‘Muslim Men Have Cultural Problems With Women’


Countries That Will No Longer Have a Christian Majority in 2050



A government minister, one of Asian background, Sajid Javid, tells us that ‘Muslim communities in parts of Britain have a ‘cultural’ problem that allows women to be viewed as commodities.’

He tells us….

“If we are to learn proper lessons from this, we have to look at the cultural side of some communities in Britain and see why it is that in some communities there are men that have a view of women that is completely unacceptable in modern British society; why do they have such a low value of women that they see them as commodities to be abused?”

“Some of the values that certain people in some communities have, in their attitudes to women or on the question of freedom of expression, are just totally unacceptable in British society; and we do no one any favours when we don’t investigate or talk about them.”


The Mail reports it, the Independent reports it, the Guardian hasn’t and the BBC hasn’t…presumably still working out the line to take on this one…perhaps due to a ‘misplaced sense of political correctness’.

But, even though just about every news outlet in the world reported the below story, even the Japan Times,  the BBC didn’t report what the Pew Research Centre had to say about religion and population…wonder why…..

The Future of World Religions: Population Growth Projections, 2010-2050

Why Muslims Are Rising Fastest and the Unaffiliated Are Shrinking as a Share of the World’s Population

‘Muslims are expected to account for 10 percent of Europe’s overall population, Pew added.’

Islam Growing Fastest

Long-Term Projections of Christian and Muslim Shares of World’s Population

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36 Responses to ‘Muslim Men Have Cultural Problems With Women’

  1. noggin says:

    “A government minister, one of Asian background, Sajid Javid, tells us that ‘Muslim communities in parts of Britain have a ‘cultural’ problem that allows women to be viewed as commodities.”

    Saw this smarmy individual, spouting “jam tomorrow” after the election, sands of time crap over protecting children from pornography
    … hmm the wilful “chocolate fireguard “


  2. DP111 says:


    Its a religious proiblem. Just like killing non-Muslims is not a cultural but a religious problem that emanates from the Koran.


  3. George R says:

    INBBC, conspicuous by its absence on this. No doubt INBBC is preparing its ‘Asian Network’ to come up with its usual Islamophilic propaganda, and will attempt to tell us how the tenets and practices of Islam towards women are acceptable; and that to suggest otherwise is ‘Islamophobic’.


  4. petebogtrott says:

    British society is christian not muslime ,but over the next 40 years that will change.They live by their rules in our country.Rotherham proves the point,police and councils afraid to act,the MSM afraid to tell it how it is.The war my friend is lost this country is no more,I’m afraid for my grandchildren future.


  5. DP111 says:

    UNHRC Confirms 200 Kidnapped Christian Girls in Nigeria Murdered by Devout Muslim Group – See more at:



  6. johnnythefish says:

    Is ‘Man-Made Global Warming Believer’ included under ‘other religions’?


    • DP111 says:

      No. For the BBC, Islam and Climate Change are the true religions. The rest are “other”.


  7. G.W.F. says:

    The strident voices of left feminism rush to the defence of Islam. See comrade Penny from the Guardian.
    I used to argue that wearing the Burka was a sign of male-Islamic oppression of women. Not any more. In Britain today a woman who covers herself in Islamic garb is covered in protection from the law, given privileges, can do no wrong- its the uniform of domination over ordinary British people. Be careful when you approach a covered woman – the slightest sign of disrespect could land you in front of the courts.

    And note – left feminists who support Islam will be out in force today with the UAF, the unions, and the interfaith crowd supporting the Oxford pedophiles against those dreadful EDL Islamophobes who are planning a march in the centre of Oxford.



    • Alex says:

      What a vile article in a vile paper by a silly and craven Muslim bumlicker. It seems Muslims are beyond criticism for Leftists. Pathetic.


  8. George R says:

    “The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam”

    By Robert Spencer and Phyllis Chesler.

    (pamphlet in pdf)

    Click to access ViolentOpp.pdf


  9. Truthdoctor says:

    What makes you think islam treats women as commodities?

    Surely the average muslim man doesn’t treat his wives as his property?



  10. Truthdoctor says:

    I think islam is very fair to women.

    For example in Iran, Ansar-e-Hezbollah, a plainclothes militia, carries out ‘morality patrols’ to enforce Islamic dress.

    Women are often threatened; “If you don’t observe your hijab, then you will be sprayed with acid”.

    Sounds reasonable to me. Not at all barbaric.



    • G.W.F. says:

      Horrific photographs, details of atrocities available for all to see. But left feminism backs Islam.


  11. Truthdoctor says:

    This is all a bit heavy isn’t it.

    So let’s cheer ourselves up with this thought;

    By the year 2050, a mere 35 years, Britain will be a majority Muslim nation.

    The hadith says, “Marry, for I will outnumber peoples by you.”

    Yassir Arafat understood the political power of high birth rates. The Palestinian population increased sevenfold in one generation from 450,000 in 1967 to 3.3 million in 2002. The wombs of Palestinian women, Arafat said, were the “secret weapon” in his cause.

    Source; http://www.thecommentator.com/article/3770/the_islamic_future_of_britain


  12. johnnythefish says:

    You couldn’t have a better examle of Lefty Top Trumps than this one.

    Feminism/women’s rights along with gay rights, global warming, downtrodden ‘Palestinians’, pro-miners’ strikes and anti-Thatcher stories is one of those popular right-on BBC topics that you hear being discussed whenever you switch on Radio 4, yet the nearest they ever get to challenging the blatant misogyny of Islam is the very occasional ‘debate’ on Wimmins Hour about FGM and arranged marriages, But then it is done in such a ‘sensitive’ and ‘inclusive’ way they end up treading on eggshells and rendering the whole thing completely pointless.


  13. Lynette says:

    One of the reasons the Palestinian population increased dramatically was that between the years 1967 to 1994, when Israel was responsible for their welfare, the lives of thousands of Palestinian Arabs were saved. The Israeli’s totally eradicated from the Palestinian population, poliomyelitis, neonatal-tetanus and measles. Also, Israel dramatically reduced the death rate of Palestinian new borns from over 60/1000 to 19/1000 within those 27 years of Israel’s presence.


  14. Pounce says:

    Bloody hell what does this Muslim know about how Islam treats women
    Everybody at the bBC knows this just isn’t true and that those people who mistreat women are not Muslims who as we all know subscribe to a wonderful gay death cult peaceful religion.

    The irony here is the above isn’t a joke but the bloody truth.


  15. George R says:

    This may be news to Beeboids-

    “Researcher Finds Higher Risk in More ‘Integrated’ Muslims ”

    – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2015/04/researcher-finds-higher-risk-in-more-integrated-muslims.html/#sthash.kYfOdaBT.dpuf


  16. Mr Glodstone says:

    “Islam permits polygamy with unbelievable liberality. A man can have four wives at any point of time, that is, if he chooses to have a fifth, he can divorce one of the four and then marry again. He can have as many slave girls or concubines as he pleases.
    In Islam there is provision for temporary marriage, multi-marriage, divorce, re-marriage of widows, concubinage – in short, there is freedom from all inhibitions and reservations in matters of sex. The insistence is on everybody marrying and celibacy is frowned upon.

    According to the Islamic law, kafir women could be married to Muslims even when their husbands were alive, for marriage is annulled by captivity.”

    K.S. Lal ‘Muslim Slave System in Medieval India’.

    This is not information, I believe, that would be relayed by Al Beebus.


  17. Pounce says:

    Can somebody please explain why the gay friendly bBC hasn’t done an exposé like this on Gay rights:



  18. Philip says:

    I read today in The (Saturday) Times that the Chief Crown Prosecutor (Nazir Afzal of North West England) who was actively involved in the Crown prosecution of the Rotherham sex abusers) agrees that (his own) Islam has been misled by fanatical faction now totally ‘unrecognisable’ from his youth. He agrees that unrealistic (British) expectations of ‘multiculturalism’ and bulk immigration is to blame, and both hidden from public gaze by (Labour) state authorities who dare not speak out in case it affects their own priviliged positions i.e. the entire Rotherham Council have (as we know now all resigned) not so the Police commisioner who was also pivotal in ignoring victims plight fot the same reason. That just leaves the BBC still claiming that it does not exist and the problem are not endemic and ‘not related’ directly to Muslim culture imported into England without question (BBC) or undertstanding of the problems of (Labour) forced integration that was often ignored. The proble was (he admits now) is that he could do nothing about it as the Police would not give evidence) against the Muslim community.

    It may take such a highly placed Muslim (now retired) to state the obvious, as our own navel gazing governments are clearly too weak willed to state the obvious (publically) or take the blame for accepting the situation inherited as BBC style ‘racial’ tolerance and acceptance of ‘fanatics’.. (two page ‘interview’ hidden by The Times paywall)…



  19. stuart says:

    i agree with all the valid and intelligent comments above,so that has saved me going on one of my rants,so can i just wish all my fellow christian bloggers in here a happy easter and to give a thought and prayer to all are other christian brothers and sisters all over the muslim world who are suffering persecution and genocide at the hands of these islamist muslim fascist mass murdering nazis.


  20. Edward says:

    Islam has become fashionable amongst young people of all ethnicities because they see it as a path to rebel against a society they regard as weak and perhaps too difficult to get noticed in. In an age where young people post endless ‘selfies’ on social media, it’s only natural they should go one step further and attract media attention to themselves.

    If we didn’t take them so seriously, they wouldn’t do it. And I’m afraid we treat Islam with far too much respect.


    • Laska says:

      I have noticed that young Muslims find it exciting and affirming that Islam is strong and aggressive. Certainly puts a spring in their step knowing that the rest of us are a little afraid and won’t transgress their view of the world. Of course, this is very different from their experience in the countries that muslim immigrants come from in Africa and Asia. There they know that if there is a muslim attack on another local group there is quick retribution. They can only attack the weak, those that cannot exact retribution. This can be seen recently in Karachi. Basically, muslims in the West find support for their sense of victimhood and the state explaining away the violence emanating from them. The normal inhibiting and isolating of violent groups – pace the Anarchist of nineteenth century, mid 20th century extreme left revolutionaries and recent Troubles – has been abandoned. No wonder the younger muslim generation that operates very much as an identified group – which is also a big demographic bulge – is more fundamental than previous generations.


      • John Anderson says:

        You are right – the more we cower, the more aggressive they get.

        It is time we tackled their non-stop whinging about victimhood.

        And time we started to mock the violent stupidity of their cult. Mock their ignorance – a lot of blind peasant beliefs, not even medieval.

        Time we mocked the idea of men walking around in pyjamas, for instance.


    • JimS says:

      Instead of the BBC giving away computers to schools it should be offering free copies of Mohammed’s Believe It or Else!, then the ‘religion of peace’ might not seem so ‘cool’ and we might all sleep easier in our beds. (I wonder how many of those Micro-bits will turn up in ‘smart’ IEDs in future?).