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  1. Corinium says:

    Am I the only person to be baffled at the prominence given on the BBC website to a Palestinian man allegedly cheated out of a Banksy painting on the door of his house in Gaza bombed during the recent war? Clearly some point is being made here but I can’t work out what it is. Can anyone enlighten me as to why this story warrants being posted on an international news site?


  2. Invicta 1066 says:

    R2 News 9am and 10 am Saturday. Both lead with Labour party electoral pledges and we hear from two labour types at 9am and one has a slot all to himself to explain policy at 10… Conservatives and Lib Dems just have policies given one sentence by newsreader both bulletins.
    Why am I not surprised> Nothing detrimental to say about UKIP, so no mention of them.


  3. Angrymanupnorth says:

    BBC News 24. 1145. Dateline.

    Openly racist and misandrist Nabila Ramdani, having spewed her racially prejudiced bile live on TV 15th January 2015 continues to be paid fees by the BBC (This Week with Andrew Neil). I logged the incident on this website at the time.

    In BBC world it’s OK to be a racist bigot if you are a woman. Diane Abbott, Nabila Ramdani and Harriot Harmon all have expressed openly racist views on TV. All to the face of the intended ‘victim’ of the racial abuse.

    Yet the BBC continue to pay them. Whilst I don’t agree there is any moral basis for ‘hate crimes’ or ‘thought crimes’, we have them. Yet have any of these women had their collar felt? The evidence is available online.

    Nabila Ramdani is Racist scum. I wouldn’t p!55 on her if she was on fire. She should be deported and banned from our country.

    Scrap the BBC. Paying immoral racist scum like Ms Ramdani (with our money) to infect the thinking of our citizens.


    • Phil Ford says:

      You forgot to mention Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on this week’s Question Time.

      Ms Alibhai-Brown was given carte blanche by Dimbledore to rail against what she sees as the ‘demonisation’ of the SNP by all the politicos and the media.

      Not one of the gutless cowards on the panel (including Peter Hitchens) had the courage to remind Ms Alibhai-Brown of her own demonisation of UKIP.

      Still, one rule for hypocritical progressives, another for anyone who disagrees with them, eh?


      • Angrymanupnorth says:

        I did. Forget her. And Bonnie Greer. And doubtless many others.


        • GCooper says:

          Would someone like to remind me what are the achievements that have led the BBC to feel Ms Greer is qualified to voice her banal opinions about anything?
          Other than being black and female, of course.


          • Angrymanupnorth says:

            I think her opinions are pathetic and inhuman rather than just banal.

            She hates men, she hates white people, if you are both white and male she believes you are evil incarnate.

            In short, fully qualified for the BBC!


        • Dave666 says:

          I wish I could forget them.


      • dave s says:

        Hitchens prefers pedantry to confrontation. I no longer read him.


        • Mr Glodstone says:

          Agreed ds, he’s also far too lenient with regards to the RoP and its votaries; or perhaps he isn’t really, but prefers not having to have to live with the feelings of vulnerability and insecurity, which he might, if he did write or speak honestly about it and them.


          • ID says:

            Mr. Gladstone. The people who actually have the courage to tell the truth about Islam and then are subjected to continual intimidation and death threats are never mentioned in the media. Muslims seem to have pissed off the Dutch and Swiss in a big way. But if you listen to the BBC, you would have the impression that the Dutch and Swiss are intolerant bigots.

            Practically no one has heard of the Swiss satirist Andreas Thiel but when he writes in the Weltwoche about Islam as below, he receives a number of death threats.
            (typical extract below)

            The Shadow of the East

            Some say the violent excesses of murdering Muslims has nothing to do with the Koran. The Holy Text is peaceful and filled with goodness. This is false. The Koran is nothing but an incitement to violence, a manual for waging war and implementing oppression. When I read the book, I was shocked. A polemic by Andreas Thiel.

            The Koran as a Moral Foundation
            Although Mohammed often likes to use the formula «God is merciful», he never mentions basic religious concepts such as mercy, love or forgiveness. Mohammed speaks with the voice of hatred. No one should be surprised that Islamic zealots become terrorists. This is because violence and the thirst for vengeance run through the teachings of Mohammed to the exclusion of much else.

            Sure 2, 191
            Sure 2, 216
            Sure 4, 74
            Sure 4, 84
            Sure 4, 89
            Sure 4, 104
            Sure 4, 115/116
            Sure 4, 14
            Sure 5, 33
            Sure 5, 82
            Sure 8, 15–17
            Sure 8, 39
            Sure 8, 67
            Sure 9,
            Sure 9, 1
            Sure 9, 29
            Sure 9, 84, etc.

            Clearly, this is not a crude, gratuitous attempt to insult Muslims. Yet a simple critique of the ROP could end in your death. Mealy mouthed politicians and equivocating media shits, know where their self-interest lies and are also quite interested in their self preservation.
            Muslims could murder half the world and enslave the rest, but the BBC would still parrot
            Islam is the religion of peace. The BBC’s constant repetition of PC platitudes seems to have led to self brainwashing , a consequent reduction in reasoning power and so a loss of contact with reality.


      • hippiepooter says:

        Peter Hitchens a coward? I can’t think of that word being more unjustly used.


  4. Coastliner says:

    Wonder if the BBC will ever show this..http://www.vice.com/en_ca/video/sharia-taxi-tour-london-boris-johnson-red-light-219.


  5. John Anderson says:

    I am more than ever convinced that Rab C Nesbit’s Mary Doll is playing a blinder – from fishwife to party leader and chief minister of her country so quickly ! This photo proves it – it is from Sky, where the main story is still about what the fishwife said to the Froggie.



  6. George R says:

    Antidote to INBBC sob-stories for Muslim volunteers
    to Islamic State-

    ” It’s madness to let these ISIS traitors back home ”



    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-3025205/PLATELL-S-PEOPLE-s-madness-let-ISIS-traitors-home.html#ixzz3WL8SFNGj


  7. Angrymanupnorth says:

    Always reluctant to offer a football view, but Lineker is a dick!

    Let him know. BBC Match of the Day.

    Vote UKIP. Vote Farage. Vote truth, transparancy and facts.


  8. John Anderson says:

    Rod Liddle at the Spectator attacks the PM hatchet job on Farage’s comments about HIV freeloaders from abroad :


    It includes a clip from the PM programme – reeking of bias. Serious distortion of the statistics while claiming to “fact-check”.


    • George R says:


      ‘Daily Mail’, which does not support UKIP politically, has this-

      “As debate rivals and leftwingers savage Ukip chief for saying 60% of victims aren’t British… Did Farage get it right on HIV health tourists?
      “More than half of those newly diagnosed are born overseas, figures show.
      “Farage condemned on Twitter by Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Gary Lineker.”

      By TOM KELLY


      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3025122/Did-Nigel-Farage-right-General-Election-debate-HIV-health-tourists.html#ixzz3WLL4iYc9


      • I Can See Clearly Now says:

        The Daily Mail spends four years, ten months, of every five years telling how UKIP is right and then rubbishing them in favour of the Tories at election time. This seemed a good change, but they still revert to form at the end. In particular, they’re like the Beeb and all the others trying a self-fulfilling prophecy that ‘UKIP’s vote is crumbling’.

        It comes after Ukip’s share of the vote in recent polls has eroded significantly from highs of 19 per cent late last year, to just 10 per cent in several polls over the past month.

        Check ukpolling; they still show the average at 14%. But the last two polls had UKIP at 17% and 18%. We’ll probably get polls tonight taken after the debate. The DM is being economical with the actualité.



        • Manonclaphamomnibus says:

          4th Viscount Rothermere Owner of the Mail and Pal of Dave doesnt want his interests damaged by watering down the Tory vote. Trashing the BBC is part of this although I am not sure if he stands to gain on the Beeb crashing.
          All hes done is written another script for the good people of Britain to learn. And being good subjects they will undoubtedly do his bidding.


          • Merched Becca says:

            There are a lot of ‘likes’ up there for you from your pals and colleagues at Al Beeboid .


        • Richard Pinder says:

          I now buy the Express, but read the Mail if its bought by one of the females on the female bias day.
          But with UKIP, there is confusion about what will happen to the ant-establishment vote in Labour and Tory seats, which with evidence from those last few by-Elections, could produce an untold number of surprises.
          Presumably the 18 percent would be those who say they are UKIP voters, rather than include those who would not admit the intention to vote UKIP, due to other reasons such as tactical voting of a fear of left-wing thugs from a BBC audience, smashing up their home if they find out they support UKIP.


          • Essex Man says:

            They might be economical with the truth , but ones I know are voting Tory ,to hurry on Scottish Independence, & to try to stop the coalition from “Hell” of Millipeed/SNP . You know its coming in about 35 days or so. I would leave now while you have the chance . They will be rounding up all white Englishmen for re-education once they have taken over. Harperson – Himmler will be overseeing this directive .


  9. Guest Who says:


    Really looking forward to Mark Mardell’s ‘analysis’.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Yet more people who haven’t ‘got it’ yet!

      ‘Although Saudi Arabia, which is currently waging war on Iranian-backed Houthi militiamen in Yemen, “welcomed” the nuclear agreement’

      Saudi decides America complies ! Obama was bought and paid for long before he became President, I’m sure his reward when he leaves office will be great.

      It doesn’t matter what’s in Israel’s or any other countries best interest when Saudi is controlling US foreign policy in the region.

      The Saudis are up to some dodgy dealing with the Iranians, trying to end their age old hostilities with them, to get them onside somehow and this is the reason behind the nuclear agreement.

      Once you start to look at it through the lens of what Saudi wants it all begins to make a lot more sense.


  10. ID says:

    From Our Own Correspondent R4 was doing its bit to raise the consciousness of the masses this morning. China apparently now has a million millionaires and quite a lot of billionaires and the BBC is worried that the Chinese government is losing its way as far as “equality” is concerned and betraying Maoist principles. It really is shocking that reactionary and revisionist elements in the Chinese government are betraying correct socialist principles and becoming running imperialist lapdogs. Maybe BBC Propaganda Unit No. 1 will invite these Chinese enemies of the peasants and workers for a self-denunciation session before People’s Commissar Tong Zhi Nao Ti on the Today Programme. I’m sure watching the BBC’s output for a few hours would re-educate them sufficiently in the ideas of progressive socialism.


    • Manonclaphamomnibus says:

      Another indivdual that gets enjoyment at the prospect at seeing someone else starve to death.
      Actually China runs a capitalist economy for your info.


      • ID says:

        That’s the point. BBC would rather have equality and mass starvation under Mao.
        As Churchill said “the worst thing about capitalism is the unequal sharing of deserts, the best thing about socialism is the equal division of abject misery”.
        Did you actually listen to the item?


  11. noggin says:

    While BBC sanitises waffles and apologises with nonsense like this
    Eid – eat pray love

    “For three years, a Danish linguist, Tina Magaard, analyzed the basic texts of ten religions. Her conclusion is that the …
    texts of Islam stand out by encouraging terrorism and violence
    … more than those of other religions.

    Now Tina Magaard speaks out again.”


  12. The Old Bloke says:

    Weren’t those Climate modellers telling us that this was going to be the hottest Easter ever? (9 degrees on Dartmoor..but the sun has just come out so it might get to 12 degrees)


  13. Angrymanupnorth says:


    BBC News 24 continues to ramp up its taxpayer funded Labour Party political broadcast, and anti-British, anti-English rhetoric. The BBC News channel is currently almost exclusively focused on this. The irony is perhaps lost on the great unwashed. Wealthy Beeboids on salaries grossly in excess of the national average, glorifying wealthy celebrities (its Ben Elton today) talking up the Labour Party, which evidently represents the working people of Britain. Orwell would be shocked. The sheeple lap it up.

    No criticism of Labour, no analysis, lots of ‘opponents say….’ to give a veneer of impartiality.

    What are UKIP, and Farage, doing? Robin Bryant suggests in Margate “He’s having a pint of beer. That’s the long and short of it really.” Except it isn’t is it Robin, who gets the ‘someone says UKIP are racists’ confirmation in and infers that the stating of facts is ‘controversial’? Yep truth and facts are inconvenient and controversial subjects for the Common Purpose BBC mind manipulators.

    Angryman says that the BBC and the Labour Party are corrupt immoral racist divisionists. Could the BBC report that with the usual ‘critics say…’ introduction? Imagine –

    “ The Labour Party have promised to help people out by increasing tax on the rich and making the NHS better. However, critics say that they are proven liars and propagandists who are only too happy to lie to the public and con them into voting Labour. Critics also align them with 1930’s German National Socialists, and highlight their proven links to rape gangs, ISIS and other Islamofascists.” Can’t see it myself, however truthful this statement may be.

    BBC propagandist scum. Robin Bryant. Another enemy of Britain, enemy of our people and distorter of the democratic process.

    Scrap the immoral Telly Tax.


  14. Guest Who says:

    BBC World News

    French police examine claims that broadcast media endangered the lives of hostages being held at a Jewish store during January’s Paris attacks.

    Hate to break it to le Plod, but the lives of everyone that sorry day were endangered by broadcast media a lot more than simply during the attacks.

    Like Mishal before, Tim Willcox for instance did a bang up job keeping things going afterwards, too.


  15. G.W.F. says:

    An election story that will be buried. Tory and Labour influenced by muslims who support ISIS and killing British soldiers. Come on Cameron – kick em out. Clean up your party, we know Ed won’t clean up Labour



  16. 60022Mallard says:

    Always prepared to admit I’m wrong but I believe the Labour policy is 200,000 homes a year, the Tory starter homes is over the life of the Parliament.

    Do not forget to ask your Labour candidate when calling just where they are going to build the 300+ homes in you constituency a year for the next 5 years. Bet the answer is somewhere not near you.

    Also “Labour” are going to build, so do not forget to ask who is going to be finding the cash to pay for them. Could be the mansion tax – again!


  17. Guest Who says:

    A bit of afternoon tea ‘other news’…


    Clearly a top tier talent who knows where his head is at.

    Hope he’s getting paid enough to keep the barnet in the style accustomed:


    ‘The salary is said to be ‘competitive’ – Ben’s package was £247,800.’

    Not bad for sitting back and saying ‘left a bit… left… more left… and a tad more left… perfect’ to a mate you’ve handed a commission to.

    Still, it is all out there…


    Or… not.

    ‘…seem to have been led up the garden path by BBC compliance lawyer Simon Pickard’

    BBC staff ducking and diving? Shocked I tell you.. shocked!

    Still, that famed transparency still gleams…


    ‘there’s been no publication of Executive minutes since 2014.’

    Maybe they could knock out the EU accounts while at it?

    And, finally…


    ‘The intro from the BBC to the February stats for most requested programmes on iPlayer is factually correct.’

    Not omission, true, but BBC editorial that remains, as ever, unique.


  18. G.W.F. says:

    BBC has an expert on Kenya who explains the behaviour of the ‘audacious’ ‘militants’ who are killing students.

    And there are always mitigating circumstances for terrorist murder. Sentences like this are inserted.
    ‘The security forces’ targeting of disadvantaged Muslims, whom they accuse of violent radicalism, has pushed some into militancy.’



    • Guest Who says:

      Along with ‘daring’, another term much beloved of BBC starry-eyed Editorial Guideline students, I remain to be convinced as to what about gunning down unarmed children (see, I can do it too) gets to be accorded ‘audacious’ (showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks).


      • TrueToo says:

        The BBC is really fond of the adjective audacious, which has a positive meaning, to describe Islamic terrorist scum who murder innocents, including children. They use it frequently, including during the atrocious Mumbai attack – in which the terrorists were described as “determined young men” and the attack as “audacious.”

        Without doubt the BBC is the enemy.


        • Barlicker says:

          I seem to recall that the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks were “audacious”.


  19. oldartist says:

    So Britain spied on Argentina over claims to the Falklands. Why is that even a news story? I would be quite concerned if they hadn’t. What do these idiots think the security services are for?


  20. Pounce says:

    Can anybody please explain what the bBC’s so called news service does for a living, not only is it biased, but the news stories it pushes out are crap , take for example this breaking news story from Iraq:
    Iraq Tikrit: looting and lawlessness follow recapture
    Iraqi Shia militia, who helped recapture Tikrit from Islamic State (IS), are being pulled out of the city amid reports of violence and looting. The militia made up the vast majority of pro-government forces that retook the city over the past week.But people in Tikrit say the city’s liberators have since stolen cars and ransacked government buildings….A correspondent for Reuters reported seeing an Islamic State fighter surrounded by a mob and stabbed to death, as well as the corpse of another being dragged by a car.

    So the bBC reports on how the peaceful followers of the Shia branch of Islam are concerned about reports of looting and disorder after the capture of the town of Tikrit, (which they conveniently leave out is a Sunni town. ) and so in order to keep the peace they pull the Shia militia out because people are stealing cars. Here is how Reuters is reporting the same story:
    Special Report – After Iraqi forces take Tikrit, a wave of looting and lynching
    (Reuters) – On April 1, the city of Tikrit was liberated from the extremist group Islamic State. The Shi’ite-led central government and allied militias, after a month-long battle, had expelled the barbarous Sunni radicals. Then, some of the liberators took revenge. Near the charred, bullet-scarred government headquarters, two federal policemen flanked a suspected Islamic State fighter. Urged on by a furious mob, the two officers took out knives and repeatedly stabbed the man in the neck and slit his throat. The killing was witnessed by two Reuters correspondents. Remember this from the bBC:
    A correspondent for Reuters reported the corpse being dragged by a car.
    Reported, actually it is fact, as Reuters have a photo of the incident:

    The leftwing bBC, who only report the news they want you to hear.


  21. George R says:

    For anti-Farage Beeboids-


    By James Delingpole.



  22. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    … we talked about the Steptoe and Son problem. The next day I discussed the matter further with the controller of BBC One and we thought a good idea would be to shift it from early in the evening until 9 o’clock, when at that time the polls closed.

    “I rang up Harold Wilson and told him about this decision and he said to me he was very grateful – it might make a difference of about 20 seats to him.

    “He won, I think, by four and I’ve sometimes wondered what effect my decision had on British political history.”

    Did BBC help win Labour the 1964 election by cancelling Steptoe and Son?


  23. Barlicker says:

    Information appreciated please.
    A friend of mine (let’s say) who, like myself, would never dream of trying to avoid paying taxes, even those that finance corrupt and discredited institutions, was just wondering…were he to buy a TV on-line from, say Argos, and have it delivered, would his address be sent to those pesky TV licensing bullies?


  24. Old Goat says:

    Chris Booker explains why the BBC are so keen on maintaining their global warming agenda:



  25. noggin says:

    For the BBC, please no more puff pieces on Hijab Day, or Eat Pray Love, or Hijab the fashion statement, or trying to get impressionable kids to be Muslim for a day, or made up #Ill ride with you, or snide #MuslimApologies, or pandering to victim narrative #Muslim Lives matter.
    For the BBC, oh and Ch4, oh and David Camoron, oh and
    Tappeaser May etc.

    Following on from this –
    “For three years, a Danish linguist, Tina Magaard, analyzed the basic texts of ten religions. Her conclusion is that the …
    texts of Islam stand out by encouraging terrorism and violence
    … more than those of other religions.

    Now Tina Magaard speaks out again.”

    “Muslims are not radicalized by poverty, racism or lack of integration.
    Muslims are radicalized by Islam.
    The fact is that Islam is the only religion where its followers become more violent the more they follow their religion.”

    Dutch researcher:
    “The better integrated, the higher the risk of radicalization”


  26. Pounce says:

    The bBC made a huge song and dance about how Mr Farage made a point about Africans coming to the UK in which to get treated for Aids.
    Here is a current news story which the bbC is covering:
    Homeless tenant wins Supreme Court battle to stay in London
    A woman left homeless when she could no longer afford the rent on her London home has won a legal battle against attempts to move her out of the city. Titina Nzolameso was offered a property in Bletchley, near Milton Keynes, after the government’s benefits cap made her Westminster rent unaffordable. When she refused to leave, Westminster City Council decided its legal duty to her had ended – leaving her homeless.The Supreme Court on Thursday quashed the authority’s decision.Its ruling means Ms Nzolameso, who argued that moving to Buckinghamshire would deprive her of the network of friends that supported her during ill health, can stay in the capital.

    Here is the comment from the Daily Express which says so much more than the sanitised bbC version:
    Welfare state should not pay for luxury lifestyle of Titina Nzolameso
    Congolese immigrant Titina Nzolameso knows no shame. Britain gave her asylum and citizenship, treated her HIV and diabetes and educated her children.
    Titina Nzolameso was evicted from her four-bedroom central London flat in 2012 after falling into rent arrears. The Congolese refugee snubbed the offer of a bigger, cheaper home, saying she wanted to stay near friends and not have her children move school. Westminster City Council washed their hands of her, saying she had made herself intentionally homeless. Nzolameso has spent the last three years taking her case, funded by legal aid, through the courts.


    • Pounce says:

      And there’s more:
      Migrant mum-of-5 WINS battle to stay in London after refusing council home OUTSIDE capital
      Nzolameso, a single mother, came to Britain from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1998 and claimed asylum. She now has British citizenship. She and her children, all aged between 15 and 10, moved to Westminster in 2008. Her £1,150-a-week rent was covered by housing benefit but she fell into arrears and was evicted after a £500-a-week cap came into force in early 2012. Westminster City Council was unable to find the family a suitable home she could afford inside the borough so it offered her a bigger, cheaper property near Milton Keynes – just 50 miles away.
      But the refugee, who is HIV positive and has diabetes, snubbed the offer saying she wanted to stay near friends, not have her children move school and wanted a “safe” place to take her medication. When she turned her nose up at the Milton Keynes property, the council washed their hands of the woman, saying she had made herself intentionally homeless.


      • Flexdream says:

        Single mother of five – came here over 16 years ago – children aged 10-15 – you do the maths.


        • I Can See Clearly Now says:

          The government should supply all the working suckers with one of these:


        • Charlatans says:

          You cannot blame the kids nor the mother. Who would not wish to take such golden opportunities on offer!

          Blame Blair, Brown and all the socialist idiots who let this kind of abuse constantly happen!

          They are not spending their own money, neither the recipients nor the politicians, officials or judges made the decisions and donations!

          It is up to the voter!

          For Christ sake get your head in gear British voters and get it right this time!


    • Barlicker says:

      What a nasty piece of work that Farage is. Obviously, every single person in the world who is ill, no matter how seriously, should be allowed to come to the UK to be treated free of charge and for gratis at the expense of UK tax-payers patiently waiting for their appointments. Anything less would surely be “disgraceful”.


      • 43 says:

        And on our local news (Yorks) a toddler is having his life saving med’s stopped next month because of costs.

        We give £12bn in overseas aid ringfenced and they will see this poor kid……….I cannot say it.


  27. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    Opinium for The Observer:

    CON 33%(-1), LAB 33%(nc), LDEM 7%(-1), UKIP 14%(+1), GRN 7%(nc).



  28. Pounce says:

    A bBC arabic interview with Hamas which despite many requests has not been made available to the people who fund the bBC:

    Well worth watching in which to expose the bigotry of Islam. There lies the reason the bBC will not allow the Non-Islamic British population to watch this


    • TrueToo says:

      Very interesting video. First he doesn’t want to talk about Iran arming Hamas but after the interviewer says it’s public knowledge he admits Iran arms and trains Hamas.


  29. Many Scots’ are livid about the BBC’s continued reporting about what the French Consul did (but probably didn’t) say about Sturgeon’s support for Cameron.


    The Beeb’s HYS is inundated with them firing off about BBC bias against the SNP. Many saying its about the BBC’s (not so) clandestine support for faux-cialist Labour party.

    I dislike the SNP’s policies. But I agree with their supporters anger. Its the sort of stunt the BBC have pulled on UKIP for the past few years. The continued running with non stories to smear parties that it finds unpalatable…however popular they are with the “thick” punters.

    The Beeb have got too big for their well heeled public funded boots. They are making enemies every where. More the merrier I say. Another nail in their coffin. Keep it up beeb!


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Well, it is embarrassing for England, that Scotland have joined Ulster in rejecting the anti-British Establishment, for both pro-Scottish and pro-British reasons. But apparently the Establishment are now relying on two out of three people in England and Wales, voting for establishment Zombies.

      I think it is now obvious that the Union could only survive with an equal federation of powers for the four nations, to the point of a Confederacy with no internal powers other than relations between the four nations. So I hope the SNP do well, because the establishment would have too chose between this or the break up of the UK.


      • noggin says:

        “the establishment would have too chose between this or the break up of the UK”
        After the Self-servatives were having to get Gordon Brown to swing the referendum only a few months ago, the Tories already have, talking up the SNP? … purposely so they can guarantee a majority in Westminister …
        did I say the Self-servatives?
        … but … erm for everyone else?


  30. Charlatans says:


    Something not right!

    Polls must be conniving in a MSM con.

    How can Labour be on a par with Tories for example?

    What sort of nutter would vote for a party that severely trashed Nations finances, not once, but last two times they were in power?

    That allowed into the Nation net 4 million immigrants, over 1 million of them mussies, which they know a small proportion actually hate us and a thousand or so are not happy here they want to go back to fight Jihad!

    Voting for Labour that did not build the houses, schools, hospitals for all these extra people, then constantly blame their successors with state media help which they rammed with Labour placements! Like we are idiots and do not understand it takes only a month or so for an immigrant to come here but many, many years to train doctors, plan and build houses and schools.

    Labour that went against the will of people, (largest demo ever ever), but made deliberate lies to support a lunatic America President whose Middle East adventures have buried maimed, radicalised and displaced literally millions – really MILLIONS! HEINOUS crime a Government can commit!

    It does not add up!

    Even socialists are not that stupid surely!

    The polls stink and not telling the truth!


    • It helps when the national broadcaster is supportive.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Socialists not that stupid?
      Errr….yes they are!
      Having grown up in the mining valleys of South Wales, I have experienced that herd mentality and behaviour.
      They virtually could have had a sheep as a candidate and got it elected. And it still not changed a lot. It’s hard wired via their DNA and they are unable to function with free thinking.


  31. The Old Bloke says:

    Yes, the socialists really are that stupid.


  32. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    The BBC has refused to hand over the emails of a deceased woman to her grieving husband, who believes they will prove she was ‘bullied’ by the Corporation’s management towards the end of her life.

    … according to her husband Paul, she was forced out of the post into another job after drawing attention to management blunders which he says cost licence-fee payers about £150,000.

    You can’t have your wife’s work emails…because she’s dead: What BBC told grieving widower who says whistleblowing partner was bullied by bosses


    • Guest Who says:

      I was half expecting the ‘purposes of journalism’ excuse to be wheeled out; they seem to do for everything. And why?

      “…led the chairwoman, Dinah Rose QC, to conclude some senior Corporation staff were viewed as ‘untouchable’.”

      Seems, because they know they can. That’s via their own internal inquiry.

      Rather puts the trust and transparency claims in context, doesn’t it?

      I am also intrigued by the precedent of an employee dying meaning their emails are redacted from outside view.

      Maybe we can expect a job ad in the Graun for a new department with a double-O rating to ensure any in-house unfortunate disclosures don’t get out, and forever remain the BBC’s little secret?

      The sack of rats seem prepared to go to many lengths in this regard.


  33. Dover Sentry says:

    The very senior strata of BBC management harks back to the 1960/70’s in origin. The Head of Radio 4 is an example.

    Evolution will kill off these dinosaurs. We are waiting for a meteor strike this year.



  34. G.W.F. says:

    Can anyone explain what this Parliamentary candidate has done that is wrong or ill advised? And can anyone explain why this matter has drawn the attention of the BBC?



    • Guest Who says:

      This may go a long way: ‘Peterborough Conservative..’

      It’s classic one degree of separation campaigning disguised as news. Difficult to measure to show imbalances, so nigh-on impossible to counter.

      In our little rural idyll we have a Tory MP and local papers run by low-rent Wolfies. The editorial at least has observed impartiality, but the letters pages are littered with partisan claims that need a 2-3 week cycle to address. I know two mates who have written to ask what’s going on and why do these get selected? Not published.

      Control the edit; control the message, the BBC has learned.


    • Hes a Tory. They are gay. Hes disagreed with them ergo he’s a very bad man and should be exposed by the Beeb. No it’s not news worthy in any shape or form but that ain’t the point with BBC news.

      Now hold that thought and check out BBC’s James Cook’s tweet about how he got a hard time in Scotland yesterday;

      “What an extraordinary level of vicious abuse I have received today for simply reporting the news. Is this the country we want folks? Is it?”

      What James fails to get is that he works for a corporation that does not report news but wants and does influence it and guess what? The majority of the nation, those who don’t support Labour or the ROP, are getting heartily p*ssed off with him and his mates.

      He shouldn’t be surprised but oddly he is.


      • (Replying to my own post…however) Peculiar how this story gets exposure but a thousand plus girls raped in Rotherham slips under the BBC news gathering radar.

        Its as if the main protagonists were Labour and the ROP and the Beeb made a political decision not to broadcast industrial rape. I’m sure that isn’t the case.They wouldn’t do that. Oh hold on…


  35. noggin says:

    Remember the estimate of over double the official national number, and that was just from the Birmingham area?
    The last few weeks, after 3 Mosquateens, 5 at Dover, 9 more in Turkey now another 6.
    Attempting to join the Islamic State.
    The lure of the caliphate is consistently underestimated by Western authorities.
    Meanwhile, the witless dhimmi Brits show a continued uncuriosity about why … (WHY!) so many Muslims in the UK keep on misunderstanding the Religion of Peace in this way.
    R Spencer

    Six, (more) terror arrests at Dover port,”


  36. Guest Who says:


    What would the BBC do without the word ‘alleged’ (and quotes too, often)? And I don’t mean just Ian Hislop.


    • Manonclaphamomnibus says:

      Interesting that this site doesn’t identify where there wages are coming from.Maybe someone can tells us. It is noteworthy that there is an explosion of anti BBC hysteria these days.
      Apart from the morons being dragged along for the fun,the real reason is that certain organisations can see a lot of bandwidth for sale should their project be successful.
      On the issue of the very pro Israel BBC it is noteworthy that the claims of the encumbent president in respect of the nuclear status of Iran have been shown to be total lies by his own secret service. Moreover, the fact that Israel have repeatedly attempted to thwart Palestinian business at every opportunity and to economically exploit the Palistinians at every turn hasn’t been shown on the Beeb. In this context semantics is hardly significant. in contrast anyone that remotely studies Israels history recognises a country who is intent of spreading its borders showing utter contempt for its neighbours with the full backing of the U.S. who have done their level best to thawart a two state solution. You don’t see much of that on the Beeb now do you?


      • Guest Who says:

        I got as far as ‘us’, Moco, and have decided to join the merry band who have decided to leave you to your own devices and dribble.

        It’s a lovely day out. I’m going to savour it. Enjoy whatever it is gets you out of bed.


  37. Guest Who says:


    The comments are quite revealing and cover some interesting semantic and ethical ground.

    As will be studying how the BBC and the Gaurdian tip-toe around each other on this issue. While of course gunning for mutually agreed foes likely doing no different to the BBC.

    Of course it is possible the BBC will follow suit, but thanks to the unique way its pension fund can only go up as well as up, will plug any shortfall from the licence fee. Again.


  38. Truthdoctor says:

    Hyprocritical BBC invests in oil and tobacco.

    Pension fund also invests in Chinese web search engine Baidu which blocks pro-democracy websites.

    Don’t do as i do, do as I say.



    • Manonclaphamomnibus says:

      If a researcher drives at 50mph having written a report identifying that such speed kills people, is he a hypocrite or a researcher?


  39. Truthdoctor says:

    185 dead (139 civilians) and 1,282 injured (961 civilians) during fighting in Aden, Yemen’s main southern city. The toll does not include rebel casualties or victims of air raids.

    These figures are tucked away inside the BBC news online report.

    No outrage, no emotional reporting. All very matter of fact.

    No mass marches in British cities whipped up by media bias.

    Contrast and compare with last summer’s feverish, one sided over-reporting of Israel’s precision air strikes against Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

    In the hypocritical islamo-left BBC morality; it’s OK for muslims to kill muslims and OK for muslims to kill Jews, but not OK for Jews to defend themselves.



  40. Alex says:

    Yes, and this, like the crises in the NHS, school places and housing is due to third world immigration which the BBC and the left whole-heartedly support.

    Anyway, stopping the foreign aid swindle so beloved by the lefties might help.



    • Dover Sentry says:

      Thanks for the link, Alex.
      Notice how the Left wing teacher’s union and the BBC concoct an emotional piece of ‘news’ with no substance or evidence.

      And included is a photo of a black child running down a ‘northern’ housing alley to complete the picture. What is the image meant to convey? Who decided to include this image and why?



      • Angrymanupnorth says:

        If it was ‘Victorian Poverty’, the kid (who you are right, would not be black) wouldn’t be clothed in fine stitches, or wearing hardy footwear.

        But to today’s Beeboids, you can evidently still be poor whilst subscribing to SKY sports which you can watch on your i-pad, your i-phone and that latest TV which covers most of the wall of your house (paid for by others) with running clean water, electricity supply and indoor (yes indoor!) toilet and full sanitation.

        Nothing to do with poverty. Its to do with feckless adults who don’t face their parental responsibilities. But shite parents, like Islam, like bad mothers, like bad teachers, like bad nurses are no go areas for the BBC and Common Purpose. Even when the causes of problems are obvious (see farage last thursday) to speak the truth is a thought crime. Well cop a load of this confused leftards:

        Wake up BBC. Our children are suffering because our womenfolk are doing a shite job and their feckless feral lifestyle is being funded and facilitated by the infection of socialists and their corrosive mindset.

        Solutions? Scrap all benefits for healthy under 30 year olds. Scrap child benefit. No social housing for single parent ‘mums’. I could go on, but lefties are probably already boiling with their braindead faux outrage. One more – Imprisonment with fixed tariff with labour for women ‘choosing’ to have an abortion (I suggest about 5 years, but I am a softie, maybe 15 would be better?)

        How pig thick are these ignorant young Beeboid journo’s?


    • Manonclaphamomnibus says:

      You have absolutely no evidence whatsoever for that claim.
      Moreover others on this site point to a higher per capita income under the Tories.
      On this logic the country should be richer.
      Sadly you appear to have not noticed the burgeoning older population putting excessive strain on healthcare,the collapse in housing starts due to the conservative austerity budget and Gove diverting mainstream school budgets to the vanity free school initiative,placing provision inefficiently.
      The significant backdrop to this is That ,with the internationalisation of capitalism many large companies pay limited tax in this country eg Amazon paid about about 0.01%.
      Much of this movement of tax out of the country is facilitated by the City of London. As a result burdensome sections of the population are growing and our revenue base is shrinking.
      This is a recipe for one thing ; collapse.You will see this after the election irrespective of who controls the Government. The first thing that will go will be the Nhs which has been so badly damaged by Lansley that it is no longer repairable.
      Ironically one solution ,at least in the short term is for greater immigration since immigrants tend to be better educated and young and have a tendency not to end up on benefits.
      That way the balance between young and old can be mitigated.
      Heathy diets and lifestyles will also help to relive the burden of other on society by reducing morbidity levels.
      Ultimately it is my belief that the nation will collapse however and this process is ideologically manifested here and other Sites Sadly like radical Islam ,the nutcase right is in the ascendancy .


      • Techno says:

        “the collapse in housing starts due to the conservative austerity budget”

        Wow, that’s an amazing convolution I must say. Cutting a government budget would only make a difference to council housing, and none of that has been built for 30 years or more, not even under 13 years of Labour government. And last time I looked Labour is still not proposing to build any more council housing.

        Also, it is the EU that allows companies to declare their profits in any EU country, so they typically pick Luxembourg or Ireland as this is where corporation tax is lowest. What is your opinion on the European Union then?

        The NHS exceeded its budget in its first year 1948, and prescription charges were introduced in 1952, so it has never been sustainable solely by taxation right from the outset, but blinded left wingers like yourself won’t admit it.


      • I Can See Clearly Now says:

        You have absolutely no evidence whatsoever for that claim.

        So when Labour (and later, the Tories) moved to open-door immigration, they made housing, health and education provision for the immigrants, did they?

        Evidence please.

        Your claim is odd. I could have sworn that Miliband admitted last week ‘We got it wrong.’ Didn’t they forecast just 15k new immigrants per year?


      • Thoughtful says:

        ” immigrants tend to be better educated ”

        I think that has to be one of the most naïve statements I think I’ve ever heard!

        Aside from it being an admission that the UK education system has become so politically corrupted by left wing trades unions, it states that it has irredeemably failed !

        To think that the country is wasting the talents from the highly educated Somalis, Pakistanis, Nigerians, Ethiopians, Romanians, Turks, etc etc,

        You do realise that it is possible if you have sufficient money, to buy a degree from certain countries universities without examination don’t you?

        The only party which has in its manifesto immigration restrictions based on levels of education and qualification is UKIP !

        How odd to find you a UKIP supporter !


        • Somali Physicist says:

          ” immigrants tend to be better educated ”

          It’s true – I’ve invented a new machete.


      • Charlatans says:

        MOCO you wearing the rose tinted liberal left and socialist blinkers with your:
        “You have absolutely no evidence whatsoever for that claim.”

        You avoid bumping into the obvious stomping elephant in the room and think most of the population missed it too, but they haven’t!

        Of course ‘ageing’ contributes to NHS, housing, benefits bill, infrastructure pressures, but by far the major factor, particularly on education as well, is the deliberate Labour importation of net 5 million immigrants into this country during there term wrecking the economy and social cohesion of this Nation!

        The fiscal impact of migration in the UK is small (less than +/-1% of GDP) and differs by migrant group (e.g. EEA migrants vs non-EEA migrants, recent migrants vs all migrants). The existing results are subject to numerous key assumptions.

        Look at the facts, not the lefts political rhetoric and nefarious figures rammed down our throats by the BBC, Labour, Greens and Liberal Socialists, .


        Exactly how many doctors, schools, houses and flats, hospitals, A&E places, civil servants required to service the populations of Wales and Northern Ireland do you think we need?

        Total population as at 2011 census was:

        Wales 3.36 million
        NI: 1,8 million

        About the same as the number of Labour mass immigration , which the LibCons have been unable to stem and turn around such a gigantic super tanker!

        You forget it takes only weeks or months for an immigrant to move here, but years and years to plan and build the houses and infrastructure to cope. Labours record average 29,000 houses per year built (lowest since the 1920s).


      • Demon says:

        Manon – do you read what you write? That’s the biggest load of wotsit since your last one. I hope you didn’t have to replace your keyboard for the amount of irate spittle and foam you must have emitted.

        But I must ask you one question in relation to your following statement “you appear to have not noticed the burgeoning older population putting excessive strain on healthcare”. At what age does Common Purpose plan to exterminate older people? And will it only apply to ones who don’t vote for left-wing regressive parties?


      • richard D says:

        Hi there MOCO. I asked you a question yesterday, but you may not have noticed it, so let me re-ask the question, since you say that a lot of visitors to this site would learn from it :

        Twice recently you have referred to a book titled ‘Is the BBC in trouble ?’; claiming its publisher goes by the name of Abramhis in one of your references, but no author citation.

        I have tried to find this publication, but to no avail, neither the book nor the publisher searches have yielded any information – it doesn’t appear to exist – but perhaps it’s an in-house BBC publication, who knows ?

        Care to point us in the direction of a reliable source which would allow anyone to at least check out a precis of the book you cite as an authority on the BBC’s position, and also the author’s credentials/abilities/source of funding for the book ?


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Comments allowed, I see. And the BBC have evidently tipped off their chums to get their comments in early.


  41. DownBoy says:

    We may well need some immigration, manon, we always have. The issues are should it be controlled or uncontrolled, and who should decide on quantity and quality of immigrants. Do you have a problem with that?


  42. EnglandExpects says:

    For the third day running, BBC news headlines a ‘shock-horror’ story from the Cardiff conference of that mainstay of the Blob, NASUWT. Today its a ‘survey’ of teachers reporting that large numbers of kids arrive at school hungry. All the Government’s fault of course. After all, poverty is increasing, isn’t it? (Actually, no).


    • Thoughtful says:

      Is it just me or does the leader of the NASUWT look like a female version of Arthur Scargill ?


  43. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Trolls best ignored, never fed.


    • Steve Jones says:

      Agreed DC.
      A life support machine for an @rsehole is powered by attention. Without attention they eventually conk out.


      • Techno says:

        It is worth rebutting factual inaccuracies once or twice due to the fact that impressionable third party lurkers my be watching, especially during an election period.


  44. Steve Jones says:

    Check this site to see how well the windmills are doing right now:


    0.12 GW as of 10:20 BST. With approx. 10 GW capacity installed in this country that means the windmills are operating at 1.2% efficiency. For the hard of thinking greens, that is like building a thousand power stations and having just 12 working. So let’s not hear any more of the ‘the wind will always be blowing somewhere in the country’ bullsh*t.
    Luckily we have the BBC exposing this scam and holding people like Nathalie Bennett to account. Hold on…


    • D1004 says:

      All very interesting, as of now 14-50, it’s 0.2%
      A little fact I’ve never heard from any leftie, beeboid, guardianista, or Green is the amount of extra power that is required by the arrival in this country of every example of enrichment that lands here, either by plane, train or the back of a truck. I. E. People need power to live in this country, black, brown or ” disgustingly white” , we all need power to shit, to make tea, to watch the telly, to cook food etc. every one extra means more power required( is there anywhere an official figure for the average requirement of power ? Of living space ? Of water, food, road space, train seating space ? Would be very useful ).
      Now as there are more people here ( good thing to the lefties) then the daily requirement goes up, no ? So where does the extra power come from for an extra 5million, an extra 10 million ? An extra 20 million ? How many windmills would we need to keep pace with the extra mouths eating, cooking and shitting ? Will Natalie tell us ? Will Rodger ? Will they as hell as like.
      As far as I can see, the extra demand for resources like power, water, food, etc is the killer fact that ought in a sane country bring the locomotive of immigration to a grinding halt. When will it happen ?
      Has OMO bus driver an answer for me ? Can he please tell me how this circle is to be squared, thanks in advance.


  45. AsISeeIt says:

    “We’ve all watched The West Wing”

    This is BBC News Channel second string anchor Chris Rogers at about 9.40 this morning. Perhaps to provide viewers with a break from the dizzying Guardian/Observer merry-go-round of paper reviewers the BBC has fetched in a pair of young trendies from new media : Ned Simons of Huffington Post and Jim Waterson of Buzzfeed.

    Maybe our Chris can be forgiven somewhat for his keeness to be seen to be down with the kids.

    But have we really all watched “West Wing”?

    Personally I’m more Sopranos or Breaking Bad.

    Maybe that’s because I don’t get off on ‘….the same snappy dialogue and semi-engaging stories unfold in the service of bigger government’


    I don’t mind my drama being a little far-fetched – but sci-fi ought to be labelled as such…

    ‘(West Wing)… presented a case for the notion that global warming isn’t just a theoretical hazard, but is already killing Americans – in this case by melting a glacier and causing a sudden catastrophe in an Alaskan village’


    Seems to me there’s a certain type who is a fan of West Wing – or ‘Wingnut’ as the Americans call the hard-core fans of the show.

    I digress, this was the BBC paper review and I think our Chris and his young trendy lefty new journos were excusing Ed Miliband for leaving his leaders debate notes in a cab or somesuch.

    This being Easter, a major news story was the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope making speeches about the persecution of Christians.

    Not a story that’s going to excite Buzzfeed or the Huff Post, I’m afraid. So there was not much interest or insight from our guest journos.

    Have to love our Chris for his closing thought:

    “Worrying times for people like Pope Francis”

    Implying – for people who have all watched West Wing – meh.


  46. Angrymanupnorth says:

    Some of you will be offended. Guess what? I don’t give one.

    I see the BBC are given yet more air time to that hyporitical argentine mind poluting idiot again. Pope ‘turn the other cheek so I can punch you’ Francis, who thinks its OK to murder people who insult the Paedo Mohammed. I thought the mind cancer of catholocism had been defeated in England centuries ago.

    Why does the BBC continue to give air time to these immoral foreign Johnnies pushing their own archane version of mind control?

    BBC, friends of groomers , rapists, paedophiles and ensavers where ever they may be found. BBC, enemy of the truth.


    • Angrymanupnorth says:

      And now we get the contemptuous Justin Welby wandering into some gold plated venue, whose moral compass got lost in his socialist confusion somewhere down an oil well. What an utter waste of skin.

      The Church of England is but dead out in the real world. Children and younger generations don’t buy the hypocrisy any more, whilst adherents scratch their heads and wonder whether their Sodom and Gomorrah is here and now. And with its particular brand of idiocy, appeasement and socialism, with its inability to differentiate right from wrong.

      Lead by a socialist millionaire mealy-mouthed hypocrite (lefty? Millionaire? Where have I heard that before), Welby may be wrapping the final bonds of linen around the CofE corpse as Islam pisses and spits on it before burying it in the sarcophagus of history.


      • Thoughtful says:

        I think the BBC managed unwittingly to expose the unthinking nature of the CofE and the current archbishop

        ” the archbishop says they were killed because they were Christian martyrs.”

        This is a nonsensical statement it’s like saying Christians were killed because they were killed !

        In this current oppressive Fascist climate where saying the wrong thing can land you in prison, Welby has probably been told that he is not to criticise Muslims, or Camoron might not get as much off the oil barons in bribes !


  47. Dave666 says:

    Meanwhile on south today. “A group called the UAF” Never heard of rent a scum before have we BBC? http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b05n1fh5/south-today-04042015


    • G.W.F. says:

      Yes indeed, far right, far right. But I wonder which group the arrests were from. Surely the BBC would have told us if they were from the far right. But what is sad is that the defenders of the pedophiles consisted of local Christian churches, local councillors, who allied themselves with trades unions, and the scummy brownshirted IslamoTrots, who deflected legitimate concerns over the cover up of pedophile gangs into an accusation of racism.


  48. Merched Becca says:

    Here is a recent quote from the man on the clapped out bus
    “I contribute here because I am highly critical of BBC news……”
    A reply from me…. get rid of the unjust and unfair ‘tele tax’ and that will solve your problem.


    • Coherence isn’t a strong one with lonelymanontheclaphamomnibus.


      • Demon says:

        He’s not lonely – the bus is crowded. There’s at least three distinct styles – one who occasionally has a reasonable point to make, one who writes a long post pull of ordure (as above) and another who throws out one-line invectives (similar in style to one who changes his name every day).


        • Demon says:

          Maybe not tlonely but definitely sad.


          • Nibor says:

            Does he mind being the only one who pays for his journey , the others being immigrants and wasters ?
            Does he mind subsidising their journeys ?


  49. George R says:

    Will INBBC catch up on this?… Sometime?

    Beeboids of ‘Education’ online, are currently too busy politicallly embedded at NUT conference in Harrogate, spreading propaganda about ‘Victorian poverty’.

    ‘Sunday Times’ (£)-

    “100 Islamist teachers face ban”

    [Limited excerpt]

    “AS MANY as 100 teachers and teaching assistants could be prevented from working in schools for life as a result of an investigation into their alleged links to the so-called Trojan Horse scandal.

    “The Sunday Times understands that the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL), the profession’s watchdog which can ban teachers from classrooms, is working on possible disciplinary cases against current and former staff members at schools in Birmingham, which were the focus of the Trojan Horse scandal, which saw efforts by hardline Islamists to take control of state schools.

    “The NCTL is understood to be examining 30 cases with an expectation that many more will follow.

    “’The NCTL is currently looking at about 30 teachers, but in total there are about 100 who will be targeted,’ said an informed source.”


    ‘Mail online’-

    “Up to 100 Islamist teachers could be banned from schools after investigation into their links with Trojan Horse scandal found dozens claiming Lee Rigby’s murder was a hoax.
    “NCTL is investigating some 100 staff with links to the Trojan Horse affair.
    “In Birmingham schools, extremist Islamic views forced on staff and pupils.
    “Led to five schools being placed under special measures after inspection.
    “Allegations being looked at include claims al-Qaeda style video copied.
    “Staff members also alleged sent offensive messages in a WhatsApp group.”



    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3026230/Up-100-Islamist-teachers-banned-schools-investigation-links-Trojan-Horse-scandal-dozens-claiming-Lee-Rigby-s-murder-hoax.html#ixzz3WQi0PdHw