Bomb ‘Em, Bomb ‘Em All


Yesterday the BBC’s security correspondent Frank Gardner treated us to his big hope….he thought that the West and its allies may consider ISIS to be such a threat that they decide to put boots on the ground…

Frank said ‘I really hope that’s not the case.’

Thanks Frank for your personal opinion.

Today he continued the theme informing us that military actions just don’t work and that good policing and political processes will defeat terrorism.

Well apart from the fact military action certainly does work in many cases just how does he propose Dixon of Arabia handle ISIS, will they come quietly’?  And what sort of negtotiations are you going to have with such terrorists?

Can they have part of Syria, part of Iraq, what about a bit of Turkey?  And what if they don’t want to stop there, their whole raison d’être being to create a world caliphate?


Simplistic, childish, very political dreams from the BBC.

One of the reasons ISIS popped up again was because the US withdrew its military and intelligence capability from Iraq…under pressure from people in the media and other commentators just like Frank.





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9 Responses to Bomb ‘Em, Bomb ‘Em All

  1. Thatcher Revolutionary says:

    Spot on. That prick on wheels is the first out of the traps to ‘condemn’ any military action by the UK or USA, yet giving out free passes to the very people who handicapped him for life.

    The most prolific case of Stockholm Syndrome.


  2. stuart says:

    poor old frank,he is still suffering from this stockholm syndrome sympathy towards are enemys and to much respect towards the islamists,why frank does not go all the way and just convert to islam i dont know,then again,frank could be a considering converting to islam.who knows what is going on in his head but he sures shows to much damm respect to the islamists in my said he has watched the latest beheading video of addul rehman kassig and those poor 12 syrian soldiers,i thought it was illegal to watch these videos on the internet.


    • deegee says:

      Are you saying that when he was lying on the ground, paralysed and bleeding and called out “Help me, I’m a Muslim,” he was being economical with the truth?


      • A Teddy called Moh says:

        plus he carries little copies of the koran with him


      • DP111 says:

        Frank Gardner? Is this the same “I’m a Muslim” Frank Gardner?

        I have a question. Was Frank telling the truth when he said “I’m a Muslim”?. If so, then he is a Muslim, and why should we believe anything a Taqqiya spouting Muslim has to say about security policy.

        If he was lying to save his life, then he could be doing the same now, to save his life from the thousands of peaceful decapitators in London. Renouncing his Muslim religion is a capital offence.

        One thing though. He does his best, considering the bed of thorns our masters have made for us, using out taxes.


  3. Doublethinker says:

    The BBC et al are still waiting for the green shoots of the Arab Spring that they were so keen on a couple of years ago, but the region seems stuck in a perpetual winter! So much for the dreams of innocent children masquerading as BBC commentators. We should just be thankful that it hasn’t become a nuclear Arab Winter.


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that the only boots on the ground should be volunteers from the special forces, with laser guidance gear, forward observing for the carrier fleets, yes, fleets, in the Med……pinpointing Isis targets, and then 24hr sorties, for as long as these isis savages live…kill them all…no mercy, Frank. Armchair General Brown standing easy. No doubt the BBC will announce every impending strike, like they do….


      • A Teddy called Moh says:

        I don’t think Frank ‘don’t shoot me I’m a muslim) Gardner is standing easy or any other form of standing


      • DP111 says:

        Gen Brown

        Sir. May I suggest we make use of hundreds of thousands of unemployed teenagers, who are experts in Xboxes etc, to remote pilot our drones.

        Piloting real drones to be rentable at minute or hourly rates. I’m sure we can get hundreds of thousands of expert drone pilots, willing to pay $10/mt or $50/hr.

        For every Jihadi confirmed killed, the pilot gets 60 minutes extra playtime token, which he can sell on, if he so desires. Monetary incomes taxable of course.

        Sir, with astute management, the army can make a killing in more senses then one.

        Thank you. Sir.