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Paxman has jumped ship and fired off a torpedo as he did so.

Newsnight is ‘made by 13-year-olds’, says Jeremy Paxman

The former host says his Conservative leanings made him a lone voice on the show as the younger producers wanted to change the world

The BBC’s flagship politics programme Newsnight is made by “13-year-olds”, its former host Jeremy Paxman has said, as he suggests his Conservative leanings made him a lone voice on the show.

Paxman, who made his last appearance on the flagship BBC programme earlier this month, said the makers of the programme were still young idealists, wanting to “change the world”.

He added his experience in politics had led him to be a “one-nation Tory”, with youthful idealism being a “fools’ errand”.

Paxman shared his opinion of modern politics, saying: “I am in favour of governments getting out of people’s lives. Particularly foreign government.

“The closer you can take decision-making to the people affected by those decisions, the better.”

Europe, he said, had been the source of “nothing but trouble for us”, and joked Belgium as a “pointless little country”.


I’m guessing the ‘Katz Kidz’ will be happy to see the back of the grumpy old man who was getting in the way of their project to change the world…their ‘fool’s errand’.

Who’d have guessed that the student-like lefties of the BBC had an agenda?  News to Owen Jones of course.

Interesting that even someone as senior as Paxman didn’t feel able to influence the news agenda and the groupthink at the BBC and speak out before in such strong terms whilst in the job.






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37 Responses to From The Mouths Of Grumpy Old men

  1. Pounce says:

    Actually, 13 year children could do a much better job, than any leftwingcocksuckingarsebendingchristianhatingislamicterroristlovingethicallattedrinker working at AL Beeb.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      But then at 13, I was also an immature left-wing depressive with a child sized brain, but then, my brain developed, giving me the maturity and higher intelligence to eventually turn me into a UKIPer.


    • DICK R says:



      • Stewart says:

        Big mortgage and even bigger ego ,only a job at the BBC could satisfy both


  2. Seek the Truth says:

    He was far too busy making a name for himself along with tons of licence-payers’ dosh; you surely didn’t expect him, as a high-profile BBC mouthpiece, to be honest, too?


  3. Flexdream says:

    His account is unsurprising but he hid his political views. I don’t see his revelations having any impact as those who have an interest already know the BBC news is agenda driven.


  4. Simon says:

    As always suspected – just grown up children at the BBC and in pretty much all of the media. They never grow up from their Sixth Form days and are always around similar people so never actually experience REAL people so are still “revolutionaries” …peace man


    • Rob says:

      I’ve worked with media types and they are just like children. Demanding and get cross and throw a strop when things don’t go their way


  5. Doublethinker says:

    Paxman is just one more of the ex BBC folk who tell us that the BBC is leftwards biased and has its own agenda. They have been in the thick of it and they will know. Whilst i can think of many good reasons for keeping your own council when you are employed by the BBC, I can’t think of reasons why these folks should start to lie about the BBC once they have left the corporation. So I think there comments should be taken as a serious indication that the BBC has fallen into the hands of a leftist elite who are set to change the UK into a liberal left Utopia on the backs of the LF payers. Something most of the contributors to this site have known for years but which the general public seem not to realise. Hopefully when big names like Paxman tell them they will listen and the BBC credibility will fall another few notches.


    • Ken says:

      another tory who worked at the BBC said that if you have conservative views you keep them well hidden if you do not want to be ostracised. Tories greet each other with secret handshakes in the BBC.


      • BBC Love a Labour Luvvie says:

        So few, they must now have to shake hands with themselves.


      • Fulgentian says:

        If fewer people felt no fear of being ostracised the BBC would not have the power it does. Lefty utopianists get their way not by rational argument but by making you out to be sociopathic if you disagree with their views. Unfortunately this ploy has worked and most people in this country with an education just tow the utopianist line not because it is the best way but because it is fashionable.


    • emale says:

      “…..the BBC has fallen into the hands of a leftist elite”

      Definition: a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society.

      I think to describe the juvenile delinquents in charge of the BBC’s output as an elite, is stretching the word’s meaning beyond its breaking point.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Paxman was always virulently bias against Tories. His supposed ‘conservative leanings’ are very recent. If they’re genuine he’ll apologise for dragging British Politics through the mud for decades with his rudeness.


      • Big Dick says:

        No , Paxo was , keeping his head down , & if al bbc was working according to its charter ,you would not be able to “guess” the political views of any of its employee`s . If that ever happened you could knock me down with a feather though. But at least Paxo was trying to show how the BBC should operate in a ” King Canute ” sort of way . However I always did suspect he might be a Tory , from years back , but when he selected “Boris” for the tandem bike ride , that confirmed it , even being “hard ” on Michael Howard , well they kisse & made up , probably bessie mates now .


  6. DJ says:

    Also significant: these guys only ever come out and say this after they’ve tunneled out. Meanwhile, leftist Beeboids can twitter away freely with nary a care in the world. Why might that be?


  7. Mice Height says:

    Hopefully now, we’ll see more of Russell Brand on the show, encouraging naive libtards not to vote.
    I like to think his last appearance (and the viral video of it that followed) helped UKIP gain some seats in the Euros, but realistically, anyone stupid enough to buy in to Brand’s nonsense, would be incapable of finding their local Polling Station or spelling the letter ‘X’.


  8. GCooper says:

    No doubt we will now see the usual suspects claiming that because Paxman is a self-confessed capitalist lickspittle, that proves the BBC is balanced in its political coverage.

    As for his ‘Conservatism’ it has taken me nearly 24 hours to stop laughing.


  9. john in cheshire says:

    Mr Paxman might have added that Luxembourg is also a pointless little (what is it? Country or Principality?) piece of land that shouldn’t have any significant influence in how we run our country. But no doubt that arsewhipe Mr Juncker sees things differently.


    • Mark says:

      Luxembourg is a Grand Duchy.

      Formerly famous for pop radio station and a disproportinate number of Eurovision Song Contest winners, who were French or Greek to begin with !


      • Rufus McDufus says:

        The BBC even pass the Duchy from the left hand side. *fetches coat*


        • Pounce says:

          Rufus wrote:
          “The BBC even pass the Duchy from the left hand side.”
          Wasn’t that a bunch of 13 year olds who sang that?


          • pah says:

            They were around that age certainly. IIRC they explained on Blue Peter that a ‘Duchy’ was a soup terrine favoured by West Indian mothers …


  10. S.Trubble says:

    Think he meant by his conservative leanings that on the way home from the club one night he had occasion to pause and lean against a lamppost which just happened to have a Conservative candidates election poster plastered on it.


  11. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    Funny how much silence and tolerance his reputed £800k pa ensured.


  12. #88 says:

    From the Telegraph, this;

    Paxman, who made his last appearance on the flagship BBC programme earlier this month, said the makers of the programme were still young idealists, wanting to “change the world”.

    So there we have it, ‘idealists wanting to change the world’…or to put it another way, activists who have infiltrated the taxpayer funded BBC and are using it for their own ends.

    This should not be laughed off as a humorous side-swipe. All of this is in breach of the Corporations moral and legal obligations of impartiality and is unacceptable

    The BBC – too big, too powerful and unaccountable.


    • Ken says:

      It is fine for the guardian or independent (or mail or the Sun for that matter) to try to change the world. I have the option to not pay for their brands of revolution.

      However, the BBC should not be trying to change the world at all. It should only ever report what is happening in it, without their own added context and meaning, without their own biased speculation and without favour. Honestly, accurately and impartially.

      The BBC clearly fails to do this, due to the “13 year old revolutionaries” who produce their news content.


      • Simon says:

        Exactly! If the BBC was subscription then they could say and do whatever they wanted but they tax us and then pretend to be impartial when they clearly aren’t


        • Merched Becca says:

          An unfair and unjust tax that we are forced to pay with out redress. When will we be rid of this anti British and totally biased quango and its transparent propaganda.
          Cyfiawnder !


    • pah says:

      Thing is this keeps happening. Time and time again people complain about the obvious agendas in BBC programmes and time and time again the BBC deny it hotly – usually saying, with a smug voice, that as the left and right complain they must be balanced.

      Then 20 years later and they are doing their ‘weren’t we wonderful 20 years ago and don’t you hate Thatcher’ programmes the makers admit that they were trying to get a ‘message’ across or they wanted to change peoples attitudes to ‘issues.’

      There is no censure or revelation but a matter of fact admission that programmes had a defined agenda which the BBC denied at the time of broadcast.

      and they wonder why they are so hated …


  13. Philip says:

    I am reminded that the BBC was not always this way… At one time it did serve a purpose in 1926 (when it became a corporation headed by Lord Reith). ‘The BBC was founded on a rejection of politics. From the start of broadcasting there had been anxieties that the service would become an agency of government propaganda’… needless to say the ‘liberal intelligentsia’ he so despised have finally taken over by activist juveniles, something he fought against his entire distinguished career to distance his public corporation from political in-fighting now dominated by the left. Would Lord Reith in any way recognise the politically motivated, sexually liberated corporation of the once respected BBC?
    (excerpts from ‘The History of British Media’ (6th Ed) by Prof Seaton)


  14. George R says:

    “Rod Liddle is right about the faux Left”

    By Ed West.


  15. George R says:

    There’ll be no political understand of this from ‘diversity’ promoting BBC-NUJ:-

    “Poor white pupils put off school by multicultural timetable.
    A study finds that working-class white children are being turned off school because lessons are too focused on celebrating other cultures while shunning British traditions.”

    By Graeme Paton.


    • DICK R says:

      A glimmer of hope , white children are beginning to have their eyes opened .


  16. Beness says:

    as soon as the new look eastenders hits the screen more will have their eyes opened to the BBC’s version of life.