You Can Be Anti-Semitic…Just Be Clever About It!



‘It pains me to have to admit this but anti-Semitism isn’t just tolerated in some sections of the British Muslim community; it’s routine and commonplace. Any Muslims reading this article – if they are honest with themselves – will know instantly what I am referring to. It’s our dirty little secret. You could call it the banality of Muslim anti-Semitism.’   Mehdi Hasan





When Muslims murdered 52 people and injured over 700 in London in 2007 one of the BBC’s main priorities was to attempt to find a motivation for the bombings other than the truth.

The BBC rushed to ask ‘What drove these young British Muslims to do this act?’  The BBC’s answer was of course that it was our own fault…these poor Muslims were probably jobless, disenfranchised, disadvantaged and discriminated against…therefore the BBC concluded…the bombings could be ‘understandable’….when Democracy fails you you have to adopt other means as the BBC once told us in relation to the terrorist group ‘The Weathermen’ in America.  The BBC soon backtracked on that approach when complaints flooded in…however they continue it sotto voce.

A murderous spree excused by the BBC on the grounds that the killers were upset becasue they were jobless and unrepresented in the political discourse.  And yet the BBC can’t understand why Israel, under constant attack for 70 years  and threat of annihilation, should wish to destroy Hamas and its ilk.

The BBC’s John Simpson, the Liberator of Kabul, rustled up a similar excuse when he claimed that riots in France by the Muslim immigrants were due to Muslim’s fury and resentment, bitter grievances, ignored and demeaned, kept in poverty by a system which cares very little about them

The BBC are staying very quiet about the recent bouts of Muslim ‘fury and resentment’ as attackers prowl the streets of Europe hunting down Jews….the same BBC that handed over the airwaves to Muslim activists raging about ‘Islamophobia’ and acted as cheerleader for the orchestrated Establishment witch hunt against the EDL.

The BBC’s almost complete silence on anti-Semitism is striking.

The Sunday Times headlines the new Europe that is developing, and has been, ignored by the BBC, for years…Gaza is just a cover for anti-Semites to carry out their pogroms….after all where are the same ‘protests’ about ISIS, Syria, Pakistan, Nigeria and all those other countires where Christians are becoming an endangered species….not just Christians but Muslims declared not to be ‘Muslim’…and that includes Britain where the Ahmadi are declared blasphemers…and hence are in danger.

The Times states:

‘Anti-Semitic attacks scar British cities.’

Many of the attacks are carried out by young Muslim men it tells us…as do reports from across Europe.

We are told Europe is abandoning its basic values such as freedom and tolerance and is capitulating before those who place hatred and extremism above all else.

Funny how the BBC turns a blind eye.


Oh the BBC nods in the direction of events occuring:

Gaza conflict: France criticises ‘anti-Semitic’ riot

Windows smashed at Belfast synagogue on Somerton Road


But you know what’s missing?  Any mention of Muslim attackers.

However the BBC isn’t so coy when they can pin the blame on the ‘Far Right’ :

From a house of hate, an outburst of violence

Are white supremacists in the US given too much freedom to make hateful speeches? As a shooting spree in Kansas shines a spotlight on extremist ideology and its virulent nature, Tara McKelvey goes back to the scene of the crime, in the city where she grew up, to find out.

Note that the cause of that anti-Semitism is ‘hate..a virulent, extremist ideology ‘.

Surely the man was just neglected, disenfranchised, ignored and demeaned?

The BBC thinks such peole shouldn’t be allowed to voice their opinions.


Of course the BBC wouldn’t like to examine the root causes of rising anti-Semitism as its own reporting is one of the major contributors to that phenomenon.

Its reporting from the Middle East, not just about Israel and Palestine, but about the Iraq war and Afghanistan, has fed into the Islamist narrative that ‘Western foreign policy’ is to blame for all the ills there…serving as a justification for the violence and a recruiting tool for the Jihadists.

Even as we speak the BBC continues to feed the beast….Its reporter Paul Adams in Gaza feeds us Hamas/Islamist propaganda (H/T Is the BBC biased?):

Generations [of Gazans] has experienced nothing but occupation, embargo, blockade, war and death. It’s had a slow brutalising effect. Perhaps that’s why some of them are seized by such a furious desire to tunnel out and seek revenge. For Gaza is a giant prison, surrounding by a wall, watchtowers and the most sophisticated military in the Middle East.

But when so many of those dismembered and burned by Israeli rockets and shells are not the fighters but women, old people and, especially, children, then it’s really, really hard not to conclude that the Palestinians are being collectively punished.




But the BBC has a more subtle approach…encouraging people to criticise Israel, because the default position is that, as we know, Israel’s actions are unjustified and probably war crimes (H/T Jeremy Bowen)…but you know what…do try not to be anti-Semitic there’s a good chap…….

#BBCtrending: Criticising Israel, avoiding anti-Semitism

“How to criticise Israel without being anti-Semitic” – that’s the title of a blog post that’s being widely shared as the death toll in Gaza rises.

The blog begins like this: “If you’ve spent any time discussing or reading about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I guarantee you’ve heard some variation of this statement: OMG, Jews think any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic!”

It includes 19 “tips” for anyone who wants to criticise Israel – mainly advice on what to avoid.

The blog also includes a counterpoint post, “How to Support Israel Without Being Racist“, with a similar list of points to avoid. “Don’t call Palestinians ‘animals’ or ‘savages’,” and “Don’t say ‘Arab’ when you mean Palestinian,” for example. It concludes: “If you expect Palestinians and their allies not to be anti-Semitic, you’d better extend the same courtesy and not be racist.”




In this report from Germany the BBC suggests the Jews play the Holocaust card, saying Germans would be far more critical of Israel if only they hadn’t killed 6 million Jews….you must not think the Germans actually support the Israelis just because they say they do or stay quiet!

The BBC of course is once again settling for the default position that Israel is the guilty party in Gaza.


If it weren’t for the Holocaust they’s all be Hamas!!!

Gaza conflict: Berlin protests show dividing lines


The difficulty for many Germans is to know which side to support: Holocaust guilt has made supporting Israel a doctrine of faith for the German government. And anything that calls Israel’s existence into question is beyond the pale.

At the same time many Germans are disturbed by the death toll in Gaza and don’t agree with Israel’s actions.





In this report from BBC Trending, which studiuously ignored Palestinian propaganda that faked a civilian being shot by ‘an Israeli sniper’, the BBC has a subtle dig at Israelis…..


#BBCtrending: Sexy selfies in support of IDF


 Yafit Duer


A Facebook campaign has been launched which encourages women to submit sexy selfies to boost the morale of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers.

The “Standing with IDF” page was launched on Wednesday and now has more than 12,000 likes. It includes dozens of photos of skimpily-dressed women, with “I love IDF” scrawled across their bodies.


Note the obviously pointed juxtapositon of the campaign to support the troops with the death toll from Gaza…..The BBC’s pious, self-righteous, snearing condemnation of Israeli women who give the troops a morale boost as they fight Palestinian terorists….

The slogan expresses support for the IDF currently engaged in a major offensive against Palestinian militants in Gaza. The conflict has so far cost more than 800 lives, the vast majority Palestinian, and mainly civilians, according to the UN.


Perhaps the BBC should have a word with Vera Lynn:

or the Sun:



The BBC happily relays the messages of disgust about the Israeli women’s behaviour….

….many have expressed disgust on social media towards the site. “Facebook insanity! Israeli women posting nude to support IDF so disgusting!” tweeted one woman. Others have described the pictures as “war porn” and “patriotic smut“. Some are calling for the Facebook site to be taken down.



No such disgust about women dressing up in support of terrorism……



No mention by the BBC curiously of this comment on the site either:

Moslem PakravanToday at 10:25

fuck all of you mother fuckers…some bitches support your’e fuckin country….. son of bitches kill women and kids then you come here for support a military that every seconds killing people’s it’s my support to all of Israel. FUCK ALL OF YOU MURDERED FUCK ALL OF MOTHER FUCKERS



Is this also ‘smut or war porn’?

Tunisian Women Stage Topless Jihad 6


Tunisian Women Stage Topless Jihad 4


Tunisian Women Stage Topless Jihad 1


A final word….

Photo: ‎עקב הקמת העמוד, צוות ההנהלה מקבל המון פניות נזעמות בפרופיל האישי שלו מתומכי חמאס ופעילים פרו פליסטינים. </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>אנו מצרפות בזאת את דעתנו על הנושא ונשמח לחיזוק חיובי מכם שאתם עומדים גם מאחורינו...</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>We LOVE IDF!‎




Oh yes…let’s not forget the BBC’s boys out there……one for them too….







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13 Responses to You Can Be Anti-Semitic…Just Be Clever About It!

  1. Bill Ding says:

    The Left is being directed by the Muslim bully boys… Whatever Muslims say, the Left dance to the tune. No independence of thought, just simplistic black and white views that have as their foundation a belief that it’s always everyone else’s fault. This sense of ‘Me, the victim’ is a driving force in Islam.


  2. Jorvikman says:

    ‘Neglected, disenfranchised, ignored and demeaned’, these are all words I would use to describe the white working class in this country and the BBC bears much of the responsibility for this.


  3. noggin says:

    Solving Home-grown Terrorism:
    Muslim leadership is the problem, not the solution


  4. deegee says:

    I am not an antisemite! Where have all the Jew Haters gone?

    For many Jew-haters it is impossible to be an antisemite. They have defined it out of existence.

    Call them out on something they have said or done and ask them, if that is not antisemitic give an example of something that is. They will think for a while and say something like “What Israel is doing to the Palestinians is antisemitic”.

    Antisemitism has been redefined from what is done to the Jews to what the Jews (allegedly) do.


  5. pah says:

    Where have all the Jew Haters gone?

    In the UK they went to the SWP.


    • chrisH says:

      I have noted the complete writing out of Christianity, Judaism from any union, Labour political history when it comes to public events such as Tolpuddle and Durham.
      Years ago, you`d have seen Christian Socialists, Methodists, Zionist secular Jews and the kibbitzim types freely waving flags, handing out tracts…and generally being part of the Socialist cause.
      And they were safe in doing so.
      These days-no Israel flags, no Cross or anything pertaining to those deep roots of Labour and the union movement.
      Excised, severed and airbrushed out of history…in fact it was frogmarched out of Labour forums just as Walter Wolfgang was in 2005.
      To be fair, though Bob Crow seemed to support poor Walt…may well be with the angels now for that one act alone!


  6. Scronker says:

    Cor! All that red hot totty in burkas. Does it for me every time. This site is becoming pornographic. Be careful or you’ll be shut down!


  7. Jon Simmons says:

    Alan, you’re an absolute loon. For a start, the 7/7 bombings which you refer to, took place in 2005, not 2007. And if love you to show me exactly where the BBC said that the bombings were ‘understandable’.

    Total and utter nonsense and lies, much like the rest of your piece.


    • just sayin' says:

      and what an absolute prick you are. Alans made a typo about the date, maybe he should have proof read just like you should have proof read your post

      “And if love you to show me exactly where the BBC said that the bombings were ‘understandable’. ”

      dont you mean “And I’d”?

      every left wing traitor beeboid journalist blamed british foreign policy on the 7/7 attacks, and it was therefore understandable why the muslim scumbags decided to commit mass murder


      • Jon Simmons says:

        You should probably settle down, can Alan not fight his own battles? I’m sure he doesn’t need you to wade in like a white knight.

        if Alan is going to post this kind of nonsense, he should really check the dates of atrocities before posting them. I’m not convinced it was a typo personally. Slightly different to an auto-correct mistake in a BTL comment.

        And I’m still waiting to be shown exactly where anyone from the BBC described the 7/7 attacks as ‘understandable’. I believe that to be an outright lie.


        • Guest Who says:

          ‘You should probably settle down’
          Wise words.
          And a few others, if again maybe establishing a few tricky precedents on the Flokker front.
          Not fighting own battles? Don’t recall many BBC editors doing that. It’s usually a ‘spokesweasel’ on their behalf if via the website and a blocking on a ‘views their own’ twitter feed otherwise (lessons learned possible, but only when zero other option).
          Lack of conviction on style-analysis and ‘belief’ also noted.
          Opinion with a get-out. That will get you right ahead penning BBC subheads and ‘stories’, being a force paid media monopoly that explains nothing, FOI’s included.


          • Jon Simmons says:

            I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about.


            • Guest Who says:

              As always, such comprehension abilities are beyond my control to help with.
              But thank you for your honesty.