I was up early this morning and tuned into the SUNDAY programme on Radio 4 presented by my old pal William Crawley. There was a story about how ISLAM was the fastest growing religion in the UK,  a story about the terrible “poverty” facing the UK that requires Food Banks and the like and a story about the need for an amnesty for terrorists in Northern Ireland. That was in about 30 minutes. The bias is so easy, so institutionalised, that it just flows out naturally.

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  1. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Ah the food banks! Aljabeeba breakfast, John Kay and Naga, waxing long and lyrical about the poverty. They even had a special report filmed in some inner city….oops…errrr..no, they went to Thurso?
    A place crawling ( not) with brown faces.
    They even managed to find a Citizens Advice centre manager to say, that people who have NO FOOD and no means of getting any actually refuse foodbank vouchers because of pride. What utter shite.
    Next up some lefty religious author to echo the concern shown by Justin Welby, and to rubbish the centre page spread in the Mail on Sunday which exposed some well off folk taking food from food banks.
    The article brings shame on the press according to our religious writer.
    Next up….the bbc coupe de grace, a neat juxtaposition of an item about Prince George, declaring him to be both grumpy and Podgy!
    Obviously overfed in these tough times huh?

    Bbc British Bastrds and. ……


    • Guest Who says:

      The whole food bank thing had rather passed me by, but I imagined its core was laudable in getting nutrition to those in need via the generosity of the charitable, via the most efficient and cost effective means possible.
      However a local appeal by a church group here seems more a PR stunt in support of boosting the profits of struggling supermarkets.
      They are actually advocating folk buy off the shelves and then donate. No discounting or economies of scale; no amortising distribution costs, etc.
      It may have started with sincere aims but now seems an utterly barking vehicle for tribal political symbolism than sensible means of meeting genuine need.
      No wonder the BBC is going large.


    • BBC love a Labour luvvie says:

      Funny how the BBC only ever seem to highlight Daily Mail / Mail on Sunday reports on their paper reviews when it can be used to either knock a Tory or to discredit an article that a) exposes left-wing failure and b) is likely to be a well received article.


      • George R says:

        Yes, and other times, BBC-NUJ censors out entirely any coverage of ‘Daily Mail’ front pages which reported on Labour Party’s Harman-Dromey-Hewitt and their links to NCCL, and their attitudes to paedophiles.


  2. London Calling says:

    Food Banks are totally unnecessary. People apparently have to get referred to food banks by professionals, who have their own motivations. It’s no skin off their nose, so as gatekeepers, entirely untrustworthy.
    The benefit system ensures people in need have sufficient to feed themselves, unless they have other priorities than eating, of course. Supplementing their benefits with free food bank supports those other priorities – possibly making alcohol and cigarettes “more affordable”?
    As is usual, do-gooding generally does more harm than good and encourages dependency , which is why it is beloved by our poverty-worshipping liberal media elite.


  3. Guest Who says:

    Decided to do a bit of background googling on the subject as the MSM seems a bit sparse on detail beyond the ‘human side’ of the crisis ((c) Daily Mirror). Frankly lean pickings (sorry about that) elsewhere too. The Wiki entry starts off well enough with the origins, especially in the USA, but then seems to have been hijacked in the UK section… ‘What have we become?’ Really? In a sober factual entry?
    So I’m still struggling with who appoints and verifies and monitors referrers (a policeman… on what basis? A Doctor, other than on malnutrition? Unlikely in the UK unless Sharon Shoesmith is rehired by the local social services) and on what basis these fine people are guided, or indeed able to make sensible judgements. Our local police and GPs have near zero awareness of people’s circumstances back home. I’m pretty sure holiday stubble, the ripped spring cleaning jeans and a sob story would see me right. The Doc may wonder about the BMI, mind.
    And while not a good guide in all things, one presumes means testing is off the table (sorry again) when pretty relevant here.
    If the inability to afford food is clear and present, are factors such as the possession of a car (preferably taxed and insured) for more than employment use, or a smoking habit, pub frequency or Sky (and consequent TVL) subs taken into account, or even asked about?
    If not, why not?


  4. Scott says:

    Ah, Vance and his love of quote marks around the word poverty. How “Christian” of the little man.


    • Guest Who says:

      Awesome contribution on near every basis there, all in one sentence.
      Raising the precedent of use of “quotes” on a forum discussing BBC professional competence and integrity is brave for one who usually avoids going near the actual topic at all costs.


      • Alec Coole says:

        I sometimes wonder why the guy comes on here. Contributes very little and now just indulges in tit for tat abuse. Maybe he’s a masochist.


    • Fuzzy Wuzzy says:

      At least you can “troll” on here and not be censored or blocked. I once went onto a lefty run anti Daily Mail website, pointed out an error, ie a complete lefty lie, in a post and promptly had my user name blocked. Instead of knocking your host you ought be thankful that you are allowed to comment on here.


    • CCE says:

      Any views on the BBC’s (lamentable) coverage of ‘Trojan Horse’ Scott?


    • flexdream says:

      Great “contribution” Scott.


      • Big Dick says:

        Scott , one day in the not too distant future “The Religion of Peace” will come a knocking at your door ,& they won`t be asking you to “convert” either. Happy Easter .


        • Scott says:

          Funny pseudonym. I’m guessing it’s as accurate as Thoughtful’s is. What next, David Vance changing his name to “youthful vote-winner”?

          Still, you celebrate the Christian day of rejoicing by being offensive about every single member of another religion if you want. I’m sure it’s what Jesus would have wanted.

          Or more likely he’d be disgusted by the attitude you, Vance and the rest of the small-minded bigots, hiding behind your keyboards in the pretence that trying to play the heavyweight online adds meaning to your life in the real world.


  5. DP111 says:

    A certain fraction of whatever funds collected by Islamic charities, I believe has to go to fund Jihad.


  6. Hugo says:

    David, you have been a little economical with the truth here. I also listened to the Sunday programme on Radio 4. It didn’t say Islam was the UK’s fastest growing religion; it said Islam was the fastest growing religion in the world (which is a fact, like it or not). The programme didn’t report, as you suggest, that there’s a need for food banks; merely that the use of emergency food parcels is increasing. Another inconvenient fact, I’m afraid. And, finally, the programme didn’t suggest that amnesty in Northern Ireland is needed; it broadcast a debate between two victims of the Troubles who held differing views on the question – a balanced and interesting discussion, in my opinion. You say William Crawley is an “old pal”? With friends like you, David …