Past Catching Up


The BBC is up to its old tricks….attacking the Daily Mail for its ‘dodgy past’:


Curious it is so sanguine about the dodgy past of one in its own ranks:

Newsnight reporter faces call to quit over secret links to BNP: Controversial Left-winger tried to cover up role in racist demonstrations

A BBC journalist faced calls for  his sacking last night for attempting to cover up the extent of his involvement with the far-Right British National Party.

Duncan Weldon, the controversial new economics correspondent for Newsnight, took part in a racist leafleting campaign in 2000 which made scaremongering claims about refugees being ‘shipped’ to Newcastle.

The leaflets alleged that a London council planned to move 16,000 asylum seekers to the area, saying the ‘shipping’ of refugees would ‘change the ethnic make-up of the area’, lead to ‘whites living in fear’ and cause Newcastle to become ‘riot-torn’.

The article Duncan Weldon wrote about his time at Oxford with the BNP. He wrote under the false name Sam Healey and admitted being involved in a number of BNP events



A BBC spokesman said last night that Mr Weldon ‘is a highly respected professional who has assured us he has not been a member of the BNP’.


Nick Griffin might be interested…..renounce the ideology and get yourself a job at the Beeb….no questions asked….as long as you’re good at your job.







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11 Responses to Past Catching Up

  1. Frank Words says:

    I say unto you that there shall be more joy in Broadcasting House over one political sinner that repenteth and turns to the left than over ninety and nine just persons who are Tories but payeth their licence fee.

    Here endeth the first lesson.


  2. Thoughtful says:

    It just shows how close the ranks of the Fascist left are. The only difference in the beliefs of the BNP and the left is the target of their hatred, and their favourite people.


    • therealguyfaux says:

      Of course, anyone who would have the temerity to suggest that BNP 2014 is not all that different to Labour 1914 will be looked at askance, to put it mildly.

      So which is it– have BNP remained “orthodox,” or have Labour “mellowed”?


  3. Dazed & Confused says:

    The BBC were also very sympathetic toward the formed N.F. thug Matthew Collins, after he had “grassed” all of his former far right SOCIALIST “mates” to Searchlight for financial gain. Then when Collins went on to write a book on his N.F., C.18 exploits, the BBC helped him plug it via radio 4, outline of that picked up in the link below….


  4. Ndabadingi Sitoli says:

    There many of these ex Nazi’s turned commie. Ricky Thomlinson ex NF now helps out Scargill come election time. Leopard and spots.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      You still have not spelled your name correctly ndabaningi!


      • Ndabadingi Sitoli says:

        I’m dislectic ! And those damn bBc world service. Worse than the old Radio Luxenburg reception. When you going DAB ?


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          Have to add we have gone DAB here, and it’s an appalling service. Quality not a patch on FM.
          Mind you, the long wave was even better.
          Luxembourg reception was shit wasn’t it, but it was either that or dear sweet old Uncle Mac.
          There again, my biggest mistake was writing to Jim’ll fix it so he could get me onto itsa knockout!


      • Ndabaningi Sitoli says:

        I remember you and me eating chocolate at the factory in Dowlais, yum yum.


      • Ndabadingi Sitoli says:

        I remember the times we ate chocolate at the factory in Dowlais, yum yum.


  5. pah says:

    I once met a chap in a pub who claimed that he ‘had made the biggest political shift’ that any one could make as he had quit the NF to join the SWP.

    He took it rather badly when I suggested that he had merely sidestepped from one Jew hating left wing group to another.

    Like Hate not Hope groups such as SWP, UAF, NF and BNP just exist for hate mongs to indulge their negative emotions. Perhaps they should apply to the NHS for funding for catharsis?