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The BBC produced a programme recently following the lives of some ‘girls’ who are already, or are thinking about becoming, members of the EDL….they began filming before Tommy Robinson jumped ship.


EDL Girls – Don’t Call Me Racist

The English Defence League has gained notoriety as the far-right street movement with racist and extremist members whose protests often end in violence. Many of its members feel misunderstood and misrepresented by the media. This film explores the lives of some of the females living within the EDL’s ranks.



On one level it is purely a fly on the wall film with little intervention from the producers.

AA Gill in the Sunday Times said it was an ‘odd documentary, part fly-on-the wall and part structured inquiry’…and so it was.  The question you might ask is just how much of that ‘structure’ was designed to nudge the viewer into a certain view of these girls and in particular of the EDL and its views?

Gill suggested the BBC was editorially rigorously neutral about the politics, saying this was refreshing and quite brave (hmm…shouldn’t that really be the whole purpose of such a programme….or is Gill suggesting the normal BBC practice is to manipulate what the viewer sees and thinks?…which if course it does.)

He suggest that showing the EDL girls in a not unsympathetic light might not please the BBC bureaucrats…which is a telling comment……if they don’t like your politics you probably won’t get a ‘like’ from the BBC and all the subsequent user friendly coverage the BBC bestows upon its ‘friends’.

Gill says…‘It was far closer to allowing people who don’t normally get a shot at explaining themselves on television a fair, structured but unmediated slice of airtime than they can normally expect.’

Well….I suppose it was ‘more than they could normally expect’ but that isn’t really saying much because there was a vast amount of necessary background left unsaid……the politics, the ideology, any sophisticated argument about what the EDL is opposed to, is left off the record…..which makes the whole programme worthless really….it becomes just a voyeuristic ‘reality TV’ film that teaches us nothing.

Which is perhaps ironic because one of the reasons behind the film was, as the BBC kept telling us, that these girls were fed up with being misrepresented in the media….but the BBC failed to mention its own part in demonising the EDL and making it legitimate to attack EDL members in the street….as happened to one of the main characters who was severely beaten up by anti-EDL ‘protesters’….curious the BBC never examines the violent thugs of the UAF…controlled by Unite…the Union that also controls Miliband.

The BBC set out from the creation of the EDL to vilify it and undermine its credibility…..such as Andrew Neil’s vicious and malign attack on Tommy Robinson, at the instigation of Mehdi Hasan (Islamist….why does Neil not question his motivation and beliefs?) and Sarah Montague’s  remarkable assertion that the EDL’s beliefs are ‘poisonous’….

‘It’s one thing to say these are extremist groups on the fringes…but it’s the extent to which they pollute the rest of the population I suppose in terms of how you deal with it is the concern and how much pollution do you think has gone on?’

Is the London School of Economics ‘polluting the rest of the population’ with their Islamophobic views?

“Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here”: the human rights struggle against Muslim fundamentalism



Gill finishes with   ‘And that is what a liberal public-service broadcaster should be doing.’


Well it should be doing that, providing a voice for the underdog …but it failed on this occasion….missing out any indepth look at the background politics, missing out the BBC’s role in demonising these people and always the ‘innocuous’ slights in the commentary or linked footage that might pass you by or might just be seen as attempts to edge your opinion against the girl’s views, though, as Gill said, the girls themselves did get a ‘not unsympathetic’ hearing but the programme also gave prominence to a girl who decides not to join the EDL in the end…..because she didn’t want to be labeled a racist.

Is that a condemnation of the EDL and its views or of the likes of the BBC which has portrayed the EDL as racist?














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19 Responses to EDL Girls

  1. chrisH says:

    That said, Gill was right in that it was better than we had any right to expect; given how the BBC operates these days.
    Yet, as I quote elsewhere-the commentary was fair enough(largely)…but the accompanying pictures were skewered and clearly biased against the EDL and its girls.
    A real mismatch in parts so I thought-it would need cleverer, more involved people to test the veracity of this, but I sensed a visual stitch up at times.
    And they never followed up on that court case, and the consequences of any person to go “outside the law” once there is a flagrant denial of justice in favour of Muslim vigilantes…a fair programme would ask why the law is such a craven pipe cleaner when it comes to assaults on white girls and mothers.
    We sow the wind, reap the whirlwind…but that`s not in the Koran, so maybe we`ll have to learn its meaning the hard way.
    Without the EU…without the BBC…without the political classes in cahoots…there`d be no EDL.
    And they seem to be pretty moderate compared to what will soon surely be coming if we get no justice.


  2. noggin says:

    “gave prominence to a girl who decides not to join the EDL in the end…..because she didn’t want to be labeled a racist.
    Is that a condemnation of the EDL and its views or of the likes of the BBC which has portrayed the EDL as racist?”

    BBC eh! … racist? … which “race” is Islam?
    Islam IS the most dangerous and retrograde ideology on this planet, it neither deserves or warrants any favour.
    This ideology deserves harsh critical scrutiny, (as a result of its own actions), and it fails that scrutiny again and again.

    BBC … protecting Islam from scrutiny


  3. stuart says:

    that was just horrific the way that white edl angel had to leave her home town after being racially assualted by 2 racist brown skinned muslim cowards,but it got even worse for her because of edlaphobia by the court system and because of that the 2 muslim racists got of scott free and are no doubt laughing there heads off looking for there next white victim to beat up knowing full well the courts will let them walk free,of course if this was a muslim victim of a white racist attack the attackers would be doing 10 years in belmarch prison,this programme revealed 2 things to me,no1.the anger in the white communitys at the way muslim on white racism goes unpunished and ignored,where are the uaf and hope not hate protesting against attacks on white people.no1.this attack on that edl angel by the muslim racists is no isolated case by any stretch,up and down the country there is case after case of white people being brutalised and battered by muslim gangs but these crimes never get highlighted by the media and the police for politacaly correct reasons and never like to class them as racial incidents,no2 there is edlaphobia out there which that documentary gave a insight into and explained to me why there is so much white flight in areas with large muslim populations and why working class white people have had enough of being treated like 3 class citixens in there own country where we are becoming a oppressed minority in areas dominated by hostile and violent muslim racist and extremists.


  4. Rob says:

    The BBC doing a documentary about the EDL is like Phil Shiner doing a documentary on British Collonialism


  5. bob says:

    phil shiner is a communist scumbag and a traitor,the jury that found them muslim scumbags not guilty for beating up that edl girl must of been members of the uaf and muslims


  6. dp21g says:


  7. Alex says:

    Funny how the BBC are very enthusiastic to highlight white girls in gangs but they never seem to mention that in our cities the majority of ‘gangstas’ are black, innit!


    • George Rse says:

      Gangs are all colours. But you don’t live in London so are clearly ignorant. And don’t get too upset but lots of white girls like black boys in any case.

      And if you are an example of a white male who can blame ’em!


      • stewart says:

        Total annihilation of that nasty white race can’t come quick enough is that it George?
        ‘End racism by ending race’ well one anyway

        I left London some time ago, tell me George ‘operation trident’ is that still running?


      • Alex says:

        How do you know I don’t live in London? Anyway, your pathetic comment doesn’t even warrant a response. Check the Met crime statistics before you take your face for a dump next time!


      • Chantelle says:

        The black boys don’t give me so much as a second glance since I dropped to a size 20.


      • Simon says:

        Another “let’s breed out the white race” person but then that is the case across all media at the moment


        • Simon says:

          Also adding to my comment above the whole mixed relationship thing (that a lot of black and Asian people hate as they see it as killing off their race) isn’t as widespread as the media would have us believe. I was in Central London yesterday waiting for someone and saw 100s of couples and out of all of those couples I saw about three mixed ones…one black woman with a white man, an older white woman with an older black man and a young white woman with a young black man. Whatever you think of mixed race couples it isn’t widespread at all


          • Alan Larocka says:

            It is if you watch adverts on TV – I think mixed race couple would outstrip same race couples…….


            • pah says:

              I shouldn’t get too excised about the sociological implications of adverts. They are designed to flog stuff and the overpaid ‘Julians’ that make them think the same as the BBC. Black people don’t watch stuff without black people in it. That may be true (I doubt it) but when you look at how woeful adverts generally are on TV I’d bet the advert men know vey little – except how to screw huge amounts of cash off companies with large advertising budgets.

              So putting a mixed race couple in means they have a wider audience of ‘suckers’. You could argue that that in itself is an indication of the rising tide of immigration I suppose, but again, it’s an advert …


  8. Richard says:

    I am not going to watch this programme simply because I don’t trust the B.B.C. to do anything like this impartially. Perhaps nobody could. I have a suspicion that the best approach to such things is for the programme maker simply to declare their bias at the beginning, saying simply “this is what I think and you can watch my programme bearing that in mind”

    Having said that, I should declare my own bias. I live in a part of the country that means I am hardly touched at all by mass immigration. It has little direct effect on my life.

    But there is a constituency in this country for whom even the so-called “good times” were never that wonderful. When jobs were plentiful, they paid their taxes (and their licence fees) and worked hard in places B.B.C.-types wouldn’t set foot in and for wages the same liberal snobs wouldn’t get out of bed for. Now jobs are fewer, they have to compete with immigrants for the ones that do exist, they have seen their communities changed beyond recognition, nobody took the trouble to ask them if they wanted and of these changes and if they say anything about it they are vilely and unfairly criticised by people who have access to the media and better schools, benefit from other peoples’ low wages, cheap nannies and plumbers and who have the power to exempt themselves from the negative impact of mass immigration. Occasionally they can get attacked and beaten up by useful idiots of the same.

    The surprise isn’t that they don’t like it – the surprise is that that they haven’t gone totally on the rampage.


  9. Mice Height says:

    Such common oiks.
    Certainly not the type of people that one would wish to do cocktails with.


  10. sirus says:

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/index.html….well done femen angels