James O’Brien’s Kangaroo Court


Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge? Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me. —Job 38:2-3


Why is the James O’Brien interview with Farage important and on a blog about BBC bias?  LBC isn’t the BBC but O’Brien’s opinions, and they are merely opinion with a good dollop of prejudice,  typify the attitudes and values of that media and political ‘elite’ who are conspiring to close down debate about immigration and who have launched an astonishing blitz against Farage for having the temerity to raise the subject…..and worse, be popular with it.



The great problem for that ‘elite’ is, as shown by Guido’s tweet, that Farage’s arguments resonate loudly with the Public, including previous immigrants….to call Farage racist is to call them racist.

O’Brien says in the interview that there has been an ‘avalanche of bigotry from UKIP…and the problem with that is that people do not recognise the deeply divisive and racist ideas.’

So you know exactly the premise from which he starts the interview, his sole intention to put Farage in the stocks to throw abuse at him and humiliate him, and O’Brien’s attitude towards the Public…they’re stupid, ignorant and racist.

The mask has slipped

The ‘elite’ have lost the plot completely and the ‘mask has slipped’ to coin a phrase popular in current usage. The so-called democracy that we live in is not a democracy at all and is run for the benefit of that media and political elite who are attempting to steamroller over an opposition which has called their bluff.

Miliband talks of attacking those with privilege and making a more equal society but you can see he is just as entrenched with that privileged ‘elite’ as Cameron…and Cameron has revealed he is totally untrustworthy….his promises on a referendum on Europe and promises to cut immigration aren’t worth diddly squat…he’s a liar and people know it…which is why he didn’t get a majority at the last election when he reneged on his promised EU referendum.

Their Contempt For You

Janet Daley in the Telegraph explains what is happening….

[The attacks on Farage] have permanently installed the idea that the political class are a united vindictive force which regards the anxieties and concerns of a large proportion of voters with contempt.
The people will not forget this lesson. Even when they return to the fold of the mainstream parties – as I have no doubt they will – in the general election, they will recall this vendetta, and it will leave a bitter suspicion about how seriously their opinions are taken by the governing elite.

A perfect example of that contempt is this ironic Tweet from a BBC editor (H/T  Guido and Is the BBC Biased?):

Car Crash Interview?

In the immediate aftermath of the interview there was a unanimous chorus from the anti-UKIP Front competing to decry UKIP as racist and to claim that the interview had been a ‘car crash’ disaster for Farage.

It certainly was a car crash but not for Farage…he came off sounding reasonable, keeping his temper under a barrage of suspect claims against him designed to paint him either as some sort of crook, fool or Fascist.

O’Brien on the other hand came across very badly.  If anyone had a ‘car crash’ it was him.  He came to the interview with his prejudices fully intact having already decided that Farage was a racist and he proceeded to try and confirm those prejudices by accusing Farage of a long list of supposed crimes against the Liberal Orthodoxy….O’Brien wasn’t shy of  using lies, innuendo, rumour, damning by association and the ever useful ‘what iffery’ to try and pin something on Farage…..but he couldn’t.

Farage was able to rebut each claim as they came up though O’Brien more often than not ignored the explanation and ploughed on with the accusations regardless.

The interview went on for twenty minutes until UKIP’s communications director  spoke up to say that O’Brien was over running the agreed time for the interview….He did not interrupt to stop the interview because of embarrassing questions about alleged racism as the Press gleefully claimed…the interview had been 20 minutes of such questions with no challenge from Farage or his aide and had moved on to ask about expenses…..O’Brien himself acknowledging before the interruption that he was over running.

Hatchet Job

O’Brien then slunk off to the Mail on Sunday which teamed up with him to publish his imaginative and self-serving commentary on the interview…..it should be filed under ‘fiction’ and treated with caution as it is nothing less than one long smear against Farage that bears little resemblance to the actual interview….a more dishonest and devious piece of spin would be hard to imagine.

But O’Brien is now the blue-eyed poster child of the anti-UKIP mob and no doubt his interview will be legend.

Giving the Establishment a bloody nose

The consolation for Farage is that those opposed to him maybe a very powerful and influential group, including now the turn-coat and hypocritical Mail, Sun and Telegraph, but the people quaffing down their Lattés as they read of the ‘Glorious Rout’ of UKIP in the Guardian with gloating approval only have one vote each….and the polls indicate that more reasoned and fair-minded people have quite possibly heard the interview and dismissed it as the dishonest and unscrupulous assassination attempt on Farage that it is and made them all the more determined to vote UKIP if only to rub the ‘Establishment’s’ nose in it.

Here is the Sun’s latest spin on the interview:

Nigel Farage was challenged yesterday over whether Ukip is racist. He put a gun to his temple and fired.
The dictionary definition is judging another race to be inferior because of a prejudice that all its members have the same characteristics.
Farage told a radio interviewer people would be worried if a group of Romanians moved in next door.
Asked what the difference would be between them and some Germans, Farage, whose wife is German, said: “You know what the difference is.”

It is not racist to worry about the impact of millions of migrants on Britain, as we have argued for years.
It IS racist to smear Romanians for being Romanian.
Nigel Farage, Ukip leader, did just that.’

One problem is that O’Brien didn’t compare a group of Romanians to a group of Germans…he compared them to a group of German children.

So yes, I think I know what the difference would be as Farage did…the Sun obviously did as well and decided to change things to make it look bad for Farage….

Strange that the Sun forgets it published this just last November:

We’re coming to Britain as it’s easier to steal and pickpocket
We meet Roma gang
November 2013

A GANG of Romanian thieves and beggars told last night how they can’t wait to move to Britain for an “easy” life of crime.
Join Sun+ to find out more…

As the Sun says then:
It is not racist to worry about the impact of millions of migrants on Britain, as we have argued for years.
It IS racist to smear Romanians for being Romanian.
The Sun did just that.  


James O’Brien  Gossip Columnist

To get a taste of LBC’s shock jock interviewer, James O’Brien, in action have a listen to Frank Lampard’s reaction to the smears and personal attacks that former gossip columnist O’Brien feels he is entitled to assail Lampard’s reputation with (H/T Jeff)…in the name of ‘Democracy and the Public Interest’:


O‘Brien was torn apart by Lampard for his self-righteous, sanctimonious and just plain wrong judgements on how Lampard was raising his kids…..O‘Brien‘s lame excuse was that ‘I was only going on what’s printed in the papers…merely describing a news story.’

Not true…he was pronouncing judgement on Lampard.

But O’Brien then went on, after refusing to apologise, to justify his comments and prurient interest with this:

‘To comment on stories in the news is a very important and intrinsic part not only of what we do as journalists but of democracy and the public as a whole.’

Now that’s a pretty interesting comment and explanation of things…..because of course it could be applied to Farage and his referencing of  crime statistics for Romanians….and that doesn’t make O’Brien a journalist but a scavenger picking over the work of actual journalists who do the legwork.

However, as you will see, O’Brien has decided that Farage is a dangerous racist leading the simple and credulous folk of this country on a merry dance…his revelations do not play into the democratic debate or serve the public interest as O’Brien claimed for his own sleazy ‘journalism’.


Unique Insight

O’Brien claims he is the only one who can see the apparent danger that Farage represents as he reveals in the Mail hatchet piece:

For some time now, I have felt like the only person in the theatre not laughing at the antics of the actors.
As much of the nation and my media colleagues were being seduced by the blokeish bonhomie of UKIP leader Nigel Farage, my work as a radio phone-in presenter on LBC had made me question if something uglier lurked behind the cultivated ‘pint and a fag’ facade.

Clever bloke that O’Brien, we’re lucky to have him putting us right.

But O’Brien is not the only one who has decided to comment on Farage.

Here is Labour’s Jacqui Smith:

I am not convinced that condemning the many voters thinking of voting Ukip as stupid racists is a good electoral strategy.

Firstly, the posters themselves are not racist. In fact some of them reflect our policy
what should our response be?

We should spend a lot less time talking and writing about Ukip.


Then of course we get to the point of this blog…the BBC and its bias.

Farage placed an open letter explaining his beliefs in the Telegraph and Victoria Derbyshire decided to give us her take on things (10:46:30).  Unfortunately 5Live brought on a UKIP representative, Suzanne Evans UKIP’s Communities Spokesman, who had only 10 minutes notice and was sent the wrong ‘open letter’ as a reference by the BBC.  Derbyshire ignored all the awkward points raised by her and went on to try and dispute the crime figures given by Farage even though they are from the Met. Police and Interpol:

Europol warning over Romanian gangs

Criminal gangs from Romania are targeting European cities by flying in on low-cost airlines to commit their crimes before returning home, the director of Europol has warned.
Rob Wainwright described the gangs as “petty criminals operating across multiple jurisdictions”, adding that they are active across Europe, it was reported today.
The main crimes being carried out are thought to be card-skimming and pickpocketing, with Romanian and Bulgarian gangs thought to be responsible for 90% of all card-skimming crimes in Europe, according to Europol.
Europol has identified 240 organised crime gangs from Romania, which account for 6.7% of all criminal networks active in Europe, the Times reported.


As we have already had a look at, the BBC’s Nick Robinson had a go at smearing and undermining of Farage….

Nick Robinson Is An Arse

And of course there has been relentless ‘fun’ on ‘Have I Got News For You’, ‘The Now Show’ and now this from 5Live on Sunday: (39:30)

Al Murray was joined by Andy Zaltzman, Tiffany Stevenson and Lloyd Langford to take a lighter look at the week’s news. ….in which Farage is denounced as ‘pointless and wrong’ and there is a childish delight in pronouncing his name ‘Farridge’

Then there is this from the BBC which dredges up old and false allegations about Farage’s opinions as a schoolboy…no such searches into the past of Labour‘s ex-Communists and Trotskyites though…note how Farage completely destroys the BBC narrative but the interviewer carries on regardless trying to paint him as a schoolboy Hitler:



The BBC takes a look at the O’Brien interview which lasted 20 minutes, two to three times the normal length of a political interview by him…and concentrates on the interruption by UKIP’s comms chief…..

Nigel Farage’s spin doctor interrupts live radio interview

The BBC admits….‘Mr O’Brien had already acknowledged that he was running out of time and he wished the interview could have gone on for an hour.’

And again

UKIP: Nigel Farage aide disrupts radio interview

The Telegraph is worse and claims the interruption was made to stop the interview during ‘damaging questions about racism’…it wasn’t…

Ukip aide attempts to halt interview as Nigel Farage says people “know” which foreigners make good neighbours
Nigel Farage was accused of being a divisive racist in a car-crash interview this morning that his most senior aide attempted to halt.

The BBC then regales us with tales of the ‘concern’ over Farage’s comments…and manages to get in just about every derogatory comment about him that they can….

Nigel Farage attacked over Romanians ‘slur’



The O’Brien Interview/Kangaroo Court

Farage starts his defence suggesting he is under attack by ‘the political class and their friends in the media’.

Can’t say he is wrong though O’Brien takes exception to this.

Can’t say Farage is wrong about the dishonesty of the politicians…here is Cameron’s latest attempt to weasel his way out of his immigration promises:

David Cameron cools on pledge to cut net migration to tens of thousands by May 2015
David Cameron declines five times in Sky News interview to say that he wanted to achieve this by 2015, preferring to insist that the Conservatives were “working towards” the target.

O’Brien tells us that:

I don’t like interviewing politicians. It’s not a party political position, I don’t like interviewing any of them.
They are so cossetted and insulated and briefed and adept at distraction and prone to waffle that, as a radio presenter ordinarily offered five or six minutes tops, it rarely seems worth my while to let them read their PR notes out loud, answer any questions but the ones I ask and glide glibly over any attempts to root the exchange in reality. And besides, I genuinely prefer talking to ‘real’ people.
He likes talking to ‘real people’…the trouble is the ‘real people’ almost certainly hold many of the views that Farage does….which kind of puts a lie to O’Brien’s claim to be a man of the ‘real people’ when he then goes on to claim such views are racist and bigoted.

This is O’Brien’s highly dishonest piece in the Sunday Mail glorifying his own interview and himself:
What you need to know about Nigel Farage before you vote this Thursday by JAMES O’BRIEN

For some time now, I have felt like the only person in the theatre not laughing at the antics of the actors.
As much of the nation and my media colleagues were being seduced by the blokeish bonhomie of UKIP leader Nigel Farage, my work as a radio phone-in presenter on LBC had made me question if something uglier lurked behind the cultivated ‘pint and a fag’ facade.

Why was I disturbed by the surging popularity of  [Farage]? Was I mad – or was he really that bad?

The more I read, the more I heard and the more I learned about Farage, the more they seemed to me to be dancing blindly behind a political Pied Piper.


So there we have the truth…O’Brien’s arrogant, elitist, patrician view of the Public….they are too stupid to realise they are being led by the nose by a racist charlatan.

During the actual interview he reiterated that opinion of the Public saying that we have had ‘an avalanche of bigotry from UKIP and the problem is that the Public does not recognise the deeply divisive and racist ideas’

So once again it is the ignorance, stupidity and racism of the Public that allows them to be fooled by Farage.



The Romanian neighbours from hell

O’Brien tells us what really angered him:

It was, though, the Romanians that tipped it over the edge. As he attempted to defend feeling ‘deeply uncomfortable’ about the prospect of having some live next door, I wondered why it would be any different from having, say, German neighbours.
The mask slipped. ‘You know what the difference is,’ he said, before embarking upon an aside about people-trafficking.
I asked about Romanians, he talked about people-traffickers. I asked about Germans, he talked about easily identifiable ‘difference’.
I have no explanation for this save a conviction on Farage’s part that one’s country of origin or ethnicity determines one’s values and decency.

In his Mail article O’Brien tries to play down what Farage was asked…which had been would he like to have a whole house load of Romanian men move in next door?….O’Brien here merely saying ‘having some live next door‘….and changes the comparison to ….as opposed to say some German neighbours.

O’Brien in the interview itself  asked Farage what would be the difference between a house load of German children and one of Romanian‘s…..

What about the line about not wanting to live next door to Romanians [so not emphasising a house load of men]….what about if a group of German children lived next door…what’s the difference?’

Farage states ‘You know the difference’ and O’Brien dishonestly claims ‘I honestly don’t know.’

O’Brien claims that Farage’s concerns are racist for picking on one nationality however what about O’Brien’s own wife?

Has he questioned and pilloried her for her prejudices against men?

His wife is a feminist, Guardian writer who wrote this:

Sometimes it seems hard to be a parent in the UK. Hard to get your kid into a decent state school; hard to be a working mum; hard to be a stay-at-home mum; and hard to protect your children against the paedophile who – according to newspaper headlines – is probably living next door but one. Sometimes it makes me start to panic.
Widely publicised cases involving British children such as the Soham murders or the death of James Bulger have helped us lose trust in one another. Although these incidences are as rare as they are shocking, they have surely influenced child-rearing in our country to a disproportionate degree.

So let’s be clear….Lucy, O’Brien’s wife, has an innate prejudice against male neighbours believing they could be paedophiles the thought of which makes her panic.  She has lost trust in men because of crimes committed  by men on children.

What is the difference between her position and Farage’s who bases his concerns on information supplied by the Metropolitan Police and Interpol?:

Arrests of Foreign Nationals by Nationality & Specific Arrest Areas
For the period 01/04/2008- 31/12/2012

In 2012  458 Germans were arrested by the Metropolitan Police,
1,497 French
and 7,383 Romanians

….in the period 2008 to 2012  27,725 arrests of Romanians were made….by far the nationality with the most recorded arrests.

The Romanians were arrested for various crimes:

20 rapes
03 murders
93 robberies
779 violent crimes
178 other sexual offences
441 burglaries
5869 other offences

Romanians figured highly in many Met. Police records:

Arrests of Romanian Nationals for Theft From The Person Offences in Calendar Year 2012  19.1%

Arrests of Romanian Nationals for Fraud in Calendar Year 2012    5.8%

Arrests of Romanian Nationals for Begging in Calendar Year 2012   49.2%


Europol took a close interest in Romanian’s activities:
Europol warning over Romanian gangs

Criminal gangs from Romania are targeting European cities by flying in on low-cost airlines to commit their crimes before returning home, the director of Europol has warned.
Rob Wainwright described the gangs as “petty criminals operating across multiple jurisdictions”, adding that they are active across Europe, it was reported today.
The main crimes being carried out are thought to be card-skimming and pickpocketing, with Romanian and Bulgarian gangs thought to be responsible for 90% of all card-skimming crimes in Europe, according to Europol.
Europol has identified 240 organised crime gangs from Romania, which account for 6.7% of all criminal networks active in Europe, the Times reported.

Ze Children

O’Brien then went on to attack Farage for his statement that travelling on a train on which he heard no English spoken made him uncomfortable….

In the Mail article O’Brien claims…..
Later, the tale of feeling uncomfortable on a train when foreign languages are spoken caused him to squirm.
This was due to the simple expedient of pointing out that his own wife and daughters speak ‘foreign’ and presumably do so in public.

Well listen to the interview and Farage does not squirm in the slightest but answers clearly and concisely.

Farage explained he was uncomfortable because he was concerned about the extraordinarily fast pace of change forced upon the country with no say in the matter by the native population.

O’Brien then starts to talk about Farage’s children and claims they speak English as a second language, claiming their mother tongue is German…O’Brien tries to claim that they too must be therefore adding to the difficulties in schools created by immigrant children who have English as a second language as claimed by Farage.

As far as I know Farage’s children are English, born and raised here with his German wife who speaks perfect English.  English in other words is their native language…their ability to also speak German does not make them German.

Just more lies and spin by O’Brien.



O’Brien then gets onto Farage’s links in Europe to what O’Brien categorises as extremists.

He asks how Farage can work with someone like Francesco Speroni, a leading member of the Northern League.  O’Brien tries to smear by association and a very dubious link to Breivik…..

Speroni said. “If [Breivik’s] ideas are that we are going towards Eurabia and those sorts of things, that western Christian civilisation needs to be defended, yes, I’m in agreement,” he told Radio 24.

Speroni suggests Breivik’s thoughts on the importance of preserving Western democracy, civilisation and culture are along the lines he thinks….what he is not doing is saying he agrees with Breivik’s terrorist actions.

If Breivik said he liked Fish and Chips does that make anyone else who likes Fish and Chips a potential mass murderer?  It’s a daft premise.

What might O’Brien make of the exact same sentiments expressed by our Asian culture minister?……

Immigrants who come to live in Britain need to learn to speak English and to “respect our way of life”, the culture secretary, Sajid Javid, has said.
Javid, the son of Pakistani immigrants and the first Asian secretary of state, said people were entitled to expect immigrants to make a contribution to society.
“People want Britain to have more control over its borders, and I think they are right,”
he told the Sunday Telegraph.
“I think it’s perfectly reasonable for British people to say, look, if you’re going to settle in Britain and make it your home, you should learn the language of the country and you should respect its laws and its culture.”

Or those of Dominic Grieve:

Politicians need to ‘wake up’ to corruption in minority communities
Attorney general Dominic Grieve cites cases of electoral fraud and singles out Pakistani community
Citing electoral corruption as a particular concern and singling out the Pakistani community, Grieve said that the problem was on the rise because some minority communities “come from backgrounds where corruption is endemic”.
Many immigrants, he said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, “come from societies where they have been brought up to believe you can only get certain things through a favour culture”.
“One of the things you have to make absolutely clear is that is not the case and it’s not acceptable. As politicians, these are issues we need to pay some attention to.”

A claim backed up by recent police actions:

Police patrols to crack down on vote fraud: Officers to be stationed in areas deemed to be at risk of rigging
Police are to take the extraordinary step of mounting patrols at polling stations in areas at high risk of electoral fraud in this month’s local and European elections.
The Electoral Commission has been in talks with officers about operations in areas it deems vulnerable to vote-rigging, which mostly have large south Asian communities.


Right Wing Groups

O’Brien then wanted to know why he was associated with so many right wing groups

When I brought up the subject of his meeting with a particularly repellent resident of the far-Right in 1997, he trotted out the familiar line about the media ignoring the skeletons in other parties’ closets – so we moved on to people he consorts with at the European Parliament.

But what about the Tories?

Breitbart reports that: “In 2006, Newham Conservatives lined up alongside the Islamic Forum of Europe, the Islamic Society of Britain, CagePrisoners, Hizb ut Tahrir, the Islamic Human Rights Commission, the Muslim Association of Britain and the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, as well as Stop the War in opposing counter-terrorism raids in the area. All of the so-called ‘Muslim’ organisations mentioned above have had links to radical Islam, or in some cases, terrorism. None are (sic) considered to be genuinely representative of Britain’s Muslim communities.”

O’Brien then says in his Mail article…

‘a listener had forwarded me some comments from a UKIP council candidate in which he spoke of wanting to ‘shoot’ a ‘poofter’. Farage promised an investigation. I pointed out the comments had been made in February. He went quiet.’

Farage went ‘quiet’?  No he didn’t, again he answered fully and clearly.

O’Brien then raised the  claims that Farage had once said  ‘You needn’t worry about the nigger vote. The nig nogs would never vote for us.’

O’Brien gave the impression that this was heard by several witnesses….the truth was this claim came from one person, Alan Sked, the ex-leader of UKIP who has been running a relentless campaign to vilify Farage for years….which he admits:

“I sometimes think of myself as Dr Frankenstein,” says Alan Sked, professor of International History at the London School of Economics. “So far I think ‘it’ can be contained. I attack ‘it’ in the press all the time. The “it” Sked refers to is the party he founded some two decades ago, the UK Independence party (Ukip)


Here he expresses his contempt for anyone who votes UKIP:

“Some people vote for them because they think they are anti-immigrant, anti-Europe, anti-foreigner — it is just people who are against life. People who just think everything sucks.”

And he’s happy to put the boot in at every opportunity:

Dr Sked also claims that Mr Farage admires  Russian president Vladimir Putin because ‘Putin is clearly a nasty piece of work and Nigel probably identifies with that’.

How credible is Sked as a witness?  Just how honest is he?

Not very.

One reason he claims to dislike UKIP now is that he says they are ‘Islamophobic’ and racist….

“It’s obsession now is on immigration, race and Islam, all of which I deplore.”

But Sked himself has led many debates on Islam indicating he acknowledges there is a problem.  In this video his debate is entitled  ‘Islam or Liberalism: The way forward’:

He explains his thinking behind the debates:

I thought this was a debate we should have so that we can come together and debate about the differences we have in the modern world.’

He was debating with the radical Islamist Hamza Tzortzis who explains his world view:

It’s a debate about politics…because it [Islam] effects all your life, we must have  a serious and nuanced debate on the subject.

Liberalism has failed the economy, socially and on foreign policy.
Islamic political values do not resonate anywhere at state level in the world…even Saudi Arabia does not operate in line with Islamic political philosophy.

All rules of Islam interconnect, you cannot implement one rule in isolation, it must be all  or nothing.

Sked is one of those who lie to portray Islam as a religion of peace regardless of the evidence to the contrary……he tells us that the Koran is a book of peace, mercy, compassion and forgiveness and that for centuries Christians have taught that Islam is a violent and unforgiving faith, this simply isn’t true….He says he has no doubt that Islam, properly practised, is the way forward.

However, paradoxically, he goes on to reveal that all is not so peaceful and forgiving in the world of Islam saying:

‘Just because it is in the Koran doesn’t mean that if you implement it you won’t get anything other than dictatorship, murder and secret police, hangings…look in Tehran innocent children hang from cranes…..under Islamic scholars in the end you get theocratic dictatorship.’

And that:

‘The reason why Turks were so keen to join the EU was because they believed they would have stronger democratic rights than in an Islamic Turkey.’

Sked then makes a statement that reveals that he is prepared to lie in order to support his message about Islam ‘quoting’ from the Koran…..

Whosoever killeth a human being…” says the Koran, in the 32nd verse of its fifth chapter, “it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind.”

Unfortunately that is not what it says in the Koran and he knows that….that quote is about the ‘Israelites’ and not Muslims.

Mehdi Hasan and other Islamists are also prone to misquoting that verse.

And what about this:

‘We are not a pacifist religion. We don’t turn the other cheek. We hit back.’
Dr. Kalim Siddiqui, director of the Muslim Institute in London

Rather confirmed by this…..Sked asks his audience ‘What if someone leaves Islam…what would you do?’

They reply ‘Nothing.’

Sked then tells them he asked the same question to 100 Muslims the previous year and they all replied they would kill an apostate.

Sked then states that he is ‘all for Islam…I have the greatest possible respect for it.’  Though he went on to say he maybe against the political consequences that people drew from Islamic teaching and doctrine.

Further examples of his delusions or dishonesty:

‘We are not debating against Islam’ he said, going on to say ‘How wonderfully inclusive Islam is teaching that no one shall harm a Christian or Jew, there being no distinction between Muslims, Christians and Jews and there being no violence and no coercion in matters of faith.

The Muslim was not considered superior in any way in the Koran, God likes competition.

God does not want a caliphate.

The Koran is like the bible it teaches that you should turn the other cheek.

God is not interested in politics, God doesn’t want the world to be all Muslim, he wants the religions to compete.

Conversely he says…God wants you to live in peace.

A Muslim in the audience contradicted Sked saying that Islam is not about peace and it does want a caliphate and that Islam encompasses all…politics, justice, morality and religion.

So Sked is aware that there are problems with Islam just as UKIP is….but he is prepared to brush them under the carpet despite knowing of their existence…..just an example of how he is prepared to twist the truth in order to persuade others to side with his views…..and hence it is questionable whether his claims about Farage are based on fact or are merely an attempt to blacken Farage’s name and reputation y making accusations of racist language that no one can prove or disprove….however we can judge Sked’s character and the likelihood that he might lie by his actions.

There is absolutely no chance that Sked could be called an unbiased, impartial, disinterested character witness. He hates Farage and relentlessly does everything he can to smear him in the Media….as he admits himself.

So that’s yet another one of O’Brien’s anti-Farage attack points biting the dust.

James O’Brien had two bites of the apple in his attempt to traduce Farage’s reputation and smear him by  a very loose association to Breivik, to make false claims about Farage’s business dealings, to make dishonest claims about Farage’s children, to make accusations of racism based on the highly suspect and bitter claims of Alan Sked, to make allegations of racism based upon his claims about Romanians.

O’Brien’s interview started from the premise that Farage was racist  and Farage had to defend himself throughout against these baseless claims which were more often based on innuendo, lies, rumour and the prejudice of the interviewer.

O’Brien was not a credible or honest interviewer and his attempted follow-up ‘coup de grace’ in the Mail demonstrated just how dishonest he was prepared to be in order to smear and demonise Farage. Compare the actual interview and O’Brien’s write up in the Mail and the difference is clear.

Farage was pilloried by James O’Brien’s kangaroo court at LBC, the result of which was a media feeding frenzy with politicians queuing up to join in the lynching.

But as shown above O’Brien’s case against Farage was based upon rumour, innuendo, hostile ‘witnesses’, contorted thinking and deliberate mis-reading of events and a wilful intention to damage Farage as much as possible.

As you can also see, the BBC readily joined in the lynching with even an editor of its news channel urging voters not to vote for UKIP.

With every newspaper hounding Farage, all political parties also actively demonising UKIP and its voters, and the supposedly neutral and balanced BBC giving valuable support to the antis you have to ask what price democracy?

£145 seems to buy a bunch of little Hitlers grandstanding on our screens.





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17 Responses to James O’Brien’s Kangaroo Court

  1. Thoughtful says:

    Yes the BBC is massively biased to the left, and yes this interview illustrates that, but this is not the subject to pull the BBC for so many reasons.

    The main one being that despite the majority of the people being pro UKIP the ruling elite are against them, and they are the people who have power over the BBC.

    Secondly, all the media has aligned itself against UKIP, and it’s difficult when they’re all biased to isolate the BBC and identify bias there when all the mainstream press is reporting the same stories – wrong as they might be.

    There are such strong political affiliations in the independent media that it’s just illustration of the way they support political vested interest.


  2. JimS says:

    It is all a cosy little circle isn’t it. The politicians feed stories to the media and the politicians respond to the media.
    The Farage business is just a diversion anyway to stop us asking questions about the mainstream parties. It wouldn’t matter if Farage was the devil himself and ate Romanian children for breakfast. If everyone voted UKIP we would still be in the EU and the coalition would still be in government.
    There might be call for the other parties to change policy or leaders but don’t count on it.
    Just look at the leading pro-EU politician, Nick Clegg. His ‘debate’ stance was just to attack Farage personally. The EU, which he is so in favour off and vital that we remain part of, has no influence on us at all! A mere 7% of our laws come from Brussels. A pity that the same Nick Clegg, as an MEP, wrote in The Guardian that the EU was vital because probably more than half our laws originated there.
    The silence from our ‘journalists’ is deafening. Ignore the lies of our Deputy PM but attack who has no power and will have no power, regardless of the outcome of this election.
    Bias by distraction and omission.


  3. markw says:

    James took the high ground stating that Farage had challenged him ( he does not do politicians as they never answer the questions). But who set up the the scene for the challenge, but Nick Ferrari – LBC. What was said to lead to the challenge in the first place! I believe LBC set the whole thing up, to put the two together.


  4. mikef says:

    Now and increasingly in the future, people will be able to see for themselves (on Youtube or whatever) these interviews for themselves, rather than relying on the self serving accounts in the dead tree press. Nor even the edited versions on the BBC or wherever, but the full picture of the mouthy hectoring bigoted gobshite (and I don’t mean Farage).


  5. GCooper says:

    I would take issue with just one thing In Alan’s otherwise excellent take down of the role of the MSM in attempting to hack UKIP off at the knees.

    Guido Fawkes may be trying to back-pedal now, but he was one of the first of the parrots to start shrieking ‘car crash’ about the LBC interview and is now, clearly, in that familiar process of being absorbed into the British establishment – the method which has historically been the process used in this country to silence dissent.


  6. Philip says:

    I used to listen to LBC when it started. But then is was a novelty rather than independence from the BBC which made it different. The media infiltration is largelly BBC influenced (as are today’s misfit politicians), none of them as trustworthy as their predecessors and even more limited by the EU false promise of democracy which nobody believes is true. Still we have today’s elections that will ensure less media hostility (BBC excused as biased).


  7. Leamas says:

    I post this here as no other topic will open for me:

    So pleased I donated to this site which hasn’t worked properly for a week and a half.


  8. stuart says:

    so the has mask finally slipped off the bbcs anti ukip bias when the editor of the bbc news channel jasmine lawrence spewed out her anti ukip hatred on twiiter,do you think it is just her that hold these anti ukip feelings within the bbc,oh no,the whole of that organisation is institutional anti ukip,the mask slipped this week at the bbc with its anti ukip bias,the mask slipped last week with the pro labours lbc anti ukip bias as proved with james obriens personal attack on nigel farage familys and daughters in his failed attempt as smearing him as a racist,the bbc and lbcs james obrien both failed with there smear campaign against nigel farage and ukip,but the enemy was truly unmasked this week.


  9. Guest Who says:

    ‘To comment on stories in the news is a very important and intrinsic part not only of what we do as journalists but of democracy and the public as a whole.’
    Interesting what comes out when they get back what they dish out… and are left gasping.
    It’s like the BBC’s near daily retreat to exemptions on just about anything on the basis that they don’t need to answer or can’t be held accountable because what they get up to is their ‘just keep it between us, eh, kids?’ internal secret and anything, and I mean anything they get up to that is nothing to do with actual journalism can get a pass ‘for the purposes of journalism, etc’.
    It’s about as bent as it gets, and has to be curtailed. Soon.
    Otherwise they essentially have a licence to abuse anyone with zero chance of being hauled up.


  10. Rob says:

    Just been to vote UKIP. Fortunately I don’t live in Rotherham nor feel the need to adopt any children so I should be safe.


  11. Max Miller says:

    You’re more likely to tread in rocking-horse doo dah than encounter a a Ukip supporter at the beeb!


  12. roy says:

    do a secret poll at radio 5 live and radio 4,how many bbc employees do you think would put there polling card in the ukip ballot box.


    • demon says:

      I’m sure if they used the vote couting methods some Labour councils use, particularly (according to Sky) with a lot of Asians, UKIP’s total would be well into minus numbers.


  13. jeff says:

    The media response to UKIP’s election campaign has been verging on the hysterical. And it’s got more vitriolic with every poll and every day. Not just the dear old Beeb either. I think you know that you have hit a nerve when you get a knuckle dragging rag like The Sun accusing you of being “racist” and “bigoted”. Dear God, It’s like Jimmy Savile calling someone a pervert! There has been an unholy coalition of unlikely allies queuing up to take pot shots at Nigel and his merry men and failing to hit their target. I think their problem is that Ukipers look quite normal folk and (most of the time) say things we all broadly agree with. So to be met by a howling intolerant mob bent on violence and mayhem seems absolutely unreasonable. I think James O’Brien and his oikish ilk may have done Nigel a favour.
    Fingers crossed!


  14. James McFadden says:

    James O’Brien is an irritating leftist twerp and his radio programme is a load of cobblers.


  15. Peter B says:

    Anyone read Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail today? He told a bare faced lie when he wrote that Mail had not joined in the mud slinging aimed at Nigel Farage. The truth is, they only joined in 3-4 times per day. So I guess it should come as no surprise that they would allow O’Brien to write a load of half truths, untruths, and fantasy.


  16. stuart says:

    if your reading this james obrien,i know you are,can i thank you for ukips earth shattering success tonight in the local council elections,your smearing of nigel farage as a racist and your attack on nigels german speaking wife and his using his daughters as a politacal pawn on your show last week done the opposite that you and your mates in the labour party hoped for,it backfired on you mate big style,oh james,them euro results are next on sunday,will you be hiding your head under the pillow when them results come out,thanks james for ukips success,its all down to you mate,good on ya.