Boris Says BBC ‘utterly disgraceful’



Boris Johnson: BBC’s treatment of veteran broadcaster has been ‘utterly disgraceful’

Boris Johnson says entire BBC board should travel down to Devon and apologise in person to broadcaster forced to resign for unwittingly playing song containing racist slur


The Mayor of London said that in a “modest way” Britain is living in a “Boko Haram world”, a reference to the Islamic militants who have attracted international condemnation after kidnapping more than 200 schoolgirls.

Boko Haram is opposed to any form of political or social activity associated with Western society. It has attracted international condemnation for kidnapping, maiming and killing children.

Mr Johnson said: “In our own modest way, we live in a Boko Haram world, where it all depends on the swirling rage of the Internet mob, and where terrified bureaucrats and politicians are borne along against a torrent of confected outrage.

“There is no consistency in the outlook of the Nigerian maniacs: they use weapons produced by the very capitalist system they claim to deplore, for instance.

“There is certainly no logic at the BBC. They should restore Mr Lowe to his job – if he will take it – and the entire BBC Board should go down to Devon to apologise in person, and at their own expense.”

Mr Johnson said that while the N-word is “rude and offensive”, in Britain it has become so “haram” – meaning forbidden – that “prohibition is now enforced with a semi-religious fervour”.

He said that Jeremy Clarkson, who appeared to mumble the word while reciting a nursery rhyme, had been the victim of a “clerisy of self-appointed Internet witch doctors” who had gone “completely loco – or perhaps Boko is the word”.

He said that the corporation was so cowed by the prospect to the “tweets, the twitstorms, all that endless hashtag BBC racist nightmare” when they heard about Mr Lowe that they had no option but to “fire him”. The corporation has since offered Mr Lowe his job back, but he has declined.

Mr Johnson said that by the same logic Tony Hall, the BBC director general, and all the corporation’s schedulers should be asked to “commit Hara-kiri” for broadcasting Pulp Fiction, a film containing repeated use of the N-word.




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45 Responses to Boris Says BBC ‘utterly disgraceful’

  1. Merched Becca says:

    So, “The BBC could have handled it better”
    Where are the Trustees and what are they doing about it?

    You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all of the British people all the time.”


  2. mo says:

    1984 Facists. This Liberalism can only be overcome by extreme means. It cannot be reduced or modified. The BBC has to be dissolved.


    • Break up the BBC says:

      Indeed, I like to use to expression that the BBC is like a worm, if you cut a piece off it simply grows back to what is was before.

      The BBC must be broken up and scattered to the four winds.


  3. Merched Becca says:

    The people of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are forced to pay an unjust ‘TV Tax’ for a broadcasting service that does not reflect the interest, the culture and indeed the patriotism of a majority of its citizens, and who’s representation relies solely on a body of so called,’Trustees’


  4. Demon says:

    Do we at last have a Conservative politician who actually gets it about the BBC? Is this the opening shot in reply to the BBC’s constant barrage against the Conservatives, and other freedom loving people?


    • Flexdream says:

      Boris is no fool and is not easily cowed. He is a rascal, but he is also intelligent, charismatic and patriotic. The BBC hate his teflon coating.


  5. moise pippic says:

    The BBC has reaxched its sell by date.


  6. Bety Swollocks says:

    Good on ya Boris,tell the public how it is.!!


  7. Dazed & Confused says:

    Hence the new tag for al-beeb, the “Boko Broadcasting Corporation has been born”….


  8. George R says:


    “Boris Johnson labels BBC ‘utterly disgraceful’ after resignation of veteran DJ David Lowe”


  9. George R says:


    “I will never work again, says BBC DJ sacked in N-word row: Sun Has Got His Hat on lyric prompted just one complaint”

    Read more:


  10. George R says:

    And let’s not forget this –

    “Sam Mason sacked from BBC radio Bristol”



    • Geoff says:

      Sam Mason was ‘found out’ in exactly the same way as David Lowe, Carol Thatcher, Jeremy Clarkson and probably plenty of other minions we don’t get to hear about.

      There are ‘insiders’ that are far further to the left than the the already left leaning stance of the BBC, Common Purpose may have their part to play. They will never be weeded out, the only way is to pull the plug on the whole steaming corrupt pile of dung.

      As I said yesterday, not fit for purpose….


      • Geoff says:

        Ironically Mason’s replacement was a pedophile.


      • Guest Who says:

        It is rather disturbing how the STASI origins of all these outings can be traced back, and count low to zero in any top trumps considerations.
        And also how unidirectional they are. Do excesses of word or deed in other directions not happen, not get reported, or simply get ‘handled’ differently internally?
        As far as I can make out in these highly public cases (those 141,7-210 PR folk seem busy when needed) the ‘culprit’ appears spotlighted and dealt with by often anonymous senior management in short order.
        When things get a bit slower and more considered with said senior management, involving often not words but actual deeds (Savile, Hall, over-‘enthusiastic’ sex kittens, Lawson), then the licence fee payer gets dumped with the bill for a year-long inquiry (Pollard, Rose, Granger) while most involved get sidelined on full pay, promoted sideways, pensioned-off and the BBC ‘moves on’.
        This seems more than uniquely skewed.
        BBC staff must have a crick in their neck checking over their shoulders every minute of the day. Mainly checking port side.


        • Banquosghost says:

          It reminds me of Year Zero, workers plodding away while silent watchers look for an unsuitable element in the way they move, twitch etc.


        • mo says:

          Guest Who .Extremely good point about skewed handling of different types of words and deeds


  11. George R says:

    Does the Prime Minister think he will have any effect of Britain’s publicly subsidised arbiters of law and morality: the BBC?

    “David Cameron: BBC unfair on Radio Devon DJ David Lowe”


    • Llareggub says:

      Cameron will have no effect. Someone in the BBC will tell him to ‘shut up’.


      • John Anderson says:

        What struck me was how spineless Cameron’s comments were – “I am not sure I know enough about this case …….”

        He will have been as fully briefed as Boris. Boris smacked it hard, really hard – and hopefully has done some more damage to the BBC’s reputation, whereas Cameron is just waffling.

        Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose ?


  12. Dave666 says:

    Having been a DJ I know how easy it is for a word that apparently now worse than c**t to slip through. I almost did it once with a song by the Count Bishops, of all people. Are the fascists now going to go through every film, book & song to censor out this word. The question is what will it be next? Normally I don’t think I’d find myself agreeing with Boris but this time he has it exactly right We are living in a fascist state. As the saying goes “Freedom! There ain’t no f****ing freedom.”


    • johnnythefish says:

      As with Clarkson and his ‘slope’ comment (how many have even have heard of the term?), it’s getting pretty obvious that there is an army of media-watching vigilant lefties out there just waiting for the opportunity to swing their PC guillotine into action through their network of subversive activist groups such as UAF, Common Purpose, Hope Not Hate, Hacked Off, Tell Mama, the East London Mosque….etc.

      The trouble is, they are more than just a bunch of sad f*****s – they’re driving the agenda in our once joyous, tolerant and democratic country.


      • Geoff says:

        I’m not sure that it is viewers/listeners, it has to be insiders, the Carol Thatcher/Jeremy Clarkson(nigger incident)/Sam Mason misdemeanors were NEVER broadcast and just one listener complained about David Lowe.

        The management is as bad, in the David Lowe case surely any reasonable manager would see it was a genuine mistake and a “be more careful in future David” would have sufficed, of course that is management not tainted or brainwashed by endless diversity courses run by Common Purpose…..


      • Dave666 says:

        Actually I have heard the “s” word I connect it with Vietnam war & it’s use by US forces. Again Clarkson is my age. Although when I watched Top gear it didn’t jump out at me. As you say Johnny these fascists must spend every waking minute searching through radio/ books/ TV etc. Reminds me very much of the Mary Whitehouse crusade on anything she didn’t like. I mean come on how many people listen to Radio Devon and how many would have picked up on one mention in a very old song which is probably blessed with a load of vinyl hisses and clicks.


          • therealguyfaux says:

            Let’s not forget Mr Brooks himself, as the Red Indian chief who encounters Black Bart’s parents in the pioneer wagon– “Oy! Schwarzers!”

            Right there, you’ve offended blacks, Jews and natives, all in one go– “Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance,” as Americans might put it; well, I never! (*clutches pearls*has the “vapours”*swoons*)

            Of course, for broadcast nowadays, such a scene must be excised for its all-encompassing offence, or at the very least be looped over (losing the whole point), even though, as you recall, the Chief feels sorry for “Mr & Mrs Bart” because they’ve got it even worse in life than the Red Indians, and so he lets them go without robbing them.


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      NIGGER….there, painless.


      • ROBERT BROWN says:

        Any complaints about me using NIGGER? All of you use n****r or the ‘n’ word……..can you not see that you are prostrating yourself to the PC idiots?My nephew was robbed at a cashpoint by three blacks last year in London……i would not only call them dumb niggers but given the chance blow them away with a shotgun.


    • Bob says:

      There are two types of fascists:
      1) Fascists
      2) Anti Fascists


  13. Leha says:

    had to laff @ panto Campbell today who has to “leap out of his chair” whenever he hears the n word.

    hehehe, what a fkn moron.


  14. George R says:

    “BBC racism row: treatment of radio DJ ‘utterly disgraceful'”

    Read more:


  15. Dave s says:

    More free speech now in Russia. Which is ironic. Just one more sign of a high command which is turning incompetence into an art form.
    I have no pity for them. They deserve all that is coming.


  16. stuart says:

    it would not surpise me if this poor chap dj david lowe has had death threats from the far left and the uaf here,but you have to pose this question,how far will the far left boko haram type fascists go in destroying good people lifes and reputations like dj david lowe in this country.we all know the answer to that.yes russia and the chinese goverments must be raising a eyelid here thinking there is not much free speech in england these days is there,yes we have boko haram in nigeria kidnapping christian girls and forcing them to convert to islam and sexual slaverey,yes we have the boko haram types operating in are schools in england enforcing there trojan horse islamism and extremism,now we have the boko haram media who force good men out of there jobs in this never ending modern day witch hunt against those who have broke the freedom of thought laws enforced by the thought police,how bad can it get i bad.


  17. TigerOC says:

    As a Devon resident I can tell you that David is very popular amongst the older population with his broad Devon dialect.

    The reaction will be to drive the very conservative to be even more conservative and even more into the open arms of UKIP.

    Good stuff, keep up the good work you lefties, your time of reckoning is nearly upon you.


  18. chrisH says:

    Like the case of Leonard Sachs, the BBC is irredeemably ageist.
    Probably cheaper to hound a few old DJs and their sadsack followers out of the buildings, and bring in the Owen Jones Show…or Laurie Penney presents Russell Brands Greatest Moments.
    Were I Mr Lowe-I`d do them for not checking their own content-the programme had long been recorded, but(like Brand/Ross)…their producers never bothered their arses to check.
    The whistle blowing bit( we`d rather you didn`t tell them all what`s gone on) was truly creepy by the BBC.
    In short-a good employment tribunal…hope he wins!
    The BBC have been convicted of ageist practices before( Miriam O Reilly), so they`ve got form on this.


  19. bogtrott says:

    if he went to court and asked why black people can sing nigger why cant non blacks say the same thing,if they say because its part of their black heritage,then its ok for us to write songs about our white heritage.Or is it one rule for blacks and one rule for the whites with blacks rule trumping over white rules.


  20. Llareggub says:

    I recall somewhere that football supporters were deemed to be racist for singing the song ‘I don’t like mondays’. The word ‘monday’ can be used as an all purpose reference to groups that are disliked. My point being that there must be unlimited job opportunities in the BBC for investigators of offensive language.


  21. Thoughtful says:

    Don’t get too worked up about this. This is a case which there is broad agreement that the BBC has gone too far, and that the problem is political correctness.

    All Boris is doing is playing to the popular gallery, and as an inveterate liar he neither cares nor knows whether what he says it true and accurate.

    If the popular opinion was behind the BBC was behind the sacking then Boris would have supported it, or kept quiet. A conviction politician Boris ain’t and it’s good advice not to trust or rely on anything he says.


    • Dave s says:

      The BBC did not just go too far. It trampled on traditional concepts of justice and attempted to scapegoat an innocent man.
      It could be a defining moment when we see just how vile these people are. How incapable of understanding what a truly decent society really is.
      All responsible need to go. They wil not of course and just laugh it off until the next time when the liberal inquisition is going to be more careful.
      Be warned. These people who control the media are the enemies of freedom. The enemies of tradition and the enemies of old England. Give them nothing.


  22. John Alexander says:

    Inured as I thought I was to the decline of modern Britain, nothing prepared me for the spectacle of Jeremy Clarkson’s mea culpa on the BBC. Not even the North Koreans would have asked for a second take.

    There’s a great take on this disgrace from that Ruthless Truth guy called: “You’ll Know When” at:


  23. Llareggub says:

    A cautionary take from the US.
    Airline crew caused great distress with
    ‘Eeeny meeny miny mo,
    pick a seat we gotta go’.
    See what happened.