On time and ready for completion. No sooner had the BBC been propagating the “lone wolf and disturbed individual” meme over the Sydney Jihadist than a group of Pakistani jihadists slaughter over 130 schoolchildren. Hard to put that one down to the preferred “lone wolf” theory, eh? Fill the space.

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  1. Old Timer says:

    There is a cancer at the heart of human civilisation and it will not be eradicated by bombing it around the edges Mr Obama. Nor will it be appeased Mr Cameron.
    We all know what needs to be done to remove cancer. Cut it out and burn it.


    • The General says:

      And for God’s sake Cameron, stop calling it “The religion of peace” its not. Its founder was a pedophile, a misogynist, a murderer and a warmonger. In how many Islamic countries are these NOT common practice?


      • noggin says:

        What to see how deep the complicity goes,
        how deep the rabbit hole is
        just listen to the first 10 mins here
        just facts and no B/S


        • London Calling says:

          Around 19 minutes in Robert Spencer explains why the British Home Office banned him from entering Britain, to appease the hate-filled muslim constituency. Wasn’t that Theresa May, the Plastic witch? Mustn’t criticise the RoP.

          Tell that to the parents in schoolkids in Peshwar, the coffee drinkers in Sydney, the relative of Lee Rigby, the families of countless beheaded aid workers.

          BBC = social cohesion, fingers in ears, la la la laa la, Hashtag/ garbage.


          • Chop says:

            Seeing as the shitty BBC are sooooooo fond of hashtag trending campaigns, may I suggest:



      • Ken says:

        It’s the delusion at the heart of political correctness which offends me most. The extremely violent religion of peace is a prime example. The entire concept is all backwards. It’s all making a false reality, according the messed up delusional version of reality their egos want to experience.

        On the BBC this infects all their output. Even on their daily drama output. On Doctors yesterday they even had a story-line pushing a black Santa and they made out that to be opposed to a black Santa is racist, yet the idea of a white Dr Martin Luther King is outrageous.

        They are normalising cultural genocide. An Ethnocide in which our culture and ethnic identity is eradicated with the willing complicity of all of us, and we are vile racists if we oppose it.

        Why must we celebrate all other cultures, yet be complicit in our own destruction? I just don’t get it.


  2. Will all end in tears says:

    Listened to gameshow Campbell (02:42:42), Religion of Peace Appeaser-in-Chief, talking to the Lord Mayor of Sydney. Even against such a tragic backdrop as the café siege he just can’t help but push the BBC agenda – multicultural, vibrant gay community. Makes one sick to the stomach.

    I remember several weeks ago when the fragrant Burden described Bristol as “fantastically multi-cultural” – this shortly before the Somali-Muslim child rapists were sentenced.

    These animals claimed in court they were merely following their “tradition and culture”.

    I note that most MSM are spinning the 15,000 strong march against the Islamisation of the West in Germany as perpetrated by Right-wing fanatics – Nazi’s in pinstripes is a popular meme.

    Perhaps it’s simply because they (we) don’t want our people massacred and children raped in the name of a 6th Century, barbaric, backward ideology.

    Whisper it quietly though, lest the Beeb et al will have you down as a racist and carted off for hate crimes.

    Wankers, the lot of them.




  3. Will all end in tears says:

    And still the appeasement continues.

    Listening now to Burden on your call – couple of early highlights – gonna discuss “Good” Taliban v “Bad” Taliban – I shit you not.

    First caller – Mohammed from Bradford (natch) – reckons the massacres could be down to the perps having no jobs or that the weather is too hot (poor lambs).

    Does Burden react with utter outrage at such an idiotic and ridiculous observation?



    • noggin says:

      EU court orders Hamas removal from terror blacklist
      Yahoo news
      If you listen to the BBC, it looks like Taliban next …
      who then? … ISIS? maybe, El Shabab?
      They are only Disenfranchised Conservative, Orthodox, Militant, Rebel, Revolutionary ’ Traders” after all …
      what about “the drones” eh!

      … and yet a Pak “terror expert” on 5Live, told A Chiles yesterday by far the biggest problem in the Pak is that “it has recently got more religious”, in fact “extremely so” … hmmm massacres, murder, sex slavery, and persecution?


    • Timbo says:

      A few minutes later she asked the listener, ‘…or are we all in some way responsible for what happened?…’

      No Rachael, I am pretty confident that I am in no way responsible for the senseless massacre of a school full of children by a bunch of Pakistani Islamists.


      • London Calling says:

        It’s the Liberal meme all the way from Obama – apparently WE are responsible for THEM attacking us. We have brought it on ourselves. If only we stopped attacking them ( “defending ourselves”) the world will all be happy and get along.

        Obama, the Great Divider, toured the world aplogising for the evil satan GW Bush. Notice anything change? Liberal delusions. Contemptuous of Obama, they continue their centuries-old religious wars. Does Obama understand the millenial war between Sunni and Shia? And the Infidel?

        When immature dopey Pakistani offspring jet off to join ISIS do they know their main task will be killing other muslims, Christians, aid workers, and schoolchildren like themselves. More important, do our dopey journalists? Oxbridge PPE seems to leave children of rich Socialist parents, destined for BBC jobs, short of any understanding of the real world. Maybe the academics there the first port of call for cuts.


    • Thoughtful says:

      If you look at my post from earlier you will see that they have got this good & bad Taleban from the Pakistani armies definition, and then twisted it to fit their own Fascist ends.
      The ‘Good’ don’t attack the Pakistani army, the ‘Bad’ do.



      • uncle bup says:

        Perhaps Nikki’n’Rache could in a 5 Live Special go off to northern Pakistan and interview some ‘good’ Taleban.

        They would come back with a better idea of how ‘good’ the good Taleban actually are.

        Well their corpses would come back. Possibly even with the heads still attached, these being ‘good’ Taleban ‘n’ all.


        • chrisH says:

          Don`t forget how good they are at poetry out there in Afpak…remember Orla Guerin and her review of some poetry slam event in Kabul.
          As long as it rhymes with Allah Achtung/Kill the Kuffar it will pass…Arabic only please.
          Maybe we could get Tom Sutcliffe, Mark Lawson, Sandeep Cum Kohli, Mariella, Naughtie Nightie and Grayson Perry to host an event over the coming holidays from Peshawar or Karachi…even a Today Guest Editor like Anjem or Michael A from Belmarsh?
          Lord Haw Whore…Lady Radio Gaga…that`s the twin towers of evil needing Islams butter knife through it all very soon…Wood Lane/BH and Salford will have to go.


  4. Deborah says:

    Sorry, this is a girlie post. I have noticed that Jane Hill, Fiona Bruce and Sophie Rayworth frequently wear similar dresses when reading the news. Remembering that Sian whatever her name is tried to claim tax relief on a very expensive wardrobe a few years back has made me wonder, are these clothes a uniform paid for by the license payers (ie us) or have these women a similar taste in clothes? No evidence, you understand, just musing.


    • Bob Nelson says:

      At least they don’t wear Labour red almost every day – unlike Jo Coburn on the Daily Politics.


  5. noggin says:

    The BBC radio 5Live wants to know “what to do”? … after Pak schoolchildren Islamic mass murders, from its listeners., on
    its, “Your Call” phone in.
    Ahem … if you are from the area? … have relations there we
    want to hear from you? etc
    Hmmm … “Asian network” again? …
    Anyway Pak correspondent, a BBC reporter, followed by 5 minutes of Islam the RoP waffle by some “plant”, followed by another Pak correspondent, followed by the worst Pak terror analyst you ve ever heard ….
    Well folks … its halfway through already.

    Then again the BBC does find time to trumpet,remove Hamas from terror blacklist

    EU court orders Hamas removal from terror blacklist
    yahoo news


    • Guest Who says:


      More than a few mopeds being fitted with tow bars in Gaza now.

      The EU knows what’s terrifying and what’s not, clearly.


    • noggin says:

      After Abdul, Mohamhead “nothing to do with Islam” and now we have … Adnan
      horrible yes, but its what s called revenge, not Islam … what about the drones eh!
      09 40am …. that it … off switch!


      • Jagman84 says:

        LBC had a similar “first caller” claiming that the R.O.P. had nothing to do with the killings. It is apparently just a local ‘turf war’. LBC, and its ilk, are becoming more BBC-like each day.


    • Demon says:

      “EU court orders Hamas removal from terror blacklist”

      Well I hope the Court members don’t lose loved ones to acts of Hamas terror, I mean love.


  6. chrisH says:

    Mishal Husein lost no time in getting out to drop off a few early Eid Prezzies to the extended family now did she?
    As for all those airmiles and dear old Gaia-f**off…that`ll be an issue only when Snow etc decide that is is…so last week dearie?
    Funnily enough Husein gets full unfettered access to the atrocity exhibition in Peshawar…and rather glories in her Belsen tribute to Richard Dimbleby, with her lurid description.
    The usual Western sensibilities don`t apply though-no crime scene, no blue tape,,,and full access for BBC crews and nebby rubberneckers who want good pix for the Ten O Clock News. Onions to hand, and Geldofs tune on loop.
    Had this happened in the west( Like Breivik in Norway)-the BBC would NOT be in there waving shrouds and making cow eyes at the dead parents and loved ones.
    But hey-it`s Pakistan, they`ll be used to it-and wasn`t Pakistan once part of the Raj, so out comes the pith helmet.
    Typical BBC hypocrites.
    Still-for this one occassion-the Taliban aren`t being referred to as “Unislamic distorters of the Peaceful Gloroius Koran”…even MIshal and her entourage have yet to doubt the “passion and the veracity” of the Taliban.
    And no wondering yet about Rawalpindi Social Services failing to tag the perps, radicalising Taliban types by not letting them become school governors…or who issued these scum with parking permits without a few MI5/6 following their exuberant celebration of their Religion of Peace”.
    Give it 24 hours-it`ll be the approved BBC line I`m sure….


    • Guest Who says:

      She, and the bbc, are getting slaughtered on their social media comfort zones. twitter and Facebook.

      Beyond what the heck she is adding bar trampling over the crime scene to get a Kodak moment, the emphasis on her being ‘the first’ is being universally panned. Rightly so.

      She maybe should steer clear of school-related ‘reporting’, especially in conflict zones, as it seldom works out well.


    • pah says:

      I think you will find the BBC were very sympathetic to the parents of the Breivik’s victims. Very sympathetic indeed. In fact, despite the victims being part of a left wing indoctrination camp I too an very sympathetic towards them too. Just as I am to the poor sods who lost their kids at Belsan and Peshawar. I find it hard to believe that anyone who has had kids does not feel sympathy for the parents of victims of such true barbarity.

      Now had Breivik been SWP and the kids at a UKIP camp then I suspect the BBC’s attitude would have being different but I hope, for the sake of their sanity, it would not be.


      • Chop says:

        I would hope the same, but you know, deep down, if the roles would have been reversed, and it were to have been a UKIP camp, and the murderer was from UAF, the BBC would have thought they had it coming to them…

        The BBC, in my mind now, are THAT vile.


  7. Demon says:

    The terrible events that have happened in Australia and Pakistan (and Belgium?) in the last couple of days should make those self-applied scales fall off the eyes of the Beeboids. But you know it won’t! They will still blame Western policy for these acts of barbarism. Unfortunately I think we must be due for a terrorist attack.

    Now Pakistan has had such an, indescribably awful, attack (My thoughts are with those poor families and the surviving children who saw their classmates callously murdered) I hope they go in bloody hard on those scum. And I hope we in the West help their government to do so.


    • Guest Who says:

      “Unfortunately I think we must be due for a terrorist attack”

      They only need to ‘succeed’ once, and by my count have managed a couple already.

      Plenty more foiled, by all accounts, though the BBC seems on the case making that as hard as possible whilst whipping up new recruits at home and abroad. Must be time for a new paintballing session, surely?

      All a bit odd to be required by law to fund this.


  8. Bob Nelson says:

    BBC have to report that unemployment is down again. Unfortunately, because inflation is down to 1%, they can’t use their usual ‘but wages are increasing slower than inflation’ caveat. However they make a point of noting that 63,000 is the smallest reduction in the year and that ‘some (unnamed) analysts speculate that the rate of improvement may have peaked’


    • JimS says:

      Heard that on the Radio 2 news at midday. The newsreader told us that employment was up, then paused, and told us that this was “according to ‘official’ figures”. One can’t help but hear the doubt expressed in the intonation. Just to rub it in we then get the mandatory Labour spokeswoman to tell us that it isn’t good news anyway.
      Perhaps I’m getting paranoid but when the newsreader finishes by saying “and that was the BBC news” I can’t help but think “Yes but what about the real news?”


  9. Odo Saunders says:

    This morning BBC Radio Five Live gave its response to the massacre of schoolchildren in Pakistan by referring to the link that has always existed between certain elements in the Pakistan army and the Taliban. What the programme failed to mention is that this link has always existed between a section of the ISA (Pakistan’s intelligence agency), a fact that has been well documented for years. This insiduous link between the ISA and the Taliban is well portrayed in the current series of Homeland, which is shown on Channel 4 on Sunday evening. The Pakistan executive has clearly forgotten the old saying, “the Devil never keeps his disciples.”

    Five Live also mentioned that the Pakistan Government is going to end the moratorium on the death penalty for acts of terrorism. The BBC did not however discuss the need to end the death penalty in that country for the offence of blasphemy, which is often used against the Christian minority. The BBC has made hardly any reference to the case of Asia Bibi who was sentenced to death on a trumped charge of blasphemy on October 16, 2014. Neither has it referred to the case of Shahzad Masih and Shama Bibi, who were burnt to death on November 4, 2014, in a brick kiln by a mob on the pretext that they had committed blasphemy. Shama Bibi was pregnant at the time of the incident. While we all deprecate the murder of the schoolchildren, the BBC also needs to cover the fate of the Christian minority in Pakistan. Further details of these horific incidents can be found on http://www.britishpakistanchristians.org. The BBC is the only body that can effectively tell the British people what is happening to Christians in Pakistan. We cannot rely on the Church of England, which tends these days to concentrate on political matters as opposed to spiritual issues and the fate of Christians in Moslem countries. A few years ago I asked my local priest why we did not pray for Christian minorities in other countries, and she basically admitted to me that this would cause offence, although she was willing to discuss the matter in private!! Is there any wonder that the pews are empty?


    • Umbongo says:

      “Is there any wonder that the pews are empty?”

      I suppose the only benefit to those of us brought up in the CoE and not convinced by the feminist heresy is that due to the appointment of the CoE’s first woman bishop the CoE is thus prevented from formally merging into Islam. OTOH, the Christians carefully selected to preach on Thought for the Day will, no doubt, continue to bleat about Christianity’s fellowship and sympathy with the “Religion of Peace” while “official” Christianity of all denominations in the UK will maintain its quiescence about the persecution of Christians in the Ummah.
      The growing tragedy for us out here is the downgrading and delegitimising of all our institutions symptomised in the empty pews and, for instance, the falling percentage of voters exercising their right to vote in parliamentary elections. Why would I pray? Why would I vote? I am hard put to name one institution of the British state which, since WW2, hasn’t been partially or completely hollowed out – parliament, CoE, the courts, the civil service, the great universities, the police and so on. Possibly the monarchy has resisted the process. Even so, maybe the monarchy only survives in popular esteem (despite the BBC’s occasional efforts to the contrary) because of the qualities of the present incumbent. However, wait until Charles III is proclaimed and you will see a concerted effort (led and enabled by the BBC in a “some say the King should go” meme) to remove our monarchy, either entirely or, more likely, by shifting it – with the other surviving institutions – from the centre of our civic and religious life to the showbiz periphery.


      • JimS says:

        Charles has already stated his aim to relinquish his inherited title of ‘Defender of the Faith’, granted in 1521, and replace it by the nonsensical, but PC, ‘Defender of Faith’.

        A Jack of All Faiths and a Master of None.


      • Essex Man says:

        Whats the problem with CoE female bishops ? Makes a `merger` with the Catholic`s less likely . Our local parish vicar is female & does a good job . Its not the same as having wimmin`s football ,rugby & the like, forced down your throats by the evil bbc .


    • RCE says:



  10. Doublethinker says:

    Has anyone heard or seen much about the announcement of EVEL options by Mr Hague yesterday on the BBC? Are they trying to ignore it so as not to ventilate yet another election problem for Labour in the hope that the public doesn’t notice Labour’s contempt for the English?


    • Ken says:

      Whenever the BBC does cover it, it is always to push the lie that there is no demand for an English Parliament and the prefered option is the regional break up of England. Doing labour and the EU’s bidding for them.

      Everyone I speak to in England wants EVEL with England keeping together, either by having only English MPs voting on English matters, or an English Parliament. I do not know anyone who wants regional devolution to another layer of parasitic, socialist or Islamic politicians, for all intents and purposes, destroying England as an entity.


  11. Merched Becca says:

    Al Beeb reporting that the control of immigration is in a mess.
    What has our Tory Government been doing about it?
    Vote UKIP.


  12. George R says:

    Another ‘incident’ today in Pakistan by INBBC’s “militants”- i.e.-

    an Islamic jihad bombing massacre on girls’ college-

    “New Pakistan school attack:
    Taliban bomb girls’ college in Khyber Province”

    By Jack Moore.
    December 17, 2014 11:46 GMT.



    • deegee says:

      What does a man have to do to be labelled a terrorist by the BBC? Apparently killing schoolchildren doesn’t cut it. Pakistan mourns after Taliban Peshawar school massacre uses the word militant 8 times – terrorist nil.

      Separately, Pakistan’s army says it launched air strikes at militants in the Khyber and North Waziristan areas The source linked to this quote is a tweet from someone called AsimBajwaISPR, apparently from the Pakistan Army who uses neither term although later tweets use the word terrorist.

      The actual Pakistan Army website seems to prefer the word ‘terrorist’.


  13. Geoff says:



    • Sinniberg says:

      Yes, and notice the headline in this article:


      So it’s “murder” when British soldiers are “involved” but when a British soldier is hacked to death in broad daylight by Muslim terrorists it’s “killed”.

      The use of the word murder in the headline of the above article is an utter disgrace.


  14. Philip says:

    Classic FM reported yesterday (Tuesday) that a BBC DJ was charged and jailed for horrendous multiple sexual attacks on children. It is known that Chris Denning (former BBE executive and controller of Radio 1) was instrumental in giving Saviile his job at the BBC. The Classic FM news report ended but I have been following this case following how the BBC policy protects sexual predators from ‘moral outrage’ – pretending that paedophila is acceptable behaviour. In fact Chris Denning had been already been previously arrested in Yogoslavia for molesting young boys (under the age) and was then immediately re-arrested on his enforced return back to the UK. His convictions are so deeply shocking that even his own defence team broke down in tears. Many of which will never be broadcast (by the BBC) but one I can relate is that Chris Denning molested his own stepson over a long period and that was never reported to police. The stepson (now as an adult) has already been arrested – and jailed – on much the same practices against children – claiming in his defence that he was abused (by Chris Denning) as a child. Without any guilt – Chris Denning was heard to say on his recent arrest that it was his ‘legal right’ and that he a was a victim and ‘it will all soon be legal anyhow’. And he could be right. The UK courts have less powers to convict these perverts than they did, particularly on multiple charges of sexual predation due to ‘freedoms’ given under Labour and Cameron (UK Freedoms act 2010) and earlier charges that cannot be included or used to discriminate against his personal EU ‘rights’. When I hear the BBC suggesting that the age of sexual consent should be lowered to 14 (or 12), you can see where this is going. Less about UK child pregnancy and more about what is legal for them (BBC and establishment figures) to not be convicted of child abuse against young boys (not girls). Rotherham, Saville and even the ‘Elm house’ child brothel state cover-up would not have happened without the BBC looking the other way and denying any liability.


    Similar ‘copycat’ recent case the BBC will not report:

    According to the BBC this will be entirely ‘normal’ and legalised in ten years time IF the BBC still exists in its present
    form and IF it still has the TV license to abuse. Any independent ethos and journalistic integrity it had is blown History shows it lacks any morality, journalistic independence or integrity. No public trust left in this perverted corporation.


  15. Oldbob says:

    Shukman was on the BBC news last night showing us around a massive floating gas terminal, one of several that shell are building, to exploit previously difficult to extract gas fields worldwide. It became very clear that there must be huge untapped reserves that Shell and others are going to exploit in the coming years as the technology continues to advance.

    The dismay in Shukman’s voice was palpable and sure enough he then trotted out a senior zealot from the IPCC to remind us that this was the devils work, should be renewables, we are going to fry and the rest of the warmist garbage. He actually sounded a bit desperate though as what with this and the slump in oil prices and booming coal use these twats must be starting to realise that renewables are going nowhere but the scrapheap. Sure, it will not happen overnight but it seems to me that events are now moving slowly but surely to a point where the economic reality and abundance of fossil fuels versus the economic insanity of the green crap will become overwhelming and finally sweep it down the tubes.


    • Umbongo says:

      Just to make sure we got the message, Shukman introduced Professor Jim Skea an eminent and influential (aren’t they all!) parasite “climate scientist” to tell us that cheap, accessible and bountiful energy is the work of the Devil. Skea’s sermonette had no “news” value but is part of the BBC’s religious output, approved no doubt by Aaqil Ahmed


    • uncle bup says:

      Even Wavy Davy, the Great Unreformer, was attacking critics of fracking and saying ‘people have had enough of onshore wind farms’.

      That people have had even more than enough (of subsidising) offshore wind farms rather seems to have escaped him.


  16. Geoff says:

    Denning was never controller of Radio 1, IIFRC it was Douglas Muggeridge who employed them both.

    An interesting fact is that it was Savile who recommended ‘Gameshow’ to Radio 1.

    Quote Radio Rewind

    “He joined Radio 1 in October 1987 on the recommendation of Jimmy Savile after a successful stint at Capital Radio in London.”

    edit: My error that should have been in reply to Philip above


    • Philip says:

      Quite right Geoff, my mistake there but the rest is pretty accurate. ‘In 1964 he was a BBC2 announcer whose voice was the first heard when the TV channel took to the air.

      Three years later he became one of the original DJs on BBC Radio 1, where he continued presenting Where It’s At, had his own weekly show and deputised for Tony Blackburn.

      Denning left BBC Radio 1 in 1969 because he was caught plugging DECCA records on BBC radio 1 for ‘Jonathen King’. Denning was originally arrested in Poole 1988 for sex offences and fled to Yogoslavia to escape a prison term. DJ Chris Denning “used the allure of the record industry and celebrity” to sexually assault 24 boys as young as nine – including one allegedly at Jimmy Savile’s house…. He has links to many in the BBC showbiz world.



  17. BEEZ says:

    Not particularly related to the BBC (although they have over the years aided these fools), but the amount of appeasing, sycophantic comments posted on Twitter at the moment is scary.

    Messages of condolences and disgust fill the media platform, but within those messages is a blatant evil and it goes by the name of ISLAM.

    Any normal minded person will be horrified by these acts and quite understandably relate the perpetrators actions to the religion of peace’.

    So why is it, that over the past 24 hours, the first thing people do when commenting on these situations is distance the atrocities from Islam.

    The future of this world truly is dull, because your ‘moderate’ Muslim is more concerned about their barbaric, anti-western religion than they are about human fatalities.

    If the inevitable does happen in my lifetime and Islam reigns supreme, then I hope the self-hating liberals, including Russell Brand and co will be first in line to meet their maker.


    • D1004 says:

      If it does happen, a far more likely position for Brand would be that of a Quisling style PM fronting a labour/Muslim political party. When, if, they are in a position to form a minority Muslim government via the use of postal votes, and East End corruption practices, they will in the first instance need some stooge front for the first few years of their rule. They will not want to upset the fractured white electorate nor the US whilst they establish themselves. the use of a 50/60 year old Brand who is see by the current brainwashed young generation of British people as a clean, anti establishment figure they could trust would suit their cause spot on.
      Were not the Jews in the Getto led to destruction by their own leaders who told them they ought to collaborate with their new masters as it would be “for the best” before they were taken to be gassed.


      • D1004 says:

        Thinking further, I can see that the Liberal/bbc would be ring fenced for saving as they would be pulling out all the stops to keep the white population calm and not needing to worry. The first causalities would be the local Working Class populations in areas such as Rotherham and London, over the next few years they would move out into the countryside replacing as they go along, I would guess I’m afraid that the prominent Beeboids and liberals would be kept alive much as the Nazis kept a few Jews alive for international consumption.


    • Thoughtful says:

      One question I would love to see Russell Brand try to answer would be that of how the collapse of the financial services industries actually happened.
      It’s not an easy question to answer and there are numerous different theories, all of them complex, and begging further questions needing in depth knowledge.
      Just repeatedly shouting ‘greedy bankers’ without having any insight at all is the politics of the playground, besides being completely untrue.


    • Ken says:

      They’ll be telling us that the Qu’ran is nothing to do with Islam next!


  18. johnnythefish says:

    Doing catch up last night on Portillo’s continental railway journeys, specifically the Israel episode. If anybody ever needs proof that Portillo has taken the BBC shilling look no further than this programme – all the half-truths and lack of context were in there.

    The impression given throughout was that Palestine was an Arab state before 1947 – it wasn’t and never has been – and that from the late 19th century onwards Jews escaping the European and other pogroms simply turned up in numbers and took land for themselves. No mention that most of it was barren and unproductive and the local Arabs were only too glad to sell it to them.

    Then ‘hundreds of thousands of Arabs were displaced’ by the formation of the Israeli state, without mention of UN Resolution 181 and the proposed two-state solution which Arab nations chose to reject in favour of all-out war on Israel or of the fact many Arabs chose to stay within the newly-formed state. They were also described as ‘native Arabs’ which clearly they were not – Arabs spread from Arabia during the Islamic invasion from the 7th century onwards, whereas Jews inhabited what the Romans came to call Palestine from around 1300 B.C. (not mentioned, of course). In fact, had it not been for foreign conquerors, the state of Israel would now be 3000 years old.

    He told us how Christian, Jewish and Islamic faiths have existed for millennia in Jerusalem when in fact Islam is a relative newcomer – 7th century.

    The Israelis apparently ‘occupied the West Bank’ in 1967 with no mention of the war – the Arab nations’ second attempt to ‘wipe Israel off the map’ – the inference being it was simply a massive land grab. In fact, no mention of any of the 3 wars and the unbelievable determination of the Israeli people to survive the onslaught of their Arab neighbours.

    And so it went on, poor ‘Palestinians’ only able to feed themselves because of foreign aid because they are unable to trade freely, the beastly wall erected to keep our a few measly suicide bombers etc etc. without any mention of the PLO/Hammas intransigence over a two-state solution which even had Clinton tearing his hair out: ‘Right before I left office, Arafat, in one of our last conversations, thanked me for all my efforts and told me what a great man I was. “Mr. Chairman,” I replied, “I am not a great man. I am a failure, and you have made me one.” I warned Arafat that he was single-handedly electing Sharon and that he would reap the whirlwind.’


    Biased BBC – not quite at its worst – but still doing its usual ‘lies become the truth’ trick to re-fashion history, fronted by one of our worst examples of a modern-day Tory.

    So yet another blatant propaganda piece we’ve come to expect from our ‘impartial’ state broadcaster, here to ‘educate and inform’ us all.

    A bloody disgrace.


  19. Thoughtful says:

    A Midweek thread? How long is it since we had one of these? No wonder no ones posting on the other one!


  20. Thoughtful says:

    The Church of England takes yet another step towards its inevitable demise with the appointment of a woman bishop for Stockport Manchester.
    Devoid of all spiritual belief, they have vicars who no longer believe in God, but some wishy washy feel good lovey religion which has no theological basis.
    There is no right & wrong, no standards, no morals, no good & bad. People who went to church 50 years ago would no longer recognise it.
    Instead they have decided to worship at the altar of Political Correctness, and left wing stupidity.
    Contrast this with Islam which strongly holds views which are anathema to any civilised society. It has great respect from the politicians and the Prime Minister appears to have even converted himself!
    The BBC report with glee that the church has become like they are and is doing their bidding. The only thing is that the lefties there don’t go to church.
    In another 50 years an increasingly irrelevant church will be much smaller than it is now, and many more parish churches will have closed. That can only be a good thing as more & more people reject utterly the mixing of left wing politics with their religious beliefs.


    Just take a look at this woman and decide for yourselves if this isn’t someone with some gender ‘issues’.


    • Robin says:

      I would agree wholeheartedly with your comments Thoughtful. Sadly it goes back a long way; the moment the CofE started associating itself with politics rather than theology or spirituality, frankly it went to s*** pretty quickly. That has to be a good 20 or 30 years ago, and today is the result. A C of E full of PC and i suspect, quite left wing clergy more interested in talking about gender politics than Christian doctrine; rapidly falling congregations (apart from Christmas as quite a few of us still like a good carol), and virtually no voice of any impact on national issues, and perhaps most damning of all, virtually ignored by the national media. I don’t envy them as they have an almost impossible job as we become more secular, but they are not even putting up a fight.


    • Geoff says:

      Common Purpose identikit.


  21. Old Goat says:

    Expect an increase in green propaganda from the BBC, who will, no doubt, find significantly more interview time for the Greens, than they currently do for UKIP.



  22. Thoughtful says:

    Just when you thought the lunatic Fascist left couldn’t get any more insane here’s something to put you right !

    The Good & the Bad Taleban !

    In the light of the recent attack on a Pakistani school we have the situation where the Fascists, desperate to defend their brown eyed boys have come up with a corker !

    It’s not a new thing, it’s been floating around Pakistan for a while as the military went after the Taleban which would attack Pakistani forced (Bad), and those who fought the Russians and are getting on a bit now, but don’t tend to attack Pakistan (Good).

    Nawaz Sharif the Pakistani president has now decided that there is no good and bad, but the brigade which relies on the asinine argument “they’re not all like that” are not going to allow the straw they are clutching to go as easily as that.

    Expect to hear over the next few days that these poor hard done by people need our help & protection by bringing them to live in Britain !



  23. David Brims says:

    On Question Time the other week someone from the audience, faltered and stuttered ( rabbit caught in the headlights, so frightened was he that he might be accused of being a waaycist ) asked the question ” What does British mean ? ”

    From what I gathered from the panelists was any flotsam and jetsam that washes up on our shores or any entity that exists in the geographical space known as the British Isles is err um British and the only thing we have in common with these immigrant sentient beings is they and we breathe the same air, I think that’s about it.


  24. D1004 says:

    R5 has just given time for John Dickinson from Birminghan based Public Interest Lawers to say he disagreed with the result of the Iraq Inquiry, followed by a lengthy talk with a fellow beeboid from bbc trending telling the ( proved to be made up ) story behind #illridewithyou and announcing the birth of another one, #indiawithyou. Quite oblivious to the truth, quite willing to build a story on mindless left wing wishfull thinking. No doubt at some time in the future they will come up with #dontworrythenicemenwilltakecareofyou and #yourfamilywhothey tookearlierarefinetrustus.


  25. David Brims says:

    In tribute to Emily Thornberry’s infamous tweet ” image of Rochester.” This is an image of London on Black Friday. It reminds me of Rorke’s Drift.


  26. George R says:

    Will INBBC report this?:-

    “Police criticised for secrecy bid over sex grooming gang”



  27. Thoughtful says:

    The religion of peace now getting itself involved in slavery in Rochdale. Not making the BBC news though.



  28. Phil Ford says:

    I watched a documentary on Channel 4 last night (so this might be a bit OT on BBBC, but bear with me).

    Manhunt: Closing in on a British paedophile

    The inside story of how a man described by police as one of Britain’s most prolific paedophiles was convicted for sex offences carried out in Africa.

    Now this was an expensive, multi disciplined 2-year police investigation (in the UK and in Africa) into the criminal actions of a white, well-spoken British man suspected of abusing young boys in Africa over a 17 year period. Channel 4, who stumbled over the original story, had been given unique access to the UK police’s investigation, culminating in the man’s conviction in a UK court yesterday on several counts of child rape.

    To my point: I couldn’t help but keep wondering where was Channel 4’s in-depth multi-year investigation into the Rotherham child rapists? Where is the moral indignation and one hour documentary special from Kathy Newman (Channel 4’s reporter for the above programme) into what muslim rape gangs have been getting up here on the streets of the UK, let alone what one white British man, acting alone, was getting up to in darkest Africa? Where is the ‘unique access’ to British police forces investigating countless muslim child rapists up and down the UK over a period of ten years or more..?



    • Thoughtful says:

      There wouldn’t have been any access to a ‘British Police’ force in Rotherham as they were too busy covering up the wrongdoing of their favourite brown eyed boys.


  29. Philip says:

    From the Telegraph today that the BBC’s 1 Billion pound headquarters is ‘swarming with petty theives’. Even the ‘Don’t steal’ sign is stolen! Hilarious!



    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      No surprise to me, I’m afraid. The BBC’s selective morality (e.g. obsession with minor racism & sexism in football or comedy, while refusing to condemn drug abuse or excessive pay & tax evasion by its own employees) will ensure that there is no culture of condemnation of theft or fraud on flexible hours (which would be ‘judgmental’ in any case!) Anyone accused can resort to the TU QUOQUE (i.e. ‘you can’t talk, you do it too!’) argument, confident that enough BBC people are at least a bit dishonest for it never to be expedient to deal with the issue.


      • Thoughtful says:

        There’s no such thing as racism, therefore it’s impossible to have a ‘minor infringement’ of something which doesn’t exist.


        • dez says:

          Thoughtful, December 17, 2014:

          There’s no such thing as racism

          Thoughtful, October 3, 2014:

          There’s no way the BBC would ever run a story of a white woman living in a Muslim area and the very real racism which she and her family have to suffer every day.”

          the BBC is a racist organisation


    • Arthur Penney says:

      Once a thieving socialist – always a thieving socialist. They just can’t keep their hands off other people.


  30. Robin says:

    I was appalled to hear on the R4 World at One programme today, on the massacre in Pakistan, a comment from official Taliban spokesman when they reported: “A spokesman for the Taliban said their fighters were instructed to target senior students only, and not the very young”.

    Ah well, that’s a relief, ….that puts it all in context, thanks.

    The BBC reach new lows on a daily basis, but to give airtime to a Taliban comment of this nature in the interests of “balance” is almost beyond belief. And, although it will come to nothing, I will be writing to the wretched corporation on this.


    • #88 says:

      Can you imagine how this would have sounded during WWII?

      No doubt today’s BBC would have led with…

      ‘A spokesman for Adolph Hitler, this morning, criticised the raid by British Lancaster Bomber on the Rhur dams claiming many deaths were reported and homes destroyed… ‘


  31. The Old Bloke says:

    Some one has already pointed out the comments made following the arrest of Mr Denning about the age of consent probably being lowered here in the U.K. Well, he is probably right because it has and is already happening and guess with whom?
    And if you can’t be bothered to read all the text, this at the bottom sums it all up:
    “A journal article entitled “A Civil Rather than Criminal Offence? Forced Marriage, Harm and the Politics of Multiculturalism in the UK” argues that the reluctance in Britain to criminalize forced marriage is due, in part, to the influence that multicultural ideals have had on current British approaches to the practice.

    The article also attributes the British preference for civil remedies rather than criminal legislation to the tendency of the state to conceptualize the harms of forced marriage principally in terms of a violation of choice, rather than as a matter of long-term violence against women.

    The question arises as to whether, by adopting such an approach, the state may be giving rise to a two-tier system of rights, in which minority group women are afforded a lesser protection of their human rights, as a result of their racial or cultural background.

    Back in 1999, former Labour Party Home Office Minister Mike O’Brien criticized the lack of action on the problem forced marriages. “Multicultural sensitivity is no excuse for moral blindness,” he said.

    Fast-forward to 2013. In an interview with the Sunday Times on October 6, Jasvinder Sanghera, an activist who has been instrumental in the decades-long campaign to criminalize forced marriage in Britain, sums it up this way: The issue has become “wrapped up in this moral blindness of cultural sensitivity.”


  32. George R says:

    In contrast, U.K pro-Islamic judicial decision:-

    “UK soccer fan who ripped Qur’an at match banned from every stadium”

    [Opening excerpt, by Robert Spencer]:-

    “Britain is moving to criminalize every form of resistance to Islamization, crude or sophisticated, reasoned or emotional, group or individual, domestic or foreign. The British authorities think that when they do this, they will pacify their Muslim community and march together with that community into a peaceful multicultural future. It won’t work out that way.

    Oh, and what race is the Qur’an again? I keep forgetting.”


    “Middlesbrough fan Julie Phillips banned from every ground”


    • Roland Deschain says:



    • noggin says:

      “James Langley, the solicitor for Cleveland Police who persuaded ?…. the court to impose the ban, said
      Phillips’ case should act as a warning? … to other football fans”

      PERSUADED hmmm police in wilful complicition


    • Pounce says:

      That story about the Koran ripping got me thinking what would happen if somebody ripped up a bible. I’ll put money on the table nothing, yet when you do it to the gay death cults codex, why its a fucking human rights crime according to the littleboycocksuckingpedophiles at the bBC


  33. outsider says:

    Has panorama ever done a hard-hitting documentary on com purp?

    And I would have thought they’d be all over Bil’berg, given the attendance of evil bankers and exploitative industrialists.

    And lastly, listening to Polly Tuscany lament weekly, if not daily, present social and economic injustices, I’m left wondering how on earth she can enjoy her Tuscan breaks.

    Doubtless every day she is racked with guilt at her salubrious surrounds and extravagant lifestyle, whilst so many go without back in ol Blighty.


  34. outsider says:

    And I suspect she reserves her deepest wells of sympathy, not for the materially poor, but for the unenlightened, ie the bigots, the lil inglanders, people who vote ukip and so on.

    The materially poor can be helped through redistribution; ‘fairness’ Labour style. The bigots, by contrast, must be fully reprogrammed.

    Luckily for us all, Polly and the beeb are embracing the challenge with alacrity.


  35. Angrymanupnorth says:

    I haven’t seen Ebola Daily in the last week or two.

    Can anybody out there in BBeebworld help? Any sightings?

    Has Ebola Daily been sold to another news outlet? Have the beeb signed ‘Ebola Weekly’ or ‘Ebola Monthly’ until the end of the season?

    Is Ebola the next Spanish Flu? Will we all die or not? Are the new African hospitals our tax payers’ money has built in double quick time full of patients? Or have more people died in England via infections contracted in hospitals this year than have died globally of Ebola?

    My guess is the Beeb will look to the horn of Africa to sign ‘Ebola Ondemand’ for a quiet news day when Ed Miliband f@*ks up (yet again) so they don’t have to report Red Ed’s F@*k ups.

    I’ll be watching out for it. So will others.

    BBC. No ethics. No accountability. No future.


    • Thoughtful says:

      The one thing the BBC has missed out of the Ebola story is just how much it has been allowed to spread because of Islam.

      Practices such as washing the body before burial, and burial rather than cremation has actively spread the disease. Refusal to adopt different pre funeral rites to stop the spread has been strongly resisted, to the extent that bodies have been stolen so that Islamic funeral rites can be carried out.

      All this is being covered up by the BBC. Ebola will not come to the UK as a plague, the only people it’s likely to affect is Muslims.


      • dez says:


        The one thing the BBC has missed out of the Ebola story is just how much it has been allowed to spread because of Islam.”

        I suppose it was only a matter of time before some poor sap on BiasedBBC tried to blame ISLAM for the spread of Ebola.

        The early symptoms are difficult to diagnose because they resemble other (non-infectious) diseases. Any contact with the patient, their clothes, or their bedding, can transmit the virus.

        Burying the dead also poses a high risk and in some cases has passed on the infection.

        That’s not caused by religion; it’s caused by a lack of knowledge of the disease.

        All this is being covered up by the BBC.”

        “Family members of patients are also at risk. In West African funerals, it is traditional for mourners to have direct contact with the body of the dead person, washing and embracing them before burial. But the Ebola virus is still dangerous and present in the body after death. Prompt and safe burials are now being urged. MSF has been trying to make people aware of how their treatment of dead relatives might pose a risk to themselves. However, it is a very difficult message to get across.”


        Ebola will not come to the UK as a plague, the only people it’s likely to affect is Muslims.”

        Yeah, right:

        “Second US Ebola victim infected despite protective suit”




        • just sayin' says:


          i see you signed off your post as “idiot”. i wouldnt say youre an idiot, id say your a clueless left wing bigoted idiot

          just sayin’


        • just sayin' says:


          because youre a bigoted left wing idiot, let me just provide a couple of the many news articles available via the web regarding the spread of ebola and islamic burial rights.

          You really need to spend some time researching your subject before you start defending your brown eyed protected religious followers of the paedo Mo



          just sayin’


          • dez says:

            just sayin’,

            because youre a bigoted left wing idiot, let me just provide a couple of the many news articles available via the web regarding the spread of ebola and islamic burial rights.”

            Providing two different links to the exact same article written by “Paul Sperry” is not; “spend[ing] some time researching your subject

            There are many ways Ebola can spread; from caring for the living, to burying the dead. The spread is worse in some remote communities due to a lack of facilities and/or a lack of knowledge about the disease.

            This much is known and has been widely reported.

            Paul Sperry’s attempt to link it to Islam is just stupid, blatently obvious, anti-muslim propaganda;

            Islam isn’t just at the heart of the terror threat posed by the Islamic State. The religion is also contributing to the other major crisis plaguing the globe: the spread of Ebola.”

            He’s not an idiot, but anyone who believes anything he says surely is. Hands up?


        • Merched Becca says:

          Incorrectly worn PPE suit – simples!


        • Thatcher Revolutionary says:

          Riding to the rescue/defence as usual.


    • D1004 says:

      Latest figures I can find are from the Centre for Disease Prevention (CDC ) which are 6841 from Ebola, latest figures for UK hospitals are 237,100 in 2013. Obviously these UK figures are very much a total figure of death from all causes and are not broken down ( I wonder why?) who dies from infection and the causes are, well, unknown. My mother in law died in one in September from Strep sis, and although the 2 hospitals she was in were quite different, I can not honestly blame the lesser one for her death, simply her time had come.
      Mind, the care levels one gets in care homes leave much to be desired, but I think that is beyond politics to solve, more to do with the way our society cares for its old.


  36. EmersonV says:

    What I have found amusing on Jeremy Vine is the way they made the Pakistan Taliban out to be bad, but the Afghan Taliban good. Seems the bbc just love the good old Afghan Taliban, I mean they never do anything bad do they.


    • thoughtful says:

      see my post above and read the link and you will understand what the difference is and where the phrase comes from.


  37. George R says:

    For INBBC to censor?:-

    “Islamic State beheads 150 women, some pregnant, for refusing to marry jihad terrorists”



  38. Llareggub says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words. The EU court, a very high court, announces that Hamas is not a terrorist organization. Now look at the BBC picture with the report. How can that little child with his little green scarf represent terrorism?



    • joeb says:

      Good, isn’t it? It reminds me of their ‘The Crusades’ series from last year. Before the titles had even rolled, the voice-over characterised the first crusade as a totally unprovoked attack against innocent diversity-ists, who were just going about their business in the middle east.

      the footage to accompany it was of innocent diversity-ist children eating ice cream somewhere in the ME. Nicely done, eh?


    • uncle bup says:

      ‘Hamas is designated a terrorist group by many nations, but to its supporters it is a resistance movement’.

      Ah the BBC ‘but’.

      They could just as easily have written,

      ‘To its supporters it is a resistance movement, but Hamas is designated a terrorist group by many nations.’

      The Droid worldview always but always comes after the ‘but’, and never ever ever before the ‘but’.


    • dave s says:

      It is obvious that the BBC does not seem to care to hide it’s real feelings any more.
      Israel needs to stop any contact with the BBC and expel it’s reporters. When the next trouble erupts the last people the Israelis need are from the BBC.


    • hadda says:

      Well, it makes a change from Donnison’s ‘dead baby porn’.

      Maybe Jeremy ‘I saw no evidence of human shields’ al-Bowen has control of the Beeb’s photo library, that would explain why you never see pictures of Hamas terrorists militants firing deadly rockets damp squibs at civilian targets in Israel.

      (If these rockets don’t exist, BTW, then what is this that I’m wearing round my neck? Chpped liver?)

      Am Yisrael Chai!


    • JimS says:

      Agreed! Propaganda at its best!
      Where does the BBC get its pictures from? While looking at the above I followed a link to a story on reducing energy use in the UK. Although this is a UK story the headline picture is clearly of North American electricity meters and the picture in the body is also most likely of North American origin as the lamps have Edison Screw bases.
      Made me laugh too about the warning on ‘high-voltage’ vacuum cleaners – oh the advantage of having a liberal arts degree! Following THAT story reveals a picture of a lady not exactly representative of the UK (yet!).


      • pah says:

        The Editor’s Picks are a laugh too …

        NB All the photos come from ‘Thinkstock’ a Getty Images company based in the UK but, no doubt, seeded from the US.

        Why on Earth the BBC with its picture library is paying a subscription to Thinkstock Allah only knows.

        Pretty girl mind so WGAS where she’s from?


      • Barlicker says:

        Come on JimS, the lady in this photo looks really lovely. I’ve no idea who she is or where she’s from but she looks South-East Asian, possibly Thai. Imagine how much better it would be if we had enterprising, non-whinging, non-grievous-mongering Thai communities instead of …..


        • JimS says:

          I have no reason to doubt her ‘loveliness’, it is the system of choosing images that I have a problem with.
          Sometimes the images are a lie. Remember the story about the rabbit whose tail caught fire and ran under a cricket pavilion? That story had a picture of a rabbit but it couldn’t have been THE rabbit. Ditto the pictures that I referenced which are US pictures purporting to be UK.
          Of course that is just lazy and ‘illustrative’ rather than an exact representation. However when, as in the original post, we see the ‘friendly face’ of Hamas, when, heading a report on crime, there is an anonymous ‘white’ man, when, heading a report that is ‘positive’, we have the ‘inclusive ethnic’, then it isn’t lazy but deliberate propagandising.


          • Conan the Contrarian says:

            You’re right JimS. Have you noticed the way trailers and adverts now always show the w hite man as the goon or the dolt ,while the authority/sensible candidate is invariably of A fro-C aribbean heritage?

            We all laugh in my house ,as we wait for the diversity token to appear in adverts these days-it MUST result in the opposite effect to increasing sales ,at least among MY people.


          • Barlicker says:

            O.K. fair enough, I missed the point. Apologies.


  39. George R says:

    There seem to be too many Islamic jihad threats inside U.K for INBBC to fully report, e.g.-

    “Student who wanted Islamic State flag to fly over Downing Street facing jail.
    “A MUSLIM student who wanted to fly the black flag of the Islamic State over Downing Street is facing jail.”



    • DICK R says:

      Why he will eventually get his way !
      They did fly the sodomy flag of public buildings .


  40. outsider says:

    BBC’s basically now a lavishly funded and thus hugely influential pressure group, via enforced subscriptions.

    Its campaigning has two dimensions: promulgation of pro state, pro status quo propaganda, married – sometimes uncomfortably – with the furtherance of its own specific (ie metro-liberal) predispositions.

    In respect of pursuing those ends, it is quite ruthless and often very cynical.


  41. outsider says:

    Savile should have done for the state broadcaster. In concert with its manifold other failings, this was the final straw.

    It bears repeating – they covered for Savile, they ignored CSA in former mining towns (and beyond, as it transpires), and they weren’t particularly interested in Elm related matters.

    In short, anti-racism and status quo preservation is more important to the BBC than the prevention of CSA on a massive scale.


  42. outsider says:

    “more than 27,000 people between the ages of 18 and 25 caught watching or recording live TV without a licence over the past 12 months”

    these pricks are happy to see the nation’s young potentially burdened by a criminal record for life…for watching TV.

    But then, they’re not noted for their concern for the young..


  43. Framer says:

    [Only another £37m. of money we have borrowed to be spent abroad by BBC Media Action]

    Hansard 15 Dec 2014 : Column WA3
    BBC Media Action
    Asked by Lord Laird
    To ask Her Majesty’s Government what was the result of the latest annual review into the grant of £90 million by the Department for International Development to BBC Media Action; whether any evaluation report has suggested that the project’s impact and outcomes are unlikely to be achieved; how much of the grant has been spent and where; and what are the BBC’s current priorities in relation to the project.[HL3427]

    The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for International Development (Baroness Northover) (LD): The latest annual review for DFID’s grant to BBC Media Action, completed in November 2014, found the project results to have exceeded its plan.

    From November 2011 to November 2014 the project has spent £53.3 million in the following countries; Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Burma, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania and Zambia. Additional activities took place through an Asia regional programme. BBC Media Action’s priority for the global grant continues to be supporting media outputs that contribute to better governance, healthier populations and an increased ability to cope with crises.


    • Philip says:

      Lets guess what that might be in BBC reality entertainment. That would be linked to pet objectives of the left. Climate crisis (various), Population control (urgent contraceptives), Victim support groups allied to left wing objectives, Aids for all (cured on the NHS or your money back), Abortion on demand, Euthanasia support (voluntary), how to undermine Catholic moral objections, Islam support for all, removing poor children into dilapidated state care homes, remove the elderly into dilapidated state car homes, undermine parents, remove farmers into collectives, ban all private charitable institutions that are against left wing ideology. Place radios with just one station tuned permanently to the BBC World Service with entertainment provided by Dave Le Travis with extracts from Milliband’s autobiography and his Desert Island Disks (repeat). Proclaim ‘value-for-money’ from Lord Haw Haw Hall based on his salary of GBP 450,000 plus fringe benefits (benefits include lifelong membership of the Labour party). That 53.3 million is spent on expenses and that Media Action pack is put into the back pocket of the BBC. There is no accountability to parliament.


  44. John Paul Jones says:

    Day after day the body count rises. Day after day the obscenity of denial is fed to us by the IBBC, other media, our political class and the chattering classes.
    They asks us to sympathise will the parents of the murdered children of military school. IBB reports us words such ‘barbarity’ etc.
    These are words missing when PLO/Hamas terrorist murder Israeli children/infants sleeping in their beds. Yes I can feel sympathy for these children and their parents and hope that they will find it possible to treat their religious minorities etc. But I do not hold out much hope. However I can take soloist in the knowledge that it is only a ‘tiny’ minority of Muslims who are Islamist . See video.


  45. John Paul Jones says:

    Day after day the body count rises. Day after day the obscenity of denial is fed to us by the IBBC, other media, our political class and the chattering classes.
    They asks us to sympathise will the parents of the murdered children of military school. IBB reports us words such ‘barbarity’ etc.
    These are words missing when PLO/Hamas terrorist murder Israeli children/infants sleeping in their beds. Yes I can feel sympathy for these children and their parents and hope that they will find it possible to treat their religious minorities etc. But I do not hold out much hope. However I can take soloist in the knowledge that it is only a ‘tiny’ minority of Muslims who are Islamist . See video. Good news then.


    • Phil Ford says:

      Wow. That woman’s answer was inspirational. Absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing the video.


    • D1004 says:

      Golly, can we get her on Question Time ? To see the mass swooning and gasps of horror coming from the beeboids and pals would be a sight worth seeing, well done there.


      • An English Gentleman says:

        I agree. Bravo, that woman. Hear,hear!”!


        • Llareggub says:

          So pleased that Brigitte Gabriel was cited here. I would love to put her in a studio with sneery Mishel Hussein. She is worth following, and checking her interviews where she responds to the Brotherhood, Isis, and the gutless media. Here she discusses antisemitism.


          • Llareggub says:

            Worth noting that Brigitte Gabriel will never appear on the BBC, but I am also sure that her outspoken criticism of Islamic terrorism will guarantee that Teresa (Appeaser) May will never allow her to enter this country. B BC Tory Government no difference


  46. stuart says:

    have you noticed that the narrative at the bbc and other media outlets seems to be shifting to describing these lone wolf terrorist and jihadists as disturbed loners with mental health problems or gunmen with a grievance,no mention of islam or muslims,even david cameron said today that islam is a religion of peace but the biggest threat to world security is islamist terrorism,very confusing.when is anybody in the media gong to have the guts and say that the driving force behind all this terrorism and jihadism comes directly from the verses of the koran and the texts of the hadith,every terrorist or jihadiist attack since 9/11 has seen these islamists holding the koran in one hand while quoting verses from the koran and texts from the hadith when they carry out acts of beheading or mass rape or murder of non muslims in iraq and syria,when is anybody in the media going to say it as it is that the koran and the hadith is the very reason why these terrorists in there own words justify what they do in this global jihad because of the teachings of the koran and the hadith.


    • Ember2014 says:

      The Islamic religion was written by mental cases FOR mental cases and it’s lived on through the ages.


  47. JimS says:

    One of the BBC’s favourites goes down the drain, Lasteminute.Com sells for £76M.
    Constantly plugged during its early days this company borrowed money to hype its Initial Public Offering, floating at £571M yet only making £330k in sales!

    Helped by the BBC to become multi-millionaires the founders continued to be lauded, culminating in Martha Lane Fox being elevated to the peerage.

    Meanwhile her erstwhile company continues in its inevitable decline.



  48. Geoff says:

    Anyone catch the Val Doonican Christmas Show on BBC4 tonight? Absolutely disgusting, hideously white and hideously Christian…

    Whilst watching, in my mind I was trying to date it and was convinced it was late 70’s but was shocked at the end to see it was actually as late as 1986. A bit of Googling I discover that it was Val’s last show, the loonies were beginning to take over, Ben Elton and co had arrived and were the new face of ‘entertainment’

    Its absolutely incredible to see just how much things have changed and in less than three decades. I guess the real reason for showing it is so that the ‘right on’ types can sneer at the horrid twee Britishness of it (yes I know Val was Irish).

    Not my choice as a twenty something at the time, but fully understood that my parents enjoyed it, there is nothing similar that the bBC offer the older generations today.

    Worth a quick scan through on the IPlayer to see a Britain of old, well not that long ago really. Good to note Val is still with us.


    • ID says:

      This is why you are unlikely to see old procedural detective films like, say, Gideon of the Yard on the BBC. There were lots of shots on location in London – the hideousness is so striking , the natives might get restless. Cultural enrichers would also be unsettled, as they might realise that their presence is ephemeral as far the history of Britain is concerned.


      • JoShaw says:

        Going back further: “No Hiding Place”.


      • stewart says:

        I fear for the safety of those Mitchell and Kenyon films


      • Conan the Contrarian says:

        If you want to see hideously white (English) films of the 40s and 50s , switch over from Aljabeeba to one of the free satellite channels -Movies for men, True Drama, CBS, where you can see plenty of excellent B&W films which have been digitally re-mastered. Takes me back to my youth and a better time.


    • joeb says:

      I missed that. In recent years, BBC4 have taken to running the Andy Williams Christmas Show compilation, which is excellent. Well worth a look.


  49. George R says:

    For INBBC to censor-

    “‘There is no God but Allah’:
    Chilling boast of Taliban death squad who posed for pictures in front of extremist banner before slaughtering 132 innocent children.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2877174/Radio-Mullah-bloodthirsty-Taliban-leader-planned-Pakistani-school-massacre-ordered-hit-Malala.html#ixzz3MCRAYfBF


  50. George R says:

    Part of an anti-Islamisation of Europe movement-
    “Danish TV on German anti-Islamization demo: ‘German middle class demonstrated'”

    [Robert Spencer, opening excerpt]-

    “This is very good news.
    It is excellent that Danish state TV, Danmarks Radio, truthfully notes that the opposition to Islam comes from the middle of society. The journalist’s claim that Germany is heading for a “Right turn” is not true. Being against Islam has nothing to do with being Right-wing. Actually, criticising religions and defending women’s rights and the right to speak one’s mind, no matter how much it may offend or be against the public consensus, used to be Left-wing. When talking about Left and Right in politics, it is about how big the state should be (including how high the taxes should be). ”


    “Anti-Islam ‘Pegida’ march in German city of Dresden”