Pots Of Comedy Gold At The End Of The Rainbow




Rainbows only come out in the rain…UKIP maybe onto something:


Evan Davis played this, admittedly very funny, spoof of a shipping forecast (from about 1:26):



Andrew Neil, God bless his little heart, allowed Farage a response…also very funny:


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7 Responses to Pots Of Comedy Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

  1. lojolondon says:

    I am sure it has been said 100 times, but the Biased BBC cannot bring themselves to tell the truth – that David Sylvester was a Conservative when he said these things, repeatedly directly to David Cameron. (To be fair, the Daily Politics show mentioned that briefly, but not in any articles and certainly not in the many, many headlines.)


    • Bobson says:

      I believe he wrote a letter to the PM warning of God’s wrath because of gay marriage. He was then in UKIP when the floods came, and wrote a letter to his local paper advising he’d warned the PM something like this would happen.


  2. stuart says:

    here is the thing about nigel farage,compared to these 3 other posh boys clegg,cameron and eddie milliband who are just pollitacaly correct pygmies with no sense of humour farage would just make a good straight talking tough prime minister,i am really sure of that.


  3. David Brims says:

    The media loves diversity, but not of diversity of thought.


  4. DICK R says:

    A lib dem councillor has been charged with child rape in Weymouth not a squeak from the BBC .
    A UKIP councillor passes a remark critical of sodomists
    all over the news. Strange that!


  5. bob says:

    john bishop is about as funny as having a red hot poker stuck up your backside