The Brand Wagon



The Brand wagon keeps on rolling courtesy of the People’s BBC.

Kind of ironic really, a multi-millionaire living the celebrity lifestyle complaining about the plebs not having a voice, excluded by the Establishment…and yet it is not Joe Bloggs from Peckham who is given the chance to air his views, it is that multi-millionaire celebrity who has decided we all want a revolution and has been given the privileged position of a platform on the BBC to make sure we have to suffer one whether we want one or not….Brand apparently giving voice to the populist resurgence of a serious but controversial idea: anarchism.’

Can’t say I have ever heard anarchism on the ballot sheet coming up as a topic in conversation…so just how ‘populist’ is it?

Brand has once again been thrust upon us by the BBC on Start the Week which tells us that…

Start The Week sets the cultural agenda for the week ahead, with high-profile guests discussing the ideas behind their work in the fields of art, literature, film, science, history, society and politics.


Let’s hope not eh.

Another irony of course is that it is the BBC which has refused to give voice to the plebs…on immigration, Islam, Europe and climate change….Not only refusing to give voice to them but actively working to smear and malign them as racist, Islamophobic, stupid little Englanders in denial about climate change.


Paxman and Evan Davis may have been willing to humour Brand but I got the impression Tom Sutcliffe, presenter of Start the Week, found Brand pretty tiresome and his ‘thoughts’ immature and not thought through.

Having listened to today’s show I admit to failing to see what Katz or any other BBC headshed finds so appealing or enlightening about Brand’s ideas.  They are not even his ideas, most borrowed piecemeal from the various gurus and sages he has spent the odd ten minutes with garnering their wisdom to be regurgitated in a torrent of babble.

The one point he has is that the politicians of all creeds and colours try to avoid actually putting into practise what the great unwashed want them to.

But that is hardly a new or original thought, just about anyone in the country could articulate that view, probably in a manner that makes far more sense than Brand does.  Certainly it doesn’t merit the status bestowed upon Brand by the BBC as the Lenin of our times.

Can’t help thinking it is just a cheap publicity stunt by the BBC to attract controversy and headlines for failing programmes like Newsnight.  Which is in itself a nail in the coffin as no one can now take Katz seriously, if they ever did.


Should you wish to know more of Brand’s brand of codswallop look no further…the BBC is naturally happy to oblige:

The Philosophy of Russell Brand



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52 Responses to The Brand Wagon

  1. London Calling says:

    Brand is a living embodiment of a conceited narcissist – truly in love with himself, head inserted firmly up his own bottom.

    Why would the BBC inflict this so called “comedian’s” opinions on us? Because they utterly despise us, want to rub our faces in Brand’s thought-faeces, because they can.

    It makes them feel good to insult those who pay their salary. It confirms they are untouchable, unaccountable, it is empowering.

    All the more reason this organisation is irredeemable, and must be destroyed.


  2. stuart says:

    did you notice how often brand put his hands on and was squeezing evan davis legs,it was non stop and very creepy,as if brand thought he was not getting enough attention he spent most of his time scanning the newsnight studio to see if the cameras were on him.also very creepy,even having watched that interview with evan davis for a second time i still dont know what the hell he was going on about,you would get more sense out of the pub bore than russell brand,that is my conclusion from that car crash of a interview he did with evan davis on newsnight,the man is just a book selling wannabe che guevara boring rich boy.


  3. Nibor says:

    Why don’t the BBC just interview a proper adolescent about politics , instead of a 38 year old who holds immature views ?


  4. Merched Becca says:

    In my humble opinion this chap is a modern day ‘fop’ who is about as entertaining as visit to the dentist.


  5. Richard Pinder says:

    Also it is the BBC which has refused to give voice to Atmospheric Physicists and Solar Astronomers with answers to climate change….Not only refusing to give voice to them but actively working to smear and malign them with the Orwellian term ‘false balance’ between ‘scientists and sceptics’ where on the one hand, none of the BBC’s ‘best scientific experts’ are causational climate scientists, and on the other hand, the censored sceptics of importance are all causational climate scientists.

    Brand is like any of the BBC’s best experts, they are all middle-class morons with Arts and Drama qualifications with fraudulently acquired titles. Brand is the BBC’s idea of an ‘intellectual expert‘, while any environmental activists is the BBC’s idea of a ‘scientific expert‘.


  6. A Teddy called Moh says:

    He called Farage a racist. A racist is someone who disagrees with left wing views irrespective of what topic, a lefty will always get the word racist in there somewhere at some point.


    • Guest Who says:

      Rather appears that you don’t get BBC screen time unless you intone at some point that Mr. Farage and/or Ukip are racists. Comedian, political commentator, TV chef… doesn’t matter.

      This despite the screens of the BBC being filled with more from other races from this party than many others. Best I can judge the Greens seem hideously populated by gels from a 50’s version of St. Trinians, only without the laughs.

      It appears the ‘tell it often enough’ fix is in, and from Brand to hignfy it is now a rite of passage to get the call.

      Which in passing, the comedian referered to elsewhere will not get (unless to be brought in for a stitch-up), having gone well and truly off piste.


  7. Simon says:

    he is the walking proof of how people of the left never grow up in their opinions. How can anyone take him seriously?

    The problem with journalists is the same with teachers; school, university, back to school so never have any proper interaction with real people and are like grown-up children as who wants to spend their time with kids?! Same with journalists although the final stage is the newsroom but it is the same problem….they only mix with their own kind so never get a mix of views and people’s real problems so stay left wing

    plus they are VERY well paid so don’t have to worry about paying bills. Part of me wants this “revolution” Brand wants and all the wet liberals would be the first to be eaten up by the scum that would end up taking over this country


  8. Mice Height says:

    Great piece by the awesome Stefan Molyneaux, exposing the truth about one of Brand’s gurus –


  9. dave s says:

    Another thing we should encourage the BBC to continue. Lionising people like Brand.
    It is another reason to laugh at the BBC. Out of touch and childish.


  10. s.trubble says:

    Beards like this chap had a use once.
    They were sent into bookmakers’ to place bets on behalf of their guv’nor.

    Having said that could you have trusted that with a ten shilling note?


    • uncle bup says:

      I remember turning up once at my local civic recycling centre /rubbish tip in my new boss-class volvo and the fellow saying to me

      ‘that your car, mate, or the guvnor’s?’


      Anyhoo, Brand advocates global revolution.

      Can’t imagine his revolution will ever stretch as far as him saying ‘Nigger’ on the BBC.

      There’s global revolution and there’s global revolution.


  11. Mat says:

    Has anyone actually heard what brands fands are going to do with those who don’t want to follow him into the ‘new world utopia’ ? like all the socialists Napoleons he cannot allow people to question the new order, so are we talking adjustment camps or are they just to be ‘disappeared’ again ?


  12. Zikomo says:

    I am irritated that I even know of the existence of this utterly talentless cretin.


  13. klingon says:

    He has a book to sell. It’s in my local Tesco so its getting the big christmas push, along with all the other celeb tat the industry churns out. Watch out out if someone gets you a copy…


  14. chrisH says:

    Peter Hitchens?…Evan Davis…and now Sam Allerdyce?
    Add all those to poor Leonard Sachs and his granddaughter-and we really need to worry about this sexual predator, bragging bully and serial creep, forcing himself onto others by way of a power trip.
    His overtures to Hitchens were particularly offensive in that his lewdness was a substitute for having no words, no arguments.
    Truth to tell-he`s only untouchable for now because he`s said to be “worth £15 Million”…whereas Jim Davidson ain`t any more.
    Soon as he loses his heatshield…Brand will be stuffed!


    • Essex Man says:

      Think it was Andrew`Ky Mr Faulty `Sachs grand daughter. Leonardo ,was MC too what, most people here hope England, will one day return too,`The Good Ole Days` .


      • chrisH says:

        Correct sir…skipped a generation there didn`t I?
        Maybe been listening to Leonard Cohen too much of late…as if that is possible


  15. bogtrott says:

    Both him and his mum( JO ) are not funny,they are loved by the BBC but not by anyone outside the bubble.
    Trying to be a Brand leader or should i say a loss leader


  16. hadda says:

    Brand’s affected sesquipedalian tirades always put me in mind of the Bard:

    “A tale told by an idiot; full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    The man’s an arse. That is all.


    • uncle bup says:

      Yes, he’s a younger version of Stephen Fry.

      A stupid person’s idea of what an intelligent person sounds like.


      • Simon says:

        I wouldn’t say that. Brand has absolutely NOTHING worthwhile to say unless you are a foolish Sixth Former or a grown up loser desperate to cling on to their “rebellious” stupid days whilst using all their ipads and other goodies created by capitalism


    • Alan Larocka says:

      Or as Johnny Rotten said : ‘For idiots, by idiots, celebrating ignorance’


  17. Umbongo says:

    “Interested” on the Tim Worstall blog puts the definitive boot into Brand with this comment on Brand’s just-published book:
    “I think the best page in Russell’s book is that one at the start, where the fucking revolutionary cunt asserts his rights under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act.”


  18. deegee says:

    Would we take Brand more seriously if he didn’t speak like Peter Sellers’ Bluebottle from the 1950s Goon Show?


  19. Ember2014 says:

    In the past the clowns knew they were clowns and merrily exploded their cars for an audience. Now we have self-absorbed stars with an overblown sense of their intelligence who grab the attention of some notable current affairs shows on TV.

    The clowns are running the asylum and it’s called the BBC.


  20. Odo Saunders says:

    The fact that the BBC is prepared to lionise Russell Brand shows how much the organisation has dumbed down since the days of Lord Reith.


  21. Genuinely asking says:

    does anyone have any criticism of what he’s actually saying? clearly you don’t like HIM, but if the worst person on earth came up to you on a hot day and said “probably a good idea to wear sunscreen” it would make it no less true.


    • Dave666 says:

      “wearing sunscreen” is a constructive comment . Trying to whip up a bit of publicity for your new book is only constructive for you


    • Mat says:

      Yes I have loads to say about his inane re trialing of Communism s worst bits but any worthy/thoughtful criticism would have to be directed at the men he stole his his lack of ideas off ! he is just and I mean just a fool paid and paid well to jump about and make some weaker minded people titter so all pokes at him must be on that level he has nothing to say so why try to better his level !


    • hadda says:

      And if the nicest, best dressed chap in the world came up and told me my house was infested with demons and needed to be burnt to the ground I could quite happily dismiss him as a nutjob without wasting time debating the finer point of his position.


  22. Jeff Waters says:

    Russell Brand labels David Cameron and Nigel Farage RACISTS and toffs –

    I hope the Radio 4 presenter who was interviewing him nailed him to the wall over that ridiculous claim, but I have a feeling that s/he didn’t…



    • Dave666 says:

      “The controversial funnyman” Does anyone actually care what he thinks? Why do they even bother to report what he thinks. The other day we were subject to the duller than ditch water reports of Robbie Willams dancing around in a maternity ward.


    • JMarsh says:

      Cameron is a racist, there is no question of that. His comment about there being too many white faces in Britain is inexcusably racist and quite disturbing. I’ve never read a racist comment from Farage however.


  23. JMarsh says:

    He is not an anarchist, not even close. He is a socialist. Anarchists value free trade and the right of the individual to live and do business as he pleases without having to suffer the imposition of a “revolution”.


  24. Llareggub says:

    They really are plugging him. Selling him as the left alternative to Farage. BBC attaracting the angry yoofs.


  25. Simon says:

    Forgot the most important criticism you can throw at him….he was retarded enough to divorce Katy Perry! Completely moron he is and only married to his ego


    • Demon says:

      I was surprised when I first heard that he was a womaniser, I had always thought of him as camp as a Boy Scouts’ Jamboree.


  26. George R says:

    Not a Comrade BRAND image which BBC-NUJ wants to project:-

    “How does this fit into your revolution?
    “Anti-capitalist Russell Brand’s film company is being ‘bankrolled by City bankers in tax relief scheme.’
    “Comedian has repeatedly hit out at the City and called for debt to be illegal.
    “But it emerged today his film company was handed a huge sum by bankers.
    “It is believed the money is being ploughed into a new movie, Brand the Film.
    “A clip of the film shows Brand urging followers not to ‘comply’ with system.
    “One City investor has now hit out at the star’s bashing of ‘cartoon bankers.’ ”

    Read more:


  27. Steve Jones says:

    Apparently, Russell Brand was one of the first to sign up for a ride in Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spaceship. Please let him fly the next test flight solo.