One big yawn from the BBC over the large scale anti-terror police operation to arrest diplomat’s son James Sutcliffe….no sign of their having reported it at all……


Thankfully there’s always the Daily Mail:

Police swooped on British diplomat’s son ‘after he signed for neighbour’s package while they were out’

  • Scotland Yard had feared that parcel contained deadly poison Abrin


Turns out he was completely innocent.

So symptomatic of the police’s oppression of the white, middle classes.


Whereas we had endless BBC coverage when two Muslims were arrested in similar circumstances:

Muslims protest over terror raid

Around 100 people have protested about an anti-terror raid in east London a week ago, claiming it was symptomatic of oppression of the Islamic community.






Wonder what the difference is for the BBC between the two operations.



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10 Responses to Yawn!!!

  1. Guest Who says:

    What’s needed to answer such a question is A. Journalist.
    Luckily, after a lull, usually at this time three likely to come at once.


  2. Dazed & Confused says:

    Here’s a freelance journalist, that’s gone into great detail to uncover fraud on a major scale from the alleged “anti Fascist” charity” Hope not Hate….Obviously the BBC wont be interested though, Nick Lowles is an occasional panorama maker on the evils of the “far right” (UKIP) and therefore is their friend…



  3. Doublethinker says:

    Imagine that there had been no immigration into the UK in the last 40 years apart from those who had specialist skills that were in great demand. What would our country feel like? How would our essential services be coping ? What level would unemployment be? What would people be paid at the lower end of the job market? How many houses would we be short of?
    Surely a great programme for the BBC to make if they so passionately believe that mass immigration is such a good thing for the UK. Of course if they did make it then it would be as untruthful , full of distortions and evasions as the recent Robinson programme.


    • DP111 says:

      Instead we got Lenon’s “Imagine”.


      • Jack says:

        ‘imagine’ is that not the little ditty about ‘no possessions’ which Lennon banged out on his white grand piano in his Titterhurst Mansion shortly before going away on tax exile to the USA ? That one ?


  4. Albaman says:

    “One big yawn from the BBC over the large scale anti-terror police operation to arrest diplomat’s son James Sutcliffe….no sign of their having reported it at all……”

    Really – no sign at all?

    Teenager arrested under terror law after London raid:

    Woman charged with attempted murder after Stratford searches:


    • Guest Who says:

      Always dodgy to deal in absolutes when the obscure archivist of Aunty’s nethers is pulling weekend duty.
      So Albaman appears (With the BBC these days, I’d trust their filing records as much as a bit of Bowen or Harrabin or Smith ‘analysis’) to have located two legitimate facts in counter.
      That said, the sheer volume of reports and extent of coverage seems uncharacteristically brief and neutral to the point of being muted (no diplomat son community leaders living in fear the length of the land on hand to comment yet?) while the excitement in their tone is palpable.
      Making the Forest Gate links still interesting in comparison.


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        Also, he’s taken the job over from Dez, a promotion for one of them perhaps?


  5. chrisH says:

    The BBC gave us one line yesterday on the 4pm news about the egging of David Silvesters house.
    Hardly top news I grant you-but had it been a Muslim getting bacon thrown at HIS house, you just know where that would lead us all doncha?
    Silvester was the UKIP bloke who said that the floods were Gods way of showing what He thought about Camerons Bill on gay marriage.
    Not a church defended him or at least said that if He`s God…He just MIGHT be able to manage that, were He to be angry enough(enough Old Testament precedents,not that OilWelby would know that bit of The Book).
    And I myself think that HE has good reason to be “concerned/disappointed” in Britain 2014.
    My point?
    1. Waste of food-those eggs may well have been nickewd from a foodbank for all we know!
    2. Cost to the hard-pressed Council of cleaning up
    3. Wrong receptacle to dump your unwanted eggs-bye law regs infringed!
    And yet…not a PEEP from Greenie/Liberal/Guardian BBC types about this hate crime, this intimidation.
    Oh wait-the BBC forgot to mention that a rainbow flag had been planted in the garden where they threw the eggs.
    At least this is ONE crime we can`t source to the Men of Peace-yet funnily enough, the BBC throw up the chance to pop at whitey and the criminal tendencies!
    Wonder why?…thoughts on a slice of bacon to Richard!