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  1. George R says:


    Are these some of the reasons why British political class (inc BBC-NUJ) campaigns for entry of 80 million Muslim Turks into E.U?:-

    “Recordings demonstrate more authoritarian Turkey emerging”


    Also ‘Jihadwatch’ articles on trends in Turkey:-



  2. Geoff says:

    bBC Sport and news bulletins reporting that Lewis Hamilton retired from the Australian Grand Prix, nowhere did I hear that Jenson Button finished 4th after starting 10th and that his team (McLaren) are leading the constructors championship.

    Wonder why?


    • flexdream says:

      It’s black and white to me. One’s a successful and popular British racing driver, and so’s the other one.


  3. Llareggub says:

    According to the Mail the police are investigating the pilot regarding the missing Malaysian plane. Seems plausible as the man had Islamic connections. However, BBC denies pilot involvement in a headline quote which appears as statement of fact. A familiar BBC device. We cannot allow suspicion to fall on the ROP can we?



    • AsISeeIt says:

      BBC News Channel are telling me that the pilot’s favourite politician is – wait for it –

      ‘more liberal than the current Malaysian Government’

      Well, I must say I am completely reassured (- sarcasm there)


  4. CCE says:

    Very interesting revaluation on the Andrew Marx show – waxing lyrical about the late-great Tony Benn. Stephanie Flanders was a guest alongside Clare Short (who said some sensible things about the Crimea). I paraphrase from memory…

    Marx: “Of course the Benns were family friends of yours Stephanie…”
    The Mare: “Yes, my father went to the same school as him…. his wife was an American and we celebrated Thanksgiving together every year…..”

    Steph – Labour from birth – had two Labour princelings for boyfriends – ended up as BBC economics correspondent. How on Earth could a BBC selection panel think she could ever write a balance and impartial article – they couldn’t. But the point is knowing this they still appointed her. I wonder who the other candidates were – did they have her unique qualification of hob-knobbing with hard-left Labour aristocracy*?

    *hereditary of course for when the Benn grand-daughter is elected she will be the 5th generation in Parliament.


    • Biased because we know no-one will stop us says:

      Very balanced newspaper review! – both reviewers known lefties who agreed with each other.


      • chrisH says:

        On the other hand Broadcasting House was much better than I`d have expected.
        The first twenty minutes or so giving us the Malaysian plane story over the last eight days was actually helpful-and no efforts to fuss over airmiles or potential damage to the Borneo rain forest(bet they really had to bite their lips to avoid this reflex).
        Then-back to crap…well what else will you get when Jon Snow is ruffling papers all over his mic so you can`t hear what guilt trip he`s on?
        Hopeless radio-and probably deliberate to scotch the radio types(he`s telly after all).
        He cooed over some red kites flying above-do they shoot dead lefties out of cannons over West Berkshire these days?
        Liked Irvine Welsh reminding Paddy O Connell that Benn was a toff, so hardly able to “speak for the working chappie”…pursed lips all round at BH!
        Also Simon Singh got in the so-called “Free Speech” debacle on BBC3 when being gay and Muslim was verboten c/o the barely-literate imams in the Marquee Mosque?
        Paddy blew over that-but the pain was all too real to then BBC.Good.


  5. George R says:

    “Good Evans! BBC bans Jesus from Radio 2: Pop star Eliza Doolittle and DJ baffled over order to change ‘innocent’ lyric”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2581867/Good-Evans-BBC-bans-Jesus-Radio-2-Pop-star-Eliza-Doolittle-DJ-baffled-order-change-innocent-lyric.html#ixzz2w7vuZEZz


  6. Pounce says:

    How the bBC finds racism and prejudice anywhere it isn’t:
    Oxford University BME students speak out on prejudice
    Racism and prejudice bBC really?_73574402_73574401.jpg_73574464_73574463.jpg_73574406_73574405.jpg_73574408_73574407.jpg_73574460_73574409.jpg_73574462_73574461.jpg_73574736_73574735.jpg


    • uncle bup says:

      Though probably if you shuffled the cards around… 😉


    • Joshaw says:

      I’m from Yorkshire but I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been confused with someone from Lancashire.

      It’s a fact of life that people get these things wrong. I’ve been told on numerous occasions that people from Scandinavian countries are often confused with each other.

      Let’s get this straight – having a brown face does not make you the centre of the bloody universe.


      • Thoughtful says:

        Think what it’s like for me living right on the border between Lancashire & Yorkshire ! Everyone I meet in Yorkshire tells me I sound Lancashire, and everyone in Lancashire says I sound Yorkshire !


    • pah says:

      Perhaps there should be an alternative version:

      No! Slavery is not my fault.
      No, I didn’t start the Crusades.
      Just because I’m a Jew doesn’t make me Israeli!
      Just because I’m a Jew doesn’t make me responsible for Israel’s actions!
      Yes, I have the right to be offended by your assumptions too.
      No, for some reason I didn’t qualify for a grant.
      Just because I grew up on a council estate doesn’t mean I know who has weed for sale.
      Yes, it is grim up North but that’s how we like it.


    • Llareggub says:

      These ethnics appear to be copying a fashion from Facebook, where people put pictures of their dogs wearing a sign which says something like : ‘No I am not a black St Bernard, and ‘I am a Labradoodle, not a Poodle’, and more. However, I understand that the Kennel Club have complained that it demeans dogs, robs them of their dignity. Gettit, BBC, robs them of their dignity..


    • Llareggub says:

      I see the BBC cites Jesse Jackson who claims that Oxford is not doing enough to encourage anti discrimination. That’s right Jesse, you tell ’em how the black students tote cotton bales and polish boots for the PPE students who are destined for a career in the BBC.


      • chrisH says:

        Does Jesses son get an OU course( Bonnie Greer and Slavery Semiotics in Christological Slops) sent to his prison or does his dad bring it in in his fake foot, a la Cuntie Kinder(Kunta Kinte, as he once was?).
        Who else but Jesse to ask re University Admissions?…Abu Hamzas dad?


    • chrisH says:

      New BBC testcards then?
      Vote for your favourite!..


    • +James says:

      Yep, looks like they came to this country with a whole pack of race cards.

      Funny who these people from the turd world speak the language of Cultural Marxism. I never realised Frankfurt was in Africa.


    • flexdream says:

      Am I the only one who finds these pictures patronising to black people? Specifically as they assume the viewer must be white?


  7. will says:

    I suppose I should blame the author, but David Hare & the BBC are two sides of the same coin. Hare’s “Page Eight” last night has a veiled Muslim woman as M’s secretary & Mr Ennui (Bill Nighy) has to tell us that he was angry when 56 people were killed in London on 7/7. Well I was/am angry about the deaths of 52 people, I’m not so bothered about the death of 4 murdering Jihadi scum


    • will says:

      That’s before I got as far as the peace activist killed by the evil Jooos. Still watching ….


      • Dave s says:

        Anything by Hare is unwatchable.Lasted five minutes. The BBC is just about his level.


  8. pah says:

    Still watching ….

    Why? You know how it’s going to end …


  9. Thoughtful says:

    Election Fraud
    Duration: 38 minutes
    First broadcast:Tuesday 11 March 2014

    With local authority elections due in May, Allan Urry investigates claims of organised vote rigging.

    Earlier this year, the Electoral Commission identified 16 areas in England with wards that are at particular risk of electoral fraud.

    File on 4 visits some of those towns and cities and hears first hand evidence of intimidation and the widespread abuse of postal votes – including allegations that some people are being pressured into handing over their vote to party activists.

    A candidate who successfully took a court case against his opponent after narrowly losing an election, says some campaigners have lost sight of what is right and wrong.

    And a judge who sits in election fraud cases attacks the system as “shambolic” and “wide open to abuse”.

    So is our voting system too vulnerable to fraud? Are the authorities doing all they can to root out corruptions? And is it time to end postal voting on demand?

    Despite the electoral service commission clearly stating that the problem lies almost exclusively with Pakistani Muslim communities, why does the bBC find it so difficult to tell the truth?

    The program dances around doing everything it can to avoid the unpleasant fact – there is an interview with a returning officer who tells that there hasn’t been a corruption free election in in his borough for the past 7 years at least, and that there is a problem with Pakistanis of rural origin, but although he is allowed to say it, there is no expansion or explanation. The listener is expected to draw the conclusion that it’s an isolated borough, and that other problems are extant elsewhere.

    The Pakistanis in the program are described as being ‘victims’ having had their votes stolen, by shadowy figures who are never identified, even though it is clearly possible to do so.

    It really is worth having a listen to this on iplayer as an example of the bBC dancing around the facts desperate to avoid stating the obvious, and the fact that their favourite brown eyed boys are not behaving themselves !


    • John Anderson says:

      It did state SOME of the truths, the facts. Enough to show this is an ongoing scandal.

      But yes, the BBC was not shoving these facts hard enough at the local councils and the Electoral Commission who should be dealing with it. And the interview with the responsible Minister was pathetic.


    • flexdream says:

      It’s been well known by many for years and years the Pakistani origin muslims have brought corrupt practices to politics, especially postal voting and in local elections. I’m impressed the BBC has actually gone anywhere near this story. What’s the motive?


  10. chrisH says:

    So 93% of the Crimea have voted to join Putins Russia( democratically elected, functioning Duma of a sort anyway) as opposed to Ashtons EU( unelected, ex CND Treasurer and mid-Staffs NHS Trust or suchlike).
    And that EU kryptonite..a REFERENDUM has been employed as well….quelle horreur!
    Still-me and the Muslim umma here in Labourland have 125,000, 000 postal votes here in the name of Abdul Rahman that say that they want to join Pakistan really…who do I send them too?…Orla or Lyse?


    • Gunn says:

      On a 79% turnout too, although the initial version of the BBC story I read omitted this (whilst the current headline has changed to ‘over 90%’ rather than the more specific 93% reported).

      This turnout is significantly higher than the 65% or so that the UK gets during general elections, but that fact doesn’t change the fact that somehow this vote isn’t ‘democratic’.

      Also, whilst 93% seems high, its worth bearing in mind that this is an exit poll, and also that in the last Ukraine election Crimea returned around 80% support for the pro-Russian (and now ousted) prime minister, despite the fact that he was seen as being fairly corrupt.


  11. Reed says:

    The supposedly impartial BBC’s sanctification of Tony Benn is in stark and shocking contrast with their demonisation of Margaret Thatcher when she died

    Well I hope you didn’t miss the BBC’s sanctification of Tony Benn on Friday. No worries if you did, the ritual was still carrying on through yesterday morning. And for sure plenty more opportunities will found by the BBC today, tomorrow and over the next weeks to give over more airtime to this oh so important and worthy man.

    I predict further documentaries and belated filmed obituaries. Just in case the BBC haven’t rubbed his sainthood in enough yet.

    Yet I did not even hear the BBC call Tony Benn ‘controversial’ once. You would think the nation, in its entirety, agreed with his left-wing bonkers ideology.



    • John Anderson says:

      They even cancelled the Saturday afternoon play on Radio 4 to carry yet another Benn programme. The play was one of a series of Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe books – but who cares, Benn was SO important !

      But never mind – last Monday Radio 4 Extra had a play about Afghanistan – “from the point of view of the Taliban”. By an author who had previously written a play about Goose Green – from the POV of the Argies.


      • John Anderson says:

        sorry – the Taliban play was on Radio 4.


      • Lobster says:

        Next week – a play about the BNP from the point of view of Nick Griffin…………. Oh, hang on……..


  12. George R says:

    Islam Not BBC (INBBC): censoring for Islamic jihadists in NIGERIA.

    Question for INBBC: Of which religious persuasion are the ‘Fulani herdsmen’ of Nigeria?

    “Nigeria attacks: 100 killed in attacks on villages in Kaduna”



    “Fulani Muslims Continue to Terrorize Nigeria’s Christian Minorities”




  13. John Anderson says:

    Some commonsense on how to sort out the Israel “problem”.

    The Palestinians will NEVER do a deal – they simply do not want peace, – they simply do not want Israel to exist at all.

    So the stupid ideal of a 2-state solution has been dead – dead for decades.

    Caroline Glick says forget it. Let’s settle it. We need a One-state Solution. Israel takes over the West Bank totally – declares it as part of Israel (which it was meant to be in 1947. Absorbs all the Palestinians there.

    All Palestinians in the West Bank would get to vote for the Knesset – as long as they take Israeli citizenship. That is – they would be invited to get rid of the oppressive, ruthless shackles of the PLO, join a democracy that is prosperous and fully allows religious freedom.

    Obviously a radical idea. But from a very wise journalist.



    • John Anderson says:

      That’s one book that the BBC won’t cover


    • flexdream says:

      Not a practical idea – Israel would recognise it as a Trojan Horse. The West Bank should join Jorda, Gaza should join Egypt.


      • Alan Larocka says:

        Fantastic to see the Dubai police force showing off it’s new £800k Bugatti Veyron patrol car – wonder if they could take it on tour to cheer up the ‘starving’ brothers in Gaza?


      • John Anderson says:

        But Egypt does not want Gaza – it is busy blocking all the tunnels, sees Hamas as being part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

        And Israel cannot relinquish the West Bank to Jordan – it would be suicide from a defence point of view.


  14. Reed says:

    She has wealth, beauty and fame that most people could only dream of.

    But there is one thing that Keira Knightley shares with many of her fans – a hearty dislike of the BBC licence fee.

    The actress has complained she was ‘hounded’ by collectors despite not owning a TV for years, and admits she is one of the many young people who has used iPlayer to watch BBC shows for free.



  15. Guest Who says:

    It’s rather clear many in the Western MSM are not happy about the lead up to or result of the referendum in Crimea, and possibly with some causes for concern. However, it is intriguing again what does exercise them and what they can live with.
    One can also only hope that when Nick Robinson gets answers to his ‘just asking’ questions, before rushing to share them they are supported by more substance than his usual bevy of ‘sources who say’.

    @bbcnickrobinson: Crimea votes to join Russia. Wonder if troops on street, disappearances, media clampdown & rigged question made a difference? #justasking

    #justasking seems a very uncertain ‘reporting’ technique for a senior political editor representing the state media monopoly of another country.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      at BBC hashtag ‘down with the kidz’

      Retweeted by Rachel Burden
      BBC Radio 5 live ‏@bbc5live Mar 14
      Tony Benn regularly went to @GlastoFest: “It almost persuades me anarchy would be possible” > http://bbc.in/1eyTWmY pic.twitter.com/JeOQLM7FTe


  16. Dave666 says:

    It’s Monday it’s BBc breakfast What kind of sanctions may be made against Russia. Ok so a majority voting to join Russia is illegal. Where as here a majority wanting to be rid of the EU aren’t allowed to have a vote despite being repeatedly told we will get a vote, well sort of.