Normal service Resumed

Why should we have imagined that radical Wahhabism would create moderates? Or why could we imagine that a doctrine of “One leader, One authority, One mosque: submit to it, or be killed” could ever ultimately lead to moderation or tolerance?

From the pro-Hamas Alastair Crooke




It didn’t take long for the BBC to revert to type and start peddling the Islamist line only hours after the slaughter of fellow journalists by AK47 toting Islamists and telling us that Muslims are the real victims of this attack, whilst the real threat is from the Far Right.

Today we had wall to wall Muslim apologists telling us ‘How terrible the shootings were’…but then came the inevitable weasle word…‘however’.

Apparently Newsnight was choc-a-bloc with them (h/t Is the BBC Biased?) but of course no day would be complete without the likes of sly Islamist Tariq Ramadan and Ibrahim Mogra, Assistant Secretary General of the Islamist Muslim Council of Britain, who told us that we should respect Islam and consider ‘common human courtesy’ before we criticise the religion…..that’ll be the religion that tells Muslims not to make friends with Christians and Jews, in fact it tells them to kill unbelievers.

Nicky Campbell was asking ‘Has this made you think again about freedom of speech?‘…..but that question should really have been ‘Has this made you think again about freedom of religion?’.

Muslims and their apologists fill the airwaves with talk of the insult to Islam…Newsnight dragged in Iqbal Sacranie, ex head of the extremist MCB, who once told us there is no such thing as a moderate Islam, nor an extreme Islam, there is just Islam.  Today he was demanding censorship and blasphemy laws.

If you consider that the Koran calls unbelievers unclean, people who will suffer eternal torment in hell and trashes the Christian religion’s deepest held beliefs then you can see the hypocrisy when they tal of insults to Islam and the hurt feelings of Muslims.

According to Muslims Jesus is not the Son of God, the Holy Trinity is a Kufar belief, Jesus did not die on the cross and was not resurrected.  All central to Christian belief and yet day in day out trashed in Mosques and Muslim schools up and down the country as Muslims like to make the provocative claim that Jesus is one of theirs….a Muslim prophet.


And fight them on until there is no more sedition (literal translation) and religion becomes Allah’s in its entirety (Surat Al-Anfal 8:39).


We’ve had many of the usual suspects peddling their Islamist views on the BBC but there was one blatantly missing, the cut rate Tariq Ramadan that is Mehdi Hasan.

Not a peep from him about Charlie Hebdo, at least not in his usual form of a long diatribe apparently saying one thing but meaning the entirely opposite as he tries to ingratiate himself with the secular Establishment and worm his way into a position of influence from which he can push his Islamist fantasies…being the devout Muslim that he insists he is.

He has made a lot of comments on Twitter...but they are not in solidarity with the dead of Charlie Hebdo, instead he prefers to spend his time defending Islam…..and indeed his latest retweet seemed particularly divisive and seemed to indicate a certain hesitancy about denouncing the killers of the journlalists:

hasan hebdo


Whilst the normal over productive Hasan has not bothered to pen any commentary denouncing the killers the self-serving Hasan did publish a letter to ‘angry Islamists’ in 2012, in which he, on the face of it, criticised their ‘extremism’.  This letter re-appeared yesterday in the New Statesman but has since been taken down for some reason.

However no fear…..someone else thinks Hasan is the dog’s doodahs….the BBC’s Mishal Husain:

m husain  charlie

You have to remember whenever you read something from Hasan that he has told Muslims to take jobs in the media in order to proselytise for Islam, to push the case for Islam, to gain influence in order to make Islam more powerful and dominant.  Ironically perhaps the pen for Hasan is mightier than the sword in the fight for Islamic dominance.

Hasan is a Muslim preacher but a Shia one…so when he criticises ISIS and says the ‘Caliphate’ does not represent him he isn’t being progressive and secular he means a Sunni Caliphate that defines Islam as ‘Sunni’ is not something he can accept….ISIS (and many Sunnis) does not consider Shias to be ‘Muslim’.

Hasan criticises the Wahhabi Saudis for demolishing the house of one of Muhammed’s wives….he of course as a Shia is no supporter of the House of Saud…so such criticism is again a sign of his slippery nature as he pretends to be a critic of ‘Islam’.  Does he similarly criticise the building of the Al Aqsa Mosque on top of the holiest Jewish site at Tempe Mount when Islam conquered and colonised the Middle East?  No, of course not.

When Hasan criticises those who challenge the teachings of Islam and rages about Islamophobia remember this is the man who, not only is a devout Muslim and a preacher, tells his followers that non-Muslims are ignorant cattle, they are immoral animals, they are Kufar.

No problem insulting and demonising other religions there then.

And what other benevolent line does he push? It’s the same one the ‘extremists’ do…..

Extremists point to western foreign policy to explain their acts. Why do we ignore them?

Often, the likes of Michael Adebowale and Michael Adebolajo, who used violence to make “points” about the Muslim world in Woolwich, aren’t “religious fanatics”. The trigger we refuse to see is our foreign policy.



And why has he maintained a studied silence about Charlie Hebdo?  Could it be that he recently called for the prosecution, bullying and victimisation of those who criticise Islam or rather those whom he claims are ‘smearing Islam’…

Mehdi Hasan: sanctions for ‘dishonest, demonising press coverage’ of Muslims


Note that after intense criticism Hasan asked for this to be added to the piece in the Guardian about him:

“I’m all in favour of free speech and the robust criticism of all religious beliefs. But it’s the made-up stories and the smearing of individuals and whole communities that I have an issue with. ‘Why isn’t anti-Muslim bigotry as unacceptable in the press as anti-Jewish bigotry?’ That’s the question that needs answering.”


What about the ingrained anti-Christian and anti-Jewsih bigotry in the Koran?


Good though that a fellow Muslim at the BBC, who said that she felt she could use her job on the Today programme to further people’s understanding of Islam, should support this charlatan Islamist.


The actions of the Islamist killers are ‘unislamic?’  The Koran orders Muslims to defend Islam if it is ‘assailed’…..

If they … assail your religion, then fight the heads of disbelief. …
Fight them! Allah will chastise them at your hands, and He will lay them low and give you victory over them 9:12-14






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41 Responses to Normal service Resumed

  1. bogtrott says:

    Its about time we stopped pussy footing around,Dear old Tony B-Liar knew exactly what he was doing.Why did he change the act of treason when he came to power.
    Its too late the enemy is within and we cant do anything to stop it.
    Multiculturalism my A RSE.


    • DP111 says:

      bogtrot wrote: Its too late the enemy is within and we cant do anything to stop it.

      You are right. This is our future for the foreseable future. There will be rapes of Infidel women by the hundreds if not thousands. Knifings, axe killings, shootings and bombing all through the year. The murders will peak in Christmas and New year period, as it is haraam for Infidels put on public display their corrupt and contemptible religion.

      What can we do? Not much. Get used to it, and accept the usual true lies on offer with as much grace you can muster.

      1. Tiny minority
      2. Radiclised
      3. Taken out of context
      4. This is not Islam
      5. Returning Jihadis from Iraq/Syria


  2. no.6 says:

    Time to search every mosque, close down every muslim school and call a halt to all new mosques being built.


  3. Ian Rushlow says:

    “The combination of the sword and the Quran are more dangerous than a nuclear bomb.”

    This report from Saudi Arabia shows the wonderful tolerance offered to people who have such odious views as criticising the religious authorities or advocating women’s rights. Presumably some of the BBC’s favourite contributors (and possibly staff) approve:


    • DP111 says:


      “While the Hindu elaborates his argument, the Moslem sharpens his sword”.

      and more from Churchill

      “In each case civilisation is confronted with militant Mahommedanism.
      “The forces of progress clash with those of reaction.
      “The religion of blood and war ( Islam) is face to face with that of peace.
      “Luckily the religion of peace( Christianity) is usually the better armed.”


  4. Techno says:

    Two days and they still haven’t caught the perpetrators.

    They may have already managed to get out of the country and gone to Syria or whatever.

    If they are never caught this will really shake public confidence, even more than it is shaken already.

    And the head of MI5 is saying “we can’t stop every attack”.


    • London Calling says:

      The MI5 statement is fatuous arse-covering, get their excuses in first for failing to stop anything, know about anything, avoid infringing anyone’s human rights.

      Every one keeps talking freedom of speech, yet its not long since Lord Ahmed threaten to bring thousands of muslims down on the House of Lords for daring to show a private screening of Fitna, they immediately caved in. (Google “Lord Ahmed + Fitna”) Lord Ahmed – another of Tony Blair’s little jokes on us.

      What freedom of Speech do we have? Freedom only for Approved Speech.


  5. Guest Who says:

    “Nicky Campbell was asking ‘Has this made you think again about freedom of speech?‘”

    It is a topic top of mind.

    I wonder if it is one currently exercising the fine minds within the BBC, especially World News, as I look at a FaceBook feed that has been open an hour.

    A few choice comments. One welcoming Hebdo and friends to hell.


    Keep it up? Or risk a Flokker demanding the BBC be reported and shut down for hosting a hate site?

    Can’t have it all ways, chaps.


    • Techno says:

      I sit next to a Muslim at work. He has five children. Overheard him jabbering on the phone about God and death and creation.

      All through the Sydney siege and now this incident I just have to sit there in silence and not discuss it in case he gets offended. My colleague on the other side looks constantly uncomfortable.


    • Guest Who says:

      He is fair enough to cast his net wide, but as the topic of thinking again has been raised…

      “…recent celebration of his work showcased many of those sacrilegious sketches. In fact, the clue was in the title: ‘Dave Allen – God’s Own Comedian.’ You can still catch it on iPlayer until the end of the month.
      Now try to imagine the modern BBC broadcasting a series by a comic billed as ‘Allah’s Own Comedian’, which satirised Islam and featured the Prophet Mohammed doing the Full Monty, surrounded by imams peeling off their holy robes.”

      I wonder if Nicky & Co. can imagine that? Thinking again-wise.

      The BBC seems to run an interesting double track already, so even if they can, it would appear they are able to rationalise it.


  6. Dave666 says:

    AS I said yesterday, let’s see how the story on the BBc morphs. We went from the initial Let’s not blame it on “islamists” yet i.e. lets hope it’s right wing extremists. To the it’s an extreme minority, Let’s not let it effect unity. It’s nothing to do with us.


  7. Guest Who says:

    Speaking of normal ‘service’, BBC style:

    “Yes, really: somebody at the BBC News website found that ridiculous conspiracy theory newsworthy and fit for amplification to audiences worldwide.”

    It’s that famous BBC editorial integrity at play again. You know, what is not news… what is (c) A. Newsroom Tealady.

    Just don’t presume to ask them to account for it. It ‘s their little secret… shushhhhhhh….


  8. Harry says:

    Disingenuous response on QT last night, David Davis saying theres no more we can do to stop these attacks. The gunmen were on a no fly list, which you only get on because intelligence agencies deem you a terrorist suspect or connected in some way. One of them looks like he’d spent time in prison recently too, but clearly not long enough. Give more money, freedom and powers to intelligence agencies to pursue all these leads and stop bleating about so called liberties, start locking more of these people up, for good.


    • Demon says:

      “start locking more of these people up, for good”

      In a war you have prison camps where captured enemies are locked up and not released until well after hostilities have ceased. This is a war so all enemies, including those returning from fighting for ISIS etc., and their supporters should be thrown into camps and not allowed out until they have surrendered. They may never surrender, so these people, in that case, would be locked up for life. Any left-wing lawyer, politician who goes on about these enemies’ rights are perfectly lock-upable too. Stick them in the same camps.


  9. Laska says:

    The BBC has shown us endless scenes of crowds showing their distress and support for Charlie. They have many interviews where people share their emotional response. Now this suits the BBC down to the ground because of its passivity. What must people who rejoice in the attacks think? People suffering and distressed – terrorised – will be seen as gratifying evidence of weakness and vulnerability. I contrast the BBC’s coverage of Palestine and other sites of recent violence and they show marches of rage and calls for justice from interviewers. They will cut away for images of suffering of women and children but the focus is on rage and context. The wringing of hands does have a place in coverage but excessive “victimhood” may well encourage an enemy that is always looking for signs of defeat. The terrorists attacks coverage should also have some healthy rage in the BBC’s beloved controlling narrative. A healthy animal does not always show terror after a terrorist attack.


  10. JimS says:

    Ross Hawkins on PM Thursday is asked about Nigel Farrage’s ‘out-of-step’ comments [49:00] in which he says that the countries of the west have created a fifth column within them and unnecessary division through multiculturalism.

    Quite clearly Eddie Mair and Ross Hawkins believe that Farrage has ‘crossed the line’ and in the normal world of the BBC would be hounded out of public life. However, sense the concern in their voices, perhaps a lot of people believe Farrage’s statement of fact and are no longer prepared to follow the BBC’s Marxist line?
    The times they are a’changing.


    • Llareggub says:

      Farrage should have extended his description of the fifth column to include many of the media – esp the BBC of course – and starting with the left fellow travellers, he SWP, UAF, Class War Hope not Hate, Left Unity, much of the Labour Party right up to the top with Cameron and the ever appeasing May who reacted to the Paris murders with a guarded condemnation of ALL extremists. Yes Teresa, and we all know that this includes those nasty patriots who are pissed off with your defence of multiculturalism.


      • Charlatans says:

        Complained about that on Channel 4 as well:

        Thank you for contacting Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries regarding Channel 4 News.

        Your message :
        John Snow just suggested UKIP could be compared to the Nazi Party due to their pronouncements about a possible 5th column of Jihadi Muslims!

        That is an incorrect suggestion and most offensive comment about a party which is not racist but wants to control immigration due to it being totally uncontrolled over the last decade or so. The vast numbers has negatively affected most blue collar and unskilled working peoples wages, the economy of our country, overloaded health and educations systems, massive shortage of housing, pedophile rape and abuse of non Muslim girls, poor Muslim girls subject to fgm, sharia patrols, cruel Halal slaughter and detrimental to cultural cohesion.

        CHANNEL 4 REPLY:
        We are sorry you were disappointed with the analogy made by Jon Snow during his recent interview. Channel 4 News does try to ensure that their reporting is balanced and impartial, however, we are sorry to read you feel that this is not the case in this instance. We have made note of your comment for the information of the editorial team at Channel 4 News.

        Thank you again for taking the time to contact us.


        Steve Reynolds
        Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries

        For information about Channel 4 have a look at our FAQ section at


        • Roland Deschain says:

          “F*ck off” would have saved a lot of space and time, and at least been honest.


        • Dave666 says:

          That’s an almost carbon copy of a BBc reply to a complaint. Do they share the templates or are their complaints all sent to a central “so called” complaints center.


        • dave s says:

          Just watching the liberal media is instructive. It is lost and without any sense of reality. Snow, C4, the BBc and most of the press are unable to cope and boy does it show.
          For a long time now some of us have been pleading with the elite in politics and the media to face up to reality and without success. They are just incapable of doing so.
          When this class collapses ,and it will by necessity, it will be swift and unpleasant for all of us.
          That they have bought my country to this is never to be forgiven.
          Be careful now for this class is wounded and wounded beasts are doubly dangerous.
          It is not the maniacs of Isis that we really need to fear but this vicious and incompetent elite that has allowed the West to be put in peril.


  11. George R says:

    For the censoring INBBC:-

    “Charlie Hebdo jihad attack:

    Free speech is a microcosm of a much larger issue.”

    by Christine Williams.


  12. George R says:

    Just now on euphemistic INBBC TV-
    ‘and even before the dreadful events of the past few days in France, there were reports of individuals driving cars into people.’


    • George R says:

      Also part of INBBC politically devious narrative-

      ‘And we don’t know if there is a connection between the Charlie Hebdo killings, and the killing of a policewoman to the south of Paris.’

      (Apart from the Islamic jihad connection.)


    • Arthur Penney says:

      And dustbin lorries.


      • John says:

        I am staggered that we, the people, allow Glasgow City Council & the Media to get away with this position. “We will never release the name” of this man responsible in some way for the death of many of innocent civilians.

        Why? Should we be suspicious? What have they got to hide?


  13. Doublethinker says:

    Snap shot of the BBC output.
    We have Muslim hate preachers and Muslim schools teaching hatred of the West and in some cases advocating violence against other religions. The BBC seeks to explain to us that this is either understandable and we should not be afraid or that these people do not represent Islam and that we should have a tolerant attitude to Muslims.
    We have a few cartoons deriding aspects of Islam and the people connected with them are killed. This happens several times over 10 years. The BBC seeks to place at least some of the blame on those who died. Have we heard the BBC saying to Muslims that if you choose to live in the West you need to become tolerant and accept our values, in which religion, politicians etc are mocked ?
    How can anyone expect a stable society to be created when Muslims are beyond criticism and sanction. I realise that the political elite class and media is frightened of what may happen to them if they are outspoken and critical of Islam. But surely the fact that they share the fear that is growing in many of us ,is all the more reason to make a stand now because things will only get worse as more and more concessions are given to Muslims , effectively at the point of a gun.


    • Llareggub says:

      May I suggest that it is not only fear which drives the political elite to suppress criticism of Islam. Perhaps they really do believe that it has something to offer, a well disciplined and stupid superstitious population which is what we will have in a few years with demographic changes, open immigration and a sustained attack on western values.


  14. D1004 says:

    Watching the opposition to the liberal British elite can always be instructive, I luckily caught this this morning whilst avoiding the usual bed wetting. It’s a bit long but I promise you it’s well worth following right to the end, especially the end ! Watch Douglas Murray from the Henry Jackson Society give it to Al Jazeera with both barrels, funny thing is you will NEVER ever see a confrontation like this on UK channels of any colour.


  15. George R says:

    For INBBC:-

    “Thoughts on the Stockholm Syndrome”


  16. Mrs Kitty says:

    Until the MSM show ALL the cartoons they the GUNMEN have won. Yes some Muslims will be offended but they’re alive. Watching Beeboids twist and turn trying to not offend Muslims yet support fellow journalists has been almost funny. Now they link the Policewomans death with the shootings at Charlie Hebdo so not a lone yada yada yada .


  17. George R says:

    A reprise, for INBBC-

    “We Are Charlie:

    Free Speech v. Self-Censorship”

    by Douglas Murray.


  18. s.trubble says:

    During the muslim terrorist 7/7 attacks in 2005 we watched events unfolding while on holiday in Portugal.
    Speaking to the manager of the resort later in the day when the full horror had become known he simply said
    ” they are among us”


  19. George R says:

    For INBBC to emphasise?-

    Islamic Jihadist connection between the murders of Charlie Hebdo 12, and murder of policewoman, south of Paris-
    ‘Le Figaro’-
    “The suspect in the shooting of Montrouge identified two people arrested.
    “The suspect in yesterday’s shooting in Montrouge, near Paris, was identified. Two people were arrested in his entourage, according to sources close to the investigation. According to a police source, a link has been established between the man and Kouachi brothers suspected of being behind the killing of Charlie Hebdo, which are identified by the security forces in Seine-et-Marne. ”


  20. Daves shoe says:

    “it is impossible to get a man to see one point of view..when his salary depends upon the other”……
    That sums up Nicky Campbell…..a BBC sycophant whose job…is to lie, smear…misrepresent….truth…and humiliate Christians and anyone on the right..He is the Lord haw haw of the BBC, and when he reads this…he will wear that with pride….
    I was driving to a meeting last year at the time of the Euro Elections he had Nick Griffin on early in the morning…..part of the interview
    Campbell: “Mr Griffin on his deathbed you described Nelson Mandela as a murdering terrorist, what do you have to say about that?”
    Griffin: “He was a murdering terrorist”
    Campbell: Stunned silence
    I have always genuinely believed that many politicians/public figures/civil servants/police etc do not “embrace” the concept of multiculturalism….deep down behind closed doors they will think like us…..too shallow, frightened, to speak out…..but I suspect they will be on the same page….outraged at what has happened….
    ….but cowered and bribed into silence…..
    ….hoping that the cork is kept on the bottle on their watch, and when it finally explodes…they will have long since left the stage…. politicians doing their best to ensure their watch is as trouble free as possible….
    …How wrong they are…..the house of cards is soon to come crashing down……around their very ankles!!!


  21. CCE says:

    I listened to a hysterical Tessa Jowell on the Vanessa Feltz phone in. I have a lot of time for Vanessa – she is very intelligent and does always (within the very tight bounds imposed on her by the BBC) put at least part of the other side.

    Jowell was in complete denial about the threat and was having a tantrum at Farages use of the term “Fifth Column”. She was disgusted that he was making a ‘political point’ as she made a political point. Now as far as I can see Islamic Jihadis in the UK and Europe pretty match match verbatim the dictionary definition of fifth column.

    “A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group—such as a nation or a besieged city—from within. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine.”

    Tessa, no one sane believes that every muslim is a fifth columnist – just as only a very few Poly ‘social(ist) history’ lecturers ( ) in the good old 70s were actively paid by East Germany to bring about the collapse of the west. However we have ample evidence of the behaviour and the intent of the Jihadists, and the fact that there is a lot of ” I don’t agree with murders BUT….”shit being spouted at the moment.

    Would you consider the Trojan Horse agenda to be an active conspiracy to islamise schools?
    Bus Tube and train bombings?
    NHS Doctors drumming up trade by attacking Glasgow Airport and London Nightclubs?
    “I want to see the black flag of Islam above Buckingham Palace”
    The disgusting sight of murderers with their hands literally running with blood in Woolwich?
    A generalised contempt for Kafirs, (by the way why isn’t that a “hate” word that gets you 3 to 5 for merely thinking it?)
    Extensive networks of grooming across the UK (not a political act but evidence of a separate society)
    Numerous attempts to blow up British aircraft and many many successful plane bombings against the USA, France etc?
    Explosive underpants?
    Virulent, rabid, anti semitism?
    Muslim patrol and sharia zones
    Cousin marriage (as evidence of social insularity)

    Only a few people do these vile things but FFS how many right wing nut jobs have murdered people in the street just because the CofE doesn’t still follow to the letter of the Book of Common Prayer? I can’t say that I saw any clergy threatening murder as a result of the introduction of women Bishops.

    The establishment is terrified of the truth getting out. Britain and Europe have had enough of being bullied and told that the Emperor has a wonderful new uniform when we can see his saggy bollocks and his spindly shanks clear as day


  22. stuart says:

    it is always the (but) word you hear of after every islamist terrorist outrage from the muslim commmunity in the uk,i have heard it since wednesday on the bbc and other media outlets that we condemm the terrorists attacks (but),yes (but) is the new word for appeasement and a nod and a wink to i understand why they commit acts of terrorism in the name of islam,we will be hearing alot of the word (but) in the next few days and foreign policy and isreal will be dragged into conversation not only by muslims but by the left to excuse why these terrorists do what they do.


  23. Dave666 says:

    Members of the cult being interviewed on North West tonight just now 18:45 stating the cartoons of their “prophet” should be banned and if strict laws are in place this kind of thing would not happen again. So there you are integration into western society and an understanding and respect of democracy and freedom of speech.


  24. George R says:

    For INBBC to intellectually grasp?:-


    Written by Soeren Kern.