Who Needs Sykes & Picot When You’ve Got The BBC?



The BBC’s security correspondent has decided to redraw the borders of the Middle East and hand over Israel to the Palestinians as their ‘homeland’….talking about refugees generally in the Middle East he stated that…. (12 mins 50 secs)

‘It would be quite wrong to talk about refugees in the Middle East without mentioning the Palestinians because,  you know, there is a refugee problem for them going back to 1948, you know, generations have grown up exiled from their homelands…er as they see it.’


Not sure why we shouldn’t forget about the ‘Palestinian refugees’…as they see themselves…as all their fellow Arabs seem to have forgotten them and left them to rot.



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19 Responses to Who Needs Sykes & Picot When You’ve Got The BBC?

  1. George R says:

    “The Palestinian: Victim, Genius, or Victim of Genius?
    Where is Palestine?”

    (Parts 1, 2 and 3).


    And, a reprise-
    How Strong Is the Arab Claim to Palestine?
    By: Lawrence Auster




    • George R says:

      On Sykes-Picot:

      ‘Empires of the Sand’

      By E and I Karsh.

      [‘look inside book’]-


  2. Smell the glove says:

    What have the Romans ever done for us ?


  3. Who is to blame for this mess - UN? says:
  4. ROBERT BROWN says:

    In 1947, the UN offered the Jews and palestinians a share of the land, with Jerusalem as a UN managed city……the arabs rejected the offer, the jews accepted…….result…civil war a year later….arabs beaten….tough shit pallys, you had your chance and blew it. They have been ruled by scurrilous people with agendas ever since, Arafat filling his boots with aid money, and now Hamas. They do not deserve a yard of land…….unless they shrug off their leaders and approach Israel for peace.


    • Tony E says:

      What people tend to forget is that most of the land that Jews occupied in what was then known as Palestine, was bought from its owners legally.

      From about 1897 to the outbreak of war in 1914, Jewish settlers turned what was almost barren land into Orange groves under collective work schemes (all very communist / collectivist), and instated the City of Tel Aviv, all form land either bough from Arabs, or other land holders.

      Most of the money was collected from Jewish resettlement funds set up in Russia and the USA, in France and Britain. There even were resettlement plans drawn up by the Brits to give them ‘Israel’ in Uganda, but these were eventually rejected due to the lack of Russian interest.

      The acceleration of movement actually really got going due to the Russian pogroms, where 50 Jews were lynched in the street on one terrible night in the early 20th C, which forced an acceleration in the collection of funds and the purchasing of land.

      Only in 1914 did things start to get hostile with the Ottomans, and there were killings of Jew orchestrated by Arab villagers who raided nearby Jewish settlements out of resentment at the lack of employment they were offered on the land their fellows had sold.


      • Mark says:

        If there had also been an “Israel” in Uganda, there’d have been no atrocities from Idi Amin.


    • Joshaw says:

      And two further rejections – in 2000 and 2008.


    • johnnythefish says:

      The Arab countries violently rejected the offer of a separate Palestinian state because they believed as soon as Israel was formed they could ‘wipe it off the map’ and take the land for themselves. They tried and they failed, and they haven’t stopped blaming everybody else for it ever since – aided and abetted by the myth-spinning, Hamas-supporting BBC.


  5. scuttlebuck says:

    https://audioboo.fm/boos/2392524-jim-allister-and-george-galloway-clash-on-israel-boycott-calls-bbcnolan….george galloway gets owned and exposed as supporter of hamas terrorism against israel.


  6. Makevet says:

    There is a tendency to forget the close on one million Jews robbed and expelled from Arab lands in the late 1940s and early 1950s, not to mention others who were subsequently rescued by Israel.
    They had lived in many of the Arab countries for hundreds of years: Jews lived in Medina before Muhammed and in Babylon (Iraq) for over two thousand years. They owned businesses, factories and farms, all of which were either ‘nationalised’ or sold to local Arab buyers for peanuts. It has been calculated that land owned outright by Jews in Arab countries occupied over four times the area of the State of Israel.
    None of the expelled Jews remained refugees because they were either absorbed by fledgling, embattled Israel or else taken in by Jews living elsewhere in the world. Very few, if any, remained a burden on their new communities for very long.
    After the 1967 war, Israel tried to resettle the Gazan refugee camp dweller in proper housing. Anyone taking up the offer was threatened with death by local Arab organisations whose objective was to perpetuate their refugee status.


  7. stuart says:

    it makes me angry to see what is happening to my jewish brothers and sisters in israel,it also makes me more angry to see what is happening to my christian brothers and sisters in iraq and the arab world,but my main anger is towards those leftists and islamists in the uk who support hamas in israel and isis in iraq,we all know who they are,there is is quiet alot to be angry about just lately.alot indeed.


    • flexdream says:

      The Jews (and Muslims and Christians) in Israel are being protected by the IDF and so far that and the wall and Iron Dome are doing a good job. The Israeli government has learnt the lesson that it cannot look to others to protect it. The option for other groups in the Muslim world who do not have their own defended homeland seems to be to either submit or flee, or die.


  8. deegee says:

    It was a rather pro forma statement from Gardiner.

    There are only approximately 30,000 or less 1948 Palestinians who would be classified as genuine refugees by the same UNHCR criteria that applies to every other refugee in the world. This unique refugee status is a major factor in the intractability of the conflict for the last 65+ years.

    However, in the last two years, many more Palestinians are genuine refugees from Syria. Exact figures are hard to come by but UNRWA claims that proportionally, displacement among Palestinians is much higher than that of Syrians. The numbers would approximate the 1948 numbers.


  9. johnnythefish says:

    Tonight’s ten o’ clock news on the BBC referred to the Sykes-Picot as ‘the original colonial borders’.

    They just can’t stop themselves. It’s like a Leftist strain of Tourette’s – they just can’t help blurting out stock phrases and mantras from their 1960’s Marxist handbooks even though their brains are telling them ‘Must be impartial, must be impartial….’


  10. john says:

    How grotesque to hear Evan ‘the clown Davis joking with two Arab/muslim spokesmen on Jihadi beheadings this morning on the R4 Toady programme. He really does need a dose of reality. Suggest he sent to Northern Iraq to witness the barbarity personally.


    • johnnythefish says:

      I didn’t hear it but I’d guess no trademark indignation/constant interruptions – he keeps them in reserve for Tories, Israelis, Eurosceptics and AGW debunkers.


  11. safan says:

    Abba Eban, a late Foreign Minister of Israel, once said of the Arabs — They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity!
    He died in 2002. Al Beeb never quotes him, and probably has forgotten his name.