1. AsISeeIt says:

    The so-called news where you are

    BBC regional news this morning and it has been judged the most important item of information for Londoners : the latest episode of the BBC series The Three Mosqueteers

    Unfortunately nothing new has happened in this thrilling serial – as usual the families of our gap year Jihadis or teeny terrorists are blaming the “authorities” for just about everything.

    In the past I have made complaints to the BBC over their promotion of one-side of grievance stories where the potential for compensation is quite obviously crucial to the understanding of statements expressed and motivations involved – but where the BBC deliberately brushes the compensation issue under the carpet.

    This appears to me to be because there exists a symbiotic relationship between lawyers seeking compensation and issuing so-called ‘statements’ and a BBC hungry for human interest stories and always happy to bash ‘the man’ but reality and balance negligent.

    Naturally the BBC have been completely unrepentant in their replies to my requests for them to flag up the compensation issue.


    • Phil Ford says:

      The compensation angle is omnipresent, but when it comes to anything related to the RoP, it’s a lot more subtle: it’s mostly about wilful misdirection, about reinventing wrong-doing into blame, creating ‘victimhood’ out of their own misdemeanour. This is how the RoP operates – think of it as its mandate: to always seek to paint the RoP as the only true victim in any circumstance.

      Of course, Common Purpose cowards are more than happy to play along with this fiction – cheerled by the BBC (naturally), but aided in this effort by equally supine politicians (very few of whom seem at all acquainted with any concept of honesty).

      So the RoP always seeks to emerge from these incidents as somehow ‘wronged’, somehow the only real ‘victim’ – ‘cos, you know, ‘muslim yoof feel disengaged, innit?’, etc.

      The BBC sagely nods its head, and happily plays along.


    • Aerfen says:

      Indeed. I felt some sympathy for the parents at first, seeing the three girls as very silly teenagers who probably thought they were going to meet ‘boyfriends’ online. However in the last few days since the parents have started casting aspersions on the police, its become clear there is another agenda going on here. As ususal the police have kowtowed and apologised, though why they felt any need to apologise for not discussing another case with these parents is beyond me. I strongly suspect the parents are not as innocent in this sage as they purport to be.either.


      • Magpie watcher. says:

        What is said in the privacy of their homes and what is said in public are two separate things. The hatred for the west and everything it stands for are endemic. When there is a conspiracy to maim and kill as in the 7/7 attacks are we to believe that only the perpetrators were involved and their wider community had no idea what was being planned ? It’s taquiyya plain and simple. These girls were brought up to hate us and eventually destroy us, this trip was the first part of the plan.


        • Nibor says:

          Notice how these girls are given names that are not westernised . Immigrants before used to Anglicise their names , dropping Von ,Van , De etc , changing their Christian names to the nearest English equivalent . Lord Mond who founded ICI is an example .
          Also notice the dress sense of these families , originating from another culture , another place in the world .
          Why don’t they want to look British, or is that how the British will look soon ?


          • Ian Rushlow says:

            Traditionally, immigrants wanted to fit in and be given a fair opportunity to make a living. Religious and cultural differences were practiced at home or discretely – in public life they wanted to be British and to be seen to be British. Many of these recent immigrants are simply colonists and those who support them are collaborators.


            • Aerfen says:

              That attitude only applies so long as immigrants are kept in their box by being very much a small ethnic minority. When their numbers exceed a certain level, then they get cocky, and realise they dont need, to adopt the mores of the ethnic majority, they can continue ploughing their traditional furrows and just demand their “rights” (especially when we have our own native traitors and some powerful earlier immigrant descended who support them).


          • Aerfen says:

            I suspect the girls were born abroad, so not really surprising they have foreign names. Earlier immigrants usually did too, though they often adopted anglicised nicknames.

            Anjam Choudhary for example, when he was a long haired beer swilling student in Southhampton Uni was known as ‘Andy’.


        • Mark says:

          They don’t hate our western benefit payouts though.


      • Aerfen says:

        Ooops correction bad typo:
        I strongly suspect the parents are not as innocent in this case as they purport to be either.


      • noggin says:

        I feel that is absolutely the case, as is the insidious and consistent push toward blame, for one thing it is obvious projection,(second nature in Islam), and another is the angle moving toward compensation, the nauseating bogus “victim” narrative is to much to listen to.
        These are wannabe mass murderers, and traitors to our nation, they should be treated as such


        • Mr Glodstone says:

          They are traitors to our nation, but not traitors to the Ummah which is their nation.


      • IsItMe? says:

        I note the contrast with the 3 boys who have just been “retrieved” from Turkey on their way to join ISIS. Their parents reported them missing as soon as they failed to return home from Friday prayers. The parents of the jihadi schoolgirls didn’t report them missing until the following day…
        I find this most peculiar. I have a 14-year-old daughter and if she ever failed to return home when expected without explanation there is absolutely no way that I would wait until the following day before reporting her missing. It would be completely out of character for her to do something like that as, I imagine, it would be for these devout “straight-A” schoolgirls.


        • noggin says:

          Now come on 😀 … how are they going to get through customs, get the plane, and get into Turkey, and on route … if you do something silly like report them too early?.
          Haven t you ever noticed how obsessed Islamic fathers are,(especially erm “devout” ones), with controlling their daughters?
          … “something smells in the basement baby”
          that’s for sure.


          • Aerfen says:

            Yes exactly. I wondered about the parental control factor in the first place. The claim was that the girls had said they were going to a wedding but If my daughter had cooked up some story of ‘attending a wedding’ followed by a sleepover in a friends house at just fifteen, (there must have been some explanation regarding where they were spending the night), I would have been very keen to know all the details, whose wedding, where was it being held, how were they getting back, would she ring me and let me know as soon as they were safely returned to said friends house etc.

            And arent Muslim parents said to be stricter and keep MORE not LESS of a tight reain on their daughters than we do, even London teenagers are often not allowed out withouyt a male relative? Very sus!


            • Mina says:

              The parents are just upset that the girls could elope before the parents got the dowry payment for the girls upfront. Now they’ll have to try and shake down our government for ££.


              • Aerfen says:

                You believe they had no hint of what the girls were up to? None of these parents? LOL


    • Thoughtful says:

      You have to remember that the BBC doesn’t have a complaints department, so there is no point expecting a positive response to complaints.
      The BBC has a denial department and no matter how blatantly wrong the report, the BBC is ALWAYS right. Even if the BBC is found wrong by government committees or courts of law, the BBC will not accept their judgement. The BBC is ALWAYS RIGHT !


      • Guest Who says:

        Still worth letting them know not everyone thinks they are right.

        No matter how default the response, how protracted the process to drag it out to a closing from the ‘unfit for purpose’ Trust, by now a small glimmer of doubt will flicker in the minds of the drones involved that their place in history is on record and not as good as they may hope.

        Plus sharing replies here can really wind them up if they are caught with another template or daft excuse that serves to convince only within the hive.


      • Flexdream says:

        My limited experience is that on factual matters to do with non news items you will get a good and reasoned response.
        Anything to do with news coverage though and you are wasting your time complaining.
        This is because the bias is in the news and current affairs where those people with an agenda and mission are concentrated.


      • Dave666 says:

        Thoughtful you sound just like me. Or is it that we have both had the same experience of the BBc complaints department over the years.


      • Laska says:

        I experienced similar. The position of the BBC is not to criticise their journalists even if they demonstrate poor judgement or taste. They always say “respected…experienced”, etc. In short appeals to authority always come forth and a rejection of the complaint. What surprises me is that people make mistakes and misjudgements but the BBC seems to feel that any admission of fallibility is always to be avoided. Part of this is group loyalty and maintenance of the authority of presenters on TV and radio.


    • Mice Height says:

      I hope they don’t get any compensation. So far this voluntary repatriation drive is proving very cost effective to the tax-payer and not even landing him with the cost of the flights.


  2. nofanofpoliticians says:

    For some time now, BBC4 has been showing excellent drama/ thriller series on a Saturday evening. We have seen a couple of series of Borgen, The Bridge and most recently Hostages all of which have been fantastic and utterly compelling.

    All are foreign made often Skandinavian, but Hostages (arguably the best of the lot) was Israeli.

    Why can’t the BBC with all the funding at its disposal, make something that equals the brilliance of these?


    • Englands Dreaming says:

      Yes I totally agree, all the best Beeb TV (normally on BBC4) is non British. The Beeb seem unable to make any contemporary drama which feels real, always the PC box checking gets in the way.

      Spiral (French) I also enjoyed, but as it was part funded by BBC4 the box checking requirement lead to a few unbelievable characters.


      • Ian Rushlow says:

        I think that is generally true but there are some notable exceptions. For instance, Wolf Hall was well done and without any race and diversity nonsense. Still, I’m looking forward to the joint BBC/ISIS co-production about those poor three ‘British’ schoolgirls who were forced to go to Syria to escape the relentless Islamaphobia of the UK.


        • Aerfen says:

          Wont happen. That s too much of a challenge even for the Past Masters of Propaganda at the BBC. The problem is for them that for the indigenous audience to believe them innocent victims, they have to show the girls as ‘normal’ ordinary teenagers, who go out with their friends, want boyfriends (and even try to find them online go off for the night with their parents permission too , but this means they cannot also show them as ‘good’ pious obedient Muslims, thus disgusting the family and all the rellies and ‘offending’ the ‘Muslim community’. This is a circle that cannot be squared.


      • john in cheshire says:

        In addition, all the best comedy series come from the USA.


  3. Umbongo says:

    In an interview broadcast by the BBC this morning, the PM of Tuvalu asserted that the cyclone is due to “climate change”. Today immediately hauled on (at around 8:30 this morning) some Oxbridge climate “scientist” (ie a charlatan and liar) to confirm that this is so and that there’s never been a more violent hurrican or higher windspeed anywhere ever. 10 seconds on google and I came up with this piece of information ie a 1996 windspeed of 253 mph in Australia as against 185 mph for this one. Bias, lies and propaganda: it’s the new (and accurate) BBC motto to replace “Nation shall speak peace unto nation”


    • Phil Ford says:

      The PM of Tuvalu is just rattling the tin, perhaps for understandable reasons, if very cynically. Any climate scientist can tell you there has been no measurable increase in the global frequency or force of hurricanes, cyclones, tornados, floods, droughts, etc in the past 20 years (or more); no attribution to ‘climate change’ as a cause of so-called ‘extreme weather’ (e.g. normal storms, floods, droughts, etc that we’ve always had) is possible – even the IPCC (allegedly the world’s foremost authority on ‘climate change’) admits this.

      The BBC, of course, don’t care for the facts. As a publicly-funded political organisation (now its primary role), it is only ever interested in ‘shaping the discussion’ around its preferred narratives; in this case the entirely fraudulent political project known as CAGW. Scientific truth be damned.


      • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

        A word of praise for John Humphrys, of whom I’m not normally a great fan. I heard the climate change piece at about 8:35 on ‘Today’ on Radio 4 (to which I think Umbongo refers, see above) and thought that Humphrys did ask the right questions at least twice.

        He mentioned the lack of significant temperature rises ‘for ten years or so’ in spite of increased CO2 levels and did ask the ‘expert’ about the high winds, e.g. recently on Vanuatu, and whether they really were the highest ever or just the highest since the year x.

        This is what he and others should do more of: play devil’s advocate, not for the sake of a studio argument, but to get the experts to justify what they claim by intelligent questioning.


        • Umbongo says:

          True – Humphrys even asked about the computer models on which the whole cod-“science” is based. Unfortunately a bit of handwaving from the “scientist” about how “models” can’t be exact (but are reliable just the same apparently) and Humphrys’ interrogation subsided. You’re right, some intelligent questioning wouldn’t go amiss. Even better would be intelligent questioning from Humphrys with a few facts at his fingertips. Even better than that would be to get a warmism sceptic in to oppose the good professor and have a thorough-going debate. Well the BBC has ruled that we’re not going to have one of those (ever!) and, frankly, the odd possibly awkward question from a badly- or non-briefed Humphrys is not a satisfactory substitute.


          • johnnythefish says:

            Had Humphrys done his homework – as is his job – he would have known the models were so far from ‘exact’ not one of them predicted the lack of warming over the last 18 years and could then have primed his challenges accordingly.

            But that would have been heresy. And he knows which side his bread is buttered on.


            • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

              If anyone could afford to speak the truth, it would be someone like Humphrys. His salary has been huge, between a third and half of a million pounds a year, and he’s well over 70 years of age and can have little to lose now by speaking out. He should strike more blows for proper journalism.


  4. George R says:

    More on boss, Danny COHEN-

    “BBC boss waging ‘personal war’ against Top Gear star claims Clarkson’s friend AA Gill.

    “The BBC boss who suspended Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson was yesterday accused of waging a personal war against the star.”



    • Guest Who says:

      If he is…was… it has not really worked out too well for him or the entity he is tasked with leading, vs. just one man.

      Maybe the BBC top floor should check their own rhetoric.

      A huge number of folk are going to suffer from the fallout of this little vendetta, and I am not sure JC will be top of the list, unless an actual criminal act was committed and proven.


  5. George R says:

    “The real reason why BBC has a beef with Clarkson”

    By Janet Dowle.


    “There has to be something deeper in this than a heated row over a steak. Could it be that in the right-on, politically-correct world of the BBC, Clarkson is just too male, too white and too middle-class to fit the mould? I think it would be safe to argue that he is. After all, this is a public service broadcasting organisation that lets Russell Brand loose on Newsnight.

    “It ties itself into such knots over who presents its shows, promotes a generally left-wing political agenda that confuses ordinary voters, and generally exhibits all the evidence of living in a completely separate universe from the country it seeks to reflect. Does anything prove this more than putting a highly-paid executive in charge of an investigation over a steak?

    “When the dust has settled, this is what licence-fee payers will remember of this incident. And if those who worship at the shrine of Clarkson end up losing their favourite presenter to another channel, they won’t forgive the BBC for it. They can hold all the hifalutin’ debates they like over news bias and gender equality, but nothing will touch a nerve like Clarkson taking his bat home.”



    • Thoughtful says:

      Thing with this is that everyone knows that the BBC is biased to the left, how far to the left is the point of debate, but they are as isolated and in the same place as those members of ‘the party’ (LibLabCon), who are too hopelessly inept to do anything about it.

      It simply doesn’t matter whether the people won’t forgive the BBC, they are an irrelevance because they will still be forced to pay for a program they no longer watch, and their political masters will simply make them pay even more to make up the shortfall from the sale of Top Gear program abroad.

      One of the most ironic thing that they don’t seem to get through their blinkered bigotry is that Clarkson is enormously popular in foreign countries! If he was the demagogue they believe him to be then the foreigners would hate him, fact is that they don’t buy much of the other pap the BBC puts out. Downton is another favourite of foreigners and HATED with a passion by the BBC Fascists, listen to Brigstocke vent his spleen about it.

      In short nothing will change in beebland, and that in a nutshell is the entire problem.


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘their political masters will simply make them pay even more to make up the shortfall’

        Straws and camels spring to mind. Eventually they do run out of other people’s money.

        The interesting part is if patience precedes it.


        • Thoughtful says:

          They are intending to disguise the amount by incorporating it into the general rates and making every property owner pay it. That way they can double it and if you protest they will still send you to prison and seize your goods.
          Under the oppressive government the TV tax will become even more aggressively collected than it was before.


          • Mrs Kitty says:

            They do this in France but as our tax is only 10% of what it was in UK we can’t moan too hard. French TV is abysmal but funny and about 30 years behind UK . Our favorite is their version of the Price is Right, madness and we do get to learn numbers.


  6. George R says:

    for INBBC’s DONNISON to censor?-

    “Terror suspects accused of plotting brutal public beheading in Sydney
    to plead not guilty to charges.

    “Mohammad Kiad and Omar Al-Kutobi plan to plead not guilty.
    “The men were arrested in February after a raid on their Fairfield house.
    “Lawyer says evidence against the terror suspects ‘not convincing.’
    “Police allegedly uncovered a machete, a hunting knife, an Islamic State flag
    and a video of them making threats of carrying out a terrorist attack.”


    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2996730/Terror-suspects-Omar-Al-Kutobi-Mohammad-Kiad-allegedly-planned-carry-brutal-public-beheading-Sydney-plead-not-guilty-charges.html#ixzz3UXnqr0dQ


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘“Lawyer says evidence against the terror suspects ‘not convincing.’

      Given precedent alone, what has been assembled seems pretty convincing to me. Especially given justice meted out to other folk based solely on what they may have said on twitter.

      Have to like the lawyer’s pinstripe suit. very Mehdi. It is of course he who has seen the video… ‘and it’s not convincing’.

      Maybe he feels the BBC ‘tell it often enough’ approach will serve? May do, if JonDon works his magic. Like Danny Cohen & Clarkson, he seems more than indulged in his vendettas, and if Mr. Abbott is being targeted with any excuse by tribal media, he’ll be first in line, especially with a nice Middle Eastern grievance twist to the tale.

      Speaking of Jihadis:

      ‘Kiad, who immigrated to Australia from Kuwait in 2009’

      Seems an interesting place for folk to have once been before coming to the West to ‘contribute’.


  7. George R says:

    The black flag of the anti-frackers-

    “Why the Left is Saudi Arabia’s greatest ally.

    “Saudi Arabia has an atrocious human rights record, in practically every respect. But the Saudis and Western Left-liberals have an issue in common that make these two groups unlikely allies — both despise energy independence.”



  8. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC Breakfast guest lambasts lifestyle choice of millions as “weird”

    Was this a comment on homosexuality?

    Does it refer to inter-racial marriage?

    Don’t be silly, if either of the above were the case the BBC/Twitter heavens would fall in.

    In fact, this morning on the Breakfast sofa we had guests talking about life in the 1950s. A youngster talks about the role of women in the home and lets slip that it is now considered ‘weird’ for a woman to be a stay-at-home mum.

    She corrects herself – perhaps realising the word ‘weird’ is just a tad strong, even for the ultra-liberal BBC airwaves.

    The girl herself is an innocent – she has been filled up with her right on notions (‘groomed’ if you will) and provided with few hints that there may be ways other than those that are called ‘progressive’.

    Her sentiments are acknowledged and approved by the BBC – but not really to be expressed quite so blatantly – eh?

    Everyday casual Leftism is at work on the BBC

    See link below to a blog that is a good read on these kinds of issues.

    NB this is not an official Conservative site – fear not, they are no fans of Cameron or the BBC



  9. Jeff Waters says:

    It’s good to know that this sometime Newsnight presenter doesn’t have an ax to grind with conservatives.

    There was a member of the Thought Police in Orwell’s 1984 with the name of O’Brien. Life imitating art…


    • Guest Who says:

      Clearly another who leaves their politics at home… from whence they tweet.

      Talkshow Host: Weekdays 10am @LBC @OBrien_TV starts Monday March 30th ‘Charm personified,’ The Observer.

      It does appear his views are not his own. Interesting that does not seem a requirement outside the confines of screaming ‘I work for the BBC!!!!!’ timelines?

      ‘he continues to make regular appearances on national television including BBC TV’

      There’s a surprise.

      Still the spirit of Jasmine strong in this one is.


    • Deborah(another) says:

      The. Labour Party / Guardian / BBC are getting desperate.Norman Smith on News 24 was asked if this will be bad for the Tories.His answer….It depends if his colleagues get behind it and make it a big story.
      In contrast on Sky,Joey Jones said well most MPs have second jobs and it will only be an issue if other Tories brief against Grant Shapps.
      BBC setting the agenda again..


      • johnnythefish says:

        ‘It depends if his colleagues get behind it and make it a big story.’

        Meanwhile, back at the irony-free BBC, they make it the top news item and get in the usual Labour attack dogs for interview.



        • Angrymanupnorth says:

          Also, Grant ‘Mr Green’ Shapps and his ‘second job’ was the lead story on today’s Daily Politics 16.3.15, BBC2 1200Hrs.

          Fifty odd days to go the GE2015 and a politics show starts off with a BBC/Guardian joint venture to discuss the definition of ‘what is a second job’ and ‘did Grant Shapps lie’?

          BBC. Defining and driving their agenda.Ignoring the real political and economic issues.

          What we don’t need from the BBC is in depth time wasting as to whether this Tory or that labour or t’other Libdem politician has/does lie.

          Clue BBC. Their lips are moving.

          Vote UKIP. Scrap the telly tax.


    • Simon says:

      O’Brien is another one of those privileged lefties who always seems so angry


      • Conan the Contrarian says:

        Sometime Newsnight presenter and putative B BC staffer O’Brien is a hypocritical leftist whose student politics fit perfectly with those of his soulmates at the Beeb.

        O.B. and the other presenters make LBC sound increasingly like Womans Hour these days. LBC used to be a good station with a fair spread of left/right opinion , but it’s Newspeak LibLabCon these days ,with the emphasis on the Lab.


  10. Thoughtful says:

    Yesterday I posted a piece about the ‘influence’ Saudi Arabia and its allies have over Western leaders and their foreign & domestic policies.

    At the outbreak of the conflict in Syria, Saudi hated the Yazidi Bashar al Assad, so we hated him too. Saudi backed the Sunni rebels and ISIS in its early stages. It all went a bit wrong when ISIS announced that they wanted to destroy the Kaaba at Mecca.

    Saudi has taken a while to decide how it wants to handle this, the death of the King probably hasn’t helped, but now it has decided that Bashar Al Assad is the best solution after all, and guess what? So have we !


    Who would have thought that? As soon as Saudi decides, America complies !

    Watch this interview with Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal by a compliant BBC woman in which he sets out Saudi concerns and policy for the region.


    It’s obvious the Sunni Saudis are concerned about a nuclear armed hostile Shia Iran, watch for a US change of policy on this soon, and I have no doubt the change will be put down to Israeli/Jewish pressure, and not the real power behind the throne.


  11. Pounce says:

    Spot the difference:
    Race should be discussed, Trevor Phillips says
    Former Equalities and Human Rights Commission head Trevor Phillips has warned about “not being able to have a straight conversation” about people’s “racial or religious differences”….He also criticised remarks made by UKIP leader Nigel Farage, calling for race discrimination laws to be scrapped….He also criticised remarks made by UKIP leader Nigel Farage, calling for race discrimination laws to be scrapped….Mr Phillips said he was making a “separate point” to Mr Farage, which was that “sometimes we need to think about these things positively rather than negatively”.
    The bBC end with:
    Mr Phillips said he was making a “separate point” to Mr Farage, which was that “sometimes we need to think about these things positively rather than negatively”.
    Trevor Phillips Says Multiculturalism Is ‘A Racket’ Ahead Of Channel 4 Race Documentary
    Politicians and journalists are “terrified” of discussing race, leaving multiculturalism to become a “racket” exploited by some to entrench segregation, according to a former equality chief. Trevor Phillips, a former chairman of the predecessor to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, The Commission For Racial Equality (CRE), suggested some ethnic groups had become “isolated” and politicians’ unwillingness’ to address the issue had led to the rise of “angry, nativist political movements”. His comments come ahead of his documentary – Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True – which will air on Channel 4 on Thursday. In an interview for the film, Ukip leader Nigel Farage suggested he would scrap race discrimination legislation, prompting a backlash.After 12 months at the CRE I had come to the conclusion that, while beautiful in theory, multiculturalism had become a racket in which self-style community leaders bargained for control over local authority funds that would prop up their own status and authority.

    “Far from encouraging integration it had become in their interest to preserve the isolation of their ethnic groups. In some, practices such as female genital mutilation — a topic I’d made films about as a TV journalist — were regarded as the private domain of the community.

    “In others, local politicians and community bosses had clearly struck a Faustian bargain: grants for votes. “And I saw a looming danger that these communities were steadily shrinking in on themselves, trapping young people behind walls of tradition and deference to elders. “Of course none of this was secret. But anyone who pointed the finger could expect to be denounced for not respecting diversity.”The documentary is to be aired on Channel 4 on Thursday at 9pm.

    I wonder why the bBC version is almost the polar opposite of what Phillips actually said and that it is based around a program of which Mr Farage is part of?

    The bBC, we rewrite the news for you in which to represent our own political agenda.


    • 43 says:

      Multiculturalism is the true apartheid, separate development, plain and simple.
      So why are all the international socialist’s so pro this failed experiment. Multiculturalism no, but British multi racial can and does work.


  12. Pounce says:

    The bBC promotes Citizen Nbr 1 as the way to go:
    Sturgeon: SNP ‘will bring positive change to whole UK’
    The SNP will be a constructive force at Westminster after the general election, according to Nicola Sturgeon.
    “Inshalla, by the power invested in me, I shall make Scotlandistan a Mecca for all the worlds Muslims and heap ruin on the infidels south of the border”


  13. JimS says:

    Anna Raccoon on top form.

    “Let us have a BBC comprised of Lesbians, gay men, immigrants, disabled people, vegetarians, cyclists, smokeophobes, people who are passionate about climate change, women in general and a side order of female victims, lots of Muslims, in fact all those people who like to portray themselves as marginalised, outliers – yet are in fact the pumping, beating heart of the organisation.

    “I’m sick to death of being offended by the politically correct.”


    • Phil Ford says:

      That’s a pretty powerful (and spot-on) indictment of the BBC’s supercilious ‘common purposery’. Most interesting. I detect a growing backlash against the BBC for this latest pointless, politically-motivated ‘intervention’ viz-a-viz Top Gear.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      Have to admit that although i hate BBC arrogance and leftism I am coming around more toward the Raccoon view of the whole Savile affair.

      Then look …. the BBC Producer is to represented by none other than those fearless tireless warriors after compo

      Slater & Gordon


      Anyone know who is representing the parents of the 3 Jihadi Jennys?


      • Guest Who says:

        Can’t recall who posted the link, but just read this:


        There are some comments not perhaps usually seen on the NS, and surprisingly doing well in ratings too:

        ” I have no doubt that if every signatory to this petition were boiled down for biofuel”

        You can tell Sarah Ditum is a far better person than Clarkson because you can see when joking about eradicating people she doesn’t like she deflates any possible nasty emotion from that sentiment by implying this as being done by some impersonal (presumably state) body, and then using their remains for something green and useful.
        Rather then the brutish dishonest and emotional way that Clarkson jokes about doing it personally

        Holds up well even after all these days past, where no one really knows any more.

        The author appears a shoo-in for the next Danny-Cohen-approved HIGNFY or MTY panel.


      • RJ says:

        Didn’t Slater & Gordon have a hit with “A World Without Love”?


  14. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    As we get to the election, it’s noticeable how photographs used in articles seem to flatter ‘progressives’ whereas ‘fruitcakes, loonies and closet-racists’ are caught in unflattering moments. Nigel Farage is the main victim, but check out this Beeb story on the Humza Yousaf fuss:

    Humza Yousaf calls for UKIP MEP to resign after ‘racist slur’

    Benign smile from the nice Mr Yousaf; scowl from the awful Kipper. So blatant.


    • Simon says:

      I noticed that years ago. It is blatant but most people don’t realise and fall for the subtle propaganda


  15. johnnythefish says:

    There was a small item on Today this morning about Trevor Phillips’ observations on race and multiculturalism (anyone else get that dispiriting sensation of deja vu?).

    So our intrepid reporter went out and about in Essex seeking the views of the locals. It was going swimmingly well – that is, no agenda apparent, just ordinary people for once being able to express valid concerns about the impact of mass immigration: overloaded infrastructure, overcrowded schools and hospitals, ‘silo communities’, terrorism etc.

    Then, right at the end, came the sting (paraphrased): ‘And race campaigners also see open debate on the issue as a way of silencing the far right’.

    Cudda fooled me, luv – I think you’ll find it’s the ‘race campaigners’ who thus far have been silencing debate.

    Was this wilful ignorance, a cynical re-write of (very) recent history, or a blind piss-take?

    You decide, readers.


    • Phil Ford says:

      “…Was this wilful ignorance, a cynical re-write of (very) recent history, or a blind piss-take?”

      It’s just the usual false-flagging from the all the usual suspects. They all know they’ll never engage in meaningful, honest and open debate (it might mean having to use the dreaded ‘M’-word, after all and current BBC Politburo diktats absolutely forbid that), so it amounts to paying little more than lip-service to the issue and hoping New Labour’s publicly-funded Election Media HQ (aka: The BBC) can pull a rabbit out of the hat, come May.

      If they do, and Special Ed gets the keys to No.10, it’ll be business as usual and the BBC won’t give the issue of immigration and multiculturalism a second thought (or the remotest possibility of coming up as a topic for discussion again).

      Vote UKIP!


    • Thoughtful says:

      ‘And race campaigners also see open debate on the issue as a way of silencing the far right’.

      I think you’ll find it’s the ‘race campaigners’ who thus far have been silencing debate.

      Forgive me here, but aren’t the two statements the same? We know that in the past the Fascist left has been silencing debate, what is perhaps being suggested is that they’ve found an alternative way to silence dissenting voices which up to now they have been unable to completely silence.

      it might mean having to use the dreaded ‘M’-word

      Or the P word ? Pakistani seems to be banned as their appalling behaviour has given it such negative connotations the Fascists have had to think of another. The shortened version ‘Paki’ is being made into another ‘N’ word.

      The won’t mention the J word either, or the I word. In fact in a wholly disinformationist piece Radio 4 news reported on three ‘teenagers’ being sent back from Turkey avoiding the words Jihad ISIS, Muslim, Islam, Islamist Syria, fight, conflict, or any other negative referring to the civil war there.

      If the BBC had a complaints department I’d complain !


  16. Reichsführer BBC und General der Waffen UAF says:

    ACHTUNG Licence Fee Deniers!!!!!

    As you will be well aware, your morally superior masters at the BBC always know whats best for you and your country. That is why i need to discuss with you Britains entry into the fantastic 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, which of course, we at the glorious BBC get to pick

    If over the past week, if you have watched the brilliant BBC news channel even for 30 seconds, you would have seen what has to be one of the best news stories of the year, nay the decade that has been produced by the BBC.

    Of course im talking about the Pakistani Bieber Babes, and its the BBCs intention to get these talented young women over to the UK to represent us at the Eurovision.

    This year, i think we’re onto a winner. Your opinions please. Heil Multiculturalism!!!!!!!


  17. Llareggub says:

    Radio 4 news at 1.10pm an ex cop called Brian Paddock on the investigation into the Met for covering up allegations about allegations about child abuse. Manages to slip in the currently favoured meme about Britain’s ‘culture of child abuse’. Well that is news to me. Maybe we can assume that it is acceptable to Labour voter in Rotherham, but the British people do not accept this as part of our culture. Spread the blame, so we are all guilty.


    • Phil Ford says:

      “…Spread the blame, so we are all guilty.”

      ‘Culture of abuse’ is a handy catch-all, it’s a convenient way to misdirect (as you say ‘to spread the blame’), which is what this is all about.

      Such careful misdirection (championed by the ever-willing BBC) enables everyone with a responsibility to the truth to squeeze past that inconvenient elephant in the room, whilst all can mutually agree to never say certain things about a certain belief system for fear of ‘causing offence’ to certain group who seem to make it a virtue to take offence.

      Oddly, the net result is that truth is the only other casualty – after you take into account the 1000’s of children sexually abused by…well, by whoever it might have been. Nobody seems to know.


    • Geoff says:

      Wouldn’t expect anything different from Paddick remember he was the Liberal candidate for London Mayor in both 2008 and 2012 and openly gay.


  18. #88 says:

    I see that every hour or so, BBC Five Live are promoting their coverage of this week’s ‘pre-election’ budget with a trail by John Pienaar.

    In it he says, ‘….George Osborne will need all of his craft and guile to score political points, but they don’t come any craftier than Osborne…’

    The OED defines ‘crafty’ as ‘Skilful in devising and carrying out underhand or evil schemes; cunning, artful, wily.’ Synonyms include: Cunning, guileful, wily, artful, devious, sly, tricky, duplicitous, dishonest, underhand, cheating, deceitful…

    I wonder what message the untouchable, cunning, guileful, wily, artful, devious, sly, tricky, duplicitous, dishonest, underhand, cheating, deceitful BBC are disgracefully trying to place in the audience consciousness?


    • nofanofpoliticians says:

      Yes, the word “political” could have been used and would have been much fairer. A recent article in the FT weekend magazine demonstrates how shrewd and canny Osbourne is in political terms. Crafty is definitely not the correct word, unless you want to portray a different perspective.


  19. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    The latest bit of bBBC self-advertising, which thankfully I’d missed before now, is a TV clip of their favourite transvestite, Grayson Perry, railing against men. Apparently it is taken from the Toady programme :
    It features the voice of the artist Grayson Perry, punchily taking on male privilege: “The Great White Male – white, middle-class men – probably only make up about 10 per cent of the population, and yet 70 per cent of government, I don’t know, 80 per cent of boardroom directors, 90 per cent of Hollywood film directors are male. The middle-class male thinks he has the monopoly on objectivity.”

    John Humphrys: “Positive discrimination, that’s what’s got to happen.”

    Perry: “Yeah, and anyone who complains about it, that’s because their privilege is being ripped out of their claws.”

    It ends with the slogan: To see the world clearly, listen to the Today programme.
    More blatant bBBC bias.


    • Thoughtful says:

      And just about 80% of crap modern artists who produce work that most sane people wouldn’t give houseroom ?

      Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. That’ll be Perry’s work right out then!

      William Morris (obviously not leftie enough any more!)


    • Angrymanupnorth says:

      Sir Arthur,

      I have had the misfortune to hear this Grayson/Humphries clip. That Grayson guy has got severe hate issues. I think he needs help, rather than the encouragement he gets (from the likes of Humphries) through going unchallenged in expressing his hatred of white men.

      I have to stop myself throwing something at the TV each time the clip catches me out. It truly is the language of fascism. (I must have heard it on upwards of 10 occasions.)


  20. George R says:

    Support for Islamofascist, Islamic State from Muslims globally, ( inc from U.K), grows daily.

    So what INBBC do today?

    It deviously defers to an Islamic lobby group, ‘Inspire,’: Radio 4 ‘World at One’

    1.) without telling us it is an Islamic lobby group;

    2.) without using the words ‘Islam’, ‘Muslims’, ‘jihad’ once.

    There was this vague chat on Radio 4, World at One,’ today (about 13:20) where there were only generalities about ‘ men’ , women,’ ‘Syria,’ ‘concerned mothers.’

    So, once again, INBBC presents Muslims as victims, when it is the Islamofascists, whom Muslim volunteers from Britain, etc, are increasingly supporting, who are directly threatening US: we non-Muslims/ infidels/Kafirs!


    • George R says:

      It’s got to the ludicrous, politically indefensible stage now where not only do Beeboids fraudulently try to make out that the Islamic State is not Islamic (given that ‘Islamic’ is the Islamic State’s main characteristic), but that its fanatical Islamofascist perpetrators are not Muslims!


    • George R says:

      ‘Liberty GB’ has-




      • George R says:

        “‘Out Of Context,’ Or, How To Argue With A Muslim”

        by Ibn Warraq*

        ( 2007).

        * apostate.



        • Thoughtful says:

          I wonder George are you aware the two links you have posted are in complete discord?

          From the first link:

          “One Liberty GB supporter who saw the programme contacted us to express his surprise at the conflicting views expressed. He noted that a proper understanding of the Islamic scriptures requires fluency in Classical Arabic, and asked whether some of the supposed ‘scholars’ on the programme might be deficient in this respect”

          From the Second :

          “You do not need to know Arabic to criticise Islam or the Koran”

          Both of them can’t be right because they are in direct opposition!
          Personally I don’t believe that anyone needs to read the Qur’an in Arabic. That is the way Muslims read it because they believe it is the word of God and should not be translated. The trouble is that they learn to recite it, not to read it, and so gain no understanding of what is actually written.


          • George R says:

            Muslims seem to deny the right of non-Muslims (whether fluent in Arabic or not) to criticise Islam, and want to criminalise (via Sharia law) such criticism; but, of course, Muslims presume the right to criticise Chistianity, Judaism, etc.
            This is typical of the lack of reciprocity in Islam.
            Warraq’s points seem well made.


    • noggin says:

      There is every bit of verifiable, factual evidence, here

      The Islamic State:
      It is Islamic
      And Why It Matters


      • noggin says:

        Apostasy is Hudud.
        Bukhari 9.84.57
        “Whoever changed his islamic religion, then kill him

        “After Ansar, or Begg, or Hasan
        or the MCB, or CAGE, or MPac?
        … the BBC just can t help themselves
        the Al BBC “reverse Midas touch”
        every Islamic spokesman/ they pander to, every .org they vouch for/big up
        “turns to sh-t”.
        Today tune in to “The Big Questions” and find Nikki with the Ramadan Fnd, and latest “go to guy”
        from the Muslim Debate Init on the front seats.
        A never ending production line of apologists
        so very … very BBC
        “do Muslims … read Islam have a problem with apostates?
        Apart from threatening them, wanting them dead, and killing them due to the book of hate …
        or terrorising their own children with its wicked narrative.

        Erm lets think eh! … you couldn t make it up ”


        • Thoughtful says:

          Personally & I’m no friend to Islam I think this is a valid question.
          How many apostates in the UK have been murdered for leaving the vile religion?

          Yes they are told to kill apostates, but they are also told to obey the law of the land they are living in which forbids murder.


          • Pounce says:

            How many apostates in the UK have been murdered for leaving the vile religion?

            Good question:
            How about we ask the question,:
            “Why do Islamic murderers refer to their victims as ‘unbelievers aka apostates”
            Because in deeming a victim as an ‘Apostate’ their murder is legimitised. That explains why so many honour killers in the West (never mind the UK) deem their victims as….unbelievers/Apostates simply because Allah allows them to do so and thus they are committing no crime.


          • Rob in Cheshire says:

            The law also forbids blowing yourself up on a tube train or raping children. Someone should remind them.


          • Mina says:

            31% of British Muslims believed that leaving the Muslim religion should be punishable by death. Every year nearly 3,000 cases of honour crimes are reported with at least a dozen honour killed for becoming Westernised. So much for obeying the law of the land.


        • Pounce says:

          That is a most illuminating video. Not suprised that the bBC have loaded the audience with…bigoted Muslims . who shouted down the young girl and Nicky Campbell allowed that Muslim crowd to do so and play.. the Victimcard. and that Islamic bigots (prick with baldhead) to complain that apostates all they do is demonise..muslims on the bBC . (In otherwords Muslims who tweet that people should be killed are..victims). That actually it is people who become muslims who are the real victims because of..Islamophobia.
          But hey Nicky Campbell is the chair.


          • Llareggub says:

            The young girl spoke of threats of violence, calling names, and exclusion from the family and community. That was a fair criticism of the bigoted religion, even if they obey the law of the land they live in.


          • Thoughtful says:

            But don’t you think that anyone with an ounce of sense would be able to see through that? The “prick with the baldhead” complaining about apostates, what does he think they’re going to do? They’ve left the religion because they found fault with it, they’re hardly going to be singing its praises !

            The Twat with the skull cap made a right old arse of himself refusing to condemn, evading questions, interrupting it would have been impossible for any host to control him, but he was shown in his true colours.

            Kate Smurthwaite an interesting woman who obviously hates Islam as much as anyone here, she’s been on a few BBC question panels, but she’s supposed to be a comedienne. Hated by the Grauniad, no wonder we haven’t seen her employed on the Radio 4 6:30pm comedy slot !


            • Pounce says:

              Thoughtful wrote:
              “But don’t you think that anyone with an ounce of sense would be able to see through that? The “prick with the baldhead” complaining about apostates, what does he think they’re going to do? They’ve left the religion because they found fault with it, they’re hardly going to be singing its praises !

              You would presume so, but apparently Nicky Campbell didn’t and lets be honest allowing all those muslims to try and shoot down (As in silence, you fucking bitch or we will get you) that single (but very brave ) lady. Have a look at 3.21 where Paki features (Note the lack of a tie, the Mullahs have decreed that wearing a tie is against Islam) openly bitches about her stance, he then is allowed to play the ‘Islamophobe card’ when she states that Mohammed isn’t her prophet.
              And lets be honest, was the questioned posed, answered by the impartial bBC…NO. Thankfully we no longer have to depend on the bBC for our news:
              Muslim apostates threatened over Christianity

              Preachers of hate who spread their violent word on British TV channels

              How liberal Britain is betraying ex-Muslims


        • Pounce says:

          Oh look, that Portuguese convert of a bigot who refused to condemn the Islamic mandate to kill apostates has written on his blog that the show was just another atatck on Islam which in his single braincell boils down to him being the victim. Funny enough he has a comments box:
          My Review of the BBC Big Questions topic ‘Do British Muslims have problems with Apostates’?
          I’ve just finished the BBC ‘Big Questions’ program. It was, as expected, an anti-Islam fest, attacking Muslim families for not accepting children to leave Islam (despite lots of non-Muslim families rejecting their children for BECOMING Muslim). They gave the discussion to an Ex-Muslim ‘Amal’, whom was given the lions share of time to attack Islam and Muslims, and ample time afterwards – so much so, it almost became the ‘Amal Show’


        • Flexdream says:

          Why is it inconceivable that this programme about apostasy could feature any religion other than the RoP?
          Amal, the woman apostate, seems very sensible and how very sad that in 21st century Britain she can be described as brave also.


        • The General says:

          A good example of how useless Cambell is. 21 minutes of shouting and interruption during which he failed to ensure the questions we wanted answered were addressed. He allowed the Muslim spokesmen to avoid and obscure in their usual manner and then wrapped up the supposed debate before any conclusions were reached.


  21. Vector Curl says:

    BBC World News report on the Israeli elections started off, seemingly, so well. But inevitably it went the way I expected. Last words were from someone from the BBC’s Arabic service reporting from the largely Israeli-Arab town of Nazareth where we learn that the “Israeli Arabs don’t see themselves as separate from the Palestinians, complain about discrimination, poor services, ya da ya da ya'”. No facts, figures or even first-person testimony to back this up, just the usual anti-Israeli propaganda in case we got carried away with the idea that Israel was a functioning democracy. The fact that it is the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, with a 20% Arab population who have full voting rights, is not something those pushing the malicious lie that Israel is an apartheid state would like to spend too much time pondering over. And the comparison between the human rights, the standard of living and freedoms the Arab-Israelis have in comparison with the rest of the Arab world, especially the Palestinian territories, is not something the BBC (and leftist anti-Israeli scallywags in general) would like the general public to take much notice of.


    • Anat T. says:

      In my book, the giveaway is their observation that “Israeli Arabs don’t see themselves as separate from the Palestinians”.

      They don’t tell you in what sense, which is not the political. Israeli Arabs have no intention of joining the Palestinian authority; they definitely want to remain Israeli.

      This quote refers rather to a PLO ideology that unfortunately influences some Israeli Arabs (though by no means all), and which can only be described as a race theory. According to this theory, the “Palestinians” are the descendants of the original race of this land thousands of years back, but the land has been repeatedly contaminated by the impure Jews from the times of Moses to this day. Sounds familiar? Yes, this is a variant on that other race theory from the history of Europe, and probably not by chance.


  22. Phil Ford says:

    “…And the comparison between the human rights, the standard of living and freedoms the Arab-Israelis have in comparison with the rest of the Arab world, especially the Palestinian territories, is not something the BBC (and leftist anti-Israeli scallywags in general) would like the general public to take much notice of.”

    /Sarc: “Pallywood doesn’t care! Here, have a wristband! You’ll look soooo cool and politically correct in front of your friends and the meejah! Who cares about Hezbollah being a UN-mandated terrorist group? Not us, darling! If Israel didn’t keep ‘disproportionately’ shelling those poor Palestinians they wouldn’t have to keep lobbing random rockets into Israeli suburbs, would they? Those Jews – it’s all their own fault if some Israeli kids get killed!”



  23. Guest Who says:

    Another I can’t credit, sorry.

    This was shared earlier, and having bookmarked the link I just now had a gander:


    mutant frogs
    March 14, 2015 by admin
    Kids at a nursery were shocked when they stumbled across a three-headed, six legged croaking frog! Staff at the Green Umbrella nursery thought it was just three frogs close together. Expert Mike Dilger thinks the frog could have been caused by pollution or climate change. That could be an early warning of environmental problems.
    BBC News, 5 Mar 2004

    Sadly, going to the link in question to see if it was for real:

    Error 404 – Page not found

    Luckily, Google came through:


    I wonder if he was/is this expert:


    ‘Mike Dilger is from the BBC’s Natural History Unit’


  24. George R says:

    “Viewers desert BBC in their millions and make thousands of complaints at cancellation of Top Gear over Jeremy Clarkson row”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2997248/Viewers-desert-BBC-millions-make-thousands-complaints-cancellation-Gear-Jeremy-Clarkson-row.html#ixzz3UZ0nJGUC


  25. George R says:

    INBBC and MSM go quiet about their multicultural model society of yesteryear. Why?

    “When journalists rape”



  26. Charlatans says:

    Thought Andrew Marr did great job on Ed Balls on BBC 1 Sunday morning.

    Marr stuck with it and badgered Balls 13 times on whether his party was likely to get into bed with SNP to enable a SALMOND /MILLIBAND power grab.

    I believe that yesterdays Marr grilling has forced Milliband’s hand since he just announced Labour will not now have SNP Ministers in his Government?

    But Nicola has indicated that does not mean a different type of ’stitch up’ cannot be arranged with Milliband, both against the Tories on specific issues! So something still in the wind!

    History has certainly shown us you cannot trust either LABOUR or SNP to be fair to the majority of those in these islands that mainly pay for everything and generally do not vote labour!

    Can you imagine how grossly unfair Salmond’s demands are going to be if such LABOUR/SNP co-operate?

    Already under the Barnett formula, Scots receive around £1,800 per head more public spending than the English average. allowing them no tuition fees, extra elderly care and other benefits for Scots not enjoyed by the English.

    That is before Scots get more devolution benefits post the referendum!

    Everything LABOUR touches turns into a bag of worms for the majority of people who do not vote socialist. They really know how to rub our noses in it good and proper.


    I personally hope those Tories in strong LABOUR constituencies vote TACTFULLY for UKIP.

    Better vote UKIP – get UKIP who will back a CONSERVATIVE coalition rather than vote TORY get LABOUR/SNP stitch up!


    • Dover Sentry says:

      Thanks for the YouTube link Charlatans.

      Credit to Andrew Marr for sticking to his guns. Balls tried embarrassingly to dodge the simple question about ‘yes or no’ for a SNP/Lab alliance after the election.
      Balls tried to change the subject by saying that UKIP wanted to privatise the NHS! When in trouble….tell a fib!



      • Aerfen says:

        I am AMAZED that full on Globalist and Scot Andrew Marr gave Balls a hard time on this. Wonder if its a personal dislike or is he strongly against the SNP.


  27. Geoff says:

    Just happened to catch Jonathan Ross sitting in for Steve Wright on Radio 2, as Russell Brand also appeared on Friday’s Comic Relief, it would seem that the bBC are very forgiving to those who bring the corporation into disrepute, try that in the real world.

    Will they be so forgiving to Clarkson?


    • Pounce says:

      it would seem that the bBC are very forgiving to those who bring the corporation into disrepute,

      Didn’t work for Carole Thatcher who made a private comment off the air in the green room did it. But then she was in ear shot of that ugly fat slob ‘Jo ‘Who eat all the pies’ Brand.’


    • Lobster says:

      Any sign of David Bellamy, Johnny Ball or Carol Thatcher? Thought not.


  28. Pounce says:

    The bBC and its mission to promote those who bugger off to Syria in which to murder,death,kill can only be victims of the British:
    ‘Jihadist’ denies recruiting girls
    Read how the bBC in an exclusive interview with the parents of 20-year-old Aqsa Mahmood who buggered off to Syria is very angry over how her name has been mentioned in the case of 3 sweet innocent little girls who followed in her footsteps.

    Become concerned as they criticise the UK authorities for failing to find those who helped her.

    Shed tears as you hear her Mother relate that her daughter was “very loving” and had made “a big mistake”.

    Become angry as the couple’s solicitor Aamer Anwar states that the British authorities had questions to answer over who was helping young people into Syria and said Ms Mahmood was being held up as a “sacrificial lamb”.

    The bBC, the apologist for Islamic terrorists in the UK.


    • Mina says:

      LOL, sacrificial lamb. Bet that’s how jihadists dress her up too!


    • George R says:

      Yes, Radio 4 ‘PM’ (after 17:30 today) acts as social worker for Muslim parents and solicitior of Muslim girl volunteers who have gone to Syria to join Islamofascist Islamic State.

      Who is to blame, according to INBBC political narrative?

      -The Muslim parents? No.

      -The Muslims girls? No.

      -The Islamofascist Islamic State? No.

      -The British authorities? Yes.

      Islam Not BBC (INBBC): the enmedia indeed.


      • RJ says:

        Perhaps it’s just me…. but every time I hear a report about the three schoolgirls I find myself humming the tune of Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Three Little Maids From School Are We”.


        • ID says:

          I know what you mean RJ

          When Muhammed’s not engaged in mutilation
          Or maturing his Jihadist little plans
          His capacity for innocent enjoyment
          Is just as great as any honest man’s

          Our feelings we with difficulty smother
          When communiy policing’s to be done
          Ah, take one consideration with another
          A policeman’s lot is not a happy one

          When prim Aysha has departed under cover
          Off to some far-flung, exotic Muslim land
          We’ll get a roasting from her dear old mother
          For not foreseeing what her darling planned

          Our feelings we with difficulty smother
          When abject apologising’s to be done
          Ah, take one consideration with another
          A policeman’s lot is not a happy one


  29. Pounce says:

    I wonder when the bBC will get round to reporting this and will they refer to the sex pest as..Asian.
    Sex attacker who molested four teenage girls claimed he did not know what he was doing because he was fasting for Ramadan


    • Mina says:

      Muslims contributing to help enrich our public transport. Britain would be boring without such perverts and rucksack bombers.


  30. Dave says:

    The BBC is going in search of Moderate Muslims. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b055g740

    Rejoice! or maybe not. The companion piece in The Guardian (where else?) suggests something different:


    Moderate Islam is true Islam. Those extremists are nothing to do with us.


    • JimS says:

      Yes, it does seem that his co-religionists disagree with him:

      “I see it as a criticism,” one woman in Luton told me. “You are giving me this label based on how I look and how I dress.” Her male friend said he found the word “offensive”, adding: “Are you saying I’m only 50% Muslim? When someone says to me ‘you’re moderate’ it suggests to me they’re saying ‘you’re not fully Muslim’.”

      His solution is to call the BBC brand of Imaginary Islam as being practiced by ‘British Muslims’, (not that he could find any!).

      I think he really means Muslims in Britain. Perhaps he would have used the term ‘German Channel Islanders’ in 1944 as opposed to ‘Germans in the Channel Islands’?


  31. dave s says:

    Start the Week R4 was chilling. I caught the segment on shaming those whose views are non PC. For that is what is was and is these days.
    Even the right on PC guy had doubts about the virulence used by the Twitterers.
    Very much like the howling in
    “Invasion of the Bodysnatchers”
    Make no ,mistake this is the way the liberal left wants it. Howling and screeching at those whose views it does not accept.
    First the howling then ?


    • Llareggub says:

      I heard the first part of the programme but switched off after hearing that dreadful women who spoke about shaming people and institutions that denied global warming.


  32. Thoughtful says:

    Interesting BBC article on the BBC about the Israeli elections and the parties trying to get viral advertising one of them being an advert which showed PPCs dancing and downing shots at a bar, with the tag line The party which likes to party.

    Set me thinking how would that run in the UK? The mind boggles at the politicos from any party dancing together and drinking !


    • DownBoy says:

      The Green Party certainly couldn’t organise a piss up in an organic fruit juice collective.


  33. John says:

    Another 10 minutes on six pm news on all these poor Muslim children being groomed and going to Syria. All the fault of the police. How much longer have we got to put up with this crap from the BBC?


    • Mina says:

      They never stop playing victim. Their lawyer on one hand claims our government is bad for “spying on Muslims” now they’re upset that the police didn’t watch their children?


  34. Truthdoctor says:

    R4 BBC news at 18.15 just referred to ISIS as “the IS group”.

    Makes it sound like an experimental jazz combo from the 60s. Or an insurance company.

    How about “the Islamic fundamentalist terror organisation ISIS”.


    • Mina says:

      They must’ve taken the line of that BBC Arab snake chef that said not to call terrorists terrorists.


      • Llareggub says:

        Ah, its the older Trots in the BBC, confusing ISIS with the IS group. During the seventies, what is now the SWP was called the IS Group (International Socialism) which was a group (not a party) which eventually morphed into a Democratic Centralist Revolutionary Party known as the Socialist Workers Party. Their nickname was the ‘State Capitalists’ as Tony Cliff, their theoretician, had argued that Russia had become a state capitalist regime, not a degenerate workers state as described by their revolutionary rivals, the Socialist Labour League, ruled by Gerry Healy and supported by Vanessa Redgrave. From these dopes in university politics emerged the current intellectual pygmies of the BBC.


  35. Truthdoctor says:

    …and they’ve just done a report about how Tony Blair (office of the Quartet rep) has failed to bring economic regeneration to Gaza. We were told it’s because Israel isn’t doing enough to help the Palestinians.

    The word “Hamas” wasn’t mentioned.

    That’s right; the corrupt Islamic terror group that rules Gaza with an iron fist didn’t even get a mention. Let alone the fact they spend all the regeneration money on rockets and terror tunnels to wage jihad against their neighbours.

    Nothing to do with them, obviously.


    • Pounce says:

      Would that be this Hamas which has just turned down a 5 year peace deal with Israel which would have opened up the border with the Jewish state.

      Anybody know why the bBC hasn’t reported the above?


      • Mina says:

        It’s against their religion. Muslims are forbidden from entering a peace treaty with others.


      • Teddy Bear says:

        Great spot Pounce (like your website too 😉 )

        Considering that it was Tony Blair, among others, who formulated this deal, and given the news today that he might be leaving the role of Mid-East peace envoy, quite possibly because he and others see there is no desire for peace by the Palestinians, how revealing it is about BBC bias that they omit all mention of it.

        The BBC are happy to report about his possible imminent departure from the role, and even offer an analysis on the topic, but nowhere do they bother to report about the Hamas refusal to change lives for those in Gaza for the better.

        Can anybody possibly think that this isn’t newsworthy and give a better understanding of the dynamics here?
        Only, if like the BBC, it interferes with the narrative you want people to believe.


      • ManchesterLad says:

        My dog would love to join the ‘apes and pigs alliance’, although she is concerned it might be rather ‘dog-ist’. Are there any membership details for her? 🙂

        Great site. Bookmarked.


  36. Geoff says:

    The One Show’s Alex Jones sadly looses her Grandfather, but is really necessary to broadcast (cue Matt Baker in compassionate mode) what really should be a private family matter to the nation, are we interested, we all have our own problems….

    Hundreds of others will also have lost a grandparent today, but don’t get the fact broadcast to the nation, or indeed even a day off…


  37. George R says:

    “With Jeremy Clarkson, shouldn’t the BBC give the public what they want?

    “Their biggest star threw a wobbly when he couldn’t get a steak at the end of a long day, and has an altercation with a producer – so deal with it.”

    By Simon Kelner.



    • Guest Who says:

      “…be prepared for a lot more briefing from anonymous BBC chiefs.”

      OK. Is this what they do for their money? Vital.

      As no one still knows, can’t really comment any more than before.

      As an aside, just watched a fillum on BBC iPlayer called ‘What just happened?’. Odd one; A-list packed, too.

      Seemed to revolve around hapless producers and volatile stars prone to poor expressions of frustration.

      Being a fictional piece, to get the job done the tantrums appeared to be accommodated.


  38. stuart says:

    i just listened to the most appalling one sided biased debate i have heard on radio 5 live in years,it was on the leftie tony livesy show at 6.40 today involving this spat about elton john and gay adoption,on the one side there was a preist,one the other side was what i would call a member as the gay mafia,as the debate went on of course tony livesy sided with the gay guy and talked all over the preist every time he tried to make a point,but something appalling happened at the end of this debate,this priest had a stutter and a speech impediment,this gay guest for no good reason started to mock and take this piss out of this preist when he was stuttering,old livesy cottened on then and told this gay guy that was a bit unfair what you just done,to me what this gay done on livesy show was nothing but a hate crime against a man who had a disability regarding his speech impediment and stutter,it was shamefull radio by you tony livesy and radio 5 live pandering to the arrogant nasty gay lobby again .just disgusting,go listen if you dont believe me


    • noggin says:

      Yep! sat down to some supine airhead spoon feeding narrative to
      erm … “brave”?
      Peter Tatchell, who s going to get all “fairy cake”
      … down at Dolce & Gabbana to make a “principled stand” for gay rights, and will not be silenced, (apparently)
      Hmmm … he wants to get down to the East London Mosque,
      and make a “principled stand” about gay murders and executions
      just a bit more relevant, than this years fragrance



      • noggin says:

        is he still the patron of … Tell MAMA remember them?

        “claims of a “cycle of violence” and a “sustained wave of attacks”, only 17 of the 212 incidents, 8 per cent, involved the physical targeting of people and there were no attacks on anyone even serious enough to require medical treatment”


    • TrueToo says:

      Actually, they discussed the same gay parenting issue on World Have Your Say this evening. I was listening on and off and the programme seemed quite balanced, even though hosted by the generally-biased Chloe Tilley.


    • thoughtful says:

      One of the issues which Elton John took issue with was the description of children as ‘synthetic’ and lets face it if someone called your kids ‘synthetic’ you’d be pretty upset, but I did also wonder if it might have been mistranslated and should have been ‘man made’ which would make much more sense in the context of what was being said.


      • I Can See Clearly Now says:

        When Louise Brown was born, the media were happy to extol ‘the wonders of modern science’. ‘Test-tube baby’ was the expression; nobody batted an eyelid.


  39. George R says:

    Another sob story for INBBC?:-

    “18-year-old man arrested at home in Birmingham suspected of being ready to go to Syria to join ISIS.
    “West Midland Police said the man is from Hodge Hill area of Birmingham.
    “He was arrested at 7am on suspicion of terrorism offences, police say.
    “It comes after three British teenage jihadists were arrested in Turkey.
    Security operation stopped them joining Islamic State fighters in Syria.”



    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2996895/18-year-old-man-arrested-home-Birmingham-suspected-ready-Syria-join-ISIS.html#ixzz3UaIEtSuf


    • George R says:

      Note for Beeboids:

      It is the non-Muslim vast majority British people who are under threat here from our enemy, the Islamofascist Islamic State, and its Muslim murderers.


  40. Philip says:

    Stuart, be a ‘refusnik’ and turn OFF Radio 5. LBC is a pretty good alternative and is BBC free of such contempt. Only the genetically modified liberals and the NUJ Trots think the BBC are vital for their own single sell organism to thrive. For them everything can be artificial, everything contrived, perversion is the new BBC normal. I am with you Stuart but I have to turn the damn thing off! Believe me I feel better now after two years of refusing to watch or listen anything directly related to the BBC news or comment. The subliminal BBC message is often repeated even when in fact it is totally wrong and morally wrong except to BBC liberals who have no wrong and no morality at all..


  41. Aerfen says:


    I dont think Biased BBC readers will struggle to find some examples here in BBC luvvie Sarfraz Mansurs interviews with ‘Moderate Muslims’

    Four o’clock tomorrow Radio 4.


  42. stuart says:

    @phillip.i live in londonstan, if you think radio 5 live is leftie then lbc has all of a sudden gone ultra liberal and leftie in the last few months with its new line up of ex bbc presenters including the ultra soppy liberal ex 5 live shelagh forgarty who does the 1pm to 4 pm slot now after lbc ousted without reason the great conservative julia hartley brewer who used to present that show,they now call lbc the Liberal Broadcasting Corperation for a very good reason,personally i would rename lbc radio 6 live.


    • Geoff says:

      Totally agree, I struggle to understand 50% of the callers. LBC has joined R5L on my no listen list!


      • Philip says:

        I have to admit I gave up LBC for Classic FM some time ago but my memory of LBC was that it was still the same chat format that Radio 5 later copied, as it does. At least I prefer Radio to TV….


      • Aerfen says:

        Indeed I am always shocked at the sheer cheek of the foreign callers who can barely speak English. Youd think theyd be embarrassed to go on the radio, but that is an emotion apparently unknown to most foreign ethnic groups! Ive certainly never come across a shy African.


  43. George R says:

    ‘Sky News,’ unlike INBBC, is appropriately positive about this military opposition to Islamofascist, Boko Haram mass murdering barbarians-

    “Mercenaries Launch Dark War Against Boko Haram.

    Veterans of South African and Soviet bloc conflicts are fighting the militants – and may be just what is needed to defeat them.”



    • D1004 says:

      Unfortunately most of the comments underneath the story find Sam Kiley’s report very inaccurate and insulting about those prepared to fight the African IS. Mind, when was the last time you saw a bbc report on a similar subject allowing free comments about the accuracy of it ? Something for beeboids to learn perhaps ? 9 / 10 for Sky reporting, 2/ 10 for accuracy.


  44. George R says:

    The latest shift in Obama’s empowerment of global Islamisation, as endorsed by INBBC-




  45. George R says:

    Lead story, ‘The Times’ (£), Tuesday, on immigration.

    – for Beeboids to relegate?-

    -a snippet-

    “Too many babies born to migrants, says minister.

    “Immigration to Britain must be reduced because foreign-born mothers are having too many babies, a government minister warned yesterday. Lord Bates, a Home Office minister, cited official figures showing that one in four children were born to mothers from outside the UK in 2013 — the latest year for which figures are available — compared with about one in nine in 1990.”



  46. Mr Glodstone says:

    There was a documentary on C4 last night about the hostility towards ethnic minorities in Smethwick during the 1960’s – in response to mass immigration into the area; and purporting to show how Peter Griffiths, the Tory candidate, had exploited these tensions to get elected. At the end of the programme, we were told that the town is one of the most ethnically diverse (coupled with all that term implies) in the country; judging by this article: they’re not wrong.


    • Mat says:

      Yes saw the endless trails for this bit of pap ! this is all old news nothing new was added to the story by this and no controversy well except the controversy that all these C4’s hatchet jobs on non approved party’s like this are in the final run up to a general election ! funny they felt no need to rehash over old Mosley and his socialist friends in the labour MPs ‘black shirts ‘?


    • Aerfen says:

      Clearly the indigenous werent hostile enough to put anyone off!


  47. Angrymanupnorth says:

    “Poe’s Law”. Evidence supporting the Hypothesis is with us! Courtesy of the Guardian (and those who have responded to the article)!

    Selling off BBC3 is cultural vandalism? This article needs reading.


    A genius (I don’t use that word loosely) piece of parody about the pervasive moral relativism and economic illiteracy of the modern ‘Guardianistas’ and followers of Common Purpose from Stuart Lee, printed in the Guardian itself! So many sucked in by this in so many ways.

    Considering the chaos in Graudian / BBC management, Mr Lee appears to have got his article past their Editorial team who must have their eye completely off the ball – or have they? I’m chuckling so much. Brilliant parody. Or is it? Of course it is. Are you sure?

    I know of few people who receive good money from ‘left wingers’ to take the proverbial out of them. Stuart Lee has found a way.


  48. Becca says:

    Just watched Al Beeb’s ‘Tough Talk’ Mr ‘Sucker’, trying to do a hatchet job on UKIP.
    A good case of Al Beeb being biased ?


  49. Angrymanupnorth says:

    Guido Fawkes, the ‘pretend non-Tory’, has been taken in by Stuart Lee. What a chortle!


    Brilliant! Dig at Guido (Guido self-inflicted), tick. Dig at Guardian, tick. Dig at BBC management, tick. Dig at BBC economics, tick. Dig at ‘Hat Trick’, tick. Dig at Guardianistas, tick. Dig at BBC ‘talent’ such as Grayson Perry, Lenny Henry , tick. Dig at moral relativism, tick. And he got it published in the Guardian! My sides hurt.