You might have thought it strange that the independent BBC is a member of the CBI….but it was, still is in fact for now:


BBC suspends CBI membership over its no campaign in Scottish referendum

The BBC has joined the exodus from the CBI after the employers’ organisation registered as an official no campaign in the Scottish independence referendum.

But the BBC said its suspension would only come into effect during the 16 weeks of the official referendum campaign period from 30 May to 18 September. Every other CBI member to have left, including the broadcaster STV, has done so with immediate effect.

A spokesman for the first minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, said the BBC had “done the right thing”. Asked about the much shorter period of its membership suspension, he said: “It’s up to the BBC to decide exactly what the parameters are.”

But he added: “We’re quite clear that publicly funded bodies have an obligation and in the case of the BBC, an overriding obligation, to be impartial and to be seen to be impartial.”


Judging by the BBC’s coverage of the Independence campaign I’d say Salmond has little to worry about.




However others beg to differ………There are many, many accusations of pro-Union bias against the BBC…..


This is an example of the Yes campaign’s evidence of bias:

– On 24/6/13 in STV at 6, the presenter, referring to a report from the ‘Scottish Institute’ offers unchallenged the notion that the Scottish armed forces ‘might have trouble recruiting due to lack of adventure’! The possibility of the reverse trend is not considered.


[Are the yes campaigners suggesting Scottish soldiers don’t want adventure then?]



So, on the objective evidence presented here, the mainstream TV coverage of the first year of the independence referendum campaigns has not been fair or balanced. Taken together, we have evidence of coverage which seems likely to have damaged the Yes campaign.


An academic has accused BBC Scotland of “thought control” and “suppressing” critical research which he published into coverage of the independence referendum on TV news.


BBC the New Hammer of the Scots

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I’d Hammer out Danger – I’d Hammer Out a Warning

BBC anti-Scots propaganda is moving beyond the risible towards the truly chilling



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14 Responses to CBI BYE BYE BBC

  1. Alex says:

    Shouldn’t the BBC, by its very nature, be anti-Independence? Partial? The ridiculous situation we have, though, is the Marxists at the BBC bum licking Nationalists because, yes you guessed it, like the Cornish, the Scottish Nationalists are a perceived minority struggling for the righteous land, and we all know how a lefty likes minorities.


  2. George R says:

    Still, as long as the hordes of brothers and sisters, and fathers of the chapel of the BBC-National Union of Journalists keep up their political support for the policies of the TUC, that’s impartiality!


  3. TheHighlandRebel says:

    Adolph Salmond has a bloody cheek talking about the media when his brownshirt knuckledragging scum shout down and abuse and physically threaten anyone who doesn’t share their anti semitic, anti Christian propaganda.

    Here’s Adolphs sidekick, Reich Grupenfuhrer Knickers Sturgeon telling us that freedom of speech will not be tolerated in an independant Scotland….only Islamic lies and terrorist propaganda will be acceptable.


  4. Doublethinker says:

    Unless there is a massive rejection of Independence by the Scots , which seems highly unlikely, the BBC is on a loser. It is almost certain that Scotland will either be an independent country or that the Scots will be given devomax as a reward for voting no.( Unless the NO vote is so overwhelming that there is no need for devomax). Either way time for UK as we know it is up.
    If the Scots get devomax then all politicians must realise that the people of RUK will not allow Scots to have an even more powerful ‘double vote’ in the union than they have now. RUK will want to have its own national governments for each of the three countries with powers equal to those of Scotland, with a UK wide Federal parliament sitting above these national governments. Alternatively, RUK will require a parliament where Scots MPs are excluded from the decision making on matters where Holyrood has powers. This seems unsustainable and the UK will become a federal state as outlined above.
    Once that happens the BBC is in trouble because England will be consistently Tory and the BBC’s time will be up.
    If Scotland votes for independence then a similar scenario unfolds, with RUK more likely to be Tory than Labour, and so more likely to take the axe to the BBC.
    No doubts there will much manoeuvering and rearguard actions by the BBC which will cause some pauses and wrong turns , but the trend to its demise looks clear.


  5. moise pippic says:

    If Scotland votes yes for Independence , what happens to the BBC?
    Will it be broken up with a Scottish Broadcasting Corporation receiving a licence fee from people resident in Scotland?
    What contingency plans have the UK Govt and the BBC made?


    • BBC Love a Labour Luvvie says:

      It’s bleedin’ obvious what will happen. The signal will still go out, as now, still picked up by 98% of the Scottish population, but they won’t be asked to pay for it! It will be another example of the English Brits paying to let the Scottish Brits get it for nothing.


  6. DJ says:

    Curiously enough, the CBI’s endorsement of the EU and Open Borders presents no problems for the BBC. I wonder why?


  7. Albaman says:

    Alan says:

    “There are many, many accusations of pro-Union bias against the BBC…..
    This is an example of the Yes campaign’s evidence of bias:
    – On 24/6/13 in STV at 6:………………………….”

    Pity your knowledge of Scottish media does not even extend to knowing that the BBC and STV are completely different!!

    The clue is perhaps in their names.


  8. TheHighlandRebel says:

    The SNP have spent an inordinate amount of time lately promoting defending and legalising sodomy and buggery but they still can find plenty of time to air their anti semitism and hatred on our streets.
    Here’s the evil bitch Sandra White on one of her many anti semitic rants. Maybe she’s got a complex because she knows she’s fucking ugly or maybe or maybe it’s just because she’s a vile turd. Whatever the reason all I can say to her and her type is get the fuck out of Scotland and bring your terrorist promoting lies and shitspeak with you……scum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EebmECEbhvg


  9. chrisH says:

    The SNP are both nationalist and socialist.
    They are the National Socialist Party for Scotland.
    Yet we go along with the dyslexia involved.
    The NSP(Scotland Branch) are very dangerous…as we could all see when Nigel Farage dared to walk down an Edinburgh street last year.
    Tomorrow belongs to them…och aye.


  10. stuart says:

    never mind the scottish rebels,the bbc and radio 5 live and stephen nolan have decided to smear ukip as racists and bigots 2 nights running,heh bbc radio 5 live,it is not working nolan,the more you smear ukip the more ukip get more votes and stick are fingers up 2 you leftie patronising lovers of mass immigration and appeasers of trojan horse islamists child abusers like in birminghamm,stick 2 fingers up to radio 5 live and these anti ukip bbc commies by voting ukip in the euro elections.screw the pc lefties,vote ukip.


  11. bob says:

    unbash the ukip haters and send a message to the pc scum that your time is up,vote ukip