Plurality Futility


The egregious ‘Hacked Off’ is trying to impose EU diktat upon the  Media..something that could well backfire upon the Hacked Off friendly BBC.


This is one of their slides from their presentation (Via Guido):


We all know that…and yet Labour and Hacked Off don’t seem to have a problem with the BBC dominating the Media scene.

Strange that they don’t mind such a right wing organisation (h/t Owen Jones) ruling the roost.




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7 Responses to Plurality Futility

  1. stuart says:

    talking about owen jones,i swear that he is the president of the liberal democrats tim farrons lovechild,they look identical,they talk identical,even there mouth movements are identical when they spout out all the leftist garbage non stop on the bbc,these pair fascinate me in how similar they look and share the same politics.hows that owen baby,am i onto something here.


  2. roland says:

    bnp politacal broadcaste cartoon censored and banned by the politacal establishment and ofcom tonight. but uncensored version on there website,how strange


  3. RJ says:

    To drift the topic slightly: most of the people I know had little time for Hacked Off and thought that the Leveson conclusion for increased regulation of the press was unjustified. Over the past week the frequent attempts to smear UKIP are leading to a change of view. The press (including the BBC) might think that it’s winning friends among the LibLabCon politicians, but it is throwing away public support.

    I want a free and uncensored press, but not one that tells lies.


    • Judge Dread says:

      No doubt whatsoever, that the BBC/Channel 4, will be putting together a huge smear documentary against UKIP, to be screened just before the EU elections, designed to have a maximum impact on the more gullible members of the public.
      I believe the one thing that virtually all the print and tele-visual media have lost is credibility with the general public.
      Please, no one talk of freedom of the press, as far as I am concerned they have abused their position of power.


  4. bob says:

    the anti ukip smear campaign seems to be failing even before it has started.ukip seems to be getting stronger no matter how much flack is thrown there way


  5. Simon says:

    Just like the SNP the more the media slag them off the more people see them as the underdog being bullied by our disgusting media/political establishment. If they were sensible they would just ignore them as most people don’t follow any sort of politics anyway but there is no such thing as bad publicity so they have shot themselves in the foot

    I would like to see the Greens get picked apart but that won’t happen any time soon