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Climate Change


David Attenborough has long had a fan club amongst the climate change fraternity….they had already co-opted the BBC to their cause with Roger Harrabin’s help but  felt they needed the likes of David Attenborough, TV Royalty, to successfully sell the global warming message to a doubting public exploiting the status, authority and respect he has built up over the decades.

He finally surrendered to the lobbyists and is now busy promoting the ‘science’….not all are convinced that he hasn’t sold his own soul in doing so:

From WUWT:

Has David Attenborough Become A Propaganda Mouthpiece Promoting Climate Fear?

Guest essay by Jim Steele, Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University.

David Attenborough was my favorite wildlife cinematographer and each year I fed my students numerous clips to make biology and ecology come alive. Researching the plight of the polar bears, I began to worry that “my hero” had decided to use his spectacular wildlife videos to promote catastrophic climate change.

The first example that raised my suspicions was his portrayal of polar bears feeding on walruses, with a narration suggesting it was a new behavior desperately driven by climate change. But for us ecologists who know better: shame on you David Attenborough. He ignored documented wildlife history, and cherry-picked a dramatic scene to promote climate fear.

Anyone familiar with the scientific literature knows polar bears have been hunting walruses since recorded history, and most certainly before that time.

Shameful propaganda Sir David!



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11 Responses to The Recruit

  1. Chris says:

    David Attenborough has been a member of the Population Matters (previously known as the Optimum Population Trust) for a long time now. Despite their creepy views on Zero Population Growth and the like, Population Matters is blandly described as “…a charity, think tank, and campaign group…”. So, pretty obvious which side of the L/R divide their assumptions lie then.


  2. john says:

    The full story of the Attenborough sell out here:


  3. Old Goat says:

    Attenborough – misanthrope extraordinaire. What a sad, misguided pillock. Probably cast from the same mould as the awful Prince Numpty of Wales.

    Neither of them like us, do they?


  4. john in cheshire says:

    The question should rather be : Why has David Attenborough etc, because there is no doubt that he did so many years ago. And is he really all that he has been built up to appear to be. After all, the filming of the animal life that he has been associated with over the many, many, many decades has been done by some wonderful photographers, not him. Yet gets all the credit. He’s just a posher version of Johnny Morris. And now in his dotage his true colours have been exposed.


  5. bogtrott says:



    • Big Dick says:

      His brother Sir Dicky is / was an SDP supporter ,& Labourite prior to that .


  6. Rob says:

    Attenborough is a useful idiot. I would take his views on zoology seriously, because that is his field of expertise. His views on “climate change” are worth no more than my cat’s.


  7. mikef says:

    When you look at the views of these people who think the world is overpopulated, they are seen to be deeply sinister. Paul Ehrlich, who stated categorically in 1968 that “the battle to feed all humanity is over…in the 1970s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death”…etc. etc. He was hopelessly wrong of course, but his solutions included compulsory sterilisation and the like. Is he a laughing stock? No, recently made a fellow of the Royal Society.


    • Arthur Penney says:

      In the 1970s came the ‘green revolution’ with the breeding of more productive, disease resistant strains of wheat etc.

      It was this event that ‘saved’ the world from starvation.

      The comparable event in the 21st century is genetically modified food – however there has been great resistance to its implementation in many countries.

      The earth’s population has grown from 3 billion to 7 billion in the last 60 years – and they stopped making land a long time ago.

      The problem (as Malthus would say) is that human growth is exponential and scientific benefits tend to be linear so at SOME point in the future there will be a food shortage.


  8. Llareggub says:

    I always thought his wild life programmes were in some sense unrealistic. OK beautiful shots, but an emphasis on predation – gives people a turn on to see the fights – whereas in reality the large carnivores are lazy buggers who spend most of their time sleeping. Highly selective, like the BBC.


  9. DownBoy says:

    Compare and contrast Sir David Attenborough’s continuing presence on the BBC with the total absence in recent years of the great Prof. David Bellamy.
    Bellamy himself has said they don’t give him air time these days due to his scepticism on global warming – sorry I mean Climate Change.