Hijacking The Fracking


R4 had a phone in on fracking today, Call You and Yours: Fracking, on which they asked ‘Would you welcome fracking near you?’ but we didn’t actually hear too much of that, the show being more a question and answer session with Francis Egan, Chief Executive of Cuadrilla, in the hot seat fending off the fanatics.

One caller at 23 mins, a Jake White from London, as he was introduced, turned out to be Jake White, Friends of the Earth’s legal advisor…..Egan recognised him and blew his cover….or rather the BBC’s cover as Winifred Robinson had to admit his allegiance was on her computer screen but she had decided not to reveal it to the listeners for some reason.

Other than that little faux pas the show was actually more pro-fracking with its ‘experts’ more weighted in favour…even the ‘neutral’ academic, a geological expert, was on message for fracking.

The BBC’s David Shukman admitted that fracking could be the short term answer to reducing CO2 emissions as advised by the IPCC in its AR5 report….which the BBC at the time of the report’s publication limited itself to mentions of ‘natural gas’, making no mention of such gas coming from fracking.

Robinson finishes on the usual BBC misrepresentation…she ‘fitted in’ a last caller (52 mins)  but cut him off saying ‘I wanted to get you in because what you said summarises the huge scepticism that there is between the people and big industry.’

Curious…she told us earlier that a large majority supports fracking….off message there for a minute then.


Another programme of interest was thisNational Parks:   In this week’s Shared Planet Monty Don looks at where wildlife fits into this complex mix of wilderness and human activity.

What was interesting was one of those little truisms that slip out when the BBC thought police lose total control over the message….here Monty Don concudes that there is a problem for national parks due to there being ‘so much human pressure inside and outside the national parks’…meaning of course pressure to develop, especially housing, in such a small and crowded land.

Not a message the BBC likes to expand upon normally as it brings into question mass immigration and the resultant housing and land shortages.



Another programme was typically BBC, ‘Roots Reggae and Rebellion’ in which racism (White British of course), slavery and colonialism all got a shoeing.  Interesting to hear that West Indians are still traumatised by their slavery….hadn’t realised it is still going on…oh and Rastafarianism saved the world.

The BBC could of course do a programme looking at the oppressed British workers in the factories, the mines and in the fields during the industrial revolution, or even the conscripts forced to fight and possibly die for Queen and Country…just as much slavery as any suffered by Africans shipped off to whereveer.  The BBC however is more interested in Black ‘suffering’ and how it can be used as a tool to force Whites to hand over cash and advantage.



What else did we have today…oh yes…shoplifting is on the up…due to Austerity….shoplifters are victims of this government’s callous indifference to their plight.

Shoplifting offences ‘rise over 20%’ in North Wales

Inspector Paul Wycherley from North Wales Police explained the force’s changing strategy in tackling food theft, with officers trained to guide potential shoplifters towards the use of local foodbanks.


Hmm OK……..but then there’s this example of what might be a cause from last year:

Shoplifting gang jailed after string of thefts across North Wales

A SHOPLIFTING gang have been locked up after admitting a string of distraction thefts across North Wales.

Colea Niculescu, 34, and his partner Mandria  Rostas, 29, his uncle Toie Niculescu, 40, and another woman Maria Rostas, 34, from Luton but all Romanian citizens, admitted charges of theft from jewellers shops in Ruthin and Llangefni and a Llanberis pottery in March this year.


And this from 2012:

Shoplift gang hid stolen goods in leotards

All five were arrested and one of them, Romanian national Inot Constantinescu, 25, of Bear’s Road, Birmingham, was jailed for ten months after he admitted theft and entering the country in breach of a deportation order.


Just so we know that this isn’t a local thing down to a few bad apples….

The Star (Ireland), February 18, 2008

DETECTIVES in the border counties have sparked a major alert over Romanian shop raid gangs after huge shoplifting sprees.
Gardai believe the gangs are composed mainly of young females, directed by male “bosses”
Several Romanians have appeared in courts in recent weeks throughout counties Louth, Monaghan and Cavan, in connection with shop hits.


The police are so concerned about foreign nationals shoplifting, amongst other crimes, they set up a special taskforce:

Op Trivium II – Police build on success of operation targeting foreign gangs on Britain’s roads

March 24, 2014, 12:01 am

An annual national campaign to target foreign criminals on roads in England and Wales has been launched by police.

Police officers from Romania, Lithuania and Poland have arrived in the UK to join the campaign, launched today (24 March 2014) and aimed at catching travelling criminals who use the roads to avoid detection and move around the UK.

Such gangs are thought to be involved in shoplifting, fraud, metal theft and theft from vehicles.


Immigration must contribute to this rise in shoplifting….but the BBC yet again looks away and is happily able to blame the ‘Tory’ government.





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10 Responses to Hijacking The Fracking

  1. Merched Becca says:

    Vote UKIP


    • Big Dick says:

      I know its tempting to vote Ukip at the General Election , but in Tory marginals ,you will let labour & the Millipeed in by default .The right vote will be split ,& in 10 months time ,you will have Millipeed , Balls & Harperson controlling our lives. Al bbc wants people to vote Ukip to deny the Conservatives a majority , & this just plays into their hands. Don`t forget also Millipeed gets 40 free seats from the Peoples Socialist Republic of Scotland , so it will be an uphill struggle for the Tory`s anyhow . The decision is yours ,if you want Cameron or Millipeed , but it won`t be Nigel .


  2. Phil Ford says:

    “…One caller at 23 mins, a Jake White from London, as he was introduced, turned out to be Jake White, Friends of the Earth’s legal advisor…..Egan recognised him and blew his cover….or rather the BBC’s cover as Winifred Robinson had to admit his allegiance was on her computer screen but she had decided not to reveal it to the listeners for some reason.”

    Yes, I heard this, too. This was a very clear, unambiguous example of naked BBC bias in action. If it hadn’t been for Mr Egan recognising the called and blowing his cover we would not have been told who this ‘caller’ actually was, since it was clear that Ms Robinson has no intention of informing us of what she knew about him . Absolutely disgraceful, but a stone cold example of the BBC’s aggressive bias works.


  3. George R says:

    Compare and contrast Beeboids’ political attitude towards:

    a.) ‘global warming’
    -which are averse to having a debate on, claiming the science is settled;

    b.) ‘fracking’
    – which they are enthusiastic to oppose, whatever the scientific evidence.


  4. Nick H says:

    What irked me was the way that ill informed opinion was allowed to be presented as un-equivocal fact. The last but one caller was a school child who had studied ‘fracking’ at GCSE. Robinson asked what she had learnt; to which the reply was a stock “Fracking is bad for the environment………..” which was no doubt the message presented by the child’s equally ill informed teacher. Why did the presenter not ask a question of this child about the benefits of affordable energy to a) balance the argument and b) show how little the child really knew or understood of the subject?


    • Phil Ford says:

      The schoolgirl was a sad example of how complete the eco-indoctrination currently is in UK schools. This is a form of wilful child abuse in my opinion: a determined political effort in our schools by agenda-led leftist trolls to avoid presenting the arguments for and against fossil fuels in any meaningfully balanced way in order to create a new generation of thoroughly brainwashed indoctrinaire anti-fossil fuel individuals. ‘Get ’em young’ seems to be the order of the day – in the finest tradition of fascist totalitarianism, of course.

      How differently these young people might feel about fossil fuels if only they were also presented with the immeasurable benefits to progress, health, education, industry, etc that fossil fuels provide us all with to this very day.


      • johnnythefish says:

        They might feel differently in a couple of years (or less) anyway when they have to sit there in the dark with no heating and no TV or computers to amuse themselves with. At least some of us have had some experience of it when the miners and power workers took it in turns to strike to maintain their position at the top of the pay league, so we know what to expect!

        And you’re dead right with the indoctrination, Phil – seen my granddaughters go through it from ‘Climate Change’ through multiculturalism to the ‘Palestinians’. Orwellian.


    • #88 says:

      Yes, I heard that too (as well as the Winifred Robinson deliberate omission).

      The comment by the school girl was deeply troubling, so much so, I think that the Dept for Education should investigate (a different type of Trojan Horse?). And it’s funny that you mention child abuse – Greenpeace gathered a load of very young children to demonstrate against Shell and Lego yesterday – encouraging them to boo and gesture ‘thumbs down’ for the cameras. Child abuse indeed.

      One final thought. Now that the ‘science is settled’, i.e. almost all of the engineering and scientific evidence accepts that fracking is needed, safe, will not pollute the water table, set our taps on fire and will REDUCE our CO2 emissions, why is it that the BBC persists in allowing nutters and non-scientists to provide ‘artificial balance’ and ‘misinform people?

      I thought that after the Lawson episode, the head of the BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit, Fraser Steel, had banned such contributions (or is it only the contributions that the BBC doesn’t really approve of that are banned?).


  5. JimS says:

    Jeremy Vine did a relatively pro-fracking piece on his show as both his ‘experts’ were in favour, they just disagreed whether to use the National Parks or not.
    Eventually we got the strong anti-fracking caller; “Wow! You really know your stuff”, enthused Vine, as the caller reeled out his catalogue of nonsense, such as the propagation of vertical cracks.
    It must be tough for these presenters when ‘the story’ suddenly changes beneath them and such a relief when old friends call in!