The ‘Cost of Living Peacefully’ Crisis



Chickens coming home to roost…thanks to George R:

The Frightened Arts

In the new edition of Standpoint, out this week, NCF director Peter Whittle writes that far from being cutting-edge, the British cultural establishment ignores the biggest threat to artistic freedom: radical Islam


It is indeed the increasing presence of Islam, and a fear of Islamism, which more than anything else has exposed the claims of the arts apologists to be seriously at the forefront of anything.

Over the past decade people in the arts have caved in and censored themselves at the prospect of Islamist reaction, sometimes out of fear of violence, other times a politically correct desire not to give offence, or because in some skewed way they feel their job is to stand up for those their dogma tells them are “victims”.

Grayson Perry should perhaps get the last word. In 2007 he declared in a statement which some admired for its honesty but others might have seen as depressing evidence of how meek our arts had become, that when it came to his own work, he had “not gone all out attacking Islamism because I feel the real fear that someone will slit my throat”.



All that time spent praising the Islamic ‘Golden Age’ and the ‘Religion of Peace’ and this is how they repay you….living in fear that uttering a wrong word will get your throat slit.


















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8 Responses to The ‘Cost of Living Peacefully’ Crisis

  1. john in cheshire says:

    What has islam contributed to the world for which we can all say thank you? Answer : nothing.
    What has Christianity contributed to the world for which we can all have for nothing? Answer : Believe in Jesus Christ and you can have forgiveness of your sins and be received into the house of God. Now, that’s what I call a good deal.
    Whereas, islam just promises hatred, pain and death. Now, which option would an atheist choose, I wonder?


    • DP111 says:

      Hello John

      You forget that Islam promises 72 virgins. Isn’t that a big deal or what?


    • DP111 says:

      Oh I forgot

      Charity Commission warns of Islamic extremism threat

      Islamic extremism is the “most deadly” threat to charities in England and Wales, the Charity Commission has said.

      Chairman William Shawcross warned that while the issue is not currently widespread, it is growing.

      Mr Shawcross told the Sunday Times the regulator is taking action against charities sending money to various groups in Syria.

      He has asked the prime minister for measures to stop those with terrorism convictions from setting up charities.

      Currently, those convicted of money laundering or terrorism are not automatically barred from doing so, or from becoming a trustee.

      I don’t of this is true, but all Islamic charities have to contribute a certain fraction to Jihad.

      So we have Islamic takeover of schools and massive vote fraud ie undermining democracy. That’s just for starters.


      • chrisH says:

        You need only go to Levenshulme or Rusholme in Manchester.
        1. Green Crescent on Black background “charity” sets up by a kebab shop.
        2. Few weeks furtive activity
        3. Police raid if we`re lucky
        4. Charity premises lie dormant a few weeks.
        5. Nearby house becomes a madrassa and the new flag is a black-grey background this time
        6. Community cohesion restored.
        7. Request for chemistry books and Punjabi script for rice as opposed to ricin…which can easily be confused…and does chapatti flour really need H202 as a raising agent?
        Yes-2004-7 was interesting as we saw much of this…don`t imagine much will have changed, except the States willingness to bother to anticipate the obvious.
        As long as it`s not divisive eh Beeb?


  2. roland says:

    islam is the devils religion and muslims are there discyples


  3. chrisH says:

    If Grayson would confine himself to a burqa, he`d probably find a nice Muslim man to go diamond shopping with, before he dumps the matching outfit to get out of the country…or even the other side of the mosque, seeing as the police find keeping tabs on that every bit as much the problem as fleeing the country.
    Thank you John Reid!
    Perry dresses provocatively to the dyed-beard community…apart from that, he`ll be alright…