The More The Merrier


Will the BBC spend a day pouring relentlessly over this report, as they did with the ‘racial prejudice ‘ one,  that over the past 10 years overcrowding has become a huge problem:


The Telegraph reports:

Figures show surge in ‘overcrowded’ homes

More than three million people now live in a household with at least five other individuals, according to figures from the ONS

The number of people living in households with six or more occupants has surged by a quarter in the last decade, providing further evidence of how Britain is becoming an overcrowded nation.

New statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that more than three million people now live in a household with at least five other individuals.

An analysis of Census data from England and Wales showed there were 543,000 households with at least six residents, making it the fastest-growing category of housing with a 25 per cent jump in 10 years.

The ONS said the surge was thought to be down to “economic or cultural factors”, reflecting more young couples living with parents because they cannot afford a home of their own or older couples living with an adult offspring – the so-called “sandwich generation” in which adults care for their aged parents as well as their own children.

The phenomenon will also include unrelated people living under the same roof, which is widely seen among immigrant workers in more expensive areas of the country such as London.



This is why people are concerned about immigration…its not racism but problems such as housing…..and yesterday the BBC examined in detail the price of housing…dodging the ‘immigration factor’ most of the time.

So we have overcrowding, over-priced housing, a massive need to build huge numbers of houses to home the massive influx of over 200,000 net immigrants a year…to be built where?  And paid for by whom?

And to raise concerns about that is ‘racist’?

Where is that rational, calm debate about immigration the likes of Yvette Cooper demands, just before denouncing UKIP’s stance on immigration?







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30 Responses to The More The Merrier

  1. OldBloke says:

    One of the problems (and there are many concerning open door immigration) is that of water supply. I noticed that the Labour party who opened the doors at the behest of the EU, didn’t build anymore reservoirs to hydrate the new tenants of Great Britain. Don’t forget they too use the toilet so it is a double whammy. The incompetence of the Labour party astounds me and cannot for a moment why anyone would, with half a brain, vote for them. To hear the BBC favour the Labour party week in week out, to me, shows how educationally bankrupt certain sections of our populace have become. But then my father always used to say to me, the most uncommon thing is common sense.


    • JimS says:

      Recently I was fitting a shower so I checked online comments and the water supply regulations.
      Essentially the regulations require an ‘air gap’ between the shower head and any source of contaminated water i.e. bath water.
      Then I read of plumbers asking questions as to what they should do about shower hoses fed from WC cisterns and the probability that foul water will be sucked back into the mains.
      Of course any idiot can ignore or be unaware of UK public health regulations but not speaking the language and having different ‘enriching’ cultural practices can’t help. Cholera anyone?


    • Mice Height says:

      The Nepalese immigrants in the Aldershot and Farnborough area are doing their bit to help out here. They just shit on the pavement, or occasionally on the bus.


      • Invicta 1066 says:

        Ask Joanna Lumley if she would like to come and clear it, or pay to have it cleaned up.
        It’s one thing to allow foreign mercenaries to come and live here, but their children and their children’s children?
        Of course it was a weak labour minister who opened the floodgates.


        • Rob says:

          Phil Woolas was a corrupt cretin. The Gurkhas are fine soldiers, but their military service never included the right to settle in Britain. They were well paid by Nepalese standards, and received a good pension after their term of enlistment. Now they are as expensive to employ as a British soldier. so what is the point of them?


      • chrisH says:

        Fast-food compost!
        How enriching!
        Complimentary Guardian squares available, but only left-handed once for cultural sensitivities.
        Maybe Tower Hamlets could position their ballot boxes, a bit lower-and cut a decent sized round hole in them for that multitasking needed to vote and to shit.
        No…cheap at £150,000 per day Mr Rahmann…mon plaisir!


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Don’t forget they too use the toilet so it is a double whammy’
      Plus a few other services per household.
      One wonders if a few vocally opposed to the poll tax back in the day they were packing out their student digs may now be a smidge more open to consumption-based taxation in their dotage as elder care services get diverted to larger bloc-voting sectors?


    • Richard says:

      Yes, some of these people are unbelievably stupid.

      It’s not just water, of course, though that is probably about the most important thing. It is hospitals, roads, schools, acres of agricultural land per head of population, sewage infrastructure etc.

      How bright do you have to be to figure it out?

      Well, brighter than the people running the country, obviously.

      Still, we stupid plebs can comfort ourselves with the thought that they are doing us all a favour by being in Parliament.

      Do you know, were they not so public spirited, they could all find jobs in the private sector paying tons more dosh than the pittance we give them for bringing their intellects and erudition to the governance of the nation. Humbling, is it not, to think of all that hard work and self-sacrifice.


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      I would love, just love someone in the audience say this sort of thing in QT, ask the audience to put their hands up if they voted Labour, then ridicule them if few do, calling them not only traitors, but cowards with it, really mix it up, heaven.


    • MartinW says:



  2. Davidsb says:

    Does the ONS report count, for example, four people living in a house with four more in the shed at the bottom of the garden as two four-person households, or as one eight-person household?


    • BBC Love a Labour Luvvie says:

      Neither. It will be just one 4 person household as the 4 in the shed are off the radar.


      • Bernard from Bucks says:

        “Ten in a bed and the little one said “Roll over.”
        Well I never though I’d live to see the day that old song came true.
        But in Slough……..


  3. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Hat tip to whover posted this yestrday, but quite apt here methinks:


    • Mike says:

      Superb analogy and excellent piece of work


    • chrisH says:

      Brilliant and largely unarguably true….despite the chilling deductions to be drawn.
      “Existing laws though exclude the idiot and the criminal from emigrating to our shores(sic). This is unlikely to change in the near furtre”.
      Boy, was 2001 not a different time-its largely the criminal class and idiots that ARE coming here or making policy for those who wish to “enrich us”?
      And even when we are busy turning Bulgarian doctors into British nannies-we pretend we`re good to do so.
      A great read-worth the time…ta Dysgwr!


  4. Roland Deschain says:

    Are they really all overcrowded, or have the ONS just counted the numbers registered for postal votes?


  5. Invicta 1066 says:

    I see the BBC has just round to commenting on a report about the flood (won’t help water shortages) of migrants from N Africa via Libya and Italy, Spain.
    I have been watching detailed reports on this, including yesterday’s mass break in to a Spanish chunk of land in N Africa on regular News reports for weeks via EuroNews, RT, and Al Jazeera.
    The mass invasion of ‘Spanish’ territory was the result of thousands of migrants , mostly Eritreans breaking down a huge fence topped with razor wire; the fence is being repaired
    Several hundred are now inside and are being processed. It is expected that most will be expelled, but a good number will be granted entry and moved to Spain and thence into Europe.
    This is the only place where migrants can enter Europe without crossing water.
    Perhaps the BBC might get round to reporting the matter properly including the huge numbers coming and the calls from Malta, Italy and Spain for help in dealing with all those coming here.


    • NotaSheep says:

      You mean the Spanish have a colony in North Africa; odd how the BBC seem more concerned with Spanish claims on the British colony of Gibraltar than the status of Ceuta and Melilla. Also ‘a fence’; does that mean that there is some sort of separation barrier between a Muslim majority North African country and a Christian European country – is this an ‘apartheid wall’? Or is that only a description that applies to barriers built by Israel?


  6. Fred Sage says:

    5 million immigrants into the UK over the past 10 years and somehow we are told we need 5 million new homes. We are never told this in the same sentence by the BBC.


    • Rob says:

      Racist! Britain is the biggest country in the world, there’s plenty of room for everyone, we just need to hutch up a little.


  7. Bodo says:

    There’s hardly any area of British public life that is not being affected by mass immigration, usually for the worse, and none more so than the housing situation.

    An entire generation of young adults has seen their life chances devastated by the huge influx of recent years. My son, a recently married graduate with a first class science degree, would have had no chance of buying a house near his work if we have not been able to help them. Of his university friends, nearly half are now living abroad. England and Bristol has lost them, but has gained – in a similar timeframe – thousands of Somalis with a 90% unemployment rate who are given housing.

    The BBC has never made the link between immigration and housing shortage. It is one of their biggest lies by omission.


    • Invicta 1066 says:

      Come on, all those Somalis are a huge asset like, Mo Farah!
      The BBC is wonderful at cherry picking one poor migrant who has done well, and ignore the other half a million who have high unemployment, high crime rates and cost a huge amount to feed, educate and house.


  8. George R says:

    ‘Be patient, I’m handing over the country as fast as I can.’

    (And BBC-NUJ is pleased.)


  9. jeff says:

    We’re always told that we need energetic young people working to support pensioners. I think it works out something like four workers to support one OAP. So, of course, in the liberal mind set this gives them the excuse to flood the country with people from every nation on earth and then telling us what a wonderful and enriching contribution they have made. Blair brought in four million so that will mean another sixteen million to support them when they reach pensionable age. More people means more congestion, expensive housing, insufficient infrastructure. In London, the most densely populated (and diverse) area of our once green and pleasant land, if we get a week of sunshine there’s invariably a hosepipe ban and some bod telling us to go easy when we flush the loo. There’s a limit to how many we can take.
    It’s not racism it’s arithmetic.


    • George R says:

      Yes, and BBC-NUJ never talks ‘limits’ to mass immigration.

      For Beeboids, the U.K door to mass immigration must always be kept wide open, based on their political principle of how to be colonised.