Hammer Time



Once again the BBC looks away when ‘ethnic’ youths beat a man with hammers…the last time was in the UK:

Mother slams multiculturalism as cause of muslim bullying of her son

Lois Rogers, 13 April, 2008, The Sunday Times
The mother of a 15-year-old boy left with brain damage by an Asian gang is blaming multi-culturalism for the way ethnic minorities get away with violent bullying in schools.

Liz Webster, 43, from Swindon, whose son Henry nearly died in the attack, believes a “culture of timidity” among teachers is stopping them clamping down on ethnic minority bullies because they fear accusations of racism. She also accuses teachers of failing to recognise that ethnic minorities can exhibit racism against whites.



This time it is in the USA and the culprits are black and hispanic:


Gang of teens beat St Louis motorist to death with hammers in front of his wife after he got out to confront them when they attacked his car

A gang of teenagers used hammers to beat a newlywed to death in front of his wife and friend after they attacked his car early on Sunday morning in an apparently random attack.

Zemir Begic was heading home from a bar at 1:15 a.m in St Louis when a group of teenagers surrounded his car and began banging on it.

The 32-year-old stepped out of the vehicle, only to be yelled at and set upon with hammers, striking him in the head, abdomen and face and leaving him fatally injured.

The suspects are described as being a group of Hispanic and black males by the St Louis Post-Dispatch.

No sign of this story on the BBC despite it being in the news yesterday…wouldn’t want it to interfere with their wall to wall coverage of the Ferguson shooting where a black thug assaulted a white police officer and was shot as a result.

The BBC undoubtedly thinks that reporting the murder of a completely innocent white man by those of an ethnic persuasion would unnecessarily confuse the issues around Ferguson…issues as they see them…and would put a break on the BBC’s drive to paint the US as a place where white racism is endemic and Blacks and Hispanics the perpetual victims….

Why was an overwhelmingly black area policed by predominantly white officers? Why is there such mistrust among that community of the forces of law and order? Why, if you’re black, are you much more likely to be a victim of crime? Why, if you’re black, are you much more likely to end up in prison? Why are you more likely to be unemployed?

Never mind the president is black.

Maybe they are trying to ascertain the ‘facts’ before rushing to judgement….probably haven’t been able to find a ‘witness’ yet who can claim they saw the Bosnian man attacking the youths who only hit him in self-defence.

Give them time…I’m sure the BBC can do it.



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25 Responses to Hammer Time

  1. deegee says:

    Why was an overwhelmingly black area policed by predominantly white officers?

    In 1970, 99% of the population of Ferguson was White and 1% African American. In the 2010 census, 29.3% were White and 67.4% were African American. Overwhelming? Not really. Almost 70%.


  2. The Old Bloke says:

    The BBC are racist. That is why I have not subscribed to this racist organisation for over 7 years now.


    • The Beebinator says:

      Heres a good example of a racist BBC reporter. Imagine if this left wing scum bag had gone to somewhere like tower hamlets and said to the leader of a political party “youre a racist party, look around you everyone is brown”


      • Demon says:

        “Look around you – everyone’s white” – then up pops a non-white UKIP candidate right on cue. It would have been extremely embarassing for the Beeboid reporter if that type had any self-awareness.


        • Simon says:

          the self loathing of the BBC scum. The limp wristed journos at the BBC would be easy pickings for a hammer gang as they would wet their pants if they dared to venture out of their nice bubbles

          see George Galloway and the wreck he has become after he was attacked…..the loudest, nastiest lefties are always spineless cowards


          • regag says:

            Multiculturalism, as espoused by the BBC, has brought us the wonders of massive scale child rape/abuse, hard racism (not the BBC’s ‘waycism’), slavery, disease, beheadings, imported poverty, failing schools, failing NHS, green belt destruction, terrorism, terrorist threats, and cultural suicide (among others).

            Come along kids, sing along with bBC, ‘What we need is a great big melting pot, la, la, la, la, la, la.’


          • ROBERT BROWN says:

            Galloway was not hit hard enough, a more worthless, divisive creature i have yet to encounter, full of puffed up moral indignation and false gravitas……i’d like to see him meet someone like the ‘Bear Jew’…..a fictional character, rather violent, for reference, see the film’ inglorius basterds’..[ their spelling ]


      • DP111 says:

        Everyone claims that withoiut immigrants the country would collapse. Really? Is that why immigrrants came to the UK- to save us from our oncoming demise?

        Well here are millions of Muslims who should be working. but

        Over 80% of Soimalis are not in jobs, and therefore on Benefits, Housing Benefit, and all the rest of goodies that follow – free NHS, free dental tearment, free opticians etc

        Same story with other Muslims. Why?

        1. They are unemployable, as they have no skills
        2. If one employs a Muslim, one has to take into account, that at sometime the Muslim will demand extra prayer time each day. Special toilets. Muslim holiday time etc
        3. Demand non-Muslims not eat anything at work during Remadan.
        4. The likelihood of being sued.
        5. Muslims emmigrated to Britain not to work, but to be a drain on the Britain – financial Jihad. Also a ready access to rape and kill Kuffars.

        There is a significant proportion of the immigrant population- Muslims mainly, that do not want to work, but are in Britain to sueeze it for all its worth, while moaning that they are being discriminated.


  3. stuart says:

    here is the problem in 2014 that affects us all who just happened to be born with a white skin in the uk and over the sea in the states and not to forget south africa, there is still the same deliberate liberal left wing mindset going on here where white victims of racist attacks or racial injustices are treated like the racists and the black and brown attackers are treated like the victims, we have we been here before where the authorities treated the white child victims of these pakistani child grooming rings as the attackers who desereved what they got and the child grooming muslim paedophiles as the victims,this here my freinds is the left wing liberal mindest that not only affects the bbc but is like a virus that infects every labour council up and down the country.


  4. The Old Bloke says:

    When one person walks down the street talking out loud to him/herself, he/she is deemed to be a nutter and one is encouraged to cross the street to avoid the nutter. When millions do it, it becomes a religion and perfectly acceptable and you are encouraged to join the rest of the nutters.


  5. jeff says:

    It’s beyond belief that the tragic story of young Aaron Dugmore hasn’t been taken up by OUR media. I knew nothing about this horrific case. God’s teeth, we’ve had undiluted and sympathetic coverage from the United States covering the “protesters” (ahem) after a repulsive black, bullying thug (sorry, unarmed black teenager) was shot by police. This is a tragedy on our own doorstep. This truly is an innocent child hounded to his death by vile racists.
    And from the BBC?
    Not a bloody peep.


  6. The Old Bloke says:

    Like I have said before, the BBC are racists. Listen to the advert on Radio4 for Woman’s Hour (tomorrow) quite unbelievable when you are aware of the actual happenings of the Ferguson riots.


  7. Jerry Fletcher says:

    Given that the authorities and the victim’s girlfriend who was present are saying it wasnt a racially motivated attack, are you going to list every murder by a black person of a non-black person not covered by the BBC? I guess you’ll be busy.

    And every other news outlet in the UK, bar the Daily Mail must also share this racism right?

    Don’t worry though Alan, I think we all get were you’re coming from.


  8. ptw says:

    Why, if you’re black, are you much more likely to be a victim of crime?

    why well because you have blacks living around you, carrying with them the highest criminality rate..duh.

    Logic isn’t their strongest suit is it.


  9. ptw says:

    predominantly white police.

    It would be easy for the police to make the numbers “match”.

    Then they would get hammered why they do not hire enough blacks for the 90% white areas.

    The black policemen get a choice as they get hired , I am afraid.
    It is difficult ebough to attract them.
    So they overwhelimgly prefer to work in white neighbourhoods where there is less crime.

    This is not too different from all other corporations where the hard work is done by you know who. While others live the good life and only get vocal when it is that time of the year to ask for a raise in pay.


    • Justin Casey says:

      @ptw you wrote..
      [quote]The black policemen get a choice as they get hired , I am afraid.
      It is difficult ebough to attract them.
      So they overwhelimgly prefer to work in white neighbourhoods where there is less crime.[/quote]

      I beg to differ… they actually prefer the white nieghbourhoods becouse there`s more stuff they can steal….. also many no longer need employment due to the weekly racebait riots which offer them the chance to loot the shit out of all thier favourite shopping malls…..

      Everytime there`s a protest you see hoards of stupid self hating white twats mouthing off about supposed racial oppression, whilst behind them the blacks set fire to thier cars, empty Wallmarts and bang the shit outta any white females who stray from the crowds…

      The thing is these people don`t represent the overall black majority who recognise it`s stupid to shit on your own doorstep, most over the age of 40 are probably fed up with living in a war zone, and it`s a safe bet that the `gentle giant` also victimised those within his own ethnicity too….

      When is Obama going to get called to account by the US Senate or Congress anyways??? I cannot believe he has lasted this long…

      Anyways.. it`s late and I`m off to test out my new mattress


      • Demon says:

        Unacceptable. Most blacks aren’t criminals and not all criminals are black. Are you a false flag Beeboid?


  10. Searches of the BBC and Guardian “Zemir Begic”
    nul points, quelle surprise.
    But their time is near.


  11. evad666 says:

    Still little or no coverage of Muslim sex gangs and their 3170 victims spread across 17 English Towns and Cities.