We Love The UK!

The reality of immigration brought to you by Frank Fielding in the Daily Mail…..

We’re adding a migrant city the size of Birmingham every 30 months reveals MP who co-chairs migration group


The reality of mass immigration and an open door policy is that it means an end to the welfare state, no more free NHS, no more state schools, no more anything really funded by the state….after all how do you tax a huge, ever shifting, anonymous population and how do you judge who should receive the benefits?

Can’t say I have ever heard such a conclusion being articulated on the BBC…but here is David Goodhart in 2004 speculating on such a thing….

Too diverse?

Is Britain becoming too diverse to sustain the mutual obligations behind a good society and the welfare state?

The nation state remains irreplaceable as the site for democratic participation and it is hard to imagine how else one can organise welfare states and redistribution except through national tax and public spending. Moreover, since the arrival of immigrant groups from non-liberal or illiberal cultures it has become clear that to remain liberal the state may have to prescribe a clearer hierarchy of values.


Still waiting for that to happen despite all Cameron’s words and promises….however one group seems to get special status in the UK hierarchy…and the BBC has no qualms about this politicial special adviser being elevated to the House of Lords. 

Goodhart did conclude something similar in this BBC programme….

The gulf between conservative Islam and secular liberal Britain is larger than with any comparable large group….for those of us who value an open, liberal society it is time to explain why it is superior to the alternatives.

He told us that…

Some claim that if people understood Islam more everything would be fine, they would be more tolerant, I think quite the contrary….the more they understand about it the more alien they would find it…authoritarian, collectivist, patriarchal, misogynist…..all sorts of things that Britain might have been 100 years ago but isn’t now.


When you import the people you import their values which may be diametrically and dangerously opposed to yours.  How do you deal with that, especially as an open border policy means that a community that gets larger and more insular feels no need to integrate?

Despite the welcome programme with David Goodhart the BBC still dances around the issues refusing to come to a hard conclusion…one that filters through to all its presenters….Goodhart’s programme is probably already on the ‘forgotten pile’ never to be listened to by the BBC journalists when it should be one of the highlights of their journalism college.


The BBC’s coverage of immigration has been extensive recently but it is essentially more of the same old same old as they still favour the pro-immigration side of the debate, debates run by presenters who are all too happy running on auto-pilot and thinking happy, uncritical thoughts about immigration and chatting away pleasantly to them.

Was amused to see the BBC packing the studios with immigrants last week to tell us what they thought of our immigration policy…..naturally they told us that it was essentially a racist policy putting fear into the hearts of immigrants everywhere….oh and they only come to the UK because they love it, its culture and its people so much…nothing to do with benefits and all that.

Hardly an impartial way of exploring the issues.

Was amused though to hear the reply of one Polish girl to Peter Allen’s leading question along the lines of….‘Do the Brits like you?’ (49 mins)

Her reply was interesting…she said she was always welcomed by British people…however when living in London…er..the people were different….but now she lives in Manchester and they are really friendly there.

Hmmm…could she really mean that multicultural London, where the Brits have been ethnically cleansed from, is less friendly than good old racist white Britain?

Have to say that whenever a Beeboid asks such a question almost invariably the answer has been that the immigrant has not suffered any discrimination or abuse.  Which kind of paints a different picture to the one so many race campaigners want you to believe, or more importantly they want the polticians who pull the purse strings that fund their band wagons to believe.


Did enjoy this repeat by the BBC of an interview with a Polish immigrant, who came here in 1996 so not really relevant to the politics of Labour’s open door policy….repeated on the Tuesday before the Rochdale by-election.  Any coincidence in the timing as it told us how wonderful immigrants were?  However it might have backfired as the smug immigrant considered himself rather clever, well educated and sophisticated…more so than those who oppose immigration…a psychological affliction obviously related to their ignorance and narrow-minded prejudices.

Same old same old from the BBC…they just can’t help it.





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19 Responses to We Love The UK!

  1. Essex Man says:

    You mean Eurosceptic Labour MP ,Frank Field . Wasn`t someone called Fielding a Blue Peter presenter some years ago.


  2. Uk Enrichment News says:

    Every time we hear ‘NHS under funded’, ‘NHS cannot meet targets’ and ‘NHS failing patients’ on the BBC the comments are invariably followed by ‘Tory cuts’ etc. NEVER, do we we ever hear the bleeding obvious that it’s the sheer scale of immigration that’s to blame. The BBC and the left have brainwashed society to believe it’s racist to even discuss it. So, if we were forced to live in caves drinking our own urine due to immigration we still wouldn’t be able to discus it for fear of being called racist; it’s absolutely pathetic and infantile. A country that used to have the most powerful empire in the world is now petrified to discuss Islam or immigration for fear of being called a racist by tree-hugging, fair-trade coffee-sipping, wooly jumper-wearing leftiies.


    • D1004 says:

      I watched these people last night on bbc4, their names are Keith and Candice Marie, the main players in the famous play ‘Nuts in May’ , when it was made in 1976 the woolly, nut eating muppets were seen as figures of fun by the beeb of the time, little realising that these people would become their main audience and supplier of staff from studio floor to Chairman. If you watch the credits you will find you are able to pronounce each and every name unlike today when you need a universal translator (barbel fish ) stuck in your ear to make sense of who are our masters now.


  3. The Sage says:

    This morning’s Today programme announced that due to growing concern about immigration and the rise in support for UKIP, the subject would be a central focus during this coming week.
    At last, I thought the BBC was giving some air time to the subject.
    But no, the first in the series of reports the BBC shares its concern by interviewing to an illegal immigrant from Eritrea. You couldn’t make it up.


    • Nibor says:

      Was he asked why he didn’t stay in France, or what happened to the lorry driver?


      • Guest Who says:

        There was a helpful map of his trek.

        An incredible journey.

        It may have been worth investigating the lure of the destination whilst all the places en route were ignored.

        I wonder if his kids’ names will tweak any lists in years to come?


    • Bert Strapplebum says:

      And the one question that he was NOT asked was: why the UK? Why not Italy or France? The answer would be “because of the state support”.


  4. Doublethinker says:

    I think it is now widely recognised that Brits living outside of London think that mass immigration has been far too high and has wrecked havoc across the country. Additionally, there is a growing realisation that the policy of mass immigration put into practise by the last Labour government had no democratic mandate. Slowly the British people will realise that the media, most prominently the BBC, who should have been reporting and questioning the policy, were in fact conniving with Labour to hide it and cover up its detrimental effects.
    Labour are now making some half hearted laughable apologies , usually confined to EU immigrants, not the really frightening problem of people with very different cultures and values to ours from outside of Europe, particularly Muslims. But do we hear anything faintly resembling an apology from the BBC for their part in a policy which has done and will continue to do, immense damage to this country?
    I do hope that people begin to question why the BBC lied to them for decades about immigration. If they do it should destroy any remaining trust in the BBC far more effectively than the disgusting Savile has done and lead to its abolition.


    • The General says:

      Far from giving an apology, the BBC are constantly expressing their delight in ‘multicultural Britain’ and extolling the virtues they claim it brings to the country.
      Presumably it does not register in their very limited PC minds that the rise of UKIP is because the public at large does not agree with them and resent the effect upon our culture.


    • Richard says:

      Good post! I just don’t share your optimism that people in general will realise what has been done to the country. Some clearly already do, some always did, but some never will. How large that last group is, I don’t know, but I just hope that you are right and I am wrong.


  5. Cockney says:

    You can split the country into 3 on immigration. One third is in favour for reasons of economic benefits, wider restaurant choices and sounding suitably on-trend liberal. One third is against for very legit reasons of wage suppression, public service pressure and occasionally unwanted cultural changes. One third is just f’ing miserable and will look for any scapegoat to blame for their own failures.

    It’s the second group that you never hear on TV news. Incidentally, it’s also the reason why there’s no votes for the Tories in taking an extreme line, because in gaining 2 you lose 1. They’ll never gain 3 without losing 1 and 2. Cameron has a grasp of this hence his pretty rational speech last week.


  6. “… special adviser…” linkj broken.


  7. Rob in Cheshire says:

    It has been said before, but you can have a welfare state, or you can have mass immigration, but you can’t have both. A welfare state is an intergenerational contract, we pay in to help our own people, in the belief that when the time comes, our people will pay in to help us. It is in effect the nation as a huge extended family helping its members. When millions of foreigners turn up, who have never paid in, but who expect all the same benefits, the contract is broken.


  8. Guest Who says:

    @BBCBreakfastJust 1/3 of schools are doing a traditional nativity play this year. What do you make of the new trend? #bbcbreakfast http://t.co/DIrWPh9fHM

    Questions are being asked. So far, no takers.

    Meanwhile, in a Land Down under:

    @BBCNewsAusMissed our Q&A session with @JonDonnison? Don’t worry – You can catch up here: http://t.co/hQnvEZh67g #AskBBCJon http://t.co/AcUYEePvrX

    Should I have been worried?


    • Guest Who says:

      “This is an edited version of the session”

      There’s a surprise. The bbc’s expert on all things Australia really lays it all out objectively.

      Just answering questions… that have been edited. Remember, the mods warned that if folk didn’t ask the ones Jon wanted, folk could get banned.

      Hence, somehow, the beach potential in Gaza comes up.

      He’s nothing if not predictable, helped by control of the edit.

      The lucky country to have him indeed.


  9. Guest Who says:

    BBC investigates after concern imaginary character was victim of sexism http://t.co/YdMZK7IM4I


    And many senior folk were involved in this investigative concern. Lucky the BBC again decided the BBC got it about right.

    Shame senior BBC types a little less concerned about matters of ‘ismism, and even worse, before.

    But then, it was a different time.