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Carrying on from the last post about excess winter deaths, Victoria Derbyshire had a guest on her show to talk about just that (11:07)


She introduced him as Professor John Ashton, President of the Faculty of Public Health‘the Association for the country’s most senior health officers‘ she tells us.


So the FPH is a government body yes?


Though you may have thought so from her introduction….An assumption that might mean you listen less critically to what Ashton said…though when you hear it,  perhaps not.

Ashton’s statements were clearly highly political….he said ‘we don’t seem to care enough about our elderly folk to look after them…to make sure they have enough money in their pensions and to pay their energy bills’.

Derbyshire asks….’Are you saying they are dying because they don’t have enough money and we don’t look after the?’

Ashton replies...’Exactly right…..I hope the government will do something with the energy companies and their approach to poor people’


All very worthy you might think…until you realise the FPH is not a government body but a campaigning charity…..which Derbyshire only mentions in the last three words of the interview….’the Faculty of Public Health…which is a charity’…presumably a listener has contacted the BBC and complained.


What she doesn’t mention is that Ashton is a ‘stalwart member of the Labour Party’ and that the BBC has been castigated for not mentioning this before, though Ashton, who has the Labour Party in his DNA, thinks he is above bias:

 “The fact that I am a member of the Labour Party has never interfered with my professional objectivity. For me, being a member of the Labour Party is like being Church of England, or black or gay. It is where my values come from. It is the fundamental right of citizenship to belong to a political party.”

A Conservative Party spokesman said: “The BBC has a responsibility to report news objectively. They should always inform their viewers if the person they are interviewing has political motives, and it is absolutely appropriate for us to request that they do so.”



Any chance that Ashton is just by chance travelling down the same road as Ed Miliband and his attack on the energy companies?

Nice of the BBC to give him such a platform to continue the politics by stealth.



What also isn’t mentioned is that today sees the launch of a campaign on this very subject by a whole raft of groups:

“George Osborne has an opportunity when he gives his Autumn Statement in two weeks’ time to solve this problem once and for all, by increasing funding for energy efficiency,” said Mr Matthew [Ed Matthew, director of the Energy Bill Revolution]  “If he cuts the energy efficiency budget he will be condemning people to death.”

Next Tuesday fuel poverty campaigners will be marching on the offices of the UK’s big energy suppliers. A range of anti-austerity groups including Fuel Poverty Action, UK Uncut, Disabled People Against Cuts and the Greater London Pensioners Association will target Npower in the City of London.

Further protests are to take place at British Gas’s new HQ in Oxford, and at Lewes and Bristol. The campaigners will march under the banner “Bring down the Big Six – Fuel Poverty Kills!”

On Tuesday morning they will deliver a coffin filled with energy bills and a “peoples’ invoice” to German-owned Npower to recover energy as a public good. In addition, a speak-out will be held where those hardest hit by fuel poverty will tell of their experiences.




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20 Responses to A Stalwart Labour Supporter

  1. Span Ows says:

    Yes, same old BBC trick. They are pushing the energy bill rises to be able to bash the government without giving a damn for the facts and figures. The previous post rightly shows what silliness it is to blame it on fuel bills when more people died in milder winters (most probably through flu and bacterial infections which prevail when it doesn’t get cold enough. Worth also pointing out that the trends (see graph from open thread…well I’ll post it below again on this thread) that the 50 downward trend has tipped up a little (dark blue line) in the 2000s, I suggest this could be due to the spike in immigration (with hundreds/thousandth of sets of grandparents from hotter climes not used to our bugs and weather) plus ageism where hundreds/thousands of British oldies are hoofed out of jobs taken by cheaper immigrants…maybe?



  2. London Calling says:

    No mention of “green crap” representing 11% of our energy bills? No demonstration outside Sir Reginald Sheffield’s home for the £1,000 a day he earns from windfarms on his estate? Or outside Greenpeace offices? Politics of distraction. Oh look, over there, greedy power companies!


  3. Chris says:

    Even better was Proff John Ashton’s call for a lowering of the age of consent out of nowhere a week ago. Proff Ashton is a labour member and a member of the Socialist Health association.
    Read the following post from the German paper ‘der Spiegal’ to understand where he is going with this (warning it is quite distressing) – http://www.spiegel.de/international/zeitgeist/the-sexual-revolution-and-children-how-the-left-took-things-too-far-a-702679.html
    We must be fashioned into socialist personalities.


    • DICK R says:

      They lower the age 15 then14 then13 then……………………then…………..


      • Rufus McDufus says:

        LostProphets can go back on tour?


      • Rtd Colonel says:

        Jimmy Saville, Stuart Hall just Prophets ahead of their time – expect a BBC revisionist view in 10 years time lauding these great and brave stalwarts of the BBC and childrens’ happiness.


  4. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    The Conservatives are too weak, and the BBC too biased, to point out that Labour loaded all the energy efficiency costs onto fuel bills instead of general taxation. The mad Scot Gordon the Moron was so keen on stealth taxes that he never considered the consequences. In this case it means that poor old people, who don’t pay income tax, have to pay Gordon Brown’s energy tax.


  5. Scrappydoo says:

    Heating and eating or a BBC TV license ?


  6. OldBloke says:

    That graph looks like a hockey stick to me. If you overlay the Global Warming one, it would appear that Mr Harrabin is advocating increasing the excess winter death rate by reducing the CO2 levels and henceforth reducing global warming. Murderer! Report that, BBC.!


  7. #88 says:

    Ashton has just been interviewed on the BBC Ten o’clock News. No indication whatsoever that he is a left wing activist and Labour Party member


  8. Philip says:

    Yes Chris (above) that reminded me that I heard myself something similar on Sunday morning BBC R4 (17/11/13). I am still shocked that the BBC could so easily forget the many past and current BBC employees (and BBC celebrities) that have already been arrested for under age sex crimes (of both sexes, no discrimination at the BBC!). The BBC never seem to learn from past mistakes, it is clear that they want to abolish the age-of-consent to a more suitable ‘sexual awareness’ suited to the corporation.

    That news report I heard on (BBC radio 4 news) must be the same Proff John Ashton’, mentioned. His report was about saving the nations ‘teenage pregnancy problems’ (a professor in tune with BBC traditions). That lowering the age of consent would make teenage pregnanacies a lot less likely. Oh really! 
There is always another ‘angle’ when the BBC starts repeating itself over the air. What ever next? I wondered ony to learn the very next day a disturbing EU agenda (not reported by the BBC for what it is):

    And here it is: Portuguese Socialist Edite Estrela re-introduces her second definitive report back again (it got rejected by 69,000 Europeans eralier but it’s back within weeks) the “Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights”. On Tuesday 26 November, the FEMM committee will vote on whether to approve the report and send it forward again to the next month’s European Parliament’s plenary session. The European Parliament’s Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee (otherwise known as FEMM): is a debate about childrens right to know about sex starting at 4 years of age along with (approved) abortion and masturbation classes in School along with ‘relationships’ (meaning of a sexual nature suggested by the BBC as lowering the age of consent by Prof Ashtlon is by no means just a coincidence). The well-known Estrela Report is back on the agenda of the European Parliament. The European Parliament Draft Resolution promotes sexual education to 4 year old children and abortion as a means of birth control and ‘relationships’ with adults and sexual ‘exploration’…

    We can as BBC ‘citizens’ (of course) appeal by petition here but it will be too late now:

    This EU bill will exonerate past BBC celebrities and Executives making them all victims of a provocative child who clearly lead the accused victioms below:
    Jimmy Saville (and his BBC chauffeur), Stuart Hall would all welcome lowering the age of consent, as would former BBC Radio 1 Controller Chris Denning who was charged for serious offences (against boys under the age of 14 going back to 1974) and was jailed in Slovakia (recently re-arrested under operation yewtree) claims that the age of consent is to low for him). http://www.telegraph.co.uk/…/Radio-1-DJ-jailed-for-paedophilia-claims-offences-were-consensual.html

    Unbelievably on same Sunday (Fron page) The Sunday Telegraph (17/11/13) highlights the many failed attempts to deport an ‘asylum seeker’ (serious case paedophile) who preys on ‘disturbed’ under age girls (13 to 14), who is demanding UK compensation for being arrested, (whilst being an illegal immigrant, against his EU human rights etc). 

    Cameron was spurned into action has said there are ‘no plans’ to change the ‘age of consent’ (in this parliament). However the EU ‘Estrela’ bill (above) on it second EU reading will fundamentally alter how we (cannot) protect children from the likes of BBC presenters and closet paedophiles will become much harder to prosectute. If the BBC gets it ‘under age concession’ to follow (as that is the clear intention) preparing the way for the next stage a lowering of the age of consent from 16 to 4.

    The BBC would very much like the age of consent to be ‘redefined’ as soon as possible.


    • Rtd Colonel says:

      Never forget Hattie Harman and Patricia Hewitt have form for supporting the aims of the infamous PIE in recent history.


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Rule #1 in effect as usual.


  10. Deborah says:

    I no longer trust anyone that the BBC puts forward – be it on a vox-pop, a spokesman on the Today programme or someone ringing in to a phone-in. I just assume their appearance and the view they will take have been agreed before hand.


  11. chrisH says:

    Oh THAT John Ashton…I only just got it!
    He`s the one who wants the age of sexual consent lowered to 14 isn`t he(heard him say as much on BH a week or so back).
    A Paedos charter?…babyfathers aged 10 with mums a year older?…STDs rampant?
    Not according to the Prof…the unenlightened might think such things, but his research shows that-with more education, more schooling and more informed choices platforms and forums…why we`d be just like Sweden,,,hopefully Malmo more than Trondheim or what have you?
    No wonder Muslims are queuing up to get over to bunk up in a sweetshop or two…Ashton is a call to prayer for them.
    And-of course-the kind of guy the BBC like…David Nutts idiot bookend of evil, dressed as concern.


  12. Scrappydoo says:

    How many excess deaths are caused by polution from the latest must have – wood burners ?


  13. Andy S. says:

    How many excess deaths in the NHS under Labour? (Are you listening, Butcher Burnham?)


  14. johnnythefish says:

    Albamaaaannnnnnn….! Come here and answer this outrageous accusation of bias!!

    Your BBC needs you!!!