Photo Chops

Ed looking extremely comfortable as he stabs his brother in the back.




David Cameron  has been photographed feeding a lamb….an orphaned lamb…sweet, as Jeremy Clarkson would say.



The BBC has decided there is something decidedly of the ‘Dark Arts’ about all this and sent in intrepid reporter, John Humphrys, to investigate the important issues surrounding this breaking news.

Apparently this is ‘the new reality’ of politics with politicians kissing babies and doing photo ops…never been done before though Humphrys can remember back 30 years and vividly recalls a photograph of Mrs Thatcher holding a lamb and looking extremely uncomfortable.

Here’s the ‘new reality’ in 2007…

Cameron and lamb


And why would Humphrys remember a photo of Thatcher all those years ago?

Couldn’t actually find the photo of Thatcher and a lamb….but here she is with a dead sheep…and yes, looking uncomfortable…

At odds: Europe divided Mrs Thatcher from key members of her cabinet, especially Geoffrey Howe, her foreign secretary, pictured left,


oh…hang on…



However she didn’t seem to have any problems with this…


Or indeed this fella….



Humphrys ended by asking if  ‘people are going to say Cameron is trying to manipulate us?’

But that is just the BBC trying to manipulate us by raising such questions….questions they don’t ask when Labour uses such tricks…and the BBC seems to think we are all fools….we know there is an election, we know that politicians kiss babies etc……we know they are trying to win our votes by massaging their images.

And we know the BBC will be trying to undermine the Tory charm offensive…whilst defending Miliband and his bacon sarny photo op disaster…






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6 Responses to Photo Chops

  1. Betty Swollocks says:

    So Millipede or Ed Testicles holding a lamb would be beautiful in the eyes of Liebour loving beeboids


  2. 20 number 6 says:

    I wondered where I’d seen Millipede’s expression before…
    Thanks to ITV2 last night I remembered.


  3. Jagman84 says:

    Caption for the Chimpanzee pic: Mrs Thatcher helping to find the Labour candidate’s missing rosette.


  4. hippiepooter says:

    One reason I think many people vote Labour is because they know if we have a Tory Government for 5 years every time they turn on their tele or radio they’re going to be flooded with wall-to-wall whining from agitprop lefties and sneering from know-all broadcasters. It’s very depressing and I think a lot of people just vote Labour to avoid it..

    We need a Government that will pledge to get rid of the bratocracy and restore impartiality and standards to the BBC. Unfortunately the robust moral fibre to do this simply disappeared with Thatcher and Reagan.

    We’re on the slow burn to tyranny and dhimmitude and can just savour the absurdities on the way, till they come and get us.


    • The General says:

      Cameron can only blame himself for this. I wrote to him four years ago asking when he was going tom do something about the blatant anti Conservative bias of the BBC. I got a reply from his office saying he was completely happy with the BBC coverage of political events.
      Wonder what he really thinks now. If he would, even at this late stage, stand up to the snide of the BBC Reporters he would gain some respect and maybe credibility. Answering blatant contempt from the BBC with a sickly smile only increases their confidence to pursue their agenda.


  5. robert woodliff says:

    Appealing to dumb animals ? milksop ?