‘Three Down Six Million To Go’? ….. Yolande ‘death’ Knell Reports



The BBC has been repeatedly broadcasting an incendiary audio interview with relatives of the Palestinian teenager killed in Jerusalem as tensions between Israelis and Palestinians are ‘dangerously high’....a soundtrack that is almost certainly already on a Jihadi website added to video and pictures of Israeli or Western ‘atrocities’ against Muslims as a tool to both recruit new Jihadis and to incite more terrorism against Western or Jewish targets.

It must be a serious editorial misjudgement to broadcast what is nothing more than a highly emotive, provocative incitement against Israelis and any who support them.

The interview is one long ‘blood libel’ against all Israelis making provocative and inflammatory claims designed to whip up anti-Jewish sentiment as the Palestinians compare the Jews to Nazis and imply that the murdered Palestinian teen is just the start of a Palestinian ‘Holocaust’, a Jewish ‘Final Solution’ to deal with the Palestinians…. ‘one down, another 5 million Palestinians to go‘,  that the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, plans to kill them all, that the Jews have stolen their land and now are stealing their kids and killing them.

They claim the teenager was just a child, a ‘kid’…but at age 17 he is the same age as the British ISIS member boasting about his Iraq adventure.…’a person claiming to be Nasser’s brother Aseel told BBC Wales he was willing to die for the cause.

The 17-year-old, who is also believed to be in Syria, told the Week in Week Out programme: “Jihad is obligatory.”‘


There seemed to be no rhyme or reason for broadcasting this so called interview which is little more than the usual ugly, racist Palestinian anti-Israeli propaganda.  It was first broadcast on ‘Today’ (08:10), then Derbyshire played it on her show but  made no comment…which begs the question played to what purpose, what was the intended reaction that the BBC wanted to get from the listener?  It was clearly intended to provoke some sort of reaction.  Undoubtedly it has been broadcast on other shows throughout the day and is available on the website as a stand-alone.


Perhaps The BBC’s Director General might like to get in touch with his lawyers to check if the BBC is guilty of promoting terrorism:

Terrorism Act 2006

(2) A person commits an offence if—
(a) he publishes a statement to which this section applies or causes another
to publish such a statement;

and (b) at the time he publishes it or causes it to be published, he…..(ii) is reckless as to whether members of the public will be directly or indirectly encouraged or otherwise induced by the statement to commit, prepare or instigate such acts or offences.


Should the interview be found on a Jihadi website to recruit jihadis and promote terrorism would there be grounds for a prosecution against the BBC who so recklessly broadcast something that directly or indirectly could encourage Muslims to join the Jihad against Israel and the West?



The BBC were slow to report the kidnapping of the three Israelis, but fast off the mark to report the death of the Palestinian and to ascribe his death as the probable result of an Israeli lynch mob.

The BBC is now painting a picture of aggressive, violent Israelis out to attack Palestinians in revenge for the deaths and continually make reference to claims like these:

Scores of Israelis had angrily protested in Jerusalem late on Tuesday, after the funerals of the three Israeli teenagers.

Ghonit Sela, director of the Human Rights in East Jerusalem Project, told the BBC further attacks were feared.

“We saw dozens of people walking in broad daylight in the streets, yelling ‘death to Arabs’, trying to attack Arabs.


or this

“The Israeli police are just here to protect the settlements,” said his friend, Saif. “The settlers come to attack us all the time. They try to push us over the edge. Especially in Jerusalem.”


The BBC’s Kevin Connolly has been reporting that Israelis have been inciting violence against Palestinians but fails to mention anything about Palestinian threats and incitement.


The BBC consistently fails to report the celebrations when an Israeli is killed such as these celebrations of the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers:



PA, Fatah cartoons gloat over teens’ kidnappings

Drawings in official PA newspaper and on Fatah facebook page appear to celebrate abduction of Israelis

Anti-Israel caricature on the Fatah Facebook page


children 3

This was photographed on the Temple Mount. These ‘Palestinian’ children and their teachers are celebrating the abduction of three Jewish teenagers by holding up their three fingers in what has become the viral sign of joy at the kidnapping.


kids three fingers




The BBC fails to report what the Palestinians teach their kids…the first video is interesting as it ends with the thought that once they have finished with Israel they will move on to Iraq and to the creation of a Muslim State without borders…someone has beaten them to it………




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14 Responses to ‘Three Down Six Million To Go’? ….. Yolande ‘death’ Knell Reports

  1. Pounce says:

    You know what really gets my goat about the bBCs coverage of the Middle-EAst
    Its how they copy the Jihadists and quote them verbatim when they spit out:
    F-ing bBC ,apologists and defenders of Islamic terrorism the world over.


  2. TPO says:

    Having lived and worked in arab countries during the seventies, I can say, hand on heart, that I have never come across a more despicable race. I never believe any utterance made by an arab, I wouldn’t associate with them and I certainly wouldn’t care for any living within a mile of me. They are constantly whining and wheedling, but once they think they have the upper hand then their attitude take a sharp turn for the worse. They automatically view whites as inferior. As for their personal habits, well they are nothing short of disgusting. You can take the arab out of the desert but you will never take the desert out of the arab. If the oil finally runs out then they are well and truly stuffed. The Israelis have a saying, “No arabs, no Terrorists”

    Which brings me to this, and something that the BBC have not seen fit to mention.
    The Jerusalem Post reports on various comments coming from Jerusalem police:

    “During a meeting to update the prime minister on Wednesday evening, Aharonovitch added that additional investigative teams have been assigned to the case, and urged the public to show restraint.
    Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld echoed Aharonovitch’s sentiments.
    “We are investigating whether it was nationalistically motivated or criminal right now,” he said. “Police forensics teams are carefully examining the body and the area of the forest where it was found to search for evidence of who may have done this.”
    Though the cause of Abu Khdeir‘s death remains unannounced, Rosenfeld said the boy’s body had significant burn marks. The spokesman added that police are investigating previous attempts to kidnap members of Abu Khdeir’s family, stemming from a personal dispute.
    “It is possible this is a personal or family-related incident,” he said. “We are not ruling anything out.”

    So there you have it. The family (in arab that could mean any number of people) are know to the police.
    There has been a long standing family feud.
    There have been a number of previous kidnap attempts.
    The BBC, as usual, reacts with knee jerk hysteria.


  3. Pounce says:

    I don’t know about 5 million Pals to go, but our friendly peaceful followers have had a somewhat quiet day according to the media:


  4. John Anderson says:

    I posted elsewhere on the disgraceful Yolande Knell “interview”. She allowed – or encouraged – 2 young people to have a long rant. No questions, no probing, no comments or corrections.

    On a specific point – the ranters have been saying that Israeli troops are being deployed to protect Israeli settlements but not to protect Arab property. But it is Arab mobs that have been out on the streets throwing rocks – and destroying their end of the Jerusalem light rail system and stops. That is why the troops are out – we can SEE that. There no equivalent mobs trying to damage Arab property – so no need for an army presence.

    Knell is the “reporter” on the spot – along with other BBC staff. Why are they not reporting this asymmetry, on the FACTS of where and why the army is being deployed, rather than prompting ignorant Arabs to rant away on the airwaves ?

    And why has the BBC totally failed to report the jubilation among the Arabs over the kidnapping of the 3 young Israelis ? Again – there is vivid visual evidence of this – the usual Arab hatred. with the children being pushed to join in the sickness.

    Silly questions really. As usual – the BBC bias is with the Arabs.


  5. George R says:

    Ms KNELL, of INBBC’s Cairo Bureau, is a Muslim Brotherhood fan, and so supports Hamas.


  6. George R says:

    “More unchallenged Hamas propaganda on BBC World Service’s ‘Newshour’”



  7. George R says:

    A ‘Biased BBC’ blog thread on INBBC’s Ms KNELL,
    in 2011:-

    “Knell’s Toll”
    By Sue,
    (September 24, 2011).

    Knell’s Toll


  8. Anat T. says:

    Definitely time to prosecute, but who is going to do it?
    This should be an internal British matter, as I don’t believe in international courts under the auspices of the UN.

    There are many more examples from the past. Orla Guerin: “in these hills, where Christians once hid from the Romans, Palestinian fighters now hide from the Israelis”. Talk about antisemitic innuendo.

    Or the siege of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. The BBC showed repeatedly Arafat screaming from Ramallah that the Jews were attacking a holy place, even though their own cameras on site showed nothing of the kind. They also quoted ‘Palestinians’ on the supposed hunger of the ‘fighters’ inside the church, but said nothing at the end of the siege, when masses of food were found inside and even on the altar.

    Or the BBC in Lebanon 2006, reporting on the mass evacuation of civilians after the Israeli warnings, but a few days later quoting the Lebanese government that most casualities of the battles in the evacuated area were civilian. How does this tally?

    These repeated offences can only mean one thing: a relentless propaganda campaign against Israel, which amounts to incitement of the Arabs to kill Israelis. So who is going to prosecute the BBC for incitement to murder, and when?


  9. Jackde says:

    From BBC Watch blog
    Just before 7 p.m. local time the police spokesman made the following announcement:

    “Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld says police are investigating the possibility that the motive behind the abduction and killing of Muhammad Abu Khdeir was criminal or an honor killing, as well as the option that it was nationalistically motivated.

    “There are no clear-cut conclusions at the moment,” he says. “We will have to see how things develop.” “

    On the same evening the Minster for Public Security also made a statement.

    “Minister Aharonovitch emphasized that at this stage all avenues of investigation are being checked and added that the motive for the murder cannot be determined at present. The Minister noted that units in Jerusalem and around the country are being reinforced and asked the public to show restraint and patience at this time in order to allow the investigators to carry out their work.” [emphasis added]

    The BBC News website, along with other BBC platforms, continues however to promote and amplify an unproven, highly inflammatory and – as past experience shows – potentially very dangerous version of events which at this stage is based entirely upon supposition and speculation.

    Is this really the standard of reporting expected from an organisation which informs its funding public that “BBC News aspires to remain the standard-setter for international journalism”?


    • Anat T. says:

      Very well put.
      Though as I suggested above, this is not merely a question of misusing public funds. It amounts to an incitement that may well be criminal.

      There is the precedent of Julius Streicher, editor of Der Stuermer, who was convicted at Nuremberg for incitement leading to murder. He was sentenced to death, which I don’t recommend for the relevant BBC journalists, but banning them from ever practicing journalism would be in order.


      • Thatcher Revolutionary says:

        I think from a legal perspective that an individual legal action against a reporter would be the way forward. They will have the Police and mainstream media backing their pro-muslim stance regardless of the situation, however a civil case that could prove someone suffered due to their propaganda and financially ruin one of them would make the Derbyshires, Bacons, et al think twice before spouting their inane, childish, student power views.


        • Anat T. says:

          Thank you.
          I have redirected the present discussion to Shurat Hadin, who take such civil action against institutions and individuals that support terrorism financially.
          It’s a long shot, as they have never dealt with a case of incitement, but there is no harm in trying.


  10. George R says:

    “What the mainstream media is hiding from you about the ‘Palestinians’”