Nelson Mandela….’Prepared to use terrorism’


In his autobiography Mr Mandela makes it clear they were prepared to go further and engage in guerrilla warfare and even terrorism. 


Margaret Thatcher helped to avert a ‘devastating racial war’ by opposing tougher sanctions against South Africa’, F. W. de Klerk  (who in 1993 won the Nobel peace prize jointly with Mr Mandela) says.




The BBC et al have been delighting in smearing Mrs Thatcher because she thought the ANC were terrorists….which they were….curious how the Labour Party leader’s brother doesn’t ever get a mention …after all it was David Miliband who said that not only did the ANC use terrorism but that it was justifiable:


Foreign Secretary David Miliband was accused last night of condoning terrorism after declaring that there were circumstances in which it was ‘justifiable’.

His remarks – made in support of the ANC’s armed struggle against apartheid in South Africa.

Mr Miliband was speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Great Lives programme, in which he chose to pay tribute to the South African anti-apartheid activist Joe Slovo – a friend of Mr Miliband’s father, the academic Ralph Miliband.

Mr Slovo, who shared Miliband senior’s belief in Marxist ideology, was one of the leaders of Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation), the armed military wing of the ANC.

Asked by presenter Matthew Parris whether there were any circumstances in which terrorism was justified, Mr Miliband said: ‘Yes, there are circumstances in which it is justifiable, and yes, there are circumstances in which it is effective.’

He added: ‘The importance for me is that the South African example proved something remarkable: the apartheid regime looked like a regime that would last forever, and it was blown down.

It is hard to argue that, on its own, a political struggle would have delivered. The striking at the heart of a regime’s claim on a monopoly of power, which the ANC’s armed wing represented, was very significant.’


Umkhonto weSizwe (MK) logo



From the BBC itself:

In his autobiography Mr Mandela makes it clear they were prepared to go further and engage in guerrilla warfare and even terrorism.


And just how important was Mandela really?  The BBC here tells us he and the ANC were washed up when he was jailed….and was he responsible for the ‘rainbow nation’.…it was in fact ANC policy rather than Mandela’s personal one.   The BBC glorifies Mandela as someone who was ‘prepared to die’…Biko really did die for his cause.    Mandela didn’t break Apartheid…or make the peace… on his own….

Mr Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment for organising sabotage at what became known as the Rivonia trial. He was sent to Robben Island jail.

His story could have ended there.

He and the ANC had been effectively neutered, Western governments continued to support South Africa’s apartheid regime and change seemed as far away as ever. But the rise of the militant Black Consciousness Movement during the 1970s and the death in custody of one of the movement’s founders, student activist Steve Biko, rekindled interest in Mr Mandela and the ANC






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23 Responses to Nelson Mandela….’Prepared to use terrorism’

  1. Pounce says:

    Watching Sky news, they mentioned that Mandala’s funeral lasted 3 hours. For some strange reason not only did the f-ing traitorous bBC devote over 6 hours to this former black terrorist, but they used both BBC1 and the bBC news channel in which to finalise their 10 day sob-a-thon to a senile old git, whose claim to fame was to have been released from a luxury prison over 23 years ago.

    Ding- dong the terrorist is dead.
    If I have offended anybody with the above, then cast your blame at the f-ing bBC with its wall to wall coverage for the past 10 days which has totally polarized my opinion of him.
    FFS even the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan didn’t get this coverage and that was news.

    The bBC, its leftwing bent, its faux coverage of a black terrorist and the reason why it should lose its funding from theBritish taxpayer.


    • Arthur Penney says:

      It’s not over – BBC Parliament is continuing with re-hashes of tributes to Mandela. Presumably they will keep doing so once Parliament is in recess.


  2. Pounce says:

    Anybody watch Andrew Marr on 2 this morning, Black MP Chuka Umunna was on telling us all how things can only get better if you vote labour, anyway as you knew they would the subject came round to the black son of god who was sent down to save us all (But not anybody from the EDL, becasue they can only be evil) and the twat was pronouncing mandala’s name in a version I hadn’t herad before. What is it about petty arseholes who presume that if they do something different from the rest of us all then they are really really cool. Tell you what Chukka if you want to impress me, bugger off to any socialist republic in which to get away from racist bigotted Great Britain. But you won’t as you like all MPS are a lying twat. Which sums up each and every leftwing prick in the UK who are all wearing black because a Black terrorist kicked his clogs 10 long bloody days ago.former


  3. Ralph says:

    What makes Mandela’s story inspiring was his move from terrorism to wanting peaceful change and reconciliation. It’s a shame that the BBC cover it up in their vomit of sycophancy.


    • Pounce says:

      “What makes Mandela’s story inspiring was his move from terrorism to wanting peaceful change and reconciliation. “

      And yet he openly hated the US, UK, defended Libya, Zimbabwe and other despotic countries and what did he accomplish, while the left claim he ensured a peaceful transition from white to black leadership in SA, the fact remains the ANC knew they couldn’t follow in the footsteps of every other African country simply as African countries which subscribe to the notion of victim of the whiteman are all basket cases who live off the Aid given by…the whiteman. But don’t fret, under Zuma, Sa will soon follo in the footsteps of Zim., Whites will be treated as they are in Zim and the left will blame the victims for their pain.

      The left making a hero out of a black communist terrorist as only they can.


    • Span Ows says:

      “wanting peaceful change and reconciliation”

      What would have happened has the Soviet Union still existed? Mandela was steeped in Communist involvement and the connection mentioned in this post between Joe Slovo and the Milibands is no surprise at all; will the BC mention that?


  4. George R says:

    “Nelson Mandela: icon and nothingness”

    By Bernard Lugan.

    [-translated from the French.]

    Bernard Lugan video, in French, 21 mins:-


  5. Span Ows says:

    Not only was he prepared to “engage in guerrilla warfare and even terrorism” he signed off on at least on fatal bombing (his own words, not right wing extremist talk) and he refused to discontinue violence.


  6. john in cheshire says:

    Alan, I think you have made a statement that is more true than the majority realise; namely, Steve Biko was more of a man of principle than Mr Mandela ever was. I don’t hold with anything that Mr Biko believed, but to his eternal credit, he believed that people; the Blacks in South Africa in particular from his perspective; must struggle by themselves for their freedom and dignity and not in collaboration with anyone else, particularly the Whites. I fully support that belief, for him and for us Whites. We should all struggle for our own ‘place in the sun’; and for me, Whites who take the side of others at the expense of Whites are nothing but race traitors, and in most cases hypocrites. Why hypocrites? Because most of them (and they are invariably socialists) think the Blacks are unable to carry on their struggle without help.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      So, just to be clear, john, what do you believe is or should be black people’s “place in the sun”? For example, is a call for equal rights – equality of opportunity, mind, not equality of outcome at the expense of anyone else like what Harriet Harman and many BBC journalists want – race treason?


      • john in cheshire says:

        I just want everyone to be treated equally and I don’t think socialists do that. At the moment I believe that socialists regard Whites as somehow inferior to other races. And a lot of socialists are white and therefore I regard them as traitors.


  7. The General says:

    I just happened to hear a snippet of someone reading ‘The Nelson Mandela’ autobiography on the BBC…………………………
    ……..” The first time I saw Winnie, I said I will make her my wife”.
    He did not continue….” Yes I will abandon my wife and children and go off with that murdering hard hearted bitch”……Just as Jesus would have done no doubt.


  8. chrisH says:

    Nelson is now “square with the House” to quote the Prison Guard in the Green Mile.
    He`s probably on the side of the angels now as far as I can tell.
    Flawed alright…but you`d have to be a “bit `arsh” not to give him full credit for forbearance and humility on release in 1990.
    Had he not been so, it could have been so much worse IMHO.
    Let God judge now…and let the F888in BBC shut its cakehole now and try and resurrect Russell Brands career…instead of its all pervading necromancy and necrophilia.
    Nelson Madela continues to be dead…can that be the final word?
    (Not a chance-the BBC will suck the marrow out of his parched bones and call it a spit soup)


    • john in cheshire says:

      Being a bit nice doesn’t get you into Heaven. Believing that Jesus is the only route into Heaven and repenting your sins before Him should get you there. Is there any evidence that Mr Mandela actually believed in God, let alone Jesus? Him being a marxist, I doubt that is the case and so, I suspect he’s feeling a little warm just now. I just pray to God that I don’t end up spending my eternity with the likes of him and his commie friends.


  9. Pounce says:

    Just read the news that the great Peter O’Toole has died.
    To me, this man was far greater than Nissen Main dealer. In the film ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ he dismantled racism with his famous officers mess bar scene. That to me was much more poignant than anything the used car seller ever did? How many people were moved by his defence of the bloody wogs in that film, yet to the bBC, a former terrorist is the greater man.

    Peter O’Toole RIP.


    • Span Ows says:

      Hardly dismantled racism – just highlighted it, and it’s more ‘classism’ than racism – but it’s a good scene.

      Better is the one when nothing works because none of the tribes will help the others nor work together – still a problem but it’s racist to say so…


  10. John Anderson says:

    Cheer up folks. It is 5 years before the BBC helps us celebrate the Nelson Mandela centenary !

    Has anyone done a count of the number of hours of MandelaFest on the main BBC TV and radio channels? It must be several dozen of hours by now. Way further than for Thatcher or Diana.


  11. Trevor says:

    So Mandela should have gotten himself beaten to death in custody like Steve Biko then, is that your point?


    • john in cheshire says:

      I’m not talking about what happened to Steve Biko, I’m talking about what he believed.


  12. Rob Peterson says:

    Its not over, wait for the repeats come January and the 2013 review. Another chance for the BBC to re-run all this crap