Pandering To The Extremists




An interesting Tweet from the BBC’s Danahar…apparently the extreme Islamist radicals of Hamas are nothing like Al Qaeda or ISIS…..I imagine this Tweet can be placed alongside Bowen’s ‘moderate’ Muslim Brotherhood assertion….Hamas being part of the Muslim Brotherhood.



The BBC’s Danahar having a double whammy here…defending Hamas, as seems to be an urgent priority for BBC correspondents just now ( ‘It’s very important to note that Hamas didn’t fire the first rockets on Friday’ Yolande Knell told us….just many of the rest)

Donnison is on the case as well….


…and Danahar is having a go at Netanyahu as well….seemingly another favourite target that BBC journos like to try and ‘Fisk’.



Douglas Murray in the Spectator thinks different….and the radicals are on our streets right now:


The black flag of ISIS is flying in London

When historians look back on Europe in this era, they will rub their eyes in disbelief. ISIS is carrying out actual genocide, ethnic and religious cleansing on the people of Syria and Iraq. Their exact ideological soul-mates in Hamas, Hezbollah and al-Qaeda are doing everything they can to set light to the same region. Right now the western states are finally talking of intervening in Iraq to stop ISIS wiping out the ancient Yazidi and Christians communities of Iraq. Yet we do nothing to stop the same murderous ideology thriving here.

Instead another pattern is set. When we see this disgusting ideology at work, as we have done for the last month, much of Europe turns its hatred onto the Saturday people for defending themselves. Israel continues to defend itself. And we may do something to hold back ISIS in Iraq. But what will we do in our societies when we finally realise that behind the flag of Hamas is the black flag of jihad, and that after failing to stand up for the Saturday people there will be fewer people left to stand up for the Sunday people?

Most importantly, what will we do when we wake up to the fact that, far from being in some neighbouring or far-flung country, we have allowed the enemy to plant itself deep inside our own countries?



Note this rather terrifying revelation….that senior Tories are ready to pander to Islamist extremists and tailor our foreign policy to suit them:


Tory minister: Govt ‘failure’ on Gaza is sowing seeds of General Election defeat

I’ve just spoken to another Tory minister who is unhappy, and worried particularly about the effects that this will have on the Conservatives’ chances next year. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the minister tells me:

‘Warsi knows that our failure in Gaza will damage any change of our Northern marginals and South East Lutons and Watfords. The Lib Dems will probably now keep Muslim voters who might have switched over to Labour and got us a gain. I fear Dave might have sown the seeds of our defeat at the General Election.’



The BBC of course has itself long pandered to those same Muslim activists and pushed the narrative they favour, that foreign policy drives the radicalisation of Muslims.

Jon Donnison helps that along with his views on the Gaza conflict and who is ‘guilty’ of helping Israel:




Happily Donnison is being shipped out…but only to be replaced by Connolly:




The saddest thing about Donnison’s emotive manipulation and exploitation of injured or homeless Gazan children used to undermine Israel is that he has no intention of examining the real roots of their problems….that these childrens’ lives are a long misery with blighted futures, interspersed with enormous violence and danger, because of the policies of the terrorist groups he and his fellow travellers of the BBC turn a blind eye to….indeed sometimes even shed a tear for….One expert on ‘conflict resolution’ on 5Live today (12:50) stated that 92% of Gazans wanted a truce and were being failed by their leadership…Dominic Laurie, standing in for Fogarty, ignored that rather important point.

These children, and generations of children before them, could have been living completely different lives had the Palestinian leadership decided to spend their time, energy and money on building a Palestinian state, an economy, a society.

Instead they fund terror and tunnels and the BBC quietly applauds them and their ‘resistance’.

Bright futures destroyed by pandering to a dream which turned into a nightmare.










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11 Responses to Pandering To The Extremists

  1. stuart says:

    these white middle class racist anti jewish leftists make make me sick with there appeasing of every child murdering terrorist organisation in the world,the left and the far left have proved how racist and anti semetic there are in recent weeks by standing side by side with these islamists holding there placards with the swp logo shouting death to jews and hitler was right.the socalist workers party and all these other left wing groups are behind all this anti semitism and racism in this country at the moment and i say we stand side by side in solidaraty with the jewish community in the uk who are under siege from the islamists and the racist left and far left.


  2. Guess Who says:

    ‘There’d be no ceasefire with ISIS’
    I’d be interested in his definition of a ‘ceasefire’.
    Bet… excuse me, ‘seems’ it’s likely to be ‘unique’.


    • Mark says:

      We need a squadron of Daleks to deal with ISIS.
      Their catchphrase might yet be the only solution.


    • DP111 says:

      Ceasefire in Islamospeak is really a “Hudna”.

      A hudna [also known as a hudibiyya or khudaibiya] is a tactical cease-fire that allows the Arabs to rebuild their terrorist infrastructure in order to be more effective when the “cease-fire” is called off.” —

      Lots of references to Hudna on the web. Vigilance on Islamic web sites on Hudna, as Taqqiya applies.