Well then, the BBC is a curious one. Firstly it names the Islamic State decapitator-in-Chief, Mohammed Emwazi. Fair enough. It then proceeds to ponder is he really a victim of a bungling MI5. It also calls him a “militant” when he is by any definition a terrorist – cutting the heads off innocent people IS terrorism, dear BBC. The BBC have taken the same approach with the three teenage Jihadi brides from the East End of London who legged it to hook up with Islamic State. The question was how had the State failed. where were the Intelligence services. At no point does the BBC choose to ask the most penetrating question of all – why do some Muslims living in Britain appear to have a greater loyalty to our enemies than to our country? I guess that might open up all sorts of tricky issues so better say nothing and just blame MI5?

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  1. Rufus McDufus says:

    Well the BBC claimed they ‘revealed’ JJ’s real name but the Washington Post did publish it first.


    • Pounce says:

      The reason Mohammed the blood thirsty terrorist wasn’t named by any UK org. Is simply due to the fact the likes of day and co would sue for hurt feelings. Only last night that prick who walked off the sky interview was allowed to bitch about the human rights of terrorists on Newsnight.


      • We need to talk about western foreign policy.
        Then we might touch upon why our young British Muslims would rather die abroad in some war-torn hell hole instead of here..


        • flexdream says:

          Agreed, especially as some wars e.g. Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan were waged apparently to protect muslims and to reduce the terror threat to the UK. The political and military architects of these campaigns are untroubled and some are still in power.
          Galling as it is, it is left to the nationalist parties to promote non-intervention while UKIP apart (I think) the unionist parties favour military intervention.


        • johnnythefish says:

          ‘We need to talk about western foreign policy.
          Then we might touch upon why our young British Muslims would rather die abroad in some war-torn hell hole instead of here.. ‘

          So they go abroad to die…..whilst killing other Muslims?

          Back to the drawing board Mr Fishmongrel.


        • D1004 says:

          At least it brings out their true colours now rather than later, we know which groups like the Sikhs and the Hindus are trustworthy and would fight with us and others who are not and would not.


          • ManonClaphamOmnibus says:

            Have we bombed any Sikhs or Hiddus recently?


            • Guest Who says:

              ‘Have we bombed any Sikhs or Hiddus recently?’

              The invitation to the Mishal Husain Moral Equivalence series is in the mail.

              Must. Also. Resist. A. ‘Fat fingers/darned auto-correct’. Tease for the clocking on, over-eager weekend warrior….

              No, sorry. Couldn’t.


            • Mark says:

              No, but thn no Sikhs or Hindus have carried out atrocities against Western targets.
              And besides, most of the carnage in Syria and Iraq is Muslim on Muslim.


        • Gob says:

          Are you mental.


        • Lamia says:

          Perhaps we might even touch on how anger at Western foreign policy makes young British Muslims go and enslave, torture, mutilate, rape and murder thousands of innocent Syrian and Iraqi civilians.

          You know, the Syrian and Iraqi civilians whose suffering at the hands of The Evil West these poor youngsters are supposedly aggrieved by.

          Why don’t you start us off?

          Next up on Disingenuous Apologist News:

          ‘How concern about the welfare of vulnerable children and young women at the hands of rapists and murderers forced activists Fred and Rose West to, er, rape and murder a load of children and young women.’


    • The Old Bloke says:

      It was all over the internet hours before the BBC published his name. And will they now stop calling him Jihad John (a Christian name) and use his proper name which is Jihad Mohammed? Answers on a postcard to…..


  2. A Teddy called Moh says:

    Move over Moazzam Begg Liberty have found a new poster boy


  3. petebogtrotter says:

    The MSM are afraid to say boo to a goose to certain groups for upsetting them.Its about time we as a country grew some balls before its too late.


    • D1004 says:

      Kay Burley has more balls than the lot of them, respect to Kay, she’s become my poster girl!


  4. The Beebinator says:

    i was listening to 5 live last night after QT and they had some social worker on who was telling us the 3 jihadist sluts were victims not terrorists. The law said that as they were children, human rights legislation said that they needed protecting blah blah blah awww the poor girls.

    The laws pretty clear on this matter. All 3 of these little sluts are over the age of criminal responsibilty (10 years of age) and are therefore respnsible for their acts and consequences.

    All 3 of these dirty filthy cock sucking sluts, by running away and joining a terrorist organisation that has delared war on the west, that is committing mass murder on a daily basis, terrorising millions of people, are quite clearly, in legal terms not under the “queens peace”, which means they have lost the protection of the monarch and its lawful for them to be killed.

    Does anyone in their right mind think that if these 3 slags die in an RAF bombing raid that the pilots would be charged with their murder? Oh yeah, the BBC and the rest of the traitorous looney left who have allied themselves with our enemies.

    I just hope Jihadi John and the 3 little jihadist sluts are getting interviewed by the BBC when the bombs get dropped. These bombs cost a lot of money and i expect good value from my taxes


    • Roland Deschain says:

      16-year-olds are, of course, vulnerable and impressionable children when it suits. Or mature and sensible enough to vote.


      • Peter Grimes says:

        Only old enough to vote in Scottish referendums, although MiniMiliMinor and his bunch of paedophile protectors would change that if in power.
        Given the evident crass stupidity of these three dopey young bints you can see just why Mili wants to do it!


    • D1004 says:

      A bottle of Champagne to the crew from 12(B) Squadron which manages to hit any or all of them.


      • brett says:

        Bit strong folks,I mean yes they are idiots ,but let’s face it,they have been born into this religion and at the end of the day, when the shit hits the fan , they are going to be terrified. Now,I have children the same age ,and I know I wouldn’t wish this on them. Shame on the elders who let it happen time and again I say, I know when I was that age,I would have blindly followed a “respected”elder”


        • D1004 says:

          Brett, well meaning as you are, I believe that was the sad testimony given to the Hitler Youth in their last days, their cheeks squeezed by the glorious leader….a few facing westwards survived, those the Russians faced did not manage to survive to learn to think for themselves. You and others might think the “girls” are in the same place and need time to think for themselves. However I would say these days the young grow up far quicker and are able to find out the truth of where their chosen path leads. I personally save my sorrow for the victims of their poster boys, the young women from the local Muslims, Christians and yazidi’s, not aspiring brides of Jihadi Mohammed. Examples need to be made to stop others, they by their own actions will do.


          • I Can See Clearly Now says:

            Imagine you found yourself on that Sunday morning talk show on BBC1…. and there is some discussion on votes at 16…. and those girls are on there… and you tell them that they are vulnerable and should go home to their parents, mummy will meet them and walk them home from the bus stop….

            Can you imagine the seething anger that would be eloquently expressed?

            They lack the experience to understand the dangers of youthful impatience, but they are more than old enough to understand the cruel brutality that lies at the heart of IS.


          • hippiepooter says:

            They’ve seen ISIS burn a guy alive and hack people’s heads off with knives and they’ve joined ISIS.

            Young and dumb doesn’t cover it, young and scum does.


        • The Beebinator says:

          while i admire your compassion, we’re at war, thats why the RAF bombs ISIS. These little cock suckers have decided to betray their country and have sided with the enemy.

          what do you think we should do? Send the police round with a couple of social workers and bring them home? Maybe a stern telling off from PC Ahmed from the anti radicalisation unit at the met will make them see the error of their ways.

          I’d love to live in a world of fluffy bunny rabbits and butterflies where all our problems are sorted out with a cup of hot chocolate, marsh mellows and a good ole sing song round the camp fire, but sadly lifes not like that

          Bombs away ginger!!!!


          • brett says:

            I know exactly what you mean,and I agree up to a point, it just sticks in my mind that as a Christian they are fellow humans at the end of the day. Do wewant to be like them ? If we all end up with that attitude then what is the point?also , yes,the liberal fluffy bunny bbulls hit is not helping either.


            • The Beebinator says:

              if youre a christian, just think of all the christians ISIS have brutally murdered and these 3 little sluts have cheered along to the videos showing their terrifying deaths. Who knows, maybe these slags are going out right now murdering christians or training to go out and kill. Think of how many innocent lives will be saved by taking these traitorous tarts out. Dont lose any sleep over them

              say a prayer for the RAF crews so they return safe and sound


            • DP111 says:

              That has always been a point of theological issue since St Augustine, and before. However, we did not have doubts when waging war on the Nazis.

              Christians must despise evil, and not the evil doer. But not to the point where the evil doer’s intentions are to commit genocide. And this is what ISIS, and its supporters – Turkey, Qatar, and all the Sunni nations have been doing so far. They are simply fullfilling the last orders of Muhammed – get rid of all other religions in Arabia – Judaism and Christianity. Jews are all gone, and so the genocide of Christians and Yazidis.

              Now that ISIS is threatening Islamic despots in Arabia, and the West getting impatient, they are pretending to be against ISIS.

              However, we must pray that even the most fanatic of Jihadis will see the error of their ways, and repent.


              • hippiepooter says:

                The best way, by God’s grace, they can be brought to see the error of their ways is if we treat them like the abject scum they are and wage war without quarter both at home and abroad.

                There’s nothing like moral clarity and the fruits thereof to make monsters come face to face with their mortality.


              • Lamia says:

                “However, we must pray that even the most fanatic of Jihadis will see the error of their ways, and repent.”

                That’s not really at all likely to happen, though, is it?

                The only way ISIS will be stopped is by killing very large numbers of them. Preferably every single one of the monsters.


    • DP111 says:

      These girls are not victims, as the BBC would like to portray them. They are supporters and willing helpers of murderous Islamic Jihadis, and have gone to Syria to help in the beheading of innocents – Christians and Yazidis.

      Its not just they who need to be condemned, but also their whole clan. But in this idiotic world we live in, it would’nt surprise me that the family are on Benefits of one sort or another.


    • DP111 says:

      Instead of being killed, it would be more humane if they are captured by the Peshmerga, and handed over to Kurdish female fighters for questioning. Interrogation by Kurdish men would not be right and proper.

      Justice is better served that way.


      • hippiepooter says:

        What stops us properly defending democracy against Jihad is Political Correctness. Once we recognise PC to be as evil as racism and Jihad as evil as Nazism, then we can turn our guns fully upon the enemy.

        I’ve suggested to opinion formers like Melanie Phillips, Douglas Murray and Richard Littlejohn that they engender public meetings to present a petition to Parliament to open a British Guantanamo under a War Act. If sincere democrats who read this site think this is a good idea you might like to drop them a line too.

        The mainstream parties are in complete lockstep with the correctnick parameters that the BBC/Guardian set debate on the enemy’s terms. I can’t see UKIP acheiving anything, but worth courting like any other democratic party to get things done.

        I believe the above is the only possibility of getting our country to get real.

        I fear our moral fibre is so degraded that if such a campaign got off the ground it would ultimately prove futile, but at least it would honour the deaths of 453 British servicemen in Afghanistan and 179 in Iraq.


  5. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    The bBBC has found a new role for itself, as the PR arm of CAGE, another bunch of bleeding-heart leftie mutli-culti loons dedicated to undermining this country with Muslim psychopaths.


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      Full marks – again – to Brillo; he had a real go (on This Week) at the broadcasters for giving them a platform for an hour. ‘I’m amazed..’ he said. Won’t have gone down well with the powers, but Brillo’s not one to care.


      • #88 says:

        Brillo will be disowned soon.

        Evan Davis will tut and flounce at the mention of his name, Mair will sneer, Marr and his perennial Guardianista guests will sniff and claim never to watch the traitor.

        Brillo, the one remaining person in the BBC with any measure of integrity, will become a sort of political Jeremy Clarkson.


    • starfish says:

      Qureshi is far from clean


      BBC still laps up his utterances though


    • hippiepooter says:

      From Sir Arthur’s link: “The father said that this could not be true, as far as they were concerned; their son was in Turkey assisting refugees with the limited contact they had managed with him during that period.”

      Sounds like Jihad John’s family are as complicit in playing the propaganda game as the Al Qa’eda/ISIS front group ‘Cage’ are.

      Might there be some place in the Orkneys we could set up a British Guantanamo?

      I think we should also restore the death penalty for Treason as part of a War Act to put our nation on the proper war footing needed to defeat Jihadi evil.

      Line up all the detainees of a British Guantanamo convicted of Treason on their knees with hoods over their heads, give them the choice of cooperating or having their their heads blown off, then one by one go down the line blowing their heads off as appropriate.

      That is how we deal with an evil even worse than Hitler’s Nazis.


      • D1004 says:

        Personally I’d have thought the Falkland Islands would make a good place to stick them. Lots of empty islands just right for a Max prison, no chance of escape, no friends offering support, no bbc pricks emoting outside the gates, just lots of water, seals and sky. Perfect place to dump unwanted scum.


        • hippiepooter says:

          Come to think of it, South Georgia is uninhabited and even more inhospitable.


  6. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC News at 10.42 this morning.

    (Cue Mellow sad mood music on a guitar. Camera pans over the whole town).

    White local male says he’s ashamed to say he’s from Rotherham..
    Announcer says, The town has to pull together…
    Taxi driver interviewed and says all taxi drivers are now victims of abuse…
    Girl victim says abuse continues…it’s been a paedophiles paradise..
    New Rotherham head of Child Services interviewed and admits to past ‘failures’. (She has a shaved head, big scarf and flat shoes. I suspect she’s not a UKIP supporter).

    From seeing this, you’d think that the whole town was responsible for the thousands of child abuse crimes over the many years. Or is that the intent? To divert blame from others?



    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      WE ARE ALL GUILTY !!! (Dr Heinz Kiosk)


      • johnnythefish says:

        How we miss Dr Kiosk – his observations on today’s madhouse that is Britain would bring much light relief.


    • DP111 says:

      Dover sentry
      That is the intent.

      However, what is being done by concentrating on Rotherham, is to take the light away from the mass rapes that have taken place throughout the country. Estimates around 30,000 young White girls.

      Rapes for Votes..

      This national shame would never have come to light if Labour had been relected.


  7. Shami Chakrabarti says:

    Such a sweet little boy. I just want to give him a big cuddle, and lots of tax payer’s cash.


  8. nofanofpoliticians says:

    I saw this yesterday, outlining the possibility that funds have been routed to IS via registered charities. How is this allowed to happen?

    Not only should these organisations be closed down, they should never have been allowed charitable status, and people should be held accountable.



    • hippiepooter says:

      How is this allowed to happen?

      Because of mass cowardice in the face of political correctness.

      In democracy we get the politicians we deserve. If we want better politicians we have to be better ourselves.

      It’s that simple. It’s way to easy to scapegoat the politicians *we elect. Instead of moaning we need to ACT.


  9. George R says:

    Beeboids are still in denial about the obvious Islamic nature of Islamic State.

    Beeboids give CAGE Islamic apologists uncritical broadcasting prominence to defend Islamofascist barbarian, Mohammed Emwazi.

    Beeboids: forever appeasing to Islam.

    And their appeasement is not casual, it’s organised.


    • johnnythefish says:

      According to ChrisL, a defender of the BBC faith and occasional visitor to these pages, it’s because:

      ‘My theory is that the BBC is scared of ‘rocking the multicultural boat’, as was said about the Rotherham scandal. ‘


      • ChrisL says:

        I’m honoured, johnny…

        Read this and tell me that the BBC refuses to recognise that IS is Islamic.

        Also, you say the BBC is “defending” Mohammed Emwazi. When you say that, do you mean they are trying to justify his actions? I don’t think that’s what they’re doing. They’re trying to explain how and why he turned to terrorism, which is not the same thing as justifying his crimes.


        • Just Sayin' says:

          NO, like the bunch of scum bags BBc journalists are, they are trying to justify his crimes, and blame the nasty security services. Take off them rose tinted socialist glasses you wear


          • ChrisL says:

            Am I to take it that you agree with me that George was wrong when he said the BBC was “in denial about the obvious Islamic nature of Islamic State”?

            And do you not agree that explaining and justifying something are 2 different things?

            I don’t know why you need to make things up about me. I’m no socialist.


            • Just Sayin' says:

              lol, you’re a socialist, its obvious from your posts and you’re certainly not a patriot.


              • ChrisL says:

                Where have I once stated that I am a socialist, or support socialist policies?

                How on earth do you claim to know that I’m not a patriot? I’m very proud to be British, and very proud to be English.



                • Just Sayin' says:

                  what is bizarre is someone who claims to be a patriot yet defends an organisation that hates Britain, especially the English who also posts loads of left wing garbage and claims not to be a socialist. very bizarre indeed


                  • ChrisL says:

                    What left-wing garbage have I posted? Where have I said that socialist economic policies are the way forward?

                    What if I don’t believe the BBC hates Britain? I don’t think it does.

                    What is really bizarre is why you need to make up things about someone you’ve never met rather than actually discuss the points I’ve made.


                    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

                      What if I don’t believe the BBC hates Britain? I don’t think it does.

                      It depends what ‘Britain’ is. Under the LibLabCon, Britain seems to have transitioned to an open-bordered, Commom Purpose-inspired state, obsessed with political-correctness and diversity quotas. The BBC actively promote these values.

                      You couldn’t argue, then, that the BBC promotes traditional British values like free speech and merit.


                    • ChrisL says:

                      Even if we accept that, does it mean that the BBC actively hates Britain?

                      I agree that Britain is a concept which means different things to different people. But to qualify as anti-British there are so many more things that the BBC would have to hate which I don’t think they do.


        • Gunn says:

          Actually, the BBC recognises IS as ‘Islamist’ rather than Islamic, because they believe this weasel formulation is a way of implying that the group perverts whatever the core ‘Islamic’ faith is supposed to be.

          Additionally, if you watch tv broadcasts, you may notice a curious tic on the part of all bbc newsreaders who mention IS – they always put a ‘so-called’ in front of ‘Islamic State’ probably to highlight that IS ‘isn’t really’ Islamic.

          Ultimately, it gets a bit tiring that the defenders of the BBC propaganda at best can trot out a link to a webpage that simply won’t be seen by the vast majority of the BBC audience, but don’t want to answer the question as to how obvious partisanship is justifiable in the tv news programmes that are in fact seen by the majority of the BBC’s audience.


          • ChrisL says:

            Does ‘Islamist’ really do that? I think that when most people hear that word in conjunction with terrorism it’s clear that the terrorism is motivated by some form of Islam.

            Who are you to define what the core Islamic faith is?
            I’m certainly in no position to do so. Neither are you. Muslims themselves are surely the best-placed people to define what Islam truly is, but clearly there are different sects of Islam so even then there won’t be agreement. There are Muslims who support IS, and there are Muslims who repudiate them and all the other terrorists attacks carried out by other Muslims.

            Is it not also possible that ‘so-called’ is a way of casting doubt on the legitimacy of IS as a state, rather than on how Islamic it is? I certainly wouldn’t claim to know why people at the BBC do things as you have, unless of course you’re an insider.


    • Mike says:

      I read the glowing biography on the CAGE website. apparently it all started when he was refused entry into Tanzania where he was looking forward to going on safari with some chums. Yet when he was returned to this country, CAGE said that cruelly he was left at Dover with no money to get home. So how was he going to pay for his holiday and safari? Strange that he wasn’t asked that. Maybe he had some friends in that part of the world after all


  10. Simon says:

    plus this wasn’t a “slipping through the net” but a case of their are too many people for the security services to follow. The bbc would never follow up that line of enquiry as it would lead straight back to 1997 and a deliberate mass immigration policy that they supported(and continue to support)


  11. George R says:

    Pamela Geller, still banned from U.K-

    “BBC and SKY News Broadcast Jihad John Supporter:

    Defending ISIS beheader as a ‘beautiful, kind young man’”

    – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2015/02/bbc-and-sky-news-broadcast-jihad-john-supporter-defending-isis-beheader-as-a-beautiful-kind-young-man.html/#sthash.9tFJUpVf.dpuf


  12. Odo Saunders says:

    This morning Nicky “Gameshow” Campbell on Radio Five “gets much worse” Live was very concerned initially as to whether “beautiful and kind” Jihad “John” had become a psychopathic murderer due to the activities of the Security Services, when previously he had been an ordinary student at Westminster University. Surprisingly the BBC’s Security Correspondent, Frank Gardiner, gave him short thrift, by stating that Jihad “John” had alreday been turned before the Security Services had become aware of him, and he was solely responsible for becoming the monster he is today. Further, the issue was the lack of resources, which means that the Security Services are unable to monitor effectively all suspects. As a result of this crushing critique, Gardiner appeared a journalistic titan compared to the witless Campbell.

    Not yet finished, Campbell then interviewed a security case-officer, who was himself a Moslem, who supported everything Gardiner stated. This officer, when he was at university, had joined the Islamic Society, but discovered after the third meeting that the organisers were only keen to preach the message of Islamic supremacy, after which he left the society. Jihad “John” had joined such a society at Westminster University, thus again indicating that he was already readicalised before the Security Services became aware of him. Campbell quickly brought the interview to a close.

    However, when he came to interview a representative from the hideous Cage Organisation, his tone had changed markedly, no doubt realising that his views were not in alignment with those of mainstream society. As a result, he conducted a an interview that was highly critical of the supporters of this organisation, which contrasted markedly with his earlier approach.

    What this demonstrated was that Campbell is no journalist, as he had not bothered to properly research the background to this odious individual before he went on air. His sole concern is to play to the luvvie, left-leaning Metropolitan gallery, without any thought about journalistic integrity, although I suspect that many members of that parish are thoroughly appalled by Jihad “John’s” activities. He still has the mindset of a compere of a quiz/talent show, and the sooner he is forced out of the “news” section of the BBC, and made to host a programme such as Strictly Come Dancing or Tumble, the better!! Unfortunately, the programme executives of the BBC would not know the difference between a news and a talent programme. Never mind, we can look forward this weekend on the BBC to wall-to-wall Premier League and Six Nations Rugby and forget about the fate of the unfortunate inhabitants of the Middle East.


    • Peter Grimes says:

      Princess Nicki Campbell is a prize twunt!!

      And fucking useless to boot!


    • D1004 says:

      Odo Saunders, I salute you sir, you have summed up the mind set of senior management and that of the muppet “game show” , all current events are taking place way above his ability to understand and he is badly out of his depth. You have well and truly summed him up, if there was a god in heaven it would be written on his gravestone, ” He played to the gallery” .


    • hippiepooter says:

      I haven’t heard Nicky Campbell for a few years, but used to listen to him a lot and am a huge fan.

      Frank Gardiner’s response is indeed startling, but maybe Campbo knew what the answer was going to be before he asked the question, maybe he knew what the Moslem MI5 case officer was going to say before he came on, and maybe they were on before the Cage guy precisely to prime a hostile interview of him?

      One thing that hugely undermines the credibility of this site are the absurd attacks on Nicky Campbell. He’s generally a bit of a leftie, but takes his remit to be objective very seriously, while being a great laugh at the same time.


  13. TigerOC says:

    Here’s my take. Murderous Mo was born in Kuwait and assumed British nationality by virtue of residence.

    When he was found to be a security risk the Home Secretary should have revoked his citizenship and deported him back to Kuwait. End of. No to the EU ‘uman rights mob, no to CAGE.

    The question is what the hell is he and his family still doing in the UK? They were probably asylum seekers and should have been repatriated when Iraq was sorted out.


    • Peter Grimes says:

      Bet his parents bought their council home under right-to-buy. Cash probably.


      • D1004 says:

        Apparently his father was a Kuwaiti policeman, and no that doesn’t make any sense to me either as to why he wanted to come here or was allowed to.


    • I have yet to find out how and why his family were allowed residence. MSM and the BBCkeeping silent on that. Wonder why…maybe perhaps a certain party that got in in 97 had a non existent immigration policy. And that wouldn’t look too good with an election coming up in 10 weeks.

      Like the Chilcott Enquiry. The stupid plebs mustn’t make a decisions on ALL information provided. It must be withheld by the state broadcaster and/or the main political parties.

      Peter Hitchens has a theory that the left actually like the Tories. They are the constant pretend Right wingers. Where the f@&ck-wit proles go to wave the flag. The Tories like this as they aren’t really right wing and put up with pantomime villain exposure as they get the votes.

      I believe they all are capable of anything at this time. The multicultural experiment has gone tits up (any one heard the MC word used recently?). And they are scrabbling around to hold everything together. The lies WILL increase. It doesn’t matter if Labour get in or not.

      The political classes and their pimp the beeb have betrayed this country. The f@&ked up social iexperiment/gerrymandering/EU sellout/expenses pocketing lot of them have been rumbled. They should be thankful that UKIP is the people’s two fingers to them. Any other country, and this is why I admire the Greeks (finding myself once in aftermath of one of their riots – I didn’t agree but I admired their resolve) they would be out on the streets. The political classes should be very worried by middle England’s backlash. I am one of them. I will be there.


  14. London Calling says:

    Why were Kuwaiti’s given social housing? What did his parents do to justify migration to a country 3,000 miles away? Why the UK? Where are they now and what do they have to say about the monster they raised? Strangely incurious, our journalists.

    We’ve heard the MI5 bollox before with the Lee Rigby killer, its from the same Al Quaeda songbook as “I woz tortured” Tell lies to distract the enemy. The CAGE schtick is same tactic. Turn the murderer into a victim, so someone else is to blame. What’s their funding, remind us?

    Obama started it with his apology to the Arab world for Bush’s foreign policy. It’s all our fault they want to kill us. If we stop and apologise they will leave us alone. Seems not to have worked, has it?

    It’s a good joke that only Kay Burley had the balls to call CAGE out.


  15. stuart says:

    would the media please stop using this christian name john to describe this low life headcutting piece of islamist vermin,he is not christian he is muslim,his name is mohammed emwazi so lets refer to him as jihadi mohammed,yes all day on radio 5 live from nicky campbell to tony livesey and no doubt stephen nolan tonight we had listened to the same old crap from the cage islamists and the far left apologists for isis making up all types of excuses for why jihadi mohammed does what he does,one thing is missing here,no mention of islam,yes islam,if you captured jihadi mohammed today and asked him why he kills and beheads innocent people i guess his answer would be this,i jihadi mohammed kiil the dirty kaffir and infidel in the name of my religion called islam and to defend the name of my god called the prophet mohammed peace be upon,i jihadi mohammed do not murder people because i am poor,because i am alienated or because of the security services,i jihadi mohammed is totally loyal to the islamic state and the muslim caliphate which i will kill and die for inshalla.


  16. Alex says:

    The leftist veil of lies about Islam is unraveling before our eyes; everyone I know, even those who read that disgusting Muslim terrorist apologist rag, The Independent, are waking up to the realisation that many aspects of Islam are not compatible with modern western culture. No other religion is causing such social strife, violence and intolerance. We now have a terrible situation whereby thousands of Isis supporters are living amongst us; and all because successive generations of treacherous Marxist filth have sought to dismantle our national identity for ideological reasons; the leftist education system, Liebour, the BBC, the Guardian and the Independent have all conspired to brainwash the populace as a means of mobilising momentum for their foul design…. it’s worked to an extent, but there are murmurs of a fightback.


    • Phobic-ist says:

      Absolutely spot on, Alex….I find myself quaking with rage far too often these days over the appalling antics of our leftist media, twisting and contorting to constantly present these evil muslim bastards as nothing other than victims…..and that’s just from watching Sky’s News as I can’t stomach the BBC news output.


  17. Guest Who says:

    I share this secure in the knowledge that the BBC could care less* about their latest editorial by omission outing (in all senses), but will be livid that their treasured pursuit of and claim of exclusives is called into question.


    *’Qureshi’s appearances on the BBC have been remarkable for the fact that introductions and descriptions of the organization he represents have breached editorial guidelines by failing to comply with the clause which commits the BBC to “clearly summarising the standpoint of any interviewee where it is relevant”.’


  18. George R says:

    “Jihadi John and the apologists for terror ”

    [Opening excerpt]:-
    “For 52 excruciating minutes on Thursday, the BBC broadcast a stream of propaganda from the Muslim ‘human rights group’ Cage, blaming MI5 for the evil crimes of the Islamic State ‘executioner’ known as Jihadi John.
    “Instead of condemning this psychopathic monster – identified as London taxi driver’s son Mohammed Emwazi – Asim Qureshi, Cage’s research director, had the effrontery to paint him as a victim.
    “At a press conference also televised live by Sky, he eulogised Emwazi as ‘a beautiful, gentle young man’ – completely glossing over the fact that he has hacked off the heads of six helpless hostages and 22 captured Syrian soldiers.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2972938/DAILY-MAIL-COMMENT-Jihadi-John-apologists-terror.html#ixzz3T2rXRrer


  19. roland says:

    did you see the smug looking white guy in the middle chairing that press conference with the cage jihadis,he was john rees founder of the socalist workers party,what more proof now do we need now that the far left have formed an alliance with radical fascist islam.


  20. big-nose.com says:

    Smartphone user reviews, ratings, buying advice and price comparison.


  21. peter taylor says:

    Top website. Yes I pointed this out to the wife, since when do you start a news item on Radio 2 with blaming the security services on a man’s terrorism?

    Bloody disgraceful, if only the wife would allow me to pull the licence fee and watch non live tv, I’d be a happy man.


  22. Pounce says:

    And to think that only a few years ago the left were complaining about how people were referring to London as londonstan due to their being so many intolerent Islamic thugs in the City. Sex in the city more like jihad in the city.


  23. ISISrael says:

    So this is where all the Interent retards end up? I guess no one told you idiots that these videos were faked and the press have had to come out and do damadge controll?


    And heres the fake burning one:


    about time you fucking bell ends woke up


  24. Rupert says:

    I wonder if a white spremacist had nail bombed an ethnic community centre, would that be blamed on MI5’s bungling as well?


  25. Teddy Bear says:

    While this article in the Commentator is fairly sardonic at the way the BBC has been presenting ‘Jihadi John’, it does show what the BBC believe themselves to be doing with their effort to show this vile piece of scum as a victim.
    So long as we don’t blame the religion of peace.
    Have you been radicalised, poor thing?
    He’s affectionately now known as Jihadi John. But how he could possibly have been “radicalised” is apparently a total mystery to the BBC and the British establishment. As we continue to commit civilisational suicide, sometimes only satire will do