On time and for your attention – a brand new Open Thread for the weekend. This is where you detail the bias. I also wanted to thank those who came along for the BBC Question Time live chat last. The system seemed to work ok and so I hope many more will click the link, register, and join in the fun and games next week.

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  1. Charlatans says:

    US, NATO and the EU combined got it totally wrong on Ukraine. In much the same way as Bush and Blair played big boys games with Iraq, leaving millions displaced, dead, wounded or now having heads chopped off, thrown off buildings, trying to escape in their thousands to Europe from North Africa, Syria, Afghan and no end of other nations.

    Following is the long suffering perspective from Ukranians – bit slow – but showing the harrowing hell produced by these policies of US, NATO and EU:


  2. George R says:

    In Canadian case, INBBC does NOT denounce Islamic jihadist terrorist, but empathises with “gunman” and his motives.

    Compare reports:-

    1`.) ‘Jihadwatch’-

    “The RCMP has finally released the video that jihad murderer Michael Zehaf Bibeau made, explaining why he was waging jihad. He murdered Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at Canada’s National War Memorial, then stormed Parliament Hill before dying in a shootout inside the Centre Block.

    “He lists a series of grievances that the Canadian government has supposedly committed against Muslims. This kind of thing leads many Western analysts to believe that if Western authorities just redress those grievances, all will be well. They don’t realize that he is situating his actions in the context of defensive jihad, which is the only jihad permissible in the absence of a caliph (apparently he didn’t accept the Islamic State caliphate). He has to list grievances to justify his action, but if those grievances were redressed, there wouldn’t be peace, there would just be more grievances, with the jihad imperative to subjugate the Infidels (as per Qur’an 9:29) remaining the constant.”


    2.) INBBC:-

    [ no mention of –
    ‘Muslims’ ‘jihad’ ]-

    “Canada gunman blamed foreign policy, video reveals”



  3. I Can See Clearly Now says:


  4. outsider says:

    I think I heard the beeb describing the mslim child rape epidemic as ‘the child exploitation scandal’.

    That’s one way of putting it, I suppose.


    • Dover Sentry says:

      ‘child exploitation scandal’.

      Makes it sound like a poorly paid paper round.

      ‘child rape scandal’ would be more accurate.



  5. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC2 tonight : The Revolution Will Be Televised – Best of Series 1-3, 1 of 2

    Compilation of the best bits of series 1, 2 and 3. Tony Blair receives a stained-glass window; ‘Dave’ Cameron get a visit from an old Bullingdon mate; Amazon’s head office gets a rebrand; Dale Maily gets inside the story of guns in America and attends an EDL rally; and the City Bankers take part in a charity collection. James and Barnaby meet Sarah Palin and Bill Clinton.

    Shan’t be watching but that seems to hit just about all targets on the political spectrum…. except…. well, er… Miliband, Greens, Feminists, Co-Op Bank, Race Hustlers, Muslims, The EU, Political Gays, Scots Nats…


  6. Dazed & Confused says:

    Excellent. Absolutely excellent…


    • Becca says:

      Excellent indeed .


    • Well done. You must watch this. Everyone must watch this.


    • Mr Glodstone says:

      That is exceptionally good – thanks for posting it.
      I expect he’ll be getting an invite to appear on Question Time or to do Thought for the Day any time now.


      • noggin says:

        For some reason George is under the Al BBC radar …
        don t worry if at all possible he won t get any Beeb airtime, and the “Beebot Inquisition” would have to go
        imminent if he did.


  7. Aerfen says:

    As we know the BBC has long been to the forefront of promoting outrageous and deviant sexual mores. Today was no exception.

    Radio four at five o clock , so well before the ‘watershed’ (does this exist anymore?) was a ridiculous debate ‘Does pornography empower women?’

    How typical of Beeboids to even start with the fallacious reasoning of a loaded question.
    Jane Garvey seemed delighted that by the end there had been a slight shift of opinion in favour of the this deranged view. The BBC having no doubt loaded the audience as well, judging by the whooping and braying of the leftist porn loving extremists, the only surprise is that there were more than a handful opposed in the first place! 😮 Possibly a few plants agreed to switch sides to add conviction to the views of the pornogrpahy lobby?


  8. johnnythefish says:

    How long before the BBC start creaming their pants over this?

    ‘Experts have long predicted that climate change will be a major source of conflict as drought and rising temperatures hurt agriculture, putting a further strain on resources in already unstable regimes.

    But the Syria conflict is the first war that scientists have explicitly linked to climate change.’


    There are people making up this shite who are not comedians but nonetheless are getting paid (by you and me).

    And there are others who will believe it who also are not comedians but definitely are brainless morons.

    The world has gone stark staring fucking bonkers.


  9. GCooper says:

    Comment overheard recently, made by an academic geographer, concerning the atrocious winter weather in the USA: “And there are still people who dispute climate change!” by which she meant ‘global warming’.

    That’s how insane these people are.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Climate Change is better than Global Warming because it can mean Global Cooling. But the morons are mixed up by brainwashing, so Climate Change can only mean Global Warming.

      I have also heard about morons undergoing Climate Reality training, but I don’t think that they are taught Atmospheric Physics, or how to calibrate atmospheric warming using a formula that has been proven to work on more than one planet.

      Evolution has Darwin, Relativity has Einstein, and Climate has Nikolov, but until 2011, Climate had Arrhenius, who caused all this loony problem with the morons, but I bet most people have never heard of Arrhenius because the BBC has never gone into the core issues of the science with an Atmospheric Physicist. The latest BBC program suggested that the Computer Models cannot fail because of the mathematics, but the Computer Models fail because of errors inputted from Climate science, not the mathematics. So the whole premise of the documentary was moronic lunacy from three people ignorant of Climate science, using three IPCC headline numbers.


  10. thoughtful says:

    BBC favourite effnik Keif Vaz snapped with his campaign waggon parked in a disabled parking space. Strangely there’s no mention on the BBC news though




  11. flexdream says:

    “Living with the J-word”

    ‘Being hated is part of being Jewish, argues author and broadcaster Michael Goldfarb, speaking from his personal experience over the past 50 years.’

    Being the BBC people here will not be surprised to know that a piece on current anti-semitism does make reference to; ‘Right Sector’,’far-right nationalist party’,’far-right Jobbik party’,’Christianity’,’Catholic’
    but makes no reference to; ‘left wing’,’far left’,’islam’,or ‘muslim’.

    It includes this insightful gem “The New Testament on the other hand makes plentiful use of the J-word and defined “Jew” as a term of abuse for the best part of 1,800 years.”
    As he puts it “A new cycle of Jew-hatred/anti-Semitism has begun in Western Europe since Israel’s third war with Hamas” and it’s clear where this hatred is coming from isn’t it?


    • flexdream says:

      Can anyone think of a holy book which really does define “Jew” as a term of abuse?

      Match these quotes;

      “Judgment Day will not come before the Muslims fight the Jews, and the Jews will hide behind the rocks and the trees, but the rocks and the trees will say: Oh Muslim , oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him”

      “You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.”

      “What is the object of the Jew’s worship in this world? Usury. What is his worldly God? Money.”

      With these writers;

      Karl Marx
      Prophet Mohammed
      St John


  12. George R says:

    “Anger after BBC scraps interview that called for its chief to quit over her £513,000 second job with scandal-hit HSBC.

    “Called for Rona Fairhead to resign over £10,000-a-day second job.

    “Due to be questioned by MPs after Mail On Sunday revealed payments.

    “Figure dwarfs £110,000 salary of main job overseeing BBC.

    “Axed interview said she was not ‘fit and proper person’ to be in charge.”



    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2984616/Anger-BBC-scraps-interview-called-chief-quit-513-000-second-job-scandal-hit-HSBC.html#ixzz3TpjnSFIy


  13. Guest Who says:


    Tomorrow I’m going to see if I can find that post of Helen Bowden from The Editors blog; the one where she says impartiality runs in their genes.

    There’s also that other one where a market rate talent, maybe even a DG or Trust chair, says they all leave their politics at the door.

    They do tell such things quite often.


  14. thoughtful says:


    Azad Ali second in command of the United Association of Fascists, and Islamic terror supporter:

    “Ali has stated that he has attended talks with Abu Qatada of al-Qaeda. In a 2008 IFE blog, Ali called al-Qaeda’s Anwar Al-Awlaki “one of my favourite scholars and speakers”. Ali has denied that the 2008 Mumbai attacks were terrorism.”

    “In 2009, Ali was suspended as a civil servant in the Treasury after he praised Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, Osama bin Laden’s key mentor, and wrote approvingly on his blog of Azzam’s son saying that as a Muslim he is religiously obliged to kill British soldiers in Iraq. In the blog he also criticised the British Foreign Secretary David Miliband after the minister had condemned the Palestinian Muslim militant organisation Hamas for encouraging attacks on Israeli civilians. The exposé was by The Mail on Sunday, whom Ali unsuccessfully sued in 2010. Later that year, the Labour Party were accused by the opposition Conservatives of appearing with Ali to gain Muslim votes, after two Labour ministers, Harriet Harman and Ed Miliband, spoke at a campaign event with Ali. He used his speech to praise the Muslim militant groups Hamas and Hezbollah”

    And there you have it, an extremist which the British government and the Leugenpresse find more acceptable than people protesting against extremism.


  15. Pounce says:

    Monday morning, and the bBC starts the new week with a couple of stories which continue with the bBC agenda of promoting the religion of Islam as only a victim in the UK:
    Missing Syria girls’ families demand police apology
    The parents of the three UK schoolgirls missing in Syria have demanded an apology from the Metropolitan Police. It comes after the force wrongly said the families had known a close friend of the girls was already in Syria before they disappeared from London.
    Wrongly said bBC, a girl from the same school , from a close nit community and the parents didn’t know, yeah right!
    “On Friday, the girls’ families criticised police for not passing on “vital” information they say may have helped them to intervene in the trio’s plans.”
    So, the police got the school to send letters to the parents of their pupils regards the above girl who buggered off to Syria before these three and its the polices fault. Are you telling me, that no other parent mentioned this to the parents, on the streets, in the mosque or even on the school run?”
    Which brings me to the next bBC article:
    Anti-terror strategy a toxic brand – Muslim former officer
    The government’s “Prevent” strategy aimed at stopping violent extremism has become “a toxic brand”, a former senior Muslim police officer has said. Dal Babu said some officers involved in the programme lacked basic knowledge of race and faith issues.

    So a police officer who resigned because he didn’t get promoted is allowed to claim that the prevent strategy is toxic because most police officers in the UK are white. I quote:
    “”Many Muslims see Prevent as spying and those Muslim organisations who have taken Prevent funding have a considerable credibility gap within the Muslim community.”
    So hang on, the first article is about how the police didn’t know about or stop 3 young girls from buggering off to Syria and the Second bBC article is about how Muslims see the Police in trying to clamp down on Islamic terrorism as….spying.

    However all of the above bBC Muslims don’t trust the Police in London articles are undone by this one:
    Mosque and police work together to tackle domestic abuse
    For the first time, police in east London are working with a mosque to raise awareness of domestic violence.”

    Can somebody please explain why in this day and age , a so called major religion has to hold workshops in the Uk in which to inform the fairer sex of their followers that getting beaten for being a woman is simply not acceptable. I mean the report itself states that this is the first time that Police are working with Mosques, so I have to ask, what have the mosques been doing upto now. Silly me, they don’t trust our way of life and the left (Including the bBC) promote that fact as a result of racism from the 96% of non-Muslims in the UK.
    The bbC, rabble rousers and apologists for Islamic intolerance by blaming everyone bar….Islamic bigotry


  16. Pounce says:

    Anybody know why the bBC hasn’t opened a HYS on this story:
    Australia ‘sick of being lectured’ on migration
    Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said the country is “sick of being lectured” by the UN over its treatment of asylum seekers.
    It comes after the special rapporteur on torture said some aspects violated the convention against torture.


  17. Miss Dominique du Slap says:

    Has ‘Dal Babu’ got any other suggestions



  18. b says:

    Must be getting close to the election because the BBBC has been running a bunch of cuts items this morning.


  19. G8 says:

    Monday morning R4.

    Prayer for today ; loans for women setting up businesses in Bongo Bongo land. Don’t ask me.

    Farming programme; networking charity for small businesses in rural area’s for WOMEN ONLY.

    News, retired muslim chief superintendent police officer claiming non muslim cops have no idea how to find potential terrorist’s and numbers of muslim police far lower pro rata than general populas. ( more than representative in prisons but didn’t mention that ).
    Radio now in pieces having been thrown at the wall.


  20. Dave666 says:

    The sofa sloths have manages to mention the 3 schoolgirl jihad groupies again this morning.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      BBC : ‘The parents of the three UK schoolgirls missing in Syria have demanded an apology…. It comes after the force (the Met) wrongly said the families had known a close friend of the girls was already in Syria before they disappeared from London’

      To paraphrase House of Cards – You may believe that, I couldn’t possibly comment…

      ‘Close knit’ community, anyone?


  21. AsISeeIt says:

    “We’ve got these new symbols…”

    Says BBC weather missus Carol Kirkwood this morning.

    The weather outlook, she concedes, is “not particularly special” however she introduces we viewers to some new black dots with arrows and numbers on them. Maximum expected wind speeds we learn. “We usually show you white ones with average wind speeds”.

    Can anyone guess what’s going on here?

    Of course you can. The BBC and the Met Office – through the weather forcasting service – is desperately trying to persuade us all to the veracity of their conviction that we are suddenly prone to ‘weather weirding’.

    So as BBC Breakfast and the One Show become just like Blue Peter, the BBC Weather Forcast becomes Roy Castle’s Record Breakers.


  22. An English Gentleman says:

    How many more times am I going to be informed about the location and welfare of the three terrorist Islamic females that ‘fled’ this country to wage jihad?
    Now we are told that the family are ‘furious’ with the police for failing to stop it happening. What is this? Are the police supposed to be ‘in loco parenti’ aswell?
    If the family are SO worried why are they not out there looking tor these girls?

    ‘Frankly, my dear I don’t give a damn’…..is my response.

    But, yet again this is included in the news on an almost hourly basis. It is a non news item (again) that bbbc (and sky) are both including in their news agendas.

    Why is this so? By the way, don’t forget that if they do return to the UK that their terrorist husbands will then also have a right to reside in the UK and that includes the babies that , no doubt, all three will be carrying.

    What a joke this country must be………I didn’t vote for any of this


    • Becca says:

      Just vote UKIP !


    • Guest Who says:

      Not such Danny Cohen isn’t behind some wierd all female reality road show with this Snog, Marry, Void trio.

      Have to say the Trojan Heifer strategy is well devious to maintain our clearly depleting domestic stable of BBC outrage interviewees.

      I wonder if the girls and their new beaus are already picking out the drapes for the good ratepayers of Kensington & Chelsea to cover?


    • Dover Sentry says:

      Well said!


    • Call yourself and English Gentleman! Are you without pity? Are you not concerned about three bright young ladies who willingly and knowingly go off and join a medieval sect that burns people alive. Throws gays off roof tops, slices necks with knives and who film and enjoy these acts and…and … erh…yes I see your point…

      Its the bloody Met’s fault then! They should have been babysitting these girls and bringing them up to respect and celebrate different cultures and tuck them up and …erh…erh…erh… must be some one to blame…but its not that parents…hmmm can’t be them…who would it be…?


      • Dave666 says:

        No obviously what should be done is that any schoolgirls should be tagged then if they go near an airport a rapid response team could be warned to intercept obviously this would cause no issues as it would prevent any decrease in benefits, err no sorry grief to be caused


        • Becca says:

          Hundreds of young girls in the major cities of England get gang raped (groomed) and young girls get persuaded (groomed) to head out to a hell hole in the Middle East – What’s the common factor that Al Beeb can’t bring it self to even mention ? – Its those bloody ‘men’ again.


      • Llareggub says:

        Parents of the three sluts blame the Met. It is the bloody Met’s fault. They are permanently ready to stamp on anyone who dares to suggest that Islam could be responsible for the atrocities committed in its name, and go out of their way to suck up to the community leaders.


  23. Thoughtful says:

    BBC radio 4 ‘Today’ have taken up the cause of the far left ‘class war’ protest group.

    In London certain planning permission requires the developer to provide social housing, and they quite understandably have another entrance which the Fascists have dubbed ‘the poor door’.

    Not content with being able to live in a wealthy entrance the BBC believes that everyone should be allowed to use the same facilities, despite the owners in the block paying for facilities which are better than the basic. Not only do the Fascist want the social tenants to be able to use these facilities but that they shouldn’t have to pay for them !

    It’s then followed by another Fascist who has a point that unless the UK follows a policy of integration then conflict is the ultimate result. Of course there can only be one group to blame for this – whitey!
    He had forgotten the time the previous Fascists had destroyed the integration policy from 1950s to 1980s as they sought to impose the musings of a black communist – multiculturalism. One of the reasons they did this was because the Muslims refused point blank to integrate in any way at all, even learning English was too much for some, and Labour councils assisted them by translating everything at our expense.

    I expect that when the Labour Party do return to power we will see them having changed their hive mind away from the multi culti experiment which everyone in the real world knows has failed, and that they will forget what they have been responsible for in the past, blame everyone else, and then impose the new idea with savagery and legal sanction.


  24. Dover Sentry says:

    Officials banned from saying ‘Climate Change’


    Hope at last?