I received this very well written and detailed example of BBC BIAS and wanted to share!

“I have done some research on today’s items on the BBC website concerning Iran and Syria, with results that you may find of interest. To cut to the final conclusion, the BBC is hiding from its readers essential information on the Iranian involvement in Syria on the side of the murderous Assad regime, reported amply by other MSM. This allows them to present the deal between the western powers and Iran as an unblemished positive development, rejected only by Israel. Iran is consequently whitewashed, Israel vilified as usual, and the persecuted Syrian people sacrificed to this simplified and distorted narrative.

Although I am Israeli and naturally worried about the rehabilitation of Iran, it seems to me that the true Czechoslovakia of this ‘peace in our time’ approach is in fact Syria, with BBC approval. I wonder if they even realize where their blinkered view of the Middle East has led them.

Here are the details: One BBC report on Syria fails to mention Iran at all. Another, discussing the proposed peace talks for Syria, mentions towards the end that the Syrian opposition powers object to the participation of Iran. Nothing is said as to why Iran is at all relevant in this context Contrast this with the reports on Syria from other MSM, which do refer to Iran’s role, and of which I link two of many: France 24:


To which may be added a leading blog, and a left-wing one at that, the Huffington Post:

As noted, the deal with Iran is treated by the BBC as an unrelated subject, opposed only by Israel. Even the opposition of Saudi Arabia goes unreported:

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  1. The Highland Rebel says:

    It should be obvious by now that the main purpose of Al beeb is to see the destruction of Israel and the genocide of the Jewish people.
    They banned Churchill from broadcasting in th 1930’s because of his warnings about Hitler who had an identical agenda as today’s Islam.


  2. Pounce says:

    DV wrote:
    Although I am Israeli “

    Maybe there lies the reason the bBC clones hate you so much.


  3. Framer says:

    The BBC is bipolar on Syria. I saw a programme (My World?) on BBC2 a few weeks ago which told the story of Iranian soldiers in Syria. They were all killed in an ambush and their camera footage was being screened. It had been found and sent West by the rebels. (One of the Iranians remarked of an empty town: ‘there are no humans or Arabs left here’).
    Basically the BBC has its simple view: rebels good; Russian-backed government good enough; and Moslems good.
    Thus Moslem on Moslem killing is not described as such. It is of no consequence, compared to say a drone death or a Gazan killed by Israel (or lacking a working WC).


    • deegee says:

      Rarely observed. The Iranians are not Arabs. The Arabs invaded Persia 633–644 and over about three centuries Islamised it.

      Some saw (see?) this as a blessing while others saw (see?) it as a humiliating national defeat. It give background and credence to the no humans or Arabs crack.


  4. stuart says:

    it amazes me how john kerry,david cameron and william haughe are cosying up the the mullahs of iran as it they are there besty mates all of a sudden,this regime still hangs gay folk from cranes with a invited audience of schoolchildren to watch as a warning,this regime still tortures dissidents in police stations and army baracks,they say that these dissidents cut there toe and fingernails down to the bare skin to stop them being pulled out by pliers in torture sessions by the republican guard.the bbc and radio 5 live and jeremy bowen never reports that for some strange reason,the mullahs are laughing at us,isreal are none to happy with are treason towards them and rightly so,next stop,tea and biscuits at no10 for the mullahs.who in the british goverement do i blame for all this treachery towards the west and isreal,just one person,william the (nevile chamberland of are era) haughe


  5. John de Melle says:

    I found that this website has an interactive map that shows the various factions in Syria and the areas that they control.

    I hope that you find it helpful.


  6. Chris says:

    View the BBC as socialist. Then remember that Gramsci called for allying with “historical forces” to attack the establishment (Islam), then remember that the NAZI’s were socialist and attacked Jews largely due to their “Jewish materialism” (and latterly I refer you to Jack Straw). Then remember that Obama is socialist.
    Tie all these strands together and the whole issue makes sense.