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It is remarkable that a document, Meeting the needs of Muslim pupils in state schools (save to open), written by someone now central to the claims about a ‘Muslim Trojan Horse’ plot to Islamise schools is now ignored by the BBC….the document proves that this person had the intent to Islamise schools….and yet the BBC instead prefers to suggest another document professing the same Islamising agenda is fake in an attempt to undermine the credibility of the reports.

To report on the 2007 document would just confirm the Trojan Horse allegations are true and that a so-called moderate body, the MCB,  that represents the Muslim community in the UK, and a frequent guest on the BBC, was at the heart of that operation.

That might suggest that the MCB is not so ‘moderate’ nor to be trusted….. and it might then be difficult for the BBC to pass off Islam as a ‘moderate religion’ if schools adopting  its basic practices are dubbed victims of an extremist, Islamist plot.

Best not to report it then…..as ‘Is the BBC biased’ says….the BBC’s coverage of the same story can appear to come from somewhere unique to the BBC. Somewhere strange.


We had a look at this earlier:

Trojan Horse, Spartan Facts


Now Andrew Gilligan in the Telegraph has a look at the 2007 MCB document:

Guide to school Islamisation, by ‘ringleader’ of Trojan Horse plot

School governor who is alleged ringleader of the Trojan Horse plot in Birmingham wrote 72-page document on manipulating teachers and curriculum

The alleged ringleader of the Trojan Horse plot wrote a detailed blueprint for the radical “Islamisation” of secular state schools which closely resembles what appears to be happening in Birmingham.

Tahir Alam, chairman of governors at Park View school in the city, called for “girls [to] be covered except for their hands and faces”, advocated gender segregation in some school activities, and attacked a “multicultural approach” to collective worship.



What is of note is that the ‘Trojan Horse’ inquiry has so far been limited to 25 schools in Birmingham and yet this 2007 document from the MCB was distributed nationally to all education authorites many of whom must have adopted its advice.


About time the BBC started to investigate?  Just how many schools nationally have been induced to make changes to schools in order to suit Muslims to the detriment of other pupils?

How many schools nationally now force their non-Muslim pupils to act in a way that doesn’t ‘offend’ Muslims or are forced to become ‘virtual Muslims’ as schools introduce changes to suit Muslims that non-Muslims have to fit in with….such as segregated sports or swimming or eating Halal food?

How many schools nationally promote the Islamist agenda in a mistaken belief that it helps integration?  A belief promoted by the MCB and the BBC in fact….The MCB claiming that not integrating is in fact the best way of integrating….The result of meeting Muslim needs in mainstream schools is that Islam and Muslims become a normal part of British life and that we become fully integrated in this way.

The BBC’s Phil Mackie supports the idea that Muslims are somehow alienated and therefore in need of special consideration….’a population which already feels isolated and victimised and put upon.’


Strange that at other times the BBC are ready, when it doesn’t suit their usual agenda of blaming foreign policy for ‘alienating Muslims’ and sanitising their religion, to claim that Muslims are well integrated (What makes a British Muslim become a suicide bomber?….oh yes…foreign policy, nothing to do with Islam itself) and indeed are more British and patriotic than the ‘natives’.




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3 Responses to ‘Official Sensitive’

  1. noggin says:

    Phil Mackie? sheesh! couldn t investigate a birthday card.
    BBC … caught with its pants down again, batting for the wrong side. these Islamophiles, are indicative of our government, our broadcaster, and most of our media.
    Bham schools? … wake up, read schools Burnley, Bolton Bradford etc, read nationally, read local councils, local government, and all the way up the chain etc.

    … “Islam IS the Trojan Horse” …


  2. chrisH says:

    Quite biblical as afar as I can see.
    Jesus did day that when you clear one spirit from the house(and the Christian one has already pretty much slunk off), you`ll get seven more in its place that will be far worse.
    Given how many mutants of Islam and Secular liberalism and Communism/Socialisms that there are…I myself would start my tree diagram with Gadhaffis Third Way and work back…with Petra Kelly/Rudolf Bahros EuroGreen Socialism way up there too.
    Or…UN and EU policies…in any case, there`s more than seven now…for New Testament Judea was a simpler time.


  3. George R says: