Gotta love the BBC’s endless profound propagandising for Palestinians. Three teenage Israeli boys are taken away and shot to death by Palestinians. Cue PR problem. Then, Palestinian boy is also brutally murdered. We don’t know by whom but the BBC were quick to make it pretty clear that it was by Israelis “in revenge”. Maybe this is true, and NO ONE would see this murder as anything other than obscene BUT the BBC are the guys who were sooooo reluctant to accept that Hamas killed the three Israeli boys. Now, a few days on, with Israel targeting Hamas in Gaza, guess what? Yes…Hamas are holding out a branch of peace….

“Hamas has offered to halt its rocket attacks if Israel stops its air raids on the Gaza Strip, the BBC understands. A source with the Palestinian militant group said Egyptian intelligence officials had brokered a potential ceasefire, after escalating clashes. Israel says sporadic shelling from Gaza has continued. Several rockets and mortars landed without causing harm.”

The Palestinians are ALWAYS the victims. Hamas and the IDF are presented as if they are in any way comparable – which they are not. And most importantly, Israel is always in the wrong.

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  1. zoid says:

    never any mention by the bbc of hamas’ rejection in its charter of any negotiation on anything with israel, its stated aim to kill all jews or, in this case, the concept of hudna – a temporary armistice which enables hamas to regroup and re-arm.

    the truth is that hamas does not want any sort of peace with israel, just conquest.


    • noggin says:

      The claim that the arab boys demise is down
      to Israel … is very dubious indeed, in the first place.
      … just another “pallywood” photo opportunity?


      • Guest Who says:

        It remains unkwown still, I believe.
        But along with the murder of the Saudi student a few weeks ago, there was a flurry of speculation that the BBC clearly was keen to engage in too.
        Since then, not so much, and in fact memory holes appearing as certain inconvenient possible alternatives arise.
        It is hard not to see the BBC as culpable in not just selective reporting, but incitement of those clearly less able to constrain themselves.
        Propaganda and censorship by state media has poor historical precedents.


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          Aljabeeba have latched onto the ” his family believe he was murdered in revenge etc etc”
          Conveniently quoting ” his family” at every opportunity.


          • Guest Who says:

            ‘his family believe’
            ‘Belief’ appears the bedrock of much of the BBC operation now, from complaints blow-offs to editorial.
            Using such a one degree of separation mechanism to issue propaganda in guise of reporting is, I suggest, beyond the BBC’s professional and ethical remit.
            Especially if serving to keep passions and tensions high with audiences not noted for deep introspection or checking beyond what they wish to hear.
            If further innocents die as a consequence of such journalism practices, BBC staff and managers may wish to look in the mirror and ask what it is they appear to be part of.


          • Guest Who says:

            Do you have a link for this quote?
            At the very least it would be worth tasking the BBC staff involved to explain by what means the family is better equipped to offer an explanation than any other.
            Failing which, as precedent, it would be worth looking at instances when the grief-enhanced utterances of any other relatives of crime victims are faithfully passed on, or quietly dropped from record for various reasons.
            It would be a shame if these seem promoted if the BBC empathises, but get censored (or put in ‘context’) if the BBC narrative is less well served.


            • Llareggub says:

              Here is one link to ‘his family believe’ in an article reporting on the horrific circumstances of the boy’s death. As expected the BBC mention that it follows the death of the three Israelis, so that it looks as if one incident was causally connected to the other.



              • Guest Who says:

                Trying to be fair, the family (from an area not unknown to be well schooled in what plays well with the local capos… and the media), have said this, one presumes unprompted.
                The ‘belief’ is a fair way down but not the usual ‘quote’. It is a report via the reporter.
                Equally PM Netanyahu’s ‘blame’ (the semantics in both directions applicable, blurring actual perpetrator responsibility with still inexcusable geo-political ‘motivations’). Again no quote so what he said is via the BBC filter for context removal. He does seem to have alternated between quite specific and this “Whoever was involved in the kidnapping and the murder will bear the consequences”.
                As nothing on either yet known, this may suggest parity of sorts.
                History, logic and geography may guide which representative of the respective victims is likely the better informed on a variety of counts. But it remains subjective.
                Beyond the factual but linear progress of the report, clearly making links as yet unconfirmed, the BBC grief-trawling at the bottom is risible, given who will chip in and the degree of checking that will be carried out if the testimony appeals.
                There have clearly been some very loose statements made globally (inc. PresO, a statescretin noted for open mouth before engaging brain or checking facts), and while the BBC can claim merely to report, what they choose to keeps them very low on my list of those coming out of this well.


  2. chrisH says:

    How long does it usually take the BBC to link an atrocity with Muslims?
    From Beslan onwards in 2004, it`s always had to extracted with pliers…for the BBCs reflex position is to squat over the scene of the crime telling us that their Muslim lads are loved to bits and would do no such things…all they are trying to say is…well give peace a chance?
    So -even with Lee Rigby and Boston-it hurts Tell Mama and Tariq Ramadans cause if we automatically assume it`s Islam again…so the BBC don`t do it, and all in the hope that Breivik or some white avengers have done the deeds that Islam did,
    And when it`s Islam-the trail cold, the hacks at home and planning the next article on blaming Israel, Bush, Thatcher or Reagan…with the Jooz at source.
    Yet when Hamas tell us that the Jews killed one of their own…no restraint, not even a factoid to be checked-straight down the pipe, the pan and into our houses….Radio Hamas , Telefis ISIS…as long as Israel is in the dock-yet again!
    Luckily we media studies post-grads her KNOW what they`re up to…Orwell told us too.
    The Babylon Whores and houris with their Babylon syntax of restricted code( disappointing, inappropriate, dispropotionate, Islamophobic, challenging etc, etc) rule our airwaves and publishing outlets.
    Enjoy the Klondike that is the Internet for now-and cultivate your contacts as the backlash to sites like this, stuff like this is developing.
    Wessex Man has spoken!


  3. Rob says:

    Muslims are always the victims. And rush to that website tell lies err I mean tell Mama to spread their lies


  4. chrisH says:

    Oh sorry-forgot to add the musical reference to may bit above.
    Muslims are the BBCs “Golden Grahams”


  5. john in cheshire says:

    It’s probably worthwhile saying that the reason hamas have called for a ceasefire is because Israel has said if they don’t stop firing rockets into Israel, then Israel will retaliate with force. That isn’t how the bbc are playing it, though is it; they are giving the impression that Israel is the aggressor and hamas and the arabs living in land known as Palestine, are the passive victims who have only been reacting to Israel’s aggression. Funny how socialism and islam are always diametrically opposite of truth.


  6. Llareggub says:

    Assuming that the Israelis target Hamas sources as a consequence of the murder of the three teenagers, let me suggest that our friends in the BBC are already scouring archives for photographs of hospitals bombed in wars long past. Look forward to a re-appearance on Radio 4 of Ahmed the Palestinian victim describing the damage inflicted by the Joos. I often suspect Ahmed of being a local actor from somewhere near Salford. Don’t expect the BBC to play fair with the news.


  7. Llareggub says:

    Labour says.
    Perhaps Milliband should ask this silly old fart to keep his gob shut, as they say in his constituency

    Parliament update: 30 June – 4 July
    July 1, 2014

    THURSDAY 3 JULY 2014

    1. Business of the House:

    – Gerald Kaufman: “Will the right hon. Gentleman ask the Foreign Secretary to make an urgent statement in which he condemns the murder by Israeli terrorists of the Palestinian, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, who was kidnapped yesterday? The murder was the outcome of the hysteria that was deliberately provoked by the Israeli Prime Minister following the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teenagers. Will he ask the Foreign Secretary to send our sympathy to the family of Mohammed Abu Khdeir; to join the American Secretary of State, John Kerry, who has described the murder as “sickening”; and to make it clear to the Israelis that we expect nothing more than the hunting down and bringing to justice of the murderers of this poor boy?”

    – Andrew Lansley: All teenager murders are sickening; we condemn them all; we welcome Israel’s commitment to bring those responsible to justice and President Abbas’s condemnation; essential to avoid action or rhetoric that could lead to further loss of life; such events highlight importance of reaching a negotiated 2-s-s. “I will of course, as he asks, draw his comments to the attention of the Foreign Secretary…. These events and others in the middle east are of serious concern.”

    Read more>

    2. Robert Halfon: “On a point of order, Mr Speaker. Following the question from the right hon. Member for Manchester, Gorton (Sir Gerald Kaufman), I fear that the wrong impression has been given to the House. The Israeli Prime Minister and the mayor of Jerusalem condemned the death of the Palestinian in Israel in the last few days. There is absolutely no evidence that that atrocity was carried out by an Israeli.”


    • Thatcher Revolutionary says:

      Kaufman – another self-loathing Jew.


      • chrisH says:

        There`s always been something a bit off about Kaufman.
        Sense a legacy re-evaluation is due about him-and maybe it will take his death before that actually happens.
        The trend of flamboyant Labour “parliamentarians” who are known more for their backstairs Billy antics than any actual achievements…is not a good one-but all too predictable!


        • Paul Weston says:

          Agreed, Kaufman is a bit odd. I noticed a piece in the Telegraph this morning stating several ex and serving MP’s are on a police paedo list.

          There must be a lot of very worried MP’s today. I am sure Mr Kaufman is not on the list of course.


          • chrisH says:

            We could run a sweepstake on who is next up for Operation Old Pervs(Oops!).
            Think I`ll start wherever a “great Parliamentarian” has been described as “flamboyant or eccentric”.
            Flamboyant eh?…that word in the middle seems to insinuate things…but, of course it need not as well.


          • Truthisouthethere says:

            Long time no here/hear from Croydon Gauleiter Weston. And his contribution is an innuendo. About a Jew…

            Weston was recently very embarrassed after the pathetic hammering his ‘party’ got in the Euro elections. He used to be in UKIP as well! His current approach is to try and garner publicity by what he hopes are legal actions against his party.

            So he was arrested during the elections and another chump on liberty radio (a free web site offering with 29 listeners!) tried to abuse people. Only it has now died as well.

            Presumably Weston is hoping Kaufman will sue this site for allowing his innuendo to stand.

            BTW Weston is married to a Roma. And that is true!


            • johnnythefish says:

              A fine ad hominem attack.

              Well done, sir!

              P.S. Anything to contribute to the debate on BBC pro-Palestinian bias?


              • chrisH says:

                Or indeed, Kaufmans quote above re “Israeli terrorists murdering” the Palestinian youth-said under privilege in the Commons I expect?
                And this without any evidence to back that up…unless he is privy to stuff that the rest of us are not…which I doubt, given his track record on Israel.
                As for Westons arrest-would this be the same one when he read Churchills views on Islam fromthe steps of Winchester City Hall or such?
                Maybe truthisoutthere needs to get off his X-Files soapbox, and tell me quite how we`e got to THAT level of state suppression over these last few years.
                If we stick to what Kaufman said-then we`ll all be happy…his religion or his racial profile mean nothing in the context in which we`re talking here.
                His rhetoric seems inflammatory, unsubstantiated and capable of inciting attacks or even worse.
                That is Kaufman-not Weston ,”truth”….


      • FN says:

        Yeah, they always are when they condemn Israseli murder, right?


  8. Sinniberg says:

    The BBC are rapidly turning him into a martyr.


  9. stuart says:

    where is the evidence that this palestinian man was kidnapped and brutally murdered by so called isreali extremists.i see no evidence here,but there is total evidence that these 3 isreali children were murdered by 2 members of this brutal racist terrorist organisation called hamas,there is no doubt about until i see clear evidence that this palestsinian man was targeted by isrealis in a so called revenge attack i just see this as another murder maybe to do with drug or criminal gangs or maybe 2 factions within hamas who had a fall out and decided to meet out punishment to one of there members which in not uncommen within terrorist groups like hamas and al qaeda.


  10. chrisH says:

    This tweet apparently has support from Richard Dawkins.
    The old fool does get it right on occasion then.


  11. London Calling says:

    It must have taken the BBC around thirty seconds to splash their Pally-propaganda “No! We are the Victims here!”line. It is not above Hamas to instigate a black – propaganda murder to reverse media attention back to “We are The Victims”. There is no evidence who killed this poor Palestinian boy, but the seething cesspit at the BBC would have you believe otherwise. Photographs are flashed around the world by the well-oiled Pallywood propaganda machine. The real world isn’t like that, it is noise and confusion and uncertainty. However the agenda immediately overwrites the kidnap murder and burning of three innocent Israeli teenagers to shift the narrative back to “Joos to blame for everything, we are the victims” . and the BBC faithfully dances to the Pally tune. Has anyone asked. how many muslims are employed in the BBC newsrooms?


  12. David H says:

    News Watch this morning was a classic – replying to accusations of bias in the coverage of the Israeli teenagers’ murders with yet more bias. A token comment complaining about BBC anti Israeli rants from a Mr Isaacs (Sounds Jewish? well he would, wouldn’t he!) Followed by the usual tirade of Anti Israeli ignorance from 2 on screen contributers.
    One despairs.


  13. johnnythefish says:

    Jeremy Vine on Friday had some Arab prof (of Islamic studies?) from the University of Brum spouting his anti-Israel hate completely unchallenged. Oh, and this guy also happens to be chairman of some Palestinian solidarity group or other.

    Leaving aside for the time being the historical revisionism he was allowed to get away with to fuel his hatred and the ‘Palestinians as victims’ agenda, I could not believe anyone with such overtly biased and hateful views on such a sensitive political issue where violence and death are so often the knee-jerk solution to any situation, can be allowed to teach in one of our leading universities.

    And apparently it was the second time he’d been on Vine’s show this week.

    God help Britain.


  14. Alan Larocka says:

    3 = 1