The Downunder Blunder Wonder Boy


Jon Donnison….in OZ but still reporting the same old pro-Islamist schtick.

Did he have anything to do with is?

A Muslim’s ambush: how I was stitched up by Australian breakfast TV


Guess he could get a job on Oz tv anyday, fit right in stitching up Israelis and pro-Israeli Muslims.



Not much sympathy on his Twitter feed for the dead in France…in fact he prefers the narrative that slippery Islamists like Tariq Ramadan are peddling…..ignore the attack on Charlie Hebdo because there are worse things in the world…mostly happening to Muslims.

Donnison tweets this:


Which is ironic really as the BBC has spent years ignoring the Islamist Boko Haram and the plight of Christians around the world, or excusing their violence as a reaction against perfidious Western influences….nothing to do with Islam.



You have to laugh, never mind the West’s favourite Islamist, good old Tariq, what about this retweet from Donnison…blatant if nothing else….




And then there’s this:




Presumably Donnison’s Twitter account is about to be hacked and closed down then?




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16 Responses to The Downunder Blunder Wonder Boy

  1. boiling over says:

    In the begining of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds the ,timid join him, for then it cost’s nothing to be a patriot. Vote ukip


  2. Alex says:

    “…insulting God”?


    • Alex says:

      They’re bloody at it again…. more concerned about the rise of the ‘far-right’ (anyone who is critical of Islam = far-right to the BBC dhimmis) than Islamic fascism. The bBC are DHIMMIS, DHIMMIS I tell you!


      • DP111 says:

        John Snow of Ch 4 virtually accused Geert Wilders of Nazism. The fact that Jews are being specially targetted by Muslim terrorists in France and the wprld over, and that Wilders is te one hope they have, did not strike Snow.


        • Alex says:

          That lanky pillock is the epitome of your smug, middle-to-upper-class arts and humanities prat, the type you find in coffee shops and delis in west ends etc. If ISIS ever did come here and war broke out that geek would be the first to run crying to our security services. Channel 4 is an odious and appalling affair. Cannot bare to watch it. It’s totally under the spell of Islamic extremism.


          • noggin says:

            “first to run crying to our security services”.
            Yes he would do, but only if his Palestinian rights , or solidarity meeting had finished first though.


  3. stuart says:

    i am getting sick to my teeth of that apologist for terrorism and radical islam jon donnison,this man is truly vile and odious.from the boko haram trojan horse plot in birmingham to this isis mass murder in france these dangerous lord haw haw types like jon donnison in the media have almost gone out of there way to defend these islamist heirs to hitler t,lest we forget mr donnison that you in the left have always defended radical islam and made excuses for there murderous behaviior,why dont you go and visit the familys of these dead journalists in france who worked for this left wing liberal leaning satirical magazine called charlie hebdo and tell them that islam is a religion of peace and terrorism and these terrorists are pretend muslims,i am sick of you leftist apologists for radical islam whether you work at the bbc or in the politacal establisment,just sick of the lot of you idiots.


  4. London Calling says:

    You have to laugh – the BBC’s latest attempt to sanitise the image of Muslim-central: Pakistan. Apparently their fashion industry is “booming”, the BBC’s Shabnam Mahmood tells us.

    Booming. Not the most sensitive choice of word


  5. Alex says:

    Wonder if the BIBD (British Islamic Broadcasting Division) will discuss this story:

    Nothing to do with Islam right? Just a tiny minority, right?


  6. Alex says:

    Can anyone find this worrying story on the BIBC (British islamic Broadcasting Corporation)?

    I can’t find it. Possible censorship?


    • deegee says:

      Never assume conspiracy when incompetence is an adequate explanation. Apparently their correspondent in Berlin, Jenny Hill, only arrived in September. She may not have even visited Hamburg. It is unclear whether she speaks German.