Drowning Not Saving



Curious how soon people forget…..lots of noise about the Bond sale for pensioners….

George Osborne: Pensioner bond scheme to be extended


Apparently this amounts to inter-generational theft or some such nonsense as said by people who should know better.  The BBC does little to dispel that notion…indeed it has several times wondered why the youth haven’t been out on the streets protesting about their lot in life.

That old anarchist, Joan Bakewell, from the class of ’68, whom even the BBC thought wanted to bring down the government, is manning the barricades again with this bit of tripe….With his bung to pensioners, George Osborne is stoking intergenerational war


Are we coughing up for her pension every time we hand over our hard earned licence money?….

BBC ploughs £740m into pension deficit


Is that also ‘theft’ then?


Or how about this as the BBC happily quotes Labour spokesmen demanding answers today from Osborne?…..

Brown’s raid on pensions costs Britain £100 billion


And just to reinforce that….

The man who stole your old age: How Gordon Brown secretly imposed a ruinous tax that has wrecked the retirements of millions


Never mind that Brown and his Labour cronies presided over the greatest financial crash this country has probably ever seen….a crash that destroyed the pension industry and ended most final salary schemes forever….people now work longer for less when they come to retire…if they ever will.

And let’s not forget the ultra low interest rates that destroyed saving’s income that so many retired people depend upon….those utlra low interest rates made so in order to recover form the disastrous financial crash that came courtesy of Brown’s ‘Golden Age of Finance’.


And of course when the BBC brought in a fella from the Institute of Economic Affairs to tell us Osborne is behaving disgracefully by ‘bribing’ pensioners the BBC had no one else to put any opposing views. Indeed the BBC presenter was himself on the warpath raising the suggestion that perhaps we should have a maximum voting age to prevent pensioners voting.

No such thoughts that Labour are bribing the electorate with any of their policies…such as two weeks paid paternity leave announced today.

Must be an election coming.




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13 Responses to Drowning Not Saving

  1. hadda says:

    This maximum voting age thing: would that mean that the generation who lived through WW2 are to be denied the very rights that they suffered those hardships in order to safeguard? What an utterly contemptible notion!


    • Demon says:

      It’s purely another way for Labour to gerrymander. They’ve fiddled constituency boundaries, they fiddle the BBC propaganda, they fiddle postal voting (not always in favour of Labour but probably over 90% of cases). So why not fiddle pensioners out of their well-earned right to vote. Many people get wiser with age and experience which is why most OAPs vote Tory, a lot might have been life long Labour voters until a bit of reality made them see clearer. However they want 14 year olds (brain-washed and mostly unable to think things through as they have had such relentless propaganda thrown at them). Also votes for prisoners, who always get a good deal from Labour Governments, (unlike their victims) would mainly vote Labour or worse.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Interesting that Webb should say that as it’s a view from the hard left I’ve come across a number of times, that us oldies are ‘right wing bigots’ who they can’t wait to see die off so they can secure the socialist totalitarian utopia they and the younger generations – brainwashed by our education system and the BBC – deserve.


  2. Amounderness Lad says:

    Advice to pensioners who have worked hard all their lives and save for their old age. If Labour get into power take all your savings and spend them having a period of total enjoyment. Do all those things you have wished you could do if you had the money available to do them and keep doing that until all your money runs out because Labour think you should have absolutely no return on your savings.

    Once you have gone through all your money you can then do what those who have spent all their lives either living off the State or have simply squandered their earnings as soon as they got them, hold your hand out like those wasters and simply take all the handouts they get as of right.

    That, naturally, will be a far more massive burden on the State than the small amount it will cost the State for a small increase in the interest on your savings but, seeing the Socialists on the Labour Party want to persecute elderly savers make them pay through the nose for their hatred of you. Just remember, it was the Labour Party who taxed your pension savings out of existence in the first place so they could squander them away. Now is the time to get your money back of them, in full and with interest for the rest of your retirement.


  3. Simon says:

    Labour and their fellow travellers are just toxic. Spewing hate to get ahead and have no problem with brainwashing children into their twisted view of the world


  4. D1004 says:

    You know, every time one of these champagne socialists ruins your day by sticking their face in front of the BBCs cameras I have an idle day dream that a little box ought to appear below them listing in no particular order ; how wealthy were their titled parents, how many summer houses, how much they have been paid by the beeb over the years, how many foreign holidays they manage a year, how many bank accounts they have in little exotic places, how much pension they themselves get, where they sent their children to school, who does the cleaning/washing/putting out the bins in their home (s). Etc
    As I said, just an idle thought, and sadly never likely to happen but it always makes me remember to treat everything they say as pure shite.


  5. Chop says:

    I dread to think of the state of pensions in the UK when I come to retire….on a sunny July morning in 2038.


  6. Doublethinker says:

    I fully expect that the BBC will run a series of programmes suggesting that the voting age be limited to those between 12 and 50.


    • Demon says:

      Between 12 and 50, a criminal record and Labour Party membership card. In fact you should get 3 votes if you fulfill all the requirements and a fourth if registered disabled.


  7. Joseph S says:

    And how about any person wishing to stand as an MP must have lived, with their family, in the relevant constituency for a minimum of 3 years prior to an election. Lived, not just rented a room, but been a real part of that constituency and able to demonstrate that fact. No more parachuting failed politicians into safe seats. Represent your constituents? First you have to live amongst them. Never going to happen, but…


    • steveparsons says:

      Only pay mps the average wage of the constituency they represent, that should focus their minds a bit.