Farage May Have Had a Point


Distinct lack of ‘outrage’ at David Blunkett’s comments on Romanian neighbours:

I’d find it a challenge if Roma gipsies moved into my street, admits Blunkett – the Home Secretary who opened Britain’s borders to new EU members


No job offers from the BBC to the Mail’s Jenny Awford who writes the report unlike the less than honest James O’Brien whom the BBC decided was ‘one of them’ when he conducted a kangaroo court in which he concocted a pack of lies in order to malign Nigel Farage when he said he wouldn’t want to live next to a house full of Romanians, and on the basis of that offered O’Brien a job on Newsnight.

No interest, or outrage,  at all from O’Brien who seems obsessed by UKIP on his Twitter feed.


Also lack of interest in Migration Watch’s report on the benefits, or lack of, of migration:

Response to UCL paper on the fiscal effects of immigration to the UK – Press Release


The BBC made a lot of noise about the UCL report which claimed that EU immigrants produced large benefits for the economy…why the lack of interest now when Migration Watch tells us that the figures actually show?:

Net tax contribution by Eastern European migrants probably negative


Remember, the UCL report was produced by the same man who helped Labour engineer their immigration opendoor policy…he has a huge vested interest in telling us that it worked to our benefit….not something the BBC told us whilst still denouncing Migration Watch as a ‘pressure group’.








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15 Responses to Farage May Have Had a Point

  1. Laska says:

    The UCL report was very narrow in its focus and suffered from circularity in its reasoning. The key point here is that it was not peer reviewed. By the time that happens the BBC will have forgotten about it and the election will have happened. The other key point about immigration is that it cannot create jobs, it can only occupy them.


    • Jagman84 says:

      Or worse still, “self-employed” migrants replacing minimum wage workers, as there is no minimum wage for the self-employed. This has happened locally where employers negotiate rates of £3-4/hr that are gleefully snapped, up with benefits covering more than the difference.


  2. Sandy Toxic says:

    Roma gipsies are hard-working, honest types. They’d never dream of targeting a blind man for pickpocketing.


  3. chrisH says:

    Just like Nick Griffin “had a point” when he openly accused Muslims in the Pennine border towns of grooming white girls from children homes in Blackburn and Rochdale way back in 2004 or such.
    The BBCs response?…to happily use Channel 4 s filmed “evidence of incitement to racial hatred”( Nick Griffins words in effect) by way of building up the CPS into making a prosecution-one that put Griffin and the BNP out of action for the General Election that was soon to follow. The BBC and the elite were using OUR money to pay for this-and no compo to him or to us either followed for the collapse of the trials.
    This would have been done with the full tacit agreement of the likes of Blunkett at the time-in between his resignations for fiddling visa applications, paternity tests(negative) and coining in from potential ID cards and DNA sampling.
    IN short-exactly the stump waving advocate for a comfortable liberal catastrophe…and he STILL owes Sheffield loads of money for his disastrous costly Student Games back in the Reign of Fatch.
    Little did he know that his Red Flag atop the City Hall in the early 80s didn`t take much altering to an Islamic Deep Green one.
    Now all it needs is some violated schoolgirl to copy out the Shahada in her best hand(once the lads at the taxi rank, fast food shop and Bin Boozis locally have used it for their own sick gratifications)-and stitch it onto a Black Flag…then Al Gallawi can claim his halal woolsack up there.
    Oh, and “having a point?”…just like Tommy Robinson did re Islamic grooming of girls in Luton_and guess what?…he went to prison for it too in a chain reaction that Griffin had started.
    And the BBC ignore all of this in their histories! But of course-one Establishment Cover Up that the Today Show will NOT be touching!
    God Bless Tommy and Griffin both for this act anyway…and, funnily enough ROTHERHAM seems NOT to make any liberal cut re “Review of the Year”..Charlie Brooker-Huq prefers the gay plague ravings of any passing UKIP plant for HIS jollification.
    Been a good year-it`s all unfolding as it should…God Bless Israel, the USA,let`s hope UKIP turn the temples over in May…and Jesus will still be Lord of All this time next year too.
    Islam will be removed from OUR battles…let the liberals deal with them…No Exodus here of us…just one God, no Kings!
    Great film that…Tony Scott must have been one heck of a brother.
    Happy New Year-i`ll be anywhere but watching Jools Holland-mendacious creep!


    • pah says:

      … and the reaction by Blunkett’s goons when the caretaker at the Town Hall decided to remove the red flag and replace it with a Union Flag?

      Why sack him straight away! Good to see their commitment to employee rights was only paper thin …


  4. s.trubble says:

    Those hard working Roma gypsy sorts are manning the streets of Glasgow at about 25 yards apart on the main shopping streets.
    They are well eqipped with white chewn cups and seem to be collecting for something.

    Maybe someone could do a census throughout the UK to establish the true nature of the contribution to British society we hear so often from the bBBC and the variety of migration organs spewing out propaganda and lies.


    • noggin says:

      seem to be collecting for something …

      gishoo, gishoo ….. gishoo
      I ve spied them sardined into a luton van being dropped off at various local supermarkets, from the same van that purports
      to be collecting clothes for some indecipherable reason.


  5. Doublethinker says:

    Perhaps the BBC should run a reality TV programme where prominent leftists and promoters of mass immigration are required to live 24/7 for a month or more, with those that they wish to invite to stay in our country. This would allow them to get to know the culture and habits of those they wish to inflict on the rest of us.
    Seriously, if we can a referendum on UK membership of the EU, why didn’t we have one about mass immigration of non EU people? Why did Labour do this to us without our democratic consent? And critically for this site, why didn’t the BBC ever challenge the Labour government over immigration? Of course we know the answers which is why the BBC and Labour should be held to account for wrecking our country.


  6. Richard Pinder says:

    We need the addresses of senior BBC staff, because we know that Gypsies would be welcomed, and therefore we need to pass on these addresses to the Gypsy Council. I would imagine that the Gardens would accommodate lots of Gypsy caravans. Although I would sympathies with any UKIP/Tory neighbours.
    But from anecdotal evidence, the BBC’s white middle-class Labour voting morons, do seem to be hypocrites preferring to live next door to the UKIPers or Tories they call racists, rather than in one of Labours multicultural shitholes that they say they prefer to live in.


    • chrisH says:

      Reckon that the BBC canteens, their 24/7 facilities really need opening up to the poor and all those marginalised types that seem all too often to be used by the Beeb to get an emoticon.
      Why are the poor and homeless not allowed to put their feet up at the BBC-God knows there`s enough drugs, comfy sofas, free food…and the BBC could film it on their CCTV.
      Set an example you faux-green food wasting, energy burning hypocrites at the BBC…show us all how it`s done.
      And none of that old abusing stuff either …so make sure they`re all over 21 , so we don`t get that old Savile shuffle as of old?


  7. Nibor says:

    I wonder if TVLicensing goons visit travellers sites ?


  8. Jagman84 says:

    I heard the tones of Beverley Turner (ex-BBC) on LBC a few days ago. She was praising the work ethics of Polish tradesmen and calling British as lazy and unreliable. She will now only employ Poles to work for her and said it was tough luck for Brits. A caller asked her that if her boss said she would be replaced on the show by a Polish woman on half the salary, would she still think it was OK? Cue a long silence…… then full indignation mode! As the saying goes: “You can take the woman out of the BBC but you cannot take the BBC out of the woman”. Expect more BBC migration (before the GE) to non-BBC media outlets, in order to get them “on-message”


    • Simon says:

      ha ha I love it when that sort of thing happens! As always with the left “do as I say, not as I do”


  9. John Smith says:

    Unless they are starting businesses that grows to a moderate size then an individual will never generate enough tax to make a difference. As most who come here to work for somebody else then it is no wonder that they have no impact. Further many undercut the wages of and spend less than the natives is another factor. And then there are benefits going abroad that if kept here would be spent here. Some businesses belong to some immigrants appear only ever to break even meaning less tax revenue; while oddly there is thriving grey market that deals only in cash. Lastly there are those who are here and never pay tax and one would assume contribute little if anything to say utilities. Yet apparently we need immigrants.

    Interesting in island and remote communities around the world many have two jobs to fill the gaps. If the slack was taken out of the economy then perhaps such things as zero hours contracts would disappear? We live in a just enough / just in time economy pushing up the labour pool numbers up makes little sense if you think about how tightly computing allows to plan. Of course capitalism depends on a pool of labour being available so workers know that they if they don’t toe the line they can be replaced. Do we need immigrants to help the economy? No.

    (Sorry if the above is muddled. It is the morning after the night before………! 🙂 )


  10. stuart says:

    i dont see many lefties from the bbc and guardianistas coming out in outrage at david blunketts comments that if nigel farage made them comments shit would be hitting the fan down at the bbc and radio 5 hq and no doubt there would be countless phone ins by nicky campbell and co down at radio 5 live bashing ukip as racists,one rule for the left here and one rule for the rest of us when it comes to immigration as proved by mr blunketts comments that some might say are very racist indeed.