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‘Is the BBC biased’ picked up on this Harry’s Place look at a Newsnight interview with a far right associate,  Alain Soral,  of Anelka’s good mate Dieudonne……..


BBC Newsnight presents Far Right Holocaust denier as “writer and film-maker”


An example of Soral’s writing.


Harry’s Place concludes:

Neither Paxman nor Newsnight reveal the fascist and antisemitic background of Soral – he is simply a “close friend” of Dieudonné who helped him “popularise the quenelle.” This is a real shame, considering the BBC’s trusted role as a credible and authoritative public broadcaster.

Paxman does not challenge Soral for suggesting “a deep link between the system of domination that Mr. Dieudonné is challenging, and the organised Jewish community.” Neither does Paxman challenge Soral’s conspiracy theory about a “very powerful Zionist lobby in France”. Paxman also lets Soral’s claim go unchallenged, that the “annual CRIF dinner” (Jewish community dinner) proves the French government is “entirely under the influence of the Zionist lobby.

Paxman ends simply by saying “Thankyou very much indeed” to Soral.

What exactly went on during the editing process at BBC Newsnight that allowed a Far Right Holocaust denier to be presented credibly as a “writer and film-maker”, and allowed to promote his own antisemitic views unchallenged?



All quite extraordinary….if someone is brought on to explain, or excuse, a close associate’s behaviour perhaps it might be relevant to know the views of that person so that we can judge just how the things he says are coloured by his views…..especially if those views are of an extreme nature.

It seems that if you happen to be a Muslim footballer then the BBC turns a blind eye to you making gestures that are deemed anti-Semitic and concentrates instead on other issues, distracting attention from the anti-Semitism and the religion, and instead pretending it is an issue about free speech.

When footballer Thomas Hitzlsperger came out as gay the BBC went to town….5Live practically gave the station over to the story……but hardly a peep about Anelka.









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13 Responses to The BBC’s Neo-Newsnight

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Rule #1 in effect, as usual. This time, though, it’s a bit more sinister. As for claims of anti-Zionist rather than anti-Jew, if you make an anti-Zionist gesture in front of a synagogue in Paris and accuse Jews of controlling your government – i.e. acting as if almost all Jews are Zionists – it’s anti-Semitism as well as anti-Zionism. If he only did it in front of an Israeli embassy, different story. But that’s not what these people do.

    The writer at Harry’s Place wonders what went on the editing process to allow this, but that’s just naive. The BBC has its own internal kampf on this issue, and many BBC staff share Soral’s beliefs to some degree. For example:

    The BBC World Service journalist had just discovered his new appliance was made in Israel.

    And then there’s Katty Kay feeling free to fret about the power of the Jewish Lobby in a public Q&A session on Twitter.

    So it’s no surprise that Newsnight is unable to be honest about it. The BBC will continue to give succor to anti-Semitism in this way until there’s a real purge of personnel.


  2. chrisH says:

    Newnight tonight has Anne Furedi of the BPAS discussing the BBCs wish to make abortion more easy-even if that means a few Muslim girls won`t make it through to be forcibly married off later-with well-known Socialist wimmins doc Clare Gerada.
    Well done Beeb..balance and debate are all.
    Like the use of a male Tory MP to give a snippet of the pro-life case too.
    Oh, the BBC are great at fooling us aren`t they?…no agenda at all!
    The only case on the BBC when men can butcher baby girls at no cost, and no badmouthing on Womans Hour follows…cue usual feminist tumbleweed at female infanticide, especially when cultural differences make it near-compulsory.
    Sshhh…back to sleep eh Polly!


  3. George R says:

    And incidentally, is INBBC interested in reporting this?:-

    “Dutch soccer team ditches Israeli player for Abu Dhabi match”


  4. Patrick55 says:

    I would not make to big a song and dance about Newsnight. After all its audience has shrunk dramatically and it is on its way to irrelevance.


    • Mice Height says:

      That’s why they have to resort to making themselves the news, by getting Russell Brand to give us his 17 year old art student’s views on politics, then hoping the video goes viral and is lapped up by other feeble-minded cretins.


      • Simon says:

        that is so true with regards to brand. Lefties like him never grow up and then the “seleb” sheep lap it up because he is famous


        • F*** the Beeb says:

          To be fair to Brand, he speaks a lot of sense regarding drug addiction (certainly more than Peter Hitchens who frankly is uneducated on the subject, though he has wisdom elsewhere) and comes across more of a pragmatist than ‘left.’

          The rest of his political views though basically amount to “it’s all a lie manz” and “don’t vote ‘cos it don’t matter no more.” So he doesn’t help himself.

          Still prefer him to Russell Howard, mind. The archetypal example of a neo-leftist using comedy as a means to an end in order to spout his half-formed political agenda.


          • chrisH says:

            Can`t agree.
            Hitchens has a few years knowledge on the subject, whereas Brand knows f***all about anything!
            Howard is just any Guardian readers choice of pencil-squeezer…little brother who would like to use Big Brother size words when he`s sucked up to the likes of Toynbee, Benns and Scargill(er, not this week though).
            Brand is just our Yoko Ono! With even less talent if that is possible.


  5. lmda says:

    I am getting increasingly exasperated by the free pass anti-Zionism gets (quite apart from my extreme scepticism about Soral/Dieudonné-ish claims that what might appear to be paranoiac antisemitic ranting is in fact anti-Zionist compassion for the suffering of Palestinians and in fact thouroughly “sympa”). What bugs me is the “Anti-Zionism? That’ll do nicely Sir!” meme ie – that hating Israel is the rational position of all right thinking people, that never needs “challenging”, that the desire to undermine, at every opportunity, the only non-basketcase in the middle east, is never worthy of satire. Those brave journalists who heroically put the case for the ‘humanity’ of the Taliban, or the case for the latest ‘reformed’ murderer to sit in government – couldn’t they put aside their natural biases (as they’re always telling us that they are able to) and speak out in favour of Israel? As for comedians, pff… I don’t expect any better, they blow with the wind – I’ve seen Cabaret…..

    This is probably the wrong place to air this though the BBC is one of the main culprits.


  6. Mice Height says:

    I find it remarkable that the BBC has had anything to do with a Film Maker who wasn’t involved in ’12 Years a Slave’


  7. Dave s says:

    France and sadly to say Holland have form. The rarely mentioned aforesaid countries behaviour during the war.
    One of the things the EU is determind to airbrush from history.


  8. John Williams says:

    Paxman is a closet Israel hatred. It is not long ago that he referred to ‘his thoughtful friend Eno’; who spends his life advocating hatred of Israel whilst lauding Hezbollah. They are both enablers of genocidists.


  9. John Williams says:

    Paxman is a closet Israel hater. It is not long ago that he referred to ‘his thoughtful friend Eno’; who spends his life advocating hatred of Israel whilst lauding Hezbollah. They are both enablers of genocidists.