Three Cheers For Victoria Derbyshire



If you’d like a laugh there’s always Marx…Karl Marx this time, and the BBC’s ‘of the moment‘ meme:

The Future of Capitalism

Anne McElvoy talks to the social theorist Jeremy Rifkin who foresees the gradual decline of capitalism and the rise of a collaborative economy. As new technology enables greater sharing of goods and services, Rifkin argues that it provides a challenge to the market economy. The sociologist Saskia Sassen warns that the majority of people may not enjoy the fruits of this new world as increasing inequality, land evictions and complex financial systems lead to their expulsion from the economy. The Conservative MP Kwasi Kwarteng looks back at the history of international finance and how gold and war have shaped the economic order of today.


Jeremy Rifkind has a great theory…except he has never heard of the garden shed or garage in which individuals create new stuff that takes on the giants of industry….has he never heard of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates?  Rifkind’s theory?….Old hat idea using new technology….in other words nothing new to see here.

Saskia Sassen is tr’ffic value… dodgy as Delboy at his flypitching best….whatever you throw at her won’t throw her…she’s always got an answer…and it’s usuallly ‘well, what I’m saying may not be happening now…but just you wait…it’s coming….it’s on the curve….I’m right you know’

Kwasi Kwarteng was doing OK, mostly by not saying much, but ran into trouble when blaming 9/11 for the crash in 2008….I thought it was the dastardly Chinese trick of lending us back our money to buy more of their stuff and give them their/our money back which they could then lend to us so we could buy even more of their stuff ……and of course the Hand of Gordon.


Any BBC bias?…probably not other than the choice of subject, the end of Capitalism, which was a theme past its sell by date even in the 1930’s when we heard the same things being predicted, and now only kept alive by the BBC and Occupy (remember them)….I should take a leaf out of Sassen’s book and predict Capitalism may have looked down and out for a bit but it bounces back…check the ‘curve’.

The presenter, Anne McElvoy did do a good job and took issue with most of the ridiculous points…so she was quite busy.


And speaking of BBC journo’s doing their job…there’s this clip of one taking the Labour Shadow Home Affairs Minister, Angela Smith, to task (11:48)   for her, what can only be described as, bullshitting….the journo nailed her and saw right through the spin and doubletalk. It should be kept as an example of how to cope with lying, misleading and dissembling politicians….a classic for the College of Journalism.

Three cheers for Victoria Derbyshire!






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9 Responses to Three Cheers For Victoria Derbyshire

  1. NotaSheep says:

    I can’t bear to listen to that much of VD. 11:48 doesn’t seem to be the right part…


  2. john in cheshire says:

    In my view, socialists generally deliberately sow confusion by mixing what they want to happen, what they think will happen and what actually happens in any situation. Thereby, they think they have all bases covered regardless of the outcome but more often than not, it’s what they want to happen that is presented as fact.


  3. Ember2014 says:

    It’s just Marxism dressed up in a new coat. All very tedious and biased.


  4. chrisH says:

    Heard VD actually interview Roche…and she was found to be Jo Brand with white hair.
    A good pasting for the Labour tub, surprisingly enough.
    And the more UKIP smearing the liberal luvvies get up to…the more they`ll bin the other scuzzy parties as offered.


  5. Phillip Williams says:

    Like “diversity” is the new way of saying there are too many white males about”collaborative economy” must be the new name for socialism.


  6. joeb says:

    What we have been witnessing since the start of the financial crisis is not the decline of capitalism, but the decline of big, western socialist government. How is bailing out the banks anything to do with capitalism? It’s pure socialism, to save the skins of Big Government and their banking cronies.
    The next 15 years are going to be violent, all over the world. Eventually, we’ll have small government, low taxes, low regulation and healthier capitalism as a result. We are also moving back toward the nation state, not away from it to federal super-unions. Look at all the secession movements around the world. Scotland, Catalonia, Italy (four), The USA (yes, about twenty of them), Belgium (no laughing), Phillipines (new muslim autonomous area after 40 years of jihad and tens of thousands dead.) As the years pass, more will be added. We’ve already had the break up of the soviet union, this is part two. The EU is going to break in two at best (north and south), and break up completely at worst (or best, rather!), within ten years. The game is up for these fascist/marxist fu*kers, but they will try everything in their power to keep the status quo going in the meantime. Higher taxes, more regulation, stealing outright from accounts, arresting people for virtually nothing, massively increased surveillance. You watch.

    We live in dangerous times. We can’t get from where we are now, to where we will end up, without the world erupting. In any case, there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s happening already.