1. Alex says:

    Caught a groveling debate on BBC 24 regarding France’s excellent decision to ban that foul piece of garb, the burka. Two female presenters tiptoeing around the issues so as not to offend those blessed devotees of the religion of peace, incense candles and bells…. the media and the politicians in this country really are a bunch of big lilly-livered jessies.


  2. Ken says:

    With another 12 potential victims of the foul Ozzy pervert and Savile pal, Rolf Harris, coming forward, I think it is time for an independent judge led inquiry into the BBC’s harbouring, enabling and covering up for predatory paedophiles for the last 5 decades.

    Compare and contrast, Murdoch had some staff who listened to private voice mail messages from unsecured inboxes. Murdoch shut the News of the World for it.

    BBC harboured, enabled and covered up for senior level BBC celebrities who abused children on their premises for decades. Not a single person has been fired.

    Murdoch has proved himself to be way more ethical and moral and decent than the BBC.


  3. Big Al says:

    Just heard Mark Lawrenson say that Swiss striker who just missed a sitter ‘should put a skirt on’.
    Think that might be end of BBC career ?


    • Ember2014 says:

      I doubt many BBC employees think wearing a skirt is a perverse thing to do.


  4. chrisH says:

    S`pose there`s no chance of the BBC announcing some kind of apology for saying that 80% of new jobs created in the private sector were London ones…is there?
    Yes, I KNOW the Press release from Labour HQ said that-Chuka and Lord Adonis both trailed it for Radio 4 this morning…but it now turns out to be out of date and untrue.

    It`s therefore a deceit and a lie…now will the BBC correct itself and say sorry?
    Ha!…it`s a figure the BBC prefer…so it`ll hang around as long as Jimmy Saviles laundry hamper…lying hounds.


  5. Thoughtful says:

    BBC PM program reporting that Nigel Farage & Eurosceptic & “Europhobic” MEPs turned their backs on the EU anthem.

    I’ve asked the complaints department to provide me with a definition of what exactly counts as a “Europhobic” MEP following their inability to define what either ‘racism’ or ‘Islamist’ actually mean.

    I have also asked what the BBC are doing using words which are not in the dictionary, but are the product of far left activist groups opposed to any anti European parties.

    I doubt I will receive a satisfactory response.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘I doubt I will receive a satisfactory response”,
      Me either.
      That said, when… if one staggers back (sorry for the delay), its form will be interesting anyway.
      Please do share.
      It may serve well when added to the file growing with such specials from the Beebosaurus, such as ‘Islamic Benediction’.


    • regag says:

      Simples, to the BBC Europhobic means disliking the EU and homophobic means disliking men … oh, hang on, you’re right, what do they mean? Are the Europhobes in favour of the EU … ? I’m very confused now.


  6. Sickofitall says:

    Here’s a heartwarming story about the ‘Swiss’ national football team, and how the people of Switzerland ought to be ashamed of themselves for voting for stricter immigration controls and not totally embracing multiculturalism.


    I particularly like that picture with the faces cut out, depicting what the team would look like were it not so diverse. Shurely it wouldn’t actually look like that, as they would simply pick 6 other players instead? Or would they take to the field with only 5 players? Do they only have a total 5 non-Muslims eligible to play football for Switzerland? I’m confused.


    • Sickofitall says:

      Just reading the BBC ‘article’ again, it seems I have got my sums wrong about the number of immigrant players in the Swiss team, of which there are actually 8, not 6.


      • Mark says:

        Many of the Swiss team had Bosnian, Turkish or Middle Eastern names to me. I reckon the only ‘yodelling’ they would do would be the wail to Muslim prayer.

        Yet, Switzerland is not in the EU, so why have they allowed in so many Muslims ?


    • Alan Larocka says:

      Hmmmmm. No comments section.


  7. George R says:

    Say no more-

    “BBC Newsreader Jane Hill to host European Diversity Awards”



    • Leha says:

      pass the bucket


    • thoughtful says:

      “European Diversity Awards founder, Linda Riley, said that this year’s awards are even more significant following the passing of anti-gay laws in countries like Russia.”

      Typical anti white Fascist has a pop at Russia, because she thinks it’s safe, even though it isn’t illegal to be gay in Russia, but doesn’t even mention all the Muslim countries in which the penalty for being gay is death.

      Having said that some of the Gay groups have refused to criticise Muslims for killing them with many of them seeming to find it perfectly acceptable.

      Then there’s the issue with diversity of thought and opinion which is anathema to the Fascists who cannot abide anyone to hold an opinion different to their own.


      • Lord Foul of Ipswich says:

        Diversity nowadays means intolerance. Militant gender benders force their ways on everyone else but declare rainbow jihad if anyone despises their self-indulgent ways.


      • Dave S says:

        They do seem to have a problem with Russia these liberals. Unwise it may well turn out to be as Russia could take out Nato without breaking sweat. With the USA very much wanting to go being nice to Russia is probably wise.
        very odd these days. Russia is once again a conservative and Christian land while Western Europe is a liberal fantasy mess.
        Only this time a cold war would not be necessary. The Russians could just give us 24 hours to come to heel or else.


      • Ember2014 says:

        I didn’t realise Russia was in Europe. I know they are in the Eurovision Song Contest, but we don’t base our way of life on a song contest, do we?


  8. It used to be a polite glass with dinner... now it's a bottle a night says:

    Anyone else think it’s downright irresponsible for the BBC to be reporting what these Muslim terrorists want? Just what is the point of this report? We know what these scum want but don’t need organisations like the BBC advertising it from the rooftops. Mind you, the BBC are part of the jihadist crusade and so are, in reality, just carrying out their vile masters’ foul bidding…




    • thoughtful says:

      Why is it ‘irresponsible’? That’s the kind of talk I’d normally expect from the Fascist left moaning because their brown eyed boys were being criticised.

      The more people find out about what this group want, the better !

      The more people who leave the UK to go there would be a good thing if only the UK government would assume they had renounced their UK citizenship and could not return here.


      • Sickofitall says:

        Yeah right, wishful thinking there. As any fule kno they have all left the UK on their jihadi vacation because the police/Conservative party/un-diverse white people have failed them. They will be therefore presumably be welcomed back with open arms, by the liberal elite.


      • Alan Larocka says:

        I would charter the fucking airforce to take them all ‘home’


  9. George R says:

    Will Beeboids politically warm to ‘Islamic State’ as they warm to Islamic jihad ‘Hamas’?

    “Islamic State caliph calls on Muslims worldwide to move to his new caliphate and wage jihad against Infidels”



    “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: The world’s most wanted man.
    “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may style himself the new caliph, but his universal Islamic State is surrounded by enemies.”



  10. George R says:

    For INBBC & S. Chakrabarti: campaigners for Guantanamo Islamic jihad detainees:-

    “Ex-Guantanamo detainee arrested in Spain tied to infamous al Qaeda cell”

    Read more: http://www.longwarjournal.org/archives/2014/06/_a_leaked_threat_ass.php##ixzz36FyziB9v


  11. George R says:

    “Rolf Harris sex abuse:
    “BBC accused of ‘turning a blind eye’ as corporation rules out inquiry.”


    • Wild says:

      If a journalist working for a Murdoch newspaper had listened to his telephone messages they would be interested.


  12. George R says:

    Another example of what British society has become as consequence of political class’ campaign for Islamisation of U.K-

    “Cardiff Jihadist ‘willing to die’ for Isis fight in Syria”



    • George R says:

      Comment by Robert Spencer, ‘Jihadwatch’-

      “We all know, on pain of charges of ‘Islamophobia,’ that what Aseel Muthana is doing has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. Why, however, does no one ever bother to explain why he thinks it does? Why is Islam clearly central to this young man’s motives and goals? How did he come to misunderstand it so? No mainstream analyst ever bothers to explain this yawning cognitive dissonance between his self-description and explanations of his motives and the generally accepted analysis of what he is doing.”



  13. Old Goat says:

    Awoke to the unbelievable, and inconsequential idea that fish may have memories. Some East Anglian “University” professor twat, sounding like something from the muppets telling me this. My first reactions were: 1). How much has it cost us to be told this? and 2). Aren’t you from the same establishment who told us all those lies about global warming? I then considered that great white sharks marauding Australian beaches for surfing tidbits clearly possessed a memory…

    …then it was all about Sarkozy. I don’t know about you, but it tickles me how these presenters and newsreaders go to great lengths to pronounce his name the “French way” – i.e Sar”Kozeee”, yet when French interviewees appear, they tend to say Sar”cosy” – the way we always used to pronounce it. It amused me that Humphrys changed his pronunciation very quickly, this morning.


    • Alex says:

      Ah, yes… That grand and hallowed institution of world-class academia- The University of East Anglia. Centre of excellence for interpretative dance and pop music.


      • johnnythefish says:

        ‘Twisting The Night Away’ being a firm background music favourite when manipulating temperature records.


  14. noggin says:

    had BBC5live news on as I ve driven back this morning.
    … hey ho! … the fix is in
    The Israelli teenager hate murders, story has muted right down.
    however … simultaneously inflating a dubious story about supposed Palestinian kidnapping … AND the Israelli response to this atrocity
    … expect “response” to evaporate, as … “poor” Palestinian narrative is established.


  15. pah says:

    They are at it again. This article is another foray in the attempt to split England up into regions and destroy it as a nation. They even go as far as stating that people living in England don’t have a sense of unity, or Englishness.

    No mention that the EU has been planning this since the 1970’s and that central government is already split into the EU regions – remember the map without the word ‘England’ on it – no the ‘mistake’ they claimed.



    • Thoughtful says:

      the fact that people living in England don’t have a sense of unity, or Englishness, is correct.
      The point however is that they used to, but it has been destroyed by the Fascist left.
      I absolutely would not fight for this country, because it isn’t worth fighting for! In fact I think it might actually be a good thing if we were invaded by another country. It couldn’t get any worse than it is under Cameron Clegg Bliar and Millipede could it now?


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘Ipsos Mori found that 56% of people would back increased powers for England to control its own taxes and spending.

      Less pronounced – but still present – is the 44% of people who feel Scotland gets more than its fair share of public spending (30% think it is about right).

      So why don’t people in England seem to want more powers?

      One theory is devolution has been tainted by what happened in the North East.’

      Conflating regional devolution with people wanting more fairness for the English in our Parliamentary system, thus giving an impression that we don’t really know what we want. Straight out of the Easton textbook.


  16. Roland Deschain says:

    OT, as it’s not BBC bias but isn’t this getting a bit ridiculous?

    ITV has apologised after an episode of Benidorm referencing Rolf Harris was repeated a day after the star was convicted of indecent assault.

    Are we to airbrush out of existence any old television episode which so much as refers to a celebrity who turns out not to be quite as pure as was previously thought? It’s not going to leave much for Dave to show, is it?


  17. Ember2014 says:

    Newsnight last night: First story was an in-house discussion between Labour MPs, one token Murdoch journalist and Maitlis representing the Newsnight Labour wing.

    This is about the 4th time they’ve held one of these: “What can Labour do to improve their poll ratings?” love-ins.

    It was all very earnest. None of the silly segues you get when the Tories are doing badly in public opinion.


  18. George R says:

    Not a Wednesday full of woe:-

    “Victoria Derbyshire, Richard Bacon and Shelagh Fogarty leave BBC Radio 5 Live”