Fact Checking Your Stupid, Ignorant Prejudices


The Significance of Muslim growth in the UK


Peter Allen told us yesterday that ‘It is very difficult to wake up the world and make it care about North Korea.’

Of course no one takes North Korea seriously.  Thank God that we have the BBC to remind us of what a dangerous and nasty regime it is!

Of course the BBC, in the shape of John Sweeney, had a famous stab at uncovering North Korea as they went undercover for 8 days.   So desperate were the to bring us the terrible truth about the ‘neo nazi’ communists of North Korea that they were willing to put the lives of several students at risk…but…it was worth it the BBC tells us…

North Korea is….‘A state that is more like Hitler’s Germany than any other state in the world, It is extraordinarily scary, dark and evil….. We maintain all of the students were aware of the risk.’

We didn’t learn a great deal from Sweeney’s Great Expose.


We did learn more yesterday as a girl who escaped from North Korea told Peter Allen that she witnessed the execution of a woman whose sole crime was to be caught watching a Hollywood movie.

That for some reason made me think that there is a striking similarity between the extraordinarily scary, dark and evil North Korea and the BBC.

North Korea doesn’t want its population watching films and reading journalism that might open its eyes to the real world outside the bubble imposed by the regime.

Similarly for the BBC which imposes its Big Brother approach to censoring the news in a similarly brutal fashion…not with a bullet to the back of the head but with a bit of character and reputational assassination…..ala the EDL’s Tommy Robinson or UKIP’s Farage.


That Big Brother was once again in action yesterday as Peter Allen, having obviously read the Guardian’s Today’s key fact: you are probably wrong about almost everything, started preaching to us about our misconceptions about Muslims and immigration……he mixed in other figures but you and I know the real message he wants to impose upon us….it is highly political….as the Guardian admits….

Britons overstate the proportion of Muslims in their country by a factor of four, according to a new survey by Ipsos Mori that reveals public understanding of the numbers behind the daily news in 14 countries.

People from the UK also think immigrants make up twice the proportion of the population as is really the case – and that many more people are unemployed than actually are.

Such misconceptions are typical around the world, but they can have a significant impact as politicians aim to focus on voter perceptions, not on the actual data.

Bobby Duffy, managing director of the Ipsos Mori social research institute, said:

These misperceptions present clear issues for informed public debate and policymaking. For example, public priorities may well be different if we had a clearer view of the scale of immigration and the real incidence of teenage mothers.



Just so we’re clear…you are absolutely wrong about the numbers of Muslims in this country…and the numbers of immigrants and the effects they have upon communties.

Muslims and immigrants are wonderful and bring huge benefits to the country.

Your ignorance, stupidity and prejudice is all that stops you from recognising this.

The BBC is here to help you overcome such prejudice and hatred.

Not sure just how reliable the survey wasThe research, carried out by an online survey of approximately 1,000 people aged 16 to 64.

Pretty indepth then.



And em…


Here is a much more honest appraisal of how the Muslim population is growing in size and influence…and what the future might hold….an assessment made by a Muslim:

The Significance of Muslim growth in the UK

Surveying what was written about the figures from the 2011 census confirms what was expected; the Muslim population has grown by 73% in just 10 years making it the fastest growing group in the UK excluding those who describe themselves as having no religion. The Muslim population in the UK jumped from 1.7 million (3%) to 2.8 million (4.8%) establishing itself as the second largest religious group after Christianity. In fact, as researchers have confirmed, the increase is potentially greater than this as it is very likely that a large percentage of the 7% of the population who did not answer the optional question regarding religion are Muslims.

As a matter of fact, the Muslim population has become a significant percentage within the fabric of the total population in the UK. Furthermore, Muslims have become the majority in one of the main boroughs in London, Tower Hamlets, reaching 34% while the proportion of Christians is at 27%. Moreover, in a number of places Muslims make up one of the major groups, reaching 34% in Newham for example, while the proportion of Christians is 40%. There are at least 1 million Muslims in London forming at least 10% of the capital’s population notwithstanding the significant Muslim populations in Birmingham and Manchester.

Although it is difficult to perceive how such figures are viewed by thinkers, journalists, politicians and the general non-Muslim mass, there have appeared a number of reasonable analysis and recommendations from the results of the census. Dr Leon Moosavi who is a Lecturer at the University of Liverpool, (specialising in the sociology of race and religion and an expert on Muslims in Britain) concluded, “by the next census Muslims may even double again and make up 10% of the population. These statistics encourage us to think more carefully about the provisions made for British Muslims and the ways in which they are an integral part of the nation” including many other positive statements in the article that are worth reading.


Here is why you should pay attention to their words and what they could mean for your society….. you’ve heard fo the ‘Trojan Horse’ haven’t you?:

Muslims must rise up and publicly debate the role of Orthodox Islam in Public life.

British Muslims should re-think how they view their presence in Britain, realising that it is their country in which they will spend their future as Muslims. Muslims must work hard to establish Islam in the UK, or at least ensure that the UK is a suitable place where Muslims can live without compromising their faith and such may entail the involvement in the socio-political dynamics of the country.

The British Government must be extremely cautious not to fail its people by making the detrimental mistake of ignoring the real needs of the second largest religious group in the country. The official recognition of Islam and what it entails will solve the many problems Muslims face today. Incorporation of the Muslim personal law within the judicial system should be looked into more constructively and Muslim lawyers and scholars should work hand in hand to integrate the key elements of the Muslim civil law.

The Educational system should furthermore recognise the specific needs of the Muslims while the Ministry of Education should accommodate them. However it must be clearly understood that the responsibility will always remain on the Muslim educationalists along with law experts to engage with the system such that they influence the necessary changes. Similarly, it is high time for Muslims to consider building a strong Islamic financial alternative for their needs such as housing and education.

The census additionally shows that the Christian population of England and Wales is ageing whilst the Muslim community is relatively young.

This sends a very strong message to Britain and to the international community that it is almost impossible to change Orthodox Muslim norms. Is it then worth the effort of liberal Muslims to continue in their attempt to promote liberalism while it is the pure Orthodox Islam that is flourishing and penetrating people’s lives?


If the BBC doesn’t understand what that means here’s a hint…..the Mooslims are coming.


Peter Allen on the previous day was talking about immigration (11:27)….he told us that ‘Nobody puts the case for the advantages of immigration and yet they’re clear enough…I want to hear some positive things about immigration.’

Clearly he doesn’t listen to the BBC….but at least we know that we can rely on Allen to give us an impartial and accurate picture of what is going on.

The benefits of an influx of 270,000 foreign immigrants, every year, swamping our towns and cities must be enormous.  I’m sure.




Good old BBC, and Guardian, moving into gear to make sure we are thinking the right thoughts.

Curious that the same IPSOS survey came out last year….note the same anxieties about our ‘misconceptions’…

The Perils of Perception

People are wildly wrong when we ask them about many aspects of life in Britain, as highlighted in a new survey by Ipsos MORI for the Royal Statistical Society and King’s College London.

Just to pick out three big errors on who lives here: on average, we think 24% of the population (one in every four people!) are Muslims – when the real figure is around 5%; we think 31% are immigrants – when the official figure is 13%; and we think 36% are aged 65+ – when in fact only 16% are.


The man bringing us this ‘research’ is Bobby Duffy, head of IPSOS with links to Demos and the IPPR, and a campaigner it would seem for open borders…he tells us that immigration concerns are the preserve of the ‘Far Right’ which of course intentionally fails to recognise that a majority of the population have legitimate and reasoned concerns…

Remaining sensitive to these concerns will be important for politicians who are conscious of the need to keep the extreme right marginalized.

The EU needs to hold fast in its defense of Schengen. To give ground would not address the real problem—the porous nature of a small portion of the external border. It would also threaten the free movement of people, trade and money that European economies need now more than ever.


Any link that this ‘new research’ has been released as we head for the Rochester by-election with UKIP the front runner?




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24 Responses to Fact Checking Your Stupid, Ignorant Prejudices

  1. George R says:

    And INBBC daily under-reports e.g Islamic jihad atrocities by a huge factor.


  2. Mike says:

    ” Is it then worth the effort of liberal Muslims to continue in their attempt to promote liberalism while it is the pure Orthodox Islam that is flourishing and penetrating people’s lives?”
    BBC, you are being warned. Frightenining


  3. Cull the Badgers says:

    Promotion of muslim identity is carried out by the BBC at every opportunity. The other day there was a report concerning the contrast between drugs policies and legal highs in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. A doctor in Ireland was interviewed, preceded by a short clip of three doctors or nurses casually walking along a hospital corridor. One wore a headscarf and the two other were also presumably muslim, at least they looked it and were intended to be shown as such.

    What was the point of showing these people, other than as part of a the BBC’s propaganda campaign to promote this religious group above those of indigenous peoples?


    • Dave666 says:

      I saw that shot in that reportand knew exactly what they were up to as non of the persons filmed were involved in the interview that followed. Subtle as a brick.


  4. bogtrott says:

    Drove through Leicester for the first time in over 45 years and i was shocked that in some parts a white person was hard to find.
    Another thing i noticed Not one charity shop can be seen in these areas…


    • DP111 says:

      As long as Muslims are a minority they will demand equality. But once they are a majority, there will be no tolerance of non-Muslims. This means that churches will be destroyed and converted to mosques. Christians will have to give Jizya, and humbly acknowledge the superiority of Islam

      That is what our idiot politicians have lead the country to. We have been shepherded by these idiot politicians, who should have looked after us, but instead are leading us to the slaughterhouse.

      What ISIS is doing in the ME is pure authentic Islam and not an aberration. That is why no imam can contradict them using the koran. If they could, ISIS, being genuinely “good” Muslims will immediately refrain from doing what they are doing. Thus Western imams are merely practising Taqiyya, which of course as “good” Muslims they are obliged to. There are no feelings of guilt conscience that comes when lying, as Islam obliges them to lie to defend Islam. Win-win.

      Robert Spencer on The Islamic jihad against Christianity



  5. George R says:

    INBBC under-reports the uncritical advocacy of Islam-

    “EXCLUSIVE: Allah in the Public School Classroom —
    Public School Parents Frantic As Allah and Muhammad Replace Secular Studies”
    – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/10/exclusive-allah-in-the-public-school-classroom-public-school-parents-frantic-as-allah-and-muhammad-replace-geography-and.html/#sthash.cA94gMoX.dpuf


  6. Deborah says:

    The BBC pushes the ‘Muslim’ agenda at every opportunity so it is no wonder that viewers over estimate the number of Muslims in the UK. Last night with nothing I wanted to watch (and that included Dave and Really!) I was flicking through the channels; BBC3’s offering was a young Cardiff woman fixing her hijab and explaining how wonderful it was and that Muslim men were really good to their women and allowed them to work or not as they chose. She was about to meet another Cardiff woman (who appeared darker than someone with only white parents) who had recently converted to Islam and the two women were going to the mosque. I switched off and read a book. This morning when I looked on the BBC web page there is all about a poppy hijab to mark a muslim winning the VC 100 years ago etc etc. I never hear stories positive or otherwise about Hindus in the UK, Sikhs or followers of Shinto and the stories about Jews usually have a sneer as the sting in the tail.


    • DP111 says:

      The BBC was all over the fact that an extreme Right Wing rabbi had been shot by a Palestinian. This poor palestinian was then gunned down by Israeli troops in a hail of gun fire.

      Also mentioned continuously was that Jerusalem and the al aqsa mosque was the third most holiest site in Islam.

      No mention that the Pali was a known trouble maker.
      No mention that the Pali was firing from the rooftop.

      No mention that Islamic claims in Jerusalem or Israel, have no basis whatever in the Koran. The Jewish texts though, are full of Jerusalem and the Temple. It is the one, and only holy site for Jews.

      So let us look at the facts.

      The rabbi was not planning to invade the al aqsa mosque. He was campaigning peacefully that Jews, like anyone else should have the right to pray at the Temple. This temple was deliberately built over by Muslims as a deliberate affront/insult to the Jewish faith. The Temple preceeds the mosque by thousands of years.

      So where does this leave us, regards the BBC

      1. They are criminally negligent or hate Jews ie racist.

      2. They are criminally negligent due to stupidity and ignorance

      “Criminally negligent” because the media power that the BBC has globally, could lead to a serious misunderstanding, and then to a catastrophic war. In such a war, it is quite likely that Israel; will be the winners, and then they will extract a price, which as victors, they are entitled to.

      By their negligent behaviour, the BBC is goading Muslims into a position where they could be in serious trouble. Seriously, they are no friends of the Arabs living in Israel or the West Bank.


  7. Mice Height says:


    • Demon says:

      He’s honest. And it’s frightening that our politicians and the so-called BBC deliberately and wilfully ignore what is being said openly and without apparent shame.


  8. Sinniberg says:

    What I can’t fathom and even find concerning is that there are white(apparantly native) British people in that audience.

    Perhaps, they were invited by a Muslim friend to attend but even so…….

    bogtrott raises a deeply saddening point and in terms of demographics I fear for how few generations are left before the true British people will be out-numbered, and therefore out-voted, by the “ethnic minorities”.

    Infact, I suspect that even now the native British public are the “ethnic minority” when the combined numbers of the other “races” in the UK are put together.


    • Geoff says:

      I can see a couple of whites conveniently placed at the front, to me they look like they are there under duress, one of them being too young to understand the questions being asked and the other not agreeing with anything.


      • Sinniberg says:

        Yes, the fellow sitting on the front, right hand side looks desperately uncomfortable!.

        But I could see others in the background too, hence my post.



      • Llareggub says:

        The whites might be there under duress – It is SWP policy for them to get involved with Islamis.


  9. George R says:

    Beeboids unfairly treat those who don’t agree to its open-door, mass immigration advocacy.

    “Netherlands: When the Questions Become the Crime”

    by Abigail R. Esman.



  10. Doublethinker says:

    Only fools and those with a political agenda, eg the BBC and Labour, can believe that mass immigration has been good for the British people.Think how things would be if we had had a selective immigration policy since 1950.
    No racial problems
    No fear of home grown Jihadists trying to kill British people
    Much higher productivity and wages because employers wouldn’t find as much low cost labour and would have had to invest in equipment to do the job
    No threats to our culture and traditions
    No imbecilic, or at least many fewer, TV programmes trying to rewrite history
    No white flight from our cities and towns
    No parts of our country where we feel like strangers in our own land
    No over stretched public services such as schools and hospitals
    Much less pressure on housing stock

    I could go on!

    Does anyone seriously believe that mass immigration has been a good thing? If so why? Also why does the BBC not reflect the views of the majority of the British people on this issue instead of trying to convince us that we should welcome immigrants with open arms because in some mysterious way, which they never really explain convincingly, they are good for us!


    • DP111 says:

      You forgot to mention the tens of thousands of vulnerable White girls enslaved by Muslim gangs. We’ve had our own “home grown ISIS” for a long while.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Perhaps, but we found out today just how much the South Yorkshire population cares about that.


  11. George R says:

    For INBBC:-

    “One In Every 7 Britons Under 25 Supports ISIS”
    “HOW are ISIS doing in the opinion polls?

    ‘The Times’ (£):

    “One in seven young British adults has ‘warm feelings’ towards Islamic State, according to a poll. Isis is riding a surge of ‘anti-politics’ sentiment among disaffected under-35s who admire the jihadists’ courage, academics warn.

    “A tenth of Londoners and one in 12 Scots view Islamic State (Isis) favourably, but sympathy for the militant group reaches its highest levels among the under-25s, the Populus survey found.”



  12. Guest Who says:

    ‘the BBC which imposes its Big Brother approach to censoring the news’

    Of course, in service of propaganda, censorship is not just restricted to what goes out.


    Or restricted just to those who BBC staff serve. Apparently.

    More from Sack-o-rats central…?:

    ‘Douglas Marshall, a lawyer who previously worked for the Football Association, is the BBC’s chosen hired gun, employed via Lawyers On Demand, set to deal with pesky Spencer. In Auntie’s latest refusal to say who the 30 bad boys were, Douglas claims “Spencer” is, in fact, a BBC employee, and, worse “a motivated intruder”‘

    Proof being so last year to the BBC on just about anything, and no matter how legitimate the questioner’s holdings to account may be, it would seem the BBC has again deployed licence fee payer funds to engage expensive legals to find ways not to answer. Maybe Harry Sam would be kind enough to clarify on detail?

    As one interested in what gets asked of the BBC what it gets out of answering, and the astounding ways it concocts to do so, this latest ‘you keep coming up with things we can’t or don’t want to answer’ reaction comes as no real surprise, but there is still no excuse if the questions are legitimate.

    The funny part is that this time they ‘think’ it may be a staff member and that is actually used in excuse, despite…

    ‘The response recognised that although the applicant may not be a BBC employee’

    So, basically, they can make up any reason they like not to reply. Their obsession with who people are, or may be rather than the legitimacy of what they are asking is interesting, especially given the BBC’s admission that it abuses RIPA ethical integrity to pursue commercial interests. Not hard to see that corporate vendettas would be seen as tempting avenues of intel gathering too. Whistleblowers beware.

    The trusted and transparent BBC’s credibility as anything but an oppressive, unaccountable law unto itself erodes still more.


  13. stuart says:

    i find it very strange how peter allen has gone so far to the left since he took over vickys show with his politacal views even though he is supposed to be impartial,also something else is bugging me,we are told by the bbc constantly the muslims make up about 5 % of the population of england,i think the figure is much higher and is being hidden from us.but this is wha really gets me,why is the biggest growing population in are prisons which is at 17 % comes from the muslim community,sexual,terrorists offences etc,in long lartin in worcester and whitemoor in cambridge the muslim prison population is at 37% and growing,that the bbc never mention that.something is not right here with the reilgion of peace,harmony and love,not right at all.


  14. Ron Todd says:

    There is a reason we overestimate the number of immigrants compared to the official figures. Officially only those born abroad count, if two Somalis for example come here get married and have five children that are brought up totally outside British culture and custom the liberal elite count that as two immigrants and five native British, most of the rest of us would look at them and see seven immigrants.