Easton Effrontery



Today (0810) ventured onto the ‘frontline’ in the immigration debate as John Humphrys went to Sheffield to look at the ‘Roma’ question.

Interesting as you got a clear picture of one problem in the immigration ‘debate’…those closely involved with immigrants have no intention of actually having a debate….immigration is ‘good’ for better or worse.

Humphrys at least had a reasonable stab at balance…except no he didn’t…the things he said raised the problems and issues….and yet nowhere in the piece had there been time allocated to those with genuine concerns about immigration.

A group of people did have a say…but Humphrys admitted he had been ‘ambushed’ by the local residents…in other words there had been no plan to talk to them…just the local council official dealing with immigrants and an immigration help service representative….in other words two people who had no intention of saying anything negative about the issues and wanted to sweep all the problems under the carpet…‘it’ll all turn out OK in the end’….well that’s OK then…just when is the ‘end’ going to be?  There is no end in sight….as immigration continues to swamp the country….it doesn’t stop, it’s a never ending problem, even if one group did ‘integrate’ they are immediately replaced by another…so no, there will never be an ‘end’.

We then came back to the studio….and who pops in for a chat…Mark Easton…the BBC’s very own ‘Open Borders’ PR guru who thinks we should all just learn to love and accept immigrants and luxuriate in the benefits they bring to our country.

Easton’s thought for the day….We should have a calm, reasoned and sensible debate…just as proposed by that (Tiny) Tory group which opposes all measures to limit immigration, oh, and the Libdems of course….and we know their opinions….not forgetting Labour’s part in all this…the cause of the problem.


So all who want no limits on immigration are ‘reasoned and sensible’,  all who actually want a calm, reasoned and sensible debate, aren’t at all calm, reasoned and sensible…they’re all fascist, xenophobic little Englanders….. is the implication from what Easton suggests.



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29 Responses to Easton Effrontery

  1. chrisH says:

    We all know the dog whistle words.
    No “reasoned and calm” debate allowed over gay marriage or global warming allowed…only passion and laws after agitprop get THAT job done…if we apply reason and the rule of law after due democratic process…then the Fascists and phobes win!
    So Occupy…agitate, militate, activise, demonstrate and other non-words apply, for THESE causes demand passion and torchlight parades, under BBC arc lamps as needs be.
    But when it comes to immigration or the EU…well calm measured, mature reflection apply here….cool heads, sensible discussion and consensus, enquiries and data gathering please.
    Thereby allowing loads more to flood in, loads more xenophobic laws to be passes in Brussels…and the rapdi colonisation of the agar plate by the Islam bacillus and its BBC vectors.
    The two-speed cultural trains are rolling…we need the fast one, leave the BBC to Pete Waterman and his steam trains.
    The BBC are hogging ours-time to kick them off for free riding at our expense without any authority to mediate between whitey and the colourful Roma community, the vibrant Pakistani one.


  2. Roland Deschain says:

    I caught that section and was struck by the clear implication that there was UKIP’s position and there was a calm, reasoned and sensible position.

    In suggesting that the Roma would with time intergrate it was also accepted, without question, that the Asians had integrated now.

    As you say, no intention of a debate. We’ll tell you what’s good for you.


    • Flexdream says:

      UKIP’s position on immigration is the same as that of the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.


  3. Doublethinker says:

    I hope that one day the true voice of the British people will be heard. perhaps UKIP will be so successful in the European Elections along with the other European parties that represent the indigenous people, that even the BBC will realise that millions of Brits , perhaps a substantial majority , totally disagree with the liberal left mass immigration policy. They may also realise that, despite their best attempts for several decades, we don’t want to integrate on any terms but our own. We don’t want to be enriched by alien cultures. If immigrants want to live here they will have to accept our culture and our laws. If they don’t want to accept them, then we can show them an open door , a wide open door, back to where they came from.
    So the BBC can put that in Benn’s pipe and smoke it.


    • Rtd Colonel says:

      Sadly I fear too late – no chance of getting out of the EU let alone shutting the doors to Non EU benefit/health immigration – Andrew Neather’s confession has come true. Like in the US the demographics have changed to the point where no party willing to take effective action can ever be elected in this country. Camoron is fully onboard with this or he could have made redrawing electoral boundaries a dissolution issue; could have done something on postal voting, could have reformed the judiciary – the LIMP dems have been his (allegedly) tiny fig leaf.


  4. George R says:

    ‘Panorama’ did a critical investigation ( in February) of how illegal immigrants into Britain use a fake ‘foreign students’ route:
    “The Student Visa Scandal”
    (30 min video here)-

    Now is the time for Beeboids to do an update report, indicating role of N.Clegg and Lib Dems in blocking the deportation of illegal immigrants-

    ‘Daily Mail’ today-

    “The truth about Britain’s bogus foreign students: They work illegally, claim benefits… and one ‘college’ had no teachers.
    “Home Office blitz against migrants and their colleges is being blocked by Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems.
    “At a single college, 397 students with no right to work in Britain were caught earning more than £20,000 a year.
    “At same private college, 62 students wrongly pocketed benefits.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2591207/Britains-bogus-foreign-students-They-work-illegally-claim-benefits-one-college-no-teachers.html#ixzz2xFkbyaRb


    • pah says:

      Funnily enough there was a programme on one of the Sky channels called UK Border Force or something similar at breakfast time. It showed Immigration Officers raiding an ‘Indian’ restaurant and finding all five workers there were illegals. They let them all go because, despite knowing they were illegals (one of the Officers had arrested one of the cooks the previous week at a different restaurant!) if they did not give proof of their identity then they couldn’t deport them.

      It’s a merry little game for the illegals. Once here, if they have one, they destroy their passport and papers and hey presto they are here to stay.



      • Rob says:

        I agree, What should happen is that The Boarder Agency should have the power to nominate a country of origin and if that person does not agree the onus should be upon them to prove otherwise.


  5. Umbongo says:

    Contrast Humphrys’ questioning of the unhappy residents of Sheffield with his (non)questioning of demonstrators in Greece at the time of the euro-generated meltdown. Did Humphrys ever ask the anti-banker/anti-capitalist crowd about alternatives? Did he ask them what would happen after all the bankers had been hanged? Furthermore, did anyone on Today ask the Occupy louts to explain – let alone justify by reasoned argument – the policies they were trying to impose by force? And when did Humphrys last give a rep from the ANL a going over? To ask such questions is to answer them.
    God forbid that the “righteous” indignation of leftie nutters should be questioned by the BBC. OTOH, as Alan writes, when the rights of immigrant parasites are questioned, when the righteous indignation of those suffering from the effects espoused by the biens pensants boils over, Humphrys and Easton tilt the balance. It was a bit difficult this morning since, as someone (IIRC from Sheffield Council) said , the anti-Roma demonstrators could not be condemned as “racist” since they were black, white and Pakistani.
    Even so, as Humphrys and Easton tried to convey, despite not being technically “racist”, the residents were mired in prejudice by their reluctance to give the Roma another 25 years to “integrate”. News maybe to Humphrys but the Roma, for good or ill, like their confreres the Irish “travellers”, don’t want to integrate. As long as they are indulged by the political class they will pursue their own way of life to the obvious annoyance and detriment of the settled population who are sentenced to live along side them and the expense of the rest of us who are taxed to subsidise their life-style.


    • chrisH says:

      Pretty clear too about how this “Roma worker” was introduced.
      Apparently she “ran an advice centre” for the Roma.
      This would imply that she was a self-employed entrepreneur who had found a gap in the Big Society and was filling it.
      As it was, I can bet that she`s a paid shill and stickybeak for the State in the form of Sheffield Diversity Commisariat or whatever local variance there is for that “role” in our “more challenged and vulnerable societies”.
      Basically a State sponsored , leaflet dispersing member of the Multiculti Industry…and would never have done a days work in her life outside its gilded cage of privileges.She needs a factory reset-she told us that the mob she refused to meet on the street was not racist because blacks and Pakistanis were in the crowd that told her to F888off in thirty languages.
      In other words-patronising, cowardly and racist herself-I myself am colourblind to pigment, so could not have mentioned any skin shades, unlike our Yorkshire bigot on the Council payroll.
      She did-HATE CRIME!…send her down turnkey!
      Only hope someone will set Hampstead Heath and Upper Street on the Roma satnavs as grand places to park up and share in the celebrations of we white trashy types being Britcoins for Islam and the Euro…
      Wossys got a nice garden I believe-and we license fee payers paid for it-so let the Roma have it for a while.
      Could even make a “Ground Force” from the high jinks sure to follow!


  6. George R says:

    Has M. EASTON ever spoken against the irresponsibility of an open-door, mass immigration ‘policy’ of unlimited immigration into Britain? For Beeboids, could Britain ever have too many immigrants? (Beeboids never seem to like to talk numbers, and upper limits, on the issue of immigration.)
    On their propaganda for mass immigration (in line with Labour Party) so far, Beeboids, such as Easton, have given political priority to immigrants over indigenous British people, and continue to do so.


  7. The General says:

    “…….We should have a calm, reasoned and sensible debate…”
    But the problem would be in which language that would be held in ?


  8. Rory Smith says:

    The BBC is not biased against the tories. The twop main politcal correspondents are tories. Andrew Neil and Nick Robinson. Look up Robinson wikipedia article. “At university he was President of the Oxford University Conservative Association in 1986, he spent a year as national chairman of the Young Conservatives,[4] and earned the nickname “Blue Robbo”, “


    • chrisH says:

      I thought that this had been dealt with Rory.
      The political parties are no indicator of their lefty credentials or not…they are all culturally Liberal and Labour in person.
      Whether they were in the BNP as Newsnights new boy was-or not- is irrelevant.
      Global warming, gay marriage, the EU referendum, anti-Christian, Israel and USA(Obama and Clintons excepted)…Nick and Owen Jones are as one!
      Whether Cameron hugged a hoodie or a a husky might make you think that Cameron`s a Tory-but those actions are those of any liberal/Labour suckup in the cultural sphere-hence the BBC approval.
      The BBC is biased against Conservatism-and if any Tory dares to state a true conservative position(as opposed to Blair-Brown-Cameron posturings)-they don`t get onto the media.
      Simple as.


    • Henry Wood says:

      It seems a pity that “Blue Robbo” has forgotten every single thing from his student days. Perhaps he underwent a DNA transfusion during his indoctrination to the BBC.


      • TigerOC says:

        No money trumps all personal beliefs for most. He either tows the BBC left liberal line set by his bosses or finds another job. He knows he will never find a cushier number than that at the BBC so he follows the party line.


    • Dave s says:

      Tory Tory . No indication of a true conservative. In fact the majority Tory party view is not what I call conservative. It reflects and desperately tries to win the approval of the new establishment. The liberal elite. The real culture war is between this elite and the rest of us conservatives. It is about to enter an interesting phase.
      I hope this liberal elite dislikes me as much as I dislike it.


  9. Henry Wood says:

    Why do the likes of the BBC insist that I could be enriched by absorbing the culture of immigrants yet they never tell it the other way: how immigrants *would* be enriched if they bothered to learn and absorb some of the culture of the country they have chosen for their new home.
    If they absorbed just a little bit of Britishness perhaps they would learn that not all things said in daily life are meant to be taken with absolute seriousness. They might even learn a little bit of give and take instead of TAKE! TAKE TAKE!


  10. stuart says:

    well the tensions and problems in that part of sheffield seems to betreen the pakistani immigrant muslim community and the roma immigrant gyspy community,the racism betreen these communitys is quite shocking,i even heard one pakistani community leader called abdul say that the roma have brought crime,hanging about the streets intimidating people and leaving rubbish in the streets,well forgive me there,but alot of english people living in areas with large muslim communitys have made the same complaints about there behavior when they moved into english towns and citys and we was slammed as racists for making them comments by the very same people who are now pointing the finger at the roma gyspy community who have immigrated into there areas,i call that a case of hypocrisy and double standards from the pakistani muslim immigrant community in this country.


  11. johnnythefish says:

    Whenever do you hear the BBC give these people a say…

    ‘Public fury ahead of TV debate as 70 per cent of Britons says we MUST ban new migrants

    ALMOST three out of four Britons want immigration to be reduced or stopped completely, a poll shows.’


    But as this is the same BBC which uses any excuse to get Slimeball Mandelson on to tell us little people that we can’t be trusted with a vote on Europe, what should we expect.


  12. Dave s says:

    There comes a moment when, if you are sensible, you completely ignore everything that come out of the liberal elites and their tame broadcasters.
    You just ignore the fantasies and the rubbish. Then there is no stress and no need ever to argue the point.
    You are free.
    You know what sort of country you want and that is enough.
    Talk amongst yourselves and your friends and keep optimistic. The elite’s day is coming to an end.
    I don’t really care about BBC bias I just want it sold off or gone. Not really bothered about what happens then. I am sure it will only be for the better.


  13. Bodo says:

    Ah yes, “calm, reasoned and sensible debate”… this is the usual slogan of the pro immigration lobby when they have been confronted with inescapable proof of the damage that immigration has done. The “yes, let’s have a debate about that, but not now, sometime in the future”, meaning never of course.
    They want to ignore all the costs of immigration and only talk about the benefits, and if someone does mention the costs you can rest assured that those on the left, including the BBC, will rapidly resort to non-calm, unreasonable and sensless attacks, and insults, and smears.

    Mark Easton and Evan Davies are the two worst offenders when it comes to bias on immigration. Davis has made disgracefully biased programmes seeking to portray “the truth” when in fact they were nothing but propaganda – expect more in the run up to the next general election. And don’t forget Easton said that the white flight over the last decade from London (600,000) was “a sign of success”.

    The BBC has admitted on several occasions that their coverage of immigration is biased, but it has made no difference to their coverage. They just carry on as before.
    The BBC cannot be reformed. I used to think it could. It just needs closing down.


  14. S## the Lot Of Them says:

    How shall we fund the BBC ?
    A calm ,reasonable,sensible debate please with no threats of imprisonment !


    • Bodo says:

      The BBC has been on the back foot over the last couple of weeks re the licence fee, I’m gutted that the government has let them off the hook with the promise of a review lasting until after the next election. The smug look on ex labour MP and current BBC head of strategy James Purnell was too much to bear. If labour win in 2015 the BBC knows their position is safe. Labour will never do anything to jeopardise their major ally.

      The MPs in favour of the licence fee reform should have stuck to their guns and told the BBC to adopt the moral high ground and stop prosecuting people immediately – irrespective of any future government review.


      • Dave s says:

        Exactly. Prosecutions should have been stopped at once. It is completely indefensible that they should continue. I would love to hear a liberal beeboid defend this point.


  15. Beness says:

    More people = more tellies.

    More tellies = more taxes.

    Wether the new peope pay the license fee seems to be a moot point.