:

    Paul should stick to “northern soul”. that programme was truly brilliant.


  4. Dave s says:

    At least the BBc is well rid of Mason. The middle class have been obssessed with so callled revolution since the disaster in France in 1789. They never learn. The list of revolution produced tyrants is long and they have killed millions.
    I am sick of these children and their games.
    Yes we need a revolution .But it will be light years away from the foppish dreams of Brand and Mason.


  5. Framer says:

    Mason will end up at odds with the C4 News editors who have a semblance of professionalism especially if he insists on going to Greece every few weeks to see the revolution developing.
    Oops – was it not there that the state broadcaster was closed by fascists? Now that needs an investigative report on the aftermath of cutz and I don’t mean on well-padded luvvies out of a job.


  6. Guest Who says:

    He’ll be back.
    Ch4 seems some kind of paid R&R location for Beeboids either getting a bit too into the news themselves for comfort, or as a friendly market rate flounce location after a quiet word in the corridor cramps their tweeting excesses, before being tempted back to much fanfare by Ian Katz, signed off on top of all those hired to cover and retained by Purnell & Co.
    While a CH4 station does seem to keep the readies flowing, the profile nosedives, and these clowns need profile, especially one who needs to be seen as the world’s most trusted Anger and Protests Editor.
    Frankly, until this thread, I’d forgotten all about him, so he’s probably thrilled at the attention.


  7. The Highland Rebel says:

    The licence fee is the problem – Russell Brand is the solution


  8. S.Trubble says:

    Mason will be in good company , particularly, Alex ( Toxic Thommo) Thomson. Toxic got his nickname in Glasgow when poking his large snoot into Football matters up here.
    They might enjoy a trip together to the Emerald isle where economic fantasies came to life.