A Peculiar Kind Of Racism


The BBC, as with the 5 year old HSBC story that they disinterred to support Labour’s narrative on tax evasion, has timed to perfection a hatchet job on UKIP using the words of  UKIP councillor Rozanne Duncan to tar the whole party by association with what the BBC wants you to believe are racist beliefs of this woman……this ‘documentary’ has been held back for quite a while and only released as near to the election as ‘decently’ possible without seeming to be obviously a politically motivated stitch up…..

The BBC leaked news of the tone of her words back in December without admitting what she had actually said….

Rozanne Duncan is understood to have used highly racially offensive language during filming for a BBC documentary to be broadcast in February.


This of course led to a lot of speculation….made use of politically by UKIP’s rivals…

It is believed the comments were made on a new BBC programme.

Craig Mackinlay, Conservative candidate for South Thanet, said: “Ukip is the party that just keeps on giving, there seems to be something every week.

“Finding out what was actually said is the bit I’m looking forward to.

“Ukip don’t throw people out, they usually let them get away with it.

“For her to have been thrown out this must have been very bad.”


Political game playing by the BBC to let this fester and then release the actual film so much nearer the election when they hope people will still have it in their memory and link UKIP to ‘racism’…….



We know that Rozanne Duncan had to leave UKIP and the Telegraph showed the sort of reaction that must please the BBC immensely as it condemns the woman as a racist…a ‘ranter’, and an ‘extraordinary’ one  at that…

The moment a UK Independence Party councillor ended her career with an extraordinary racist rant is to be broadcast nationwide on Sunday for the first time.


However a measured and more thoughtful listener would have made a completely different judgement.

Duncan is clearly upset that she has such feelings and is mystified as to why she has them…and note only Black people make her uncomfortable…she had no problem with Asians or anyone else.

She also expressed concern about Black people getting bullied and picked on in a majority white location.

She says she wasn’t used to black people having grown up in the 40’s and 50’s….but she says that ‘that’s no justification at all [for her feelings]..it’s really bizarre’.


It is a shame the BBC have decided to ‘weaponise’ this woman’s admission, such as it is, and crucify her in order to attack UKIP.

She is clearly not racist in what we would generally accept as the meaning of the term, a deliberate hatred of someone because of their race, she just has innate, subconscious feelings that she can’t fathom and is entirely embarrassed by….perhaps she did have a traumatic experience in her youth?  No benefit of the doubt from the BBC Inquisition.

Others were traumatised by Santa in their youth…and suffer ‘Santaphobia’



“Santaphobia” is (apparently) the term for a persistent fear of Santa Claus usually caused by coming into close proximity (by no doubt sitting on his knee) at Christmastime. It’s not genetic, so one child in a family can have it while their brother or sister may not.’


The woman who is terrified of SANTA: 28-year-old suffers panic attacks at sight of Father Christmas after she was forced to sit on his knee as a child


Shameful of the BBC to hang her out to dry and ruin her life for their political ends.

In effect what the BBC has done is no different to the racism they claim to abhor….attacking a woman because she is in UKIP regardless of her genuine difficulty with her unwanted feelings….which are in complete contrast to her other expressed attitudes towards other races.

Did she use ‘ highly racially offensive language during filming for a BBC documentary’  as the BBC claim?   Or did she just admit the look of Black people made her feel uncomfortable?

The use of the word ‘Negro’ is a throwback to her generation when it would have been in general, and accepted use.  Maybe offensive to many today but for her it is just a word and not intended to be offensive….and consider Cumberbatch when he used ‘coloured’….how is that offensive when Blacks themselves use the phrase ‘People of Colour’?  Words are political weapons these days used to vilify and attack people with the label ‘racist’….a label that is the kiss of death of course in ‘decent society’.

In contrast you may have heard Woman’s Hour a couple of weeks back talking about supposed ‘cultural appropriation’ (more of which later) and the phrase ‘male, pale and stale’ being bandied freely about……so sexist, racist and dismissive all in one little phrase….never mind that the talk was all about Whitey not being allowed to use ‘Black’ culture.

And yet…it was a laugh for the girls.









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67 Responses to A Peculiar Kind Of Racism

  1. CranbrookPhil says:

    I was struck by the honesty of this woman, & her bravery. I don’t by any means hold her views but I think a lot of people do but of course are not allowed to voice them. I am certain humans are basically tribal creatures with inbuilt unease with those outside the tribe. Global population growth merged tribes into nations but now even national identity is under pressure. So demanding that people have absolutely no reservations of foreigners coming in or tolerance of other races in large numbers sharing one’s space is an unnatural obligation – like asking an elephant to fly!


  2. LostOverThere says:

    Outgoing Labour MP Austen Mitchell make a joke that his party could put a paedophile up as candidate, and they would still win the seat


    The BBC does not report on the comment, just his claim it was a harmless joke. Let’s see which of the two stories drops off the front page first


    • Alan says:

      Yes… Mitchell’s right about this though….

      “It was a journalist trick of trying to create a row where none exists”

      Same with the BBC and Rozanne Duncan in my opinion.


      • Wild says:

        No, it was (ex-journalist) Austin Mitchell loving the sound of his own voice and blaming a journalist for reporting his comments.


        • Alan says:

          No, it was a journalist taking one tiny part of an interview and using it to whip up interest in a report that otherwise would never have made headlines at all due to a complete lack of real interest….Grimsby, an ancient retiring MP and someone called Melanie Onn. Yawn.


          • DB says:

            Take a look at how the BBC updated its coverage of the Austin Mitchell story on Newssniffer.

            The quote “raving alcoholic sex paedophile” in the opening paragraph becomes the more sanitised “an ‘alcoholic’ or ‘paedophile'”. In the update the original quote gets buried deeper in the article .

            This paragraph is cut entirely: “He repeatedly refused to say if the words attributed to him were accurate, when contacted by the BBC.” ( I tweeted the BBC’s Robin Brant to suggest THAT should be the headline to the story. I think he and/or his colleagues may have agreed – which is why they cut it).

            From the first draft: “When contacted about the newspaper story, Mr Mitchell told the BBC it was ‘crap’, but repeatedly refused to deny having said it, our political correspondent Robin Brant said. ”

            Above was replaced with : “Pressed to say if the comments were accurate, Mr Mitchell said: ‘If I did say it – and I can’t remember saying it, it’s not phrased as I would have said it because I don’t talk of sex paedophiles, that would be a curious way for phrasing it – then it’s contrary to what I was saying to the reporter.'” [Note that’s the second time the very negative phrase “repeatedly refused to deny” was cut.]

            The second draft also inserts a new first subhead (“First rate candidate'”) to promote Labour/Mitchell spin regarding his potential replacement.

            All in all, a nice piece of tweaking by the BBC to make Labour look that bit better.


            • DB says:

              Further point – “Austin Mitchell refuses to deny…” gives the story legs. “Austin Mitchell dimisses…” helps close it down.


              • DB says:

                I missed this – between first and second BBC drafts the Indie reporter who wrote the original piece tweeted this:

                So rather than say Mitchell was lying, the BBC changed the article n his favour.


                • Guest Who says:

                  So Mr. Merrill, of the Indy, has it on tape.

                  Was/is it beyond the wit of the vastly resourced BBC to discover what was actually said before tying themselves in ever more complex knots trying to avoid finding out and/or reporting it?

                  As an exercise in dissembling hard to be any clearer in intention. Why didn’t they do their usual and ignore it vs. a clear if inept cover up attempt that drags them into the morass?

                  It clearly was said. That it didn’t suit the narrative is also beyond doubt. Now the least trusted national disgrace is dodging and weaving like Chukka or Chris Bryant over an Ed-on collision in Guido.

                  Not sure this smokescreen attempt to call things into question will endear the BBC to Mr. Merrill or his fellow scribes much either.


            • Guest Who says:

              “The second draft also inserts a new first subhead (“First rate candidate’”) to promote Labour/Mitchell spin regarding his potential replacement.”

              Reminds one of those theater posters where a couple of positive words can be lifted from an entire review.

              Which in the dodgy world of creative promotional PR is par for the course

              Supposedly objective reporting… not so much.

              Still, a new twist to the norm. Here the censorship came first, with the propaganda added later.


              • I Can See Clearly Now says:

                The second draft also inserts a new first subhead (“First rate candidate’”) to promote Labour/Mitchell spin regarding his potential replacement.

                At one point someone suggested that Mitchell, being an arch Eurosceptic, actually wanted to hurt Labour and had made the ‘gaffe’ deliberately. An emergency spin operation would have been required to counteract this ‘error’.


          • Thoughtful says:

            The fact is that in certain constituencies especially Labour where the voters are a bit thick, the Labour candidate could stand on a platform or torturing the adults to death and selling their children into sexual slavery & the idiots would still vote for it to happen.

            Austin Mitchell made the big mistake of telling the truth which in a politician, although people say they want it, actually want to be lied to.

            The real issue is the dyed in the wool Labour voters who make democracy a joke.


          • Wild says:

            “tiny part of an interview”

            He either said it or he did not say it. That it was a “tiny part” of the interview is irrelevant.


    • Guest Who says:

      “Let’s see which of the two stories drops off the front page first”

      Ah, that will very much depend on what is news, vs. what better not be (c) A. Newsroom Tealady


    • chrisH says:

      As can Liberals-Cyril Smith!
      Basically, it`s welcome to the Left of politics…but only used to damn the right, should THEY become implicated.
      Certainly did Hodge, Harman, Dromey, Hewitt no harm did it in terms of getting on in the Labour Party…We are All Dribergs?


    • Glen says:

      Going off the LABOUR25 website he’ll have plenty of choice!!


  3. DP111 says:

    Say anything provocative to a Black or Muslim, and you will most certainly lose your job, any Benefits you may be receiving, and even prosecuted and jailed.

    OTH, if Muslims have travelled out to Syria to take part in brutal decapitations of Christians and others, then the BBC and the authorities will move to get the peace loving Muslims back, give them shelter, training and good jobs.


    • Anon says:

      I don’t want to be pedantic but the Commonwealth English is gaoled. Let us try and not give in to Americanisms wherever possible.


  4. GCooper says:

    No doubt this is just one of many anti-UKIP stories the BBC and its fellow travellers in the MSM have been stockpiling to use in the convenient gap before election restrictions are imposed.

    They are beneath contempt. They know we know what they are doing and they are laughing at our powerlessness to stop it.


    • Beness says:

      We are not powerless. The internet allows people to find things that the MSN does not cover. wether people want to find out or not, is up to them.


      • GCooper says:

        I agree, we are not completely powerless. But we are almost completely powerless. It is a mistake to believe that a handful of blogs and websites have much influence when compared with the millions of viewers and listeners who get all their opinions from the MSM in general and the BBC in particular.


    • flexdream says:

      This rocket is a dud. How many people really care what this lady said?


  5. The Old Bloke says:

    I asked this question on the BBC Radio Devon Facebook page this morning: “Why do we not hear on the BBC any of the Labour party making racist comments?”


    • GCooper says:

      Or when their paedophiles are locked up. For the third time in the most recent case, by all accounts.


  6. London Calling says:

    None of this venomous smearing of the only opposition to LibLabCon is “spontaneous”. There will be story after story prepared for daily release up to the election. We have had the staged UKIP defections, the false accusation of sexual misconduct, Channel 4’s first 100 days smear, now its the”dodgy candidate” of the day

    All three parties are terrified of the people. In the face of sensible discussion of the right policies for this country, we get corrupt media orchestrated stream of Alinsky-style attacks, smear a day every day for the next hundred and whatever days. Racist!! racist!! racist!!

    Lynton Crosby, Australian political strategist and “master of the dark political arts,” is behind the Conservative smear machine. It comes naturally to Labour, as they have no policies except class war and attacks on bankers, the other policies just ruined Britain.

    Stick to your guns UKIP. This may be the last chance for this country.


  7. Jeff says:

    I shouldn’t think there’s too much to worry about with these smear stories. Yes. it was an extraordinarily daft thing to come out with, in front of a BBC cameraman, of all people! I can’t understand how she couldn’t realise that her off the cuff comments would be used by our lefty propagandist to attack UKIP. However the folk who are going to have a fit of the vapours over remarks like these are hardly natural Kippers in the first place.
    So, IMHO, embarrassing but no real damage done.


    • Pounce says:

      I don’t think she expessed any racist views. she said I don’t like people with negro features) not I am better tham black people..
      But I have to admit this all ties in with the Chelsea , Mohammed Farah stories about how racism is rising in the uk and we should all stamp down on it. Funny enough thiese stories have allowed the left to shove the rise of anti semtism to the back , because as we all know that Muslims are behind that.. The thing is in trying to paint all Muslims ( and blacks) as victims of the White , the left have contributed to the rise of UKIP


      • pah says:

        The thing is in trying to paint all Muslims ( and blacks) as victims of the White

        … and it is a very good way of stoking the fire. Find a group of people with a grudge and give them a target to vent their anger at.

        Not exactly good for ‘community cohesion’ is it?


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      I can’t understand how she couldn’t realise that her off the cuff comments would be used by our lefty propagandist to attack UKIP.

      Probably because it was filmed over an extended period, and the BBC crew were constantly friendly, lulling her into a false sense of security… all the time waiting for one soundbite that they could use to ruin her. Snakes in the grass.

      Meanwhile, we have to endure extended sob-stories about females off to join bloodthirsty scumbags. At some point the population will look in the mirror and see the donkey ears. Surely?


      • pah says:

        It is also quite refreshingly honest. Here is someone who has a problem with blacks, purely because of their appearance, rather than their behaviour and saying she regrets it and doesn’t know why she feels that way. It is racist, by definition, but the question is how does she behave towards those she represents who are black?
        It’s an odd reflection of public attitudes towards politicians that we expect them to be two faced about their feelings isn’t it? But then can we really have councillors who will not even sit at table with someone because of their racial features? Can she be expected to do her job fairly and impartially? Should we even care?

        It is however typical of the BBC that they keep paying Diane Abbott and Jasmine Alibi-Brown who have expressed much stronger racist sentiments. But then they aren’t UKIP are they?

        In the end her constituents have a choice vote for her or don’t. That’s democracy, bloody in tooth and claw.


  8. chrisH says:

    Desperate crap by the BBC.
    To be fair, Nigel did mention that the Labour paedo in Peterborough on Friday didn`t get the same degree of interest.
    Paddy O Connell said that nobody from the BBC was there to refute this-and there was me thinking that HE was a BBC employee, suited to tow the party line.
    Gutless-at least Dame Jenni said that she`d not be biting the hand she uses to feed the chihuahuas.
    All this was on BH this morning in the paper review.
    Now to this liberal squit of a non-story.
    Didn`t Rozanne say herself that she herself “needed help to get over her thing about negroids” or whatever?
    In other words-a self referring “cri de coeur” re her “phobia”!
    In any other line of work, she`d already be getting a Fun Run and a Charity Appeal -alongside the usual slew of victims, survivors and quango queens blaming the Tories for a lack of money, blaming the press for a lack of awareness about her debilitating condition.
    Poor girls has come forward, reached out and called on the medics to help her-and the heartless bulls and bitches at the BBC are only forcing her phobia underground and making it all worse than it need be.
    Let`s hope it`s not contagious eh?…and if it goes viral, that`ll be because the BBC shamed the “victims” into not reporting the symptoms.
    Will be giving my Children In Need money to Rozanne, so she can seek closure on her tragic condition.


  9. columbo3316 says:

    Depressing that UKIP instead of standing up for freedom of speech have once again caved into the `totalitarian left` and expelled a member for an off the cuff remark that was not meant maliciously.UKIP are becoming more and more like the Tory party.Depressing that there is really no organisation now in the political media arena that is prepared to argue that people who make off the cuff `offensive `comments are saying more about themselves than the world and that it should not warrant a sackable/suspendable action.If there was a fly on the wall of the people calling for the ladys head one would find out most of them are shallow hypocrites who will often have made some offensive comment about some group or another


    • chrisH says:

      I`m afraid Nigel and his UKIP lot have decided to be all statesmanlike…when in fact it`s ANTI-politics that make up 90% of their appeal.
      This woman said nothing to merit the treatment really, but then again, neither did Bloom.
      And that UKIP cant-or won`t-turn on the media pack at such times only reduces their seats come May.
      If you don`t stand up for your little people-you`re as bad as the others.
      To be honest-if the BBC shaft you-I`d be promoting you, and making them shadow the TV License arrangements.
      The BBC needs lopping off.


      • Alan says:

        It would have been interesting to see Farage stand his ground and defend Duncan. I think he would have benefited.
        However the problem was that the BBC leaked hints of the tone of her comments without letting the whole film be seen.
        Once you have seen the film I think many will have a completely different view of her words than has been spun by UKIP’s enemies since December.

        Farage perhaps should have waited until the film came out before committing himself one way or the other.

        Can only think this was a deliberate act by the BBC to spin this long before the film was due to be shown.

        The BBC essentially threw Rozanne Duncan to the wolves and left Farage in a very difficult position….not to mention Duncan herself who is now labelled a racist.


        • The General says:

          Don’t think this will have much effect on the voting figures and Ukip will still get enough votes to deprive the Conservatives of many marginals paving the way for Milliband to enter No. 10.
          God help us all !


          • Roland Deschain says:

            You may be right (although I think the UKIP effect may be more subtle than that), but would that be the fault of UKIP or the Conservatives?


            • I Can See Clearly Now says:

              Cameron = Exponentially Increasing Immigration = Final Solution for Indigenous Brits

              He gave up any claim that he could limit the numbers when Frau Merkel told him to behave. Remember?


        • Geoff says:

          Rifkind & Straw courtesty of the DT and CH4 have seen to it that it won’t have any affect, the bBC may now need to be re-broadcast!


  10. Mr Glodstone says:

    I don’t think it will have done much harm. The MSM threw the kitchen sink at UKIP prior to the Euro election and look what that got them. The fact which most of the media and political elite don’t seem to understand, is that day after day people watch the news, listen to the radio and read newspapers; and what they learn from doing this, and from what they see and experience in their own lives and those of their families and friends, is that the country and its society is deteriorating at an accelerating rate: they are sick of it and want something / someone to try and put the brakes on.


  11. stuart says:

    you dirty little white racist,who me,yes you,why am i racist,have you not heard of slavery and colonialism mate,yes, but whats it got to do with me,it has got everything to do with you mate,why,what do you mean,it has everything to do with you mate because you are white,oh ok your blaming me for the sins of my forefathers which has nothing to do with me because of the colour of my white skin,yes mate, you whites are all racist slavemaster devils and @@@@@,viva malcolm x,oh ok,sorry for being white if that offends you.i am very sorry.


  12. David Brims says:

    Everyone has their likes and dislikes, some people don’t like fat , thin, short, tall people, while others do. It’s not bad or good.

    Maybe this lady just doesn’t like rap hip hop ( poetry for retards) bling bling, basketball, trousers hanging down their backside, baseball cap back to front ebonics ” culture.”


  13. stuart says:

    how bloody strange that the pro labour party biased bbc just decides to put out this hatchet job on ukip 11 weeks before the general election,now this woman to me was is not racist.in fact she seemed to me have deep rooted mental health problems and a sense of paranoia,in a week just gone when the far left cousins of the bbc channel 4 tried to smear ukip with that pathetic 100 day of ukip then tonight then the leftie bbc producers just happen to put this smear job against ukip just before the election,this woman made these comments 3 months ago and ukip kicked her out of there party and hopefully she is getting treatment for her mental health problems.why air this programme last night and not 3 months ago,see the agenda here by the bbc pre election.


    • ManonClaphamOmnibus says:

      Interesting how much of the EDL and BNP support has ebbed towards UKIP


      • I Can See Clearly Now says:

        And he spake this parable unto certain which trusted in themselves that they were righteous, and despised others: Two men went up into the temple to pray; the one a Pharisee, and the other a publican. The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican. I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all that I possess. And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner. I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other: for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.


      • John Anderson says:

        I find that the bulk of support moving to UKIP is ex-Labour voters. Unlike you, they can see through the socialist propaganda, they see UKIP as much more representative of the interests of working people.


  14. David Brims says:

    Morality and Abstract Thinking, How Africans may differ from Westerners by Gedaliah Braun

    ”I am an American who taught philosophy in several African universities from 1976 to 1988, and have lived since that time in South Africa. When I first came to Africa, I knew virtually nothing about the continent or its people, but I began learning quickly. I noticed, for example, that Africans rarely kept promises and saw no need to apologize when they broke them. It was as if they were unaware they had done anything that called for an apology. ”

    ”It took many years for me to understand why Africans behaved this way but I think I can now explain this and other behavior that characterizes Africa. I believe that morality requires abstract thinking—as does planning for the future—and that a relative deficiency in abstract thinking may explain many things that are typically African.”



    • Richard Pinder says:

      The simple fact is that we Europeans had to plan and store for the coming Winter in the Summer, those who lived day to day as in Africa, where taken away by evolution.


    • ManonClaphamOmnibus says:

      Just as well we taught them all Christianity,stole their lands and forced them into slavery then isnt it. Tell me which part of the states was this guy from, the South No doubt.


      • John Anderson says:

        Ignoramus. Slavery in Africa was – and still is – largely run by Muslims. And Muslims ran slave raids all around the Med and even as far as Britain and Ireland – such raids were the cause of the first US military action after independence, and the formation of the US Marine Corps. The transatlantic slave trade was stopped largely by Christian arguments – and by the Royal Navy. Listen to tonight’s BBC news for current de facto slavery of overseas workers in the Middle East.

        Go learn some history, and stop your unctious lefte drivel.


  15. Pounce says:

    bBC headline reads:
    Syria girls: Families ‘cannot stop crying’

    3 British Muslims who have made their bed and decided to sleep on a JIadhi quilt. Yet where are the tears for the over 200,000 people killed by the thugs these so called innocent girls are going to join?


  16. Chilli says:

    Gotta disagree with Alan and most of the posters above: far from being an off the cuff remark, it looked like she worked up to her rant as she filed her nails – I got the impression she was intentionally being offensive as she could because she disliked the press officer lady telling her what she could and couldn’t say. A very strange and bitter woman. Needless to say her views are not atall representative of 99.99% of UKIP members and UKIP did the right thing by expelling her immediately. Yes it was a BBC stitch up, doubtless they had hours of footage of normal & articulate UKIP members explaining why they supported the party but of course they choose to focus on the ex-NF guy, the well-meaning but eccentric couple with the clown collection (in every shot!) and of course the bitter ex-Tory councillor with Negrophobia. The real question is why did UKIP HQ allow the filming to go ahead knowing the BBC’s only agenda would be to patiently fish for dirt. Really stupid and fvcking depressing for someone who’s out leafleting for UKIP and meeting people on the doorstep. Yes the BBC are biased and they won’t be making a ‘Meet the Rotherham councillors’ documentary. But the fact is UKIP HQ F’d up big time and facilitated a BBC-EU-LibLabCon stitchup. They done us up like a kipper.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I think UKIP had no alternative but to remove her. She has to represent all her constituents and if she leaves a room to avoid a black person she can’t do that, even if she recognises she has a problem.

      If nothing else, choosing the BBC to confide such a problem to demonstrates a stupidity that should bar her from being a UKIP representative. I can’t imagine what UKIP thought they were doing getting so close to the BBC. Did they really expect fair treatment?


      • Guest Who says:

        On twitter the speed with which Labour dropped Mr. Straw was being spun as a sign of their integrity.

        On this basis UKIP could be mounted on a podium of driven snow.

        I actually see winnowing the weak in Darwinian terms, but no matter what the party, one has to wonder at the % of venal, bonkers or both, and who puts themselves forward and actually supported enough to get into the spotlight.

        Given media bias is the topic, I can only compare who gets what amount of spotlight, and why.

        I also remain aware that no matter what, the BBC is a power that does not see itself as being held to account as it does others.


  17. wessexman says:

    You have to remember that for many left-liberals, any racialist views, and much else besides that gets stupidly equated with racialism, is nearly a crime against humanity. Racialism is wrong. But left-liberals have no sense of proportion when it comes to it. The slightest infringement, and that can mean in ways that aren’t objectively racialist, is a horror to them and worthy of the strictest of punishments. Remember Farage and the Romanians next door. To someone with proper proportion, even if one did think his comments were prejudiced, they were trivially so. But to the left-liberal orthodoxy there is no such thing as trivial prejudice on these issues.


  18. 60022Mallard says:

    One of the biggest problems faced by UKIP is that many of its candidates are ordinary people off the streets – not journalists, lawyers, full time union staff, interns from the parties organisations etc.

    As such when asked a question on a “sensitive” subject they are far more likely to give their honest opinion rather than an answer within the BBC approved range of opinion.

    Politics, especially as fought by the left, is a dirty business, with many traps lying in wait for the unwary.

    Much as I may empathise with the thrust of much of the feeling behind UKIP policies, those being tasked with implementing it are patently not up to the chicanery of local politics, let alone national politics.

    The guiding principal for me at the next election is which candidate is most likely to prevent Red Ed taking us back to the future and running out of other people’s money to spend. Unfortunately UKIP do not fit that bill for me.


    • Guest Who says:

      For good or ill, there are games to be played, with various ‘rules’.

      Break them at your peril.

      What is interesting is the rare breed of pol, or celeb, who seem able to stray from the herd and stay in place and even prosper by zigging whilst other zag.

      In a sea of anodyne, the bad boys and girls do attract all tired of bland.

      But limits do exist, and the skill appears to be knowing where they are, or having the cojones to stick to guns. The public does respect principles; more so if shared.

      Hence the utter distain for waffle-mongers like Dave, Ed & Nick.

      Professionals may be more savvy in navigating traps set by media, but clearly some supposed political talents of experience have no clue. And when ‘trained’ by handlers perform even worse.

      Yet some of the finest wheeler dealers and orators have come from humble beginnings. Just as being a housewife should not exclude a woman of the people rising to the top (or if inept, founder), so being a red princess should not see see a shortlisted harpie spared having her tush handed her in the ballots.


  19. UKIP SHMOOKIP says:

    In the words of Grouco Marx ” I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member “. I am afraid this quote refers to me and that woman as far as UKIP is concerned.
    Apart from her thoughts she as thick as s**t and shouldn’t be let near any thing as important as politics. A liability to anyone she represents.
    And as far as NF membership is concerned Ricky Thomlison from “The Royale family ” was a member, BBC quiet on that one !


  20. 60022Mallard says:

    The BBC bigged up the Lib Dems mercilessly at the last election to spike a potential Tory majority having recognised Labour were a busted flush.

    UKIP are providing an extremely useful diversion of the BBC effort for the Tories this time.

    The extended run in to the next election is providing the BBC with a much longer period to get their view across before they are supposed to enter a period of “balance” near the election. LOL


  21. daves shoe says:

    Have to agree with some comments on here, she is utterly completely and totally as thick as a whale omlette. She should never have been allowed to speak, in fact she should never have been allowed to stand, and if she is an example of what we look to to break the Lib/Lab/Con then gawd help us.
    A halfwit, living in a cave on Mars would know the BBC along with MSM have only one agenda….to discredit any political opinion on the so called right. People like her are set up from the second they agree to be humiliated, discredited….and disgraced in the eyes of others…..coarsened into committing the sin of all sins…….making a remark which the left can use as a weapon to destroy…..
    It truly beggars belief that anyone could be so stupid as to believe the BBC would provide a balanced report, so stupid as to believe one could even think that what she said would not be seized upon…..
    ……to an outsider one would believe she was an “Agent Provocateur” but she comes across as too stupid for that.
    Ukip will go the same way as the BNP….National Front and any other Nationalist supporting group…why? No shortage of idiots like her to help the enemy……..
    And watch in the coming weeks as they surface..the “plants” the “sleepers” the “stupid”……
    My view…vote Labour, sit back and let it all unfold, if any of you think “democracy” where the votes of a Rotherham pedophile Groomer, and an Eastern European People trafficker count for twice that of a D-Day war veteran…. will save you…then “knock yourself out”….we are under the rule of the most corrupt regime in history…one hell bent on destroying sovereign states, and indigenous peoples, and idiots like her will accelerate not delay the gathering storm!!!!


    • Glen says:

      Unfortunately I have to agree with your sentiments, and what’s worse, there are many potential homegrown voters who are so thick that they will see the programme’s views as that of every UKIP supporter, you see them on every forum, and they will vote liebour because it makes them a good person!

      Ask them about the EU though and they will say..”What’s that got to do with us”!! Just after their job has been taken by an immigrant!

      There are people in this country who, if they caught a muslim paedophile in their daughter’s bedroom, still wouldn’t believe it has happened on the scale it has and would vote liebour.


  22. Glen says:

    As we know, by bbc standards, anyone born in the 40/50/60/70s is a racist, sexist, homophobic little Englander.

    The Daily Politics show today had a guest on who used to appear on the Gogglebox but now is a UKIP candidate for Hastings, they tried to ambush him with the ‘negro racism’ comments but he shot that smug bitch Jo Coburn down in flames…how dare he represent UKIP.

    The ironic aspect is is that his views only changed since he was made to watch all of the news channels as part of the Gogglebox programme! Something decent to come from Channel 4 for a change.

    As for HSBC, isn’t it it funny how when milipede is found out that he is just like the rest with his financial affairs he disappears off the bbc, they batten down the hatches and keep him out of the news? Selective reporting.


  23. Dave666 says:

    Born in 60 so I’m l am already damned. What surprises me is the amount of associated UKIP members making unwise comments. Anyone who has ever been involved in politics at any level should know you have to be very careful in what you say and how you say it. Yet time after time they go on record & say things that the establishment can use against them. You start to wonder if at least some of them aren’t plants.


    • Chilli says:

      Yup – that silly cow had a chip on her shoulder for sure: Her earlier comment about UKIP not being fit & ready to hold real power. The passive aggressive way she was filing her nails before letting go her rant. Wouldn’t suprise me if she didn’t really hold those views about ‘Negros’ atall but had instead just decided to say the most offensive thing she could think of just to thumb her nose at the press officer woman who was warning her not to make daft or offensive comments. After 18 years as a Tory councillor you can bet she knew exactly what she was saying and how much damage it would do – but was more concerned with putting that other woman in her place for having the cheek to tell her what she should and shouldn’t say.


  24. Peter Grimes says:

    “She is clearly not racist in what we would generally accept as the meaning of the term, a deliberate hatred of someone because of their race, she just has innate, subconscious feelings that she can’t fathom and is entirely embarrassed by….perhaps she did have a traumatic experience in her youth? “

    But that IS part of the definition of racist in Al Beeb’s book.